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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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Max Muncy shares what he said to set Madison Bumgarner off

Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Max Muncy exchanged words with San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner after a homer on Sunday, and now we know what was said.

Bumgarner seemed to take offense to Muncy flipping his bat and watching his home run fly into McCovey Cove during the Dodgers’ 1-0 victory. The two jawed as Muncy rounded the bases, and the home plate umpire had to step in.

Muncy said after the game that Bumgarner became upset after being on the receiving end of a pretty savage quote.

Last time Bumgarner didn’t like a bat flip, he pretty effectively got the last word. Not so much this time. That’s a pretty comprehensive burn from Muncy. He won the exchange, and the Dodgers won the game.

Watch: Madison Bumgarner irate at Max Muncy for pimping home run

Max Muncy hit a towering home run off of Madison Bumgarner in the first inning of Sunday’s game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants, and let’s just say the left-hander did not appreciate the way Muncy admired the feat.

With two out and nobody on, Muncy launched a 426-foot shot into McCovey Cove. He then flipped his bat and began slowly walking to first base, which drew an angry reaction from Bumgarner. The home plate umpire needed to step in.

This isn’t the first time Bumgarner has been bothered by a bat flip, so we’re not surprised. Some will say Muncy’s antics were classless, but the only sure-fire way to prevent them is to not give up a moon shot at your home ballpark.

Report: Yankees may not be ‘enamored’ with Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner

The New York Yankees whiffed in their pursuit of Dallas Keuchel, and with Madison Bumgarner likely on the market at the trade deadline, one might thing that it would make sense for them to launch a pursuit.

Not so fast. According to Mark Feinsand of MLB.com, a source questioned whether the Yankees are “enamored enough” with Bumgarner to put together the sort of package it would take to acquire him from the San Francisco Giants.

Marcus Stroman and Mike Minor were listed as potentially more realistic targets for the Yankees to possibly pursue.

Bumgarner would be a flashy acquisition, but it would make sense if the Yankees go more low-key. James Paxton has been very good for them, but has injury concerns, while Masahiro Tanaka and CC Sabathia have successful histories. The big key is what happens to Luis Severino, who is working toward a return. If he can come back healthy, it will solve a lot of the rotation questions, and would allow them to go for a more supplemental addition if they opt to make one.

Top 10 MLB trade deadline candidates

Madison Bumgarner

The Major League Baseball trade deadline is roughly a month and a half away, but trade season appears to have started in earnest with the Seattle Mariners shipping Jay Bruce to the Philadelphia Phillies. While the trades won’t exactly come fast and furious from this point on, it is essentially a starting gun for a trade deadline that looks like a potential buyer’s market given the number of teams that will probably be willing to make players available.

Who will be on the move? Here are ten names to watch leading up to July 31.

10. Trevor Bauer, P, Indians

Bauer was perhaps surprisingly floated in trade talks during the offseason, but Cleveland ultimately opted to keep him while they make another run at a division title. That run has not gone well so far, with the Indians falling well behind the runaway Minnesota Twins. In Bauer’s case, again, it’s likely that things will have to get worse over the next month and a half for them to trade him. The Indians still want to try to get back into wild card contention, at the very least. However, if they floated the possibility of trading him once, they may float it again if circumstances dictate.


Bruce Bochy explains why Madison Bumgarner was pulled early

Bruce Bochy

Bruce Bochy provided a reason for removing Madison Bumgarner after what is considered a low pitch count by Bumgarner’s standards.

Wednesday’s game between the San Francisco Giants and Miami Marlins is an example of when the box score doesn’t tell the entire story. On the surface, Bumgarner’s six innings pitched with two runs allowed and four strikeouts doesn’t look particularly alarming. However, manager Bruce Bochy noticed early on that it wasn’t going to be one of his star pitcher’s better days on the mound.

Bumgarner wasn’t pitching on short rest. So, it may have just been “one of those days” for the four-time All-Star, who was removed after allowing a leadoff single in the bottom of the seventh inning despite having thrown just 81 pitches. It’s worth noting Bumgarner retired the Marlins 1-2-3 in the sixth inning.

Bochy has been around Bumgarner long enough to know when he doesn’t have it on a particular day. He definitely saw something on Wednesday and acted on it while the game was still tied. The Giants ended up losing 4-2, with Bumgarner taking the loss.

Madison Bumgarner fires back at Yasiel Puig after home run

Madison Bumgarner

It’s pretty clear that Madison Bumgarner still doesn’t think much of Yasiel Puig.

The two longtime rivals faced off Sunday with Puig getting the biggest highlight, a long home run that involved an epic bat flip that had a little bit more behind it given the opposition. It was Bumgarner, however, who nailed the one-liner after the game, taking a shot at Puig’s inability to turn on the inside fastball.

Bumgarner and Puig have often been at odds largely due to their different styles of play, with Puig’s emotional style clashing with Bumgarner’s more traditionally-minded attitude. It’s going to be that way any time they match up, and it’s clear from Sunday’s events that even after Puig left the NL West, there is no love lost between the two.

Watch: Yasiel Puig unleashes epic bat flip after homering off old rival

Yasiel Puig and Madison Bumgarner have a long, checkered history with each other, and that carried on Sunday with Puig getting a personal victory.

Puig, now with the Cincinnati Reds, unleashed an epic bat flip after taking Bumgarner deep in Sunday’s matchup.

There was definitely a little bit more than usual behind this one for Puig. He and Bumgarner have long antagonized each other dating back to Puig’s time with the San Francisco Giants, with Bumgarner not a fan of the outfielder’s eccentric, emotional style of play. The Giants ace probably won’t think much of Puig’s bat flip on Sunday, either, but they might not get the chance to see each other again.