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Richard Sherman-Michael Crabtree beef supposedly started at offseason charity event

Richard-Sherman-Michael-Crabtree-butt-patHere is what we know for sure about the relationship between Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree — it is not a good one. Sherman tore into Crabtree after the Seattle Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. Some of the animosity may have stemmed from comments Crabtree made last week about Sherman not being the best cornerback in the NFL. However, the feud may have started as far back as last offseason.

On Sunday evening, Sherman opened up to’s Michael Silver and explained why he dislikes Crabtree.

Later, Sherman explained that he was angered by something Crabtree had said to him while the two were socializing with other players (including then-49ers receiver Kyle Williams, now with the Kansas City Chiefs) at a function associated with Fitzgerald’s charity softball game in Scottsdale, Ariz., last April. Sherman wouldn’t share specifics, saying only that ‘(Crabtree) said something to me, and I told him I’d make him pay for it on the field.'”

That story matches up with one that Sherman’s older brother Branton told Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times recently.

Sherman has been upset with Crabtree since last summer. Both attended Arizona star receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s charity event. While there, Sherman went to shake Crabtree’s hand, and Crabtree tried to start a fight, according to Sherman’s older brother, Branton.

‘I’m going to make a play and embarrass him,’ Richard Sherman vowed that day.”

So there you have it. These two players obviously dislike each other a great deal, and that hatred was just too much for Sherman to contain after he tipped a pass away from Crabtree that sealed the biggest victory of his career. Personally, I would have liked to see Sherman take the high road and not take attention away from a great team win. Considering Seattle is headed to the Super Bowl, I’m sure he’s already been forgiven.

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Here are Michael Crabtree’s comments that sparked Richard Sherman’s rant

Richard-Sherman-interviewWhen Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman forced the interception that effectively ended the NFC Championship Game, he obviously felt a sense of personal victory. Sherman patted San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree on the butt before giving the choke sign. He then acted like a lunatic in not one but two postgame interviews.

So what set him off? What was it that had Sherman so wound up that he was unable to enjoy the victory with class and had to focus the spotlight on himself? Some comments that Crabtree made last Thursday when he was asked if Sherman is the best cornerback in the league could help answer those questions.

“Uh, no, I don’t think so,” Crabtree said at the time, via Matt Maiocco of “I don’t know (anything) about the best cornerbacks in the league. I just know teams. We are playing the Seattle Seahawks and hopefully we come out with a win.

“You study him and you study the defense, the overall defense. A lot of guys play coverages. It isn’t just man-to-man the whole game. So you got to study the whole defense. It is not just one guy. It is the entire defense.”

Crabtree had a point. You can’t focus on one player when preparing for a game, because you don’t even know if that one defensive back is going to shadow you all afternoon. Nevertheless, the comments offended Sherman to the point where he called Crabtree “mediocre” and said he thought it was a “joke” that the Niners tried to win the game by throwing in his direction.

Sherman’s confidence is part of what makes him such a great defender. Still, he could have done a better job of focusing the attention on the team. You know, the one that just punched its ticket to the Super Bowl.

Michael Crabtree fires back at Richard Sherman on Twitter

Richard-Sherman-interviewSeattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman stole the show after the NFC Championship Game with his WWE-esque antics. After tipping a pass that was intended for San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree and forcing a game-ending interception, Sherman was not exactly feeling humble.

Instead, the All-Pro defensive back went on a ridiculous rant with FOX’s Erin Andrews and then continued the fun in an interview with ESPN’s Ed Werder. He called Crabtree “mediocre” and said it was a “joke” that the Niners thought they were going to throw a game-winning touchdown against him. Crabtree fired back on Twitter.

Crabtree caught four passes for 52 yards, so most would say Sherman held him in check. I’m not really sure what he’s referring to that the film would show. Sherman said people should judge his character on the field, which is tough to do when he’s screaming into the microphone after the game.

Sherman is a great player and is probably right about being the best corner in the game. That said, he acted like an idiot when the game ended. Seattle had just advanced to the Super Bowl after winning an incredible game. The victory could have spoken for itself.

Michael Crabtree promises return with ‘Terminator’ picture


The San Francisco 49ers suffered a major setback earlier this week when it was revealed that Michael Crabtree needed surgery to repair a torn Achilles tendon. The team’s leading receiver in 2012 is expected to be sidelined for six months, which means the Niners will be without him for a good portion of the 2013 season.

Achilles injuries are some of the hardest to recover from in sports, which has led to speculation that Crabtree could end up missing all of next season. The 25-year-old does not intend to let that happen, and he reminded everyone of that on Wednesday with a “Terminator” themed photo he posted on his Instagram account.

If all goes to plan and Crabtree works hard enough in rehab, he should be back sometime around November. That would leave him time to shake the dust off before the playoffs, but Niners fans have every reason to be concerned about losing Crabtree after a breakout season.

It’s not surprising that Crabtree, who recently proved he is one of the most confident players in the league with this interview, is guaranteeing he will return. How effective he will be when he does remains to be seen.

Photo via Shutdown Corner

Michael Crabtree reportedly tears Achilles: How will it affect 49ers?

Michael-Crabtree-Misses-Flight-Pulled-Over-by-Raiders-Fan-CopColin Kaepernick and Michael Crabtree seemed to establish instant chemistry when Kapernick took over for the injured Alex Smith last season. Crabtree racked up more than 90 yards in four of the final five games of the season last year and finished with the first 1,000-yard season of his four-year career. Now, he could be in for a long and trying rehab.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Crabtree recently suffered a torn Achilles tendon and is expected to miss roughly six months. Chris Mortensen later confirmed that Crabtree has already undergone surgery. If he misses six months, the 25-year-old would be out until at least November.

Obviously, this is horrible news for the San Francisco 49ers. Crabtree finally broke out in 2012 and emerged as the most reliable receiver on the team. When the Niners traded for Anquan Boldin earlier this offseason, they were looking to add depth to their receiving corps. Now, they will need to either add another piece or look for guys to step up in a big way.

To make matters even more complicated, Niners receivers Mario Manningham and Kyle Williams are both coming off torn ACLs. Boldin was dominant in the playoffs for the Baltimore Ravens last season, but he is hardly the force he once was with the Arizona Cardinals years ago.

Perhaps the only positive we can draw here is that Kaepernick is a dual-threat quarterback. It would be more devastating if a pure pocket passer lost his favorite target, but Kaepernick is capable of making plays in a number of ways. Still, Crabtree was one of the few players on offense that San Francisco can’t afford to lose for a significant period of time. His injury will surely throw a major kink in the team’s offseason plans.

Michael Crabtree says a hit in the Super Bowl made him temporarily lose his vision

Football is a hard-hitting, dangerous sport. General awareness of that seems to be at an all-time high lately, with the NFL constantly making rule changes that irritate players but are aimed at making the game safer. But no matter what the league does, there are always going to be scary moments on the field. San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree says he had one of those in the Super Bowl.

Crabtree spoke with the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen on Thursday and talked about the final plays in his team’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens. On one of them, Crabtree says he took a shot from Baltimore corner Jimmy Smith that resulted in a temporary loss of vision.

“When the guy hit me, he hit me all in the face,” Crabtree said, via Around the League. “I’m not tripping. I’m not one to whine about nothing, but he hit me all in the face and I couldn’t really see after he hit me.”

The 25-year-old was quick to point out that he did not suffer a concussion, but he proceeded to downplay a comment that most of us would take very seriously.

“They hit me, I really couldn’t see,” Crabtree said. “… Then it just came back. It’s not concussion-like. When you get hit in football, it’s going to feel like you can’t see. It’s going to feel intense. But it snapped back. It happens all the time in football.”

We knew broken bones and torn muscles happened all the time, but not being able to see sounds pretty hardcore. Crabtree took issue with a couple of calls during the Super Bowl, but the controversial no-call on the final play of the game was not one of them. He said his vision came back before the ball was snapped for the following play, but that’s still pretty frightening. Unless the NFL turns its product into two-hand touch, stuff like that will likely never stop happening.

Michael Crabtree calls himself and Dez Bryant the ‘future of the NFL’ (Video)

Michael Crabtree BOAMichael Crabtree and Dez Bryant are two of the best young receivers in football, but you don’t have to tell them that. Earlier this week, Bryant said he believes he can become the first receiver in NFL history to put up 2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns in a single season. From the sound of it, Crabtree supports that prediction.

A cameraman caught up with both receivers as they were leaving BOA Steakhouse in Los Angeles Tuesday night and peppered them with a series of questions. When asked about the new rule changes in the NFL that will go into affect next season, Crabtree simply said they are going to “make it happen.” When asked about the issue of gay athletes playing in the NFL, Bryant said he didn’t even know what the reporter was talking about.

Crabtree then changed the subject out of nowhere.

“You ever seen the future of the NFL?” Crabtree asked. “The two hottest receivers in the game?”

The reporter, who had clearly done his homework, asked if they were going to get 2,000 yards next season. Crabtree simply said he was going to get “some yards” before giving a shout-out to his new teammate Anquan Boldin and getting into a car with Bryant.

I don’t even know how BOA handled that much confidence in one dining room at the same time. I mean did you see the way Crabtree was swagged out during his press conference back in January? Crabtree and Bryant may be Crabtree’s and Bryant’s two biggest fans.

Did Jimmy Smith hold Michael Crabtree on Niners last play in Super Bowl?

Michael-Crabtree-Jimmy-Smith-pass-interferenceThe officiating crew for Super Bowl XLVII used their flags quite sparingly down the stretch, which many believe helped the Baltimore Ravens hold on to beat the San Francisco 49ers. On what turned out to be the Niners’ last drive of the game, Jim Harbaugh felt that the Ravens got away with pass interference on two plays.

The first came on 2nd-and-goal, when Colin Kaepernick rolled to the right and tried to hit Michael Crabtree near the sideline. Baltimore cornerback Corey Graham appeared to jump on Crabtree’s back to break up the play, and it looked as though he may have gotten there early. It was a bang-bang play that could have gone either way and there was no call.

Then on 4th-and-goal, it seemed a bit more obvious that the Ravens got some help from the refs. Baltimore sent several blitzers on the play, forcing Kaepernick to just float a pass toward Crabtree in the back right corner of the end zone. As you can see from the video above, it appeared that Jimmy Smith held him while the ball was in the air.


Michael Crabtree says he once got into it with Wes Welker at Texas Tech

Texas Tech is known for producing quality NFL wife receivers, and there are no two greater examples of that than Wes Welker and Michael Crabtree. Welker is one of the game’s best receivers and Crabtree is one of its brightest young stars. Back in 2006, they got a chance to work out together with the Red Raiders. According to Crabtree, the two didn’t exactly hit it off right away.

“I actually got into it with Wes Welker when I first went to college,” Crabtree told the Boston Herald on Wednesday. “He said something about me playing in the summer. We were doing one-on-ones with some guys that were in the NFL that used to go to Tech. He was holding me, and I was fresh out of high school, had an attitude, and I was cussing him out to get off of me. He got in my face like I was going to back down.”

Crabtree is known for having somewhat of a temper, so he wasn’t about to be shown up by another receiver — even if he was a legend at his school and an NFL star.

“That was one of those things I was letting him know I’m about to come in there and do better than what he did,” the Niners receiver said. “It was just fun and games. That’s my dude, though.

“You can learn a lot from guys like that. Wes is a legend.”

Welker may have had more receptions (259) while at Texas Tech, but he spent four years there. Crabtree caught 231 balls in only two seasons and racked up more yards (3,127) than Welker (3,069). Both are tremendous competitors, which is why it’s not surprising to hear that things got heated between them. That’s the type of drive that separates them from your average receiver.

No 49ers player was more swagged out for his press conference than Michael Crabtree

michael crabtree sunglasses

Now that Michael Crabtree is finally living up to his billing as a No. 1 receiver, he’s starting to truly let some of his swagger show. The 49ers receiver showed up to his postgame news conference on Saturday with sunglasses on, and he did the same for his press conference on Monday.

Look at Crab, looking like a young Deion Sanders on stage with his sunglasses and chain hanging. He’s starting to get all Prime Time on us. Next thing you know he’ll be loaded up on the gold jewelry and starring in Nike commercials. Let’s just hope that his strong play doesn’t lead to the diva personality he allegedly had in college coming out.

Crabtree did had 9 catches for 119 yards and two touchdowns against the Packers on Saturday. He finished with the regular season with 85 catches for 1,105 yards and 9 touchdowns — all career-high marks. In truth, we’re actually pleased to see him playing so well. We always believed he was a No. 1 receiver and felt a combination of foot/toe injuries and shaky quarterback play prevented him from achieving that status. He’s finally reaching it.

As long as Crab doesn’t go all Carmelo Anthony M. Bison on us, we’ll give him a pass for wearing his sunglasses indoors.