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Monday, June 17, 2019

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Malik McDowell doubles down after Seahawks sue over bonus money

Malik McDowell

Former Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Malik McDowell is not going to give into his former team’s demands on his signing bonus.

McDowell is being sued by the Seahawks, who want him to pay back roughly $800,000 in bonus money after an ATV injury prevented him from playing for the team. McDowell, the No. 35 overall pick in 2017, was never cleared by Seattle’s doctors, but he claimed Saturday that he’d been cleared by an independent neurologist and he was released for reasons unrelated to his injury.

This may not be a fight McDowell is poised to win, as an arbitrator ruled in Seattle’s favor in February. Given the stance McDowell is taking, he appears to be prepared to take the Seahawks on head-to-head over the issue.

Seahawks suing Malik McDowell for failing to pay back signing bonus

Malik McDowell

Malik McDowell never played a snap for the Seattle Seahawks after he suffered an injury in an ATV accident not long after he was drafted back in 2017, and the team now wants its money back.

According to Matt Charboneau of The Detroit News, the Seahawks filed a lawsuit against McDowell this week seeking to have the former Michigan State star pay back $799,238. McDowell was never cleared by doctors after his ATV accident, and the Seahawks say he was in breach of his contract by suffering a non-football injury. An arbitrator ruled in February that McDowell must pay back $799,238 of his $1,599,238 signing bonus, and the Seahawks say he has not given the money back.

McDowell’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said back in March that the defensive tackle has been cleared by “experts.”

“His doctors believe he’s ready to go,” Rosenhaus said. “We’ve got experts that are saying he will be cleared. So hopefully he will be able to continue his career, possibly (in Dallas). He has been cleared independently. But the Seahawks tried their best to work with him and unfortunately they didn’t feel he could continue to play.”

In addition to the ATV accident, McDowell was also arrested for disorderly conduct back in 2017. The second-round pick had a ton of potential and is still just 22, but it remains to be seen if he will ever play in the NFL.

Seahawks reportedly expected to release Malik McDowell

Malik McDowell

The Seattle Seahawks are expected to release Malik McDowell soon, according to a report.

NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport says the Seahawks have not cleared McDowell and they will likely release him.

McDowell was the No. 35 overall pick last year out of Michigan State. He was in an ATV accident over the summer and missed the entire season due to injuries from that crash. As if that weren’t enough, he was then arrested for disorderly conduct in December.

Malik McDowell arrest video shows Seahawks DT berating police officers

Malik McDowell

Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Malik McDowell was arrested for disorderly conduct outside a nightclub in Atlanta over the weekend, and let’s just say he was not exactly as cooperative as he could have been with police.

Video footage that was obtained by TMZ shows McDowell repeatedly cursing at the officers who were arresting him. The 21-year-old called a female arresting officer a “b—h” several times and complained that he was being arrested for exercising his right to freedom of speech.

“B—h I got money, that’s why I can talk s—,” McDowell told the officers. “One, two and three (pointing to officers) will never make as much money as I made in the last two months. You’ll be a broke b—h for the rest of your life.”

At one point, McDowell began screaming that the arresting officers were trying to plant evidence on him, which drew some laughter from the officer who was searching his pockets. He also demanded that he be allowed to take a breathalyzer exam, falsely claiming that he has to be intoxicated in order to be arrested for disorderly conduct.

According to the original report from TMZ, McDowell got into a verbal altercation inside the SL Lounge early Sunday morning over $600 he claimed the club owed him. He was eventually kicked out for pouring bottles of liquor out and complaining about the money.

McDowell, a second-round pick out of Michigan State, has not played this season after he sustained an injury in a car accident. It would be an understatement to say his rookie year has been one to forget.

Seahawks’ Malik McDowell arrested for disorderly conduct

Malik McDowell

Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Malik McDowell was arrested early Sunday morning for disorderly conduct.

According to an incident report obtained by TMZ Sports, McDowell got into a verbal altercation with security at an Atlanta club, with the defensive lineman claiming the club owed him $600. He was eventually allowed in the club but was ejected again, allegedly for pouring out bottles of liquor, while still complaining about the money.

When officers attempted to apprehend McDowell, he allegedly went on a profanity-laced tirade. The report claimed he yelled “F*** both of ya’ll hoe ass n*****, p**** ass cops, I bet I get out, I got more money than ya’ll, ya’ll ain’t got enough money for me, p**** ass crackers, broke ass n*****” at the two officers. One officer said she nearly had to use her taser and pepper spray.

McDowell was booked and released on bond. The rookie defensive lineman is currently injured after an offseason vehicle accident.

Malik McDowell could miss season after vehicle accident

Malik McDowell

Malik McDowell could miss the entire season after being injured in a vehicle accident, the Seahawks said Sunday.

McDowell was not present at workouts on Sunday, leading the team to issue a statement about the rookie.

Pete Carroll said the injury occurred a few weeks ago. Multiple reporters say the accident was on an ATV.

Carroll said he wasn’t sure if McDowell could miss the season

McDowell was the team’s top pick in the draft. He was selected No. 35 overall out of Michigan State. The defensive lineman is in Michigan recovering.

Malik McDowell’s mother has not signed his letter of intent for Michigan State

Malik-McDowell-Michigan-StateFive-star defensive end recruit Malik McDowell committed to Michigan State on Wednesday, but there could be a slight problem. McDowell went to high school in Michigan. For whatever reason, his parents don’t want him staying in-state for college. They made that clear before national signing day, but McDowell went and committed to MSU anyway. The issue is he’s only 17.

McDowell’s age makes him a minor, which means his legal guardian must also sign his letter of intent. Malik’s father Greg was with him when he chose the Spartans on Wednesday, but his father is not his legal guardian. McDowell’s mother, Joya Crowe, will have to sign the letter before Malik can make it official.

“I’m not legally able to do it because I’m not the custodial parent,” Greg told The Detroit News after McDowell made his announcement. “She has to sign it and I have to sign it, too. I don’t know when it will happen. Malik has to handle that with his Mom. I’m willing to do whatever my son wants. It’s been a long process and an uneasy process.

“That’s something he’ll have to deal with, because at the end of the day it’s all about him and he has to work it out.”

Joya previously told reporters that there is a reason she does not want Malik going to Michigan State, though she would not reveal the reason.

“We don’t want him at MSU,” she told the Detroit Free Press earlier this week. “Something happened, I don’t want to put it out there what it was, but I had a bad experience at MSU.”

For all we know Joya is planning to sign the letter and simply hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Having said that, we have seen parents get in the way of high schoolers committing to schools in the past. It wouldn’t shock us if she held out.

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