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#pounditMonday, October 3, 2022

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Michael Crabtree has a hideous ‘King Crabtree’ vest (Picture)

The good news here is unlike a hideous tattoo like this one, Michael Crabtree can remove this vest anytime he wants without having to spend big bucks to do so. I’m guessing the ‘King Crabtree’ leather vest you see the Niners wide receiver sporting in the above photo that he tweeted on Monday was either a gag gift or holds some sort of sentimental value to him that we can’t understand. Otherwise, I see no excuse to ever wear it.

Apparently Crabtree has been taking fashion advice from Russell Westbrook and a 60-year-old biker gang and mixing all that advice together. Never a good combination.

Michael Crabtree: Drops Kept me from Sleeping

Michael Crabtree tied for the 49ers lead with 10 targets last weekend against the Saints, but he only hauled in 4 passes for 28 yards and a touchdown. He dropped three passes, nearly matching half of his season total of 7. Crabtree says the mistakes bothered him throughout the week.

“That’s not normal for me to drop the ball. Two or three drops, I mean, it haunted me. I couldn’t sleep. But at the same time, you’ve got to put that behind you and go catch the ball. Do what I do,” Crabtree said this week.

Crabtree can’t afford to make the same mistakes against the Giants. Vernon Davis luckily was a stud that game, catching 7 balls for 180 yards and two touchdowns. The same performance cannot be expected from VD, so Crabs better be on top of his game.

Michael Crabtree Pulled Over by Raiders Fan Cop Who Made Him Miss Flight

Don’t you hate it when those damn cops keep you from getting to where you need to be?  You’re cruising along, maybe going a little faster than you should be because you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, and then boom — you see the blue lights in your rear view mirror.  Then of course the officer has to run your license plate, look you up in the computer to make sure there isn’t a warrant out for your arrest, and decide whether you deserve a warning or a ticket.  Michael Crabtree knows how it feels.

Crabtree was on his way to the airport on I-280 in California when police pulled him over.  Since we are going by Crabtree’s tweets, we don’t know exactly what he was pulled over for and only know his side of the story.  His side of the story, however, is pretty entertaining.  Check out these tweets the Niners receiver sent out on Tuesday afternoon:


Michael Crabtree Seemingly Takes a Shot at Alex Smith

The San Francisco 49ers had high expectations coming into the 2010 season, yet have started off the year 0-4.  They’ve lost two close games to quality opponents and gotten blown out in their other two losses.  They’ve somehow created a situation where the Rams could legitimately win the NFC West.  As we would all expect, there aren’t many happy campers to be found around the Niners organization these days.  One such unhappy cub scout is wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

Desperately needing to make a change, the 49ers fired offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye after their 31-10 shellacking at the hands of the Chiefs week three.  Many, including ourselves, believe that Alex Smith deserves a lot of the blame for the struggles the 49ers have had on offense this year.  Does Crabtree agree with that claim?  When he was speaking to reporters about new offensive coordinator Mike Johnson, that’s kind of the impression he gave.

Mike Johnson did his thing. He did what he was supposed to do.  He got everybody the ball. Only thing is, Mike Johnson can’t throw the ball. He can just call plays,” Crabtree said Monday, according to Lowell Cohn if the Santa Press Democrat.

It’s possible that this was Crabtree’s way of using the whole “the coaches can call the plays but we have to execute them” typical response, but he should have done it without throwing someone under the bus.  Instead of saying he “can’t throw the ball,” he should have added that Johnson also can’t catch it, run it, or block.  Unless he was intentionally taking a shot at his quarterback, of course.  If that’s the case, he chose his words quite wisely.

Michael Crabtree’s Awful, Horrendously Phony Introductory Press Conference

Michael Crabtree 49ersThe whole way Michael Crabtree’s holdout was handled was an embarrassment. First off, we hadn’t seen nor heard from the kid forever. Secondly, there was information circulating that he was considering reentering the draft if the 49ers didn’t meed his demands. Then, with the Niners going 3-1 to start the season, Crabtree lost what little leverage he had, and instead he had to cave and crawl back to the team and accept a contract offer that was available back in July. So not only did he not accomplish his goal of earning more money but he also hurt himself in the process by missing vital practices and training camp time, essentially losing a whole year of his career.

Throughout the process it became clear that Crabtree was getting poor advice and that he forgot the cardinal rule about agents: they work for the players meaning Crabtree is Eugene Parker’s boss, not the other way around. If Crabtree were thinking for himself, he would have had Parker hammer out the deal before the season started when it became clear the 49ers weren’t budging. Anyway, the speculation that Crabtree’s getting poor advice was confirmed by his introductory news conference on Wednesday.

For starters, Michael’s agent wasn’t present, leaving Crabtree high and dry to face the media firing squad. That really didn’t even matter because Crabtree was so schooled and coached up to answer questions. If you watched or heard any of it (which you can at the 49ers website), you would see that this kid was taught to recite the cliches worse than Nuke Laloosh. Crabtree didn’t directly answer any question he was asked. Once he heard a keyword such as “training camp,” “fans,” or “holdout,” he had a ready-made answer prepared. It was like watching a robot, not a person. It’s so clear that someone else is puppeting this guy it’s embarrassing (read all the examples below). And after seeing that display it’s no surprise that Mike Singletary almost made him cry.