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Miguel Cabrera Avoided Alcohol During Tigers’ Celebration

Friday was a joyous day for the Detroit Tigers who celebrated winning their first division title since 1987. Champagne was flying, alcohol was consumed, and there was plenty of hugging and back slapping between the players. But one player who did not partake in the celebration was Miguel Cabrera. The Tigers first baseman sat by himself, according to, holding a bottle of water in his hand.

Cabrera, you may recall, has battled with alcohol abuse the past few years. In 2009, he infamously went out drinking while the Tigers were battling for the division and he got into a major fight with his wife. He showed up to the team’s game with fresh cuts and bruises on his face. Then in February, Cabrera made a fool of himself during a DUI arrest and the video made him look even worse.

The troubled first baseman pledged to clean up his life and it appears as if he’s taken that vow seriously.

Even though the Tigers ordered non-alcoholic champagne for Cabrera, he opted not to partake. Perhaps he’s learned that avoiding alcohol entirely is the safest approach. Maybe he knows the Tigers will have much more celebrating to do this season so this was no time to go crazy.

Cabrera has been one of the most valuable players for the Tigers this season. Maybe Detroit will consider doing what the Rangers did for Josh Hamilton last season in a similar situation. After all, you win as a team so you should want to celebrate as a team, right?

Miguel Cabrera Arrest Video Takes Us Right Into the Action

When Miguel Cabrera smiled for his mug shot a few weeks ago, it was enough to make him the first ever athlete to be sacked by the LBS Nut Bag.  Most of the details from the night of Cabrera’s arrest have already been unveiled, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun to see him in action.  Early Thursday morning, The Detroit Free Press released the footage of Cabrera handcuffed in the back a St. Lucie County cruiser.  The officers can be heard describing Cabrera’s drunken stupor (NSFW language) and Cabrera can be heard swearing in Spanish.  It’s fun stuff.  Check out the Miguel Cabrera arrest video:

Miguel Cabrera Looking at Adding Josh Hamilton-like Personal Watchdog

Miguel Cabrera was the first athlete to get sacked by the LBS Nut Bag after his DUI arrest in Florida and subsequent mugshot in which he was smiling. He made an absolute fool of himself and the Detroit Tigers organization, and he seems genuinely regretful and sorry about his actions. On Thursday, Miggy met with the media in Lakeland — the site of Detroit’s Spring Training — to apologize for what he had done and to answer questions from reporters.

One of the more interesting questions had to do with the measures Cabrera would take to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Specifically, Cabrera was asked if he might consider traveling with someone to watch him so he doesn’t relapse — a strategy employed by Josh Hamilton who has battled drug addiction. Miggy said that is part of his plan.

Cabrera’s interpreter said “He will follow everything that the doctors tell him to do. That is one thing that we’re looking at. We’re actually right now looking at who could be that person, so yes, that’s something that’s in the works.”

Hamilton did have a relapse at a bar in Arizona, but he’s been clean since then as far as we know. It also helps that he has teammates in Texas who are extremely supportive and understanding of his problems. Hopefully the Tigers will be able to provide similar support that will help Miggy shake his issues with alcohol abuse. He’s such a talented player, it would be sad to see him fall short of his potential because he can’t put down the suds.

Jim Leyland: Miguel Cabrera in Best Shape of His Life, Forget DUI Stuff

Miguel Cabrera has a drinking problem.  You know how I know?  Because he drinks, and it causes problems.  The 27-year old has been accused of showing up to a game hungover and battered from a drunken fight.  He recently made history when he became the first ever professional athlete to be sacked by the LBS Nut Bag, and that was because of his drunken, smiling mug shot.  One man who doesn’t seem all that concerned about any of it is Cabrera’s manager, Jim Leyland.

Hardball Talk shared some of Leyland’s comments about Cabrera with us on Friday morning, with which he basically praised his best hitter and brushed the DUI arrest aside. “Miguel Cabrera is in the best shape of his life,” Leyland said. “He’s stronger than he’s ever been. And he’s quicker than he’s ever been. He’s probably going to have the biggest year of his life.”

That’s great, coach, but what about his problems with alcohol and the law? “It has no effect,” Leyland continued. “It might make some dramatic reading material. It’s not going to do s***. Believe me. Nothing.”

Someone should probably remind Leyland that this a player who was allegedly swigging from a bottle of scotch right in front of a police officer’s face while on the side of a public road.  We’re not talking about a speeding ticket.  It’s one thing to defend your players and not discuss “in-house” issues, but Leyland shouldn’t be acting like Cabrera’s latest issue with alcohol is nothing more than “dramatic reading material.”

As for the best year of his career?  At 27 and coming off a .328/38/126 season, I certainly wouldn’t rule it out.

Miguel Cabrera Mugshot Was Turrible Sacked by the LBS Nut Bag for Smiling

We’ve got this new feature here at LBS we’re debuting and it’s called the LBS Nut Bag. We’ve decided that anyone in the sports world who deserves to be publically shamed here at LBS will be “sacked” by the LBS Nut Bag. Feel free to email in tips of anyone you think who needs to be sacked.

The first athlete to get sacked by the LBS Nut Bag is Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera. The 2010 AL MVP runner-up made headlines on Thursday, and it wasn’t for being the first player to homer in Spring Training. Oh no. Miggy instead was channeling his Tony La Russa in Florida, getting arrested for DUI and resisting arrest. The details from the police will no doubt make you laugh and cry.

    – When an officer asked who was with him, Cabrera responded, “I am going to f—— kill him” despite being alone in the car.

    – He drank from a bottle of James Buchanan’s Scotch Whisky on the roadside, in the presence of at least one officer.

    – He refused to obey instructions from officers, at one point saying, “Do you know who I am? You don’t know anything about my problems.” When one officer asked Cabrera to get into a patrol vehicle, Cabrera replied, “F— you.”

Who the heck drinks from a bottle of Scotch IN FRONT OF AN OFFICER and WHILE THEY ARE GETTING ARRESTED? This guy’s an Idiot with a capital I! Honestly, every bit that Miggy stands out from his competition on the diamond is how much he stands out from the average criminal in terms of stupidity.

Then, as if drinking in front of an officer and resisting arrest wasn’t disrespectful enough, he freaking puts on a giant cheeser in his mugshot. What is up with this guy? Who smiles after a DUI arrest? Someone who doesn’t care, thinks they can beat the charges, and someone that downright disrespectful. Jeezus.

It’s all really just a shame because we thought Cabrera had cleaned up his life after his drunked arrest at the end of the 2009 season that cost the Tigers the division. He supposedly got clean last off-season, put the drinks down, and had the best year of his career. And now he kicks off the 2011 season like this? Not good at all. Why can’t he get serious about his career and his life?

AL Mid-Season Baseball Awards

With baseball at the All-Star break, we assembled the staff here at LBS to select our mid-season baseball awards. Up first, the AL Awards. Tomorrow, the NL Awards.


Alan Hull says Miguel Cabrera, 1B, Tigers: While Robinson Cano, Justin Morneau and Josh Hamilton are all in the mix, the MVP Award should probably be called the Triple Crown Category Leader on a Winning Team Award. Cabrera isn’t very good defensively, doesn’t play a difficult position, but with Albert Pujols having a down year, he has sneaked into the conversation for the best hitter in baseball. I could see Cano winding up winning it in the end.

Steve DelVecchio says Robinson Cano, 2B, Yankees: Cano has been the best hitter on the best team in the majors, and on top of that he’s only made one fielding error so he has second base locked down defensively. With a line of 16 HR 67 RBI and a .337, he doesn’t necessarily have the best stats in the AL, but you have to give weight to the Yankees position and also what he’s done on defense.

Larry Brown says Miguel Cabrera: From the beginning of the season all the way to the All-Star break, Miggy has been the most consistent hitter in baseball. He sobered up in the offseason and that seems to have taken his already ridiculous offensive game to an Albert Pujols-level. He’s heading for his best season ever.

Jake Walker says Miguel Cabrera: He’s leading the AL in batting average, RBIs, and he’s second in home runs. He has a legitimate shot at winning the Triple Crown in the AL. How can you not say he’s MVP? In another year Cano might get it, but not with the year Cabrera’s having.


So Miguel Cabrera Was Drunk and Got Into a Fight with His Wife Saturday

miguel-cabrera-cutsEarly Sunday morning we questioned what was going on with Miguel Cabrera who showed up to Saturday’s game with fresh cuts and bruises on his face. A tip to my radio show said he was drunk and had to be picked up by the team from the police station early Saturday morning after getting into a fight. Now we’re finding out that Miggy was out drinking with players from the White Sox and that he got into a fight with his wife when he got home. She called 911 after the fight and he was taken to the police station where he was found to have a 0.26 blood alcohol level. Without a doubt this reflects poorly on Cabrera particularly because of the circumstances of his team — they’re in the heat of a tight playoff race and he’s getting smashed the day before a game? Even if his team were 30 games under .500 this wouldn’t be advisable. Anyway, go here to hear the audio of Rosangel Cabrera’s 911 call. Also, here is part of the transcript from her call minus the redacted parts:


Was Miguel Cabrera Out Drunk and in a Fight Before Tigers Loss?

Players going out and drinking after games is nothing new. Getting hammered after a game when you have another one the next day? That happens but it’s probably not a good idea — unless you’re David Wells. The trifecta though is getting hammered after a game, getting into a fight, and showing up for the next day with fresh cuts and bruises. Gordie Howe’s hat trick knows what I’m talking about.

Now we haven’t had anything confirmed yet, but there’s speculation that Miguel Cabrera was out drinking and that he got into a fight the night after Detroit lost to the White Sox on Friday. He went 0-for-4 in the game before the cuts and 0-for-4 on Saturday after getting the cuts. Jim Leyland didn’t say anything about it while Cabrera said the cuts came from his dog. Check out the pictures to take a look for yourself:

Miguel Cabrera's face bruises White Sox Tigers Baseball

Cabrera clearly has a cut going down the side of his face from his left eye towards his nose which looks like it could be a dog paw scratch. He also seems to have some bruises and cuts on his lip which looks more like it would be the result of a punch to the face. I don’t know if it makes a difference either, but an email I received on my show from a Tigers season ticket holder said Cabrera was in a fight and had to be bailed out of jail. Maybe we’ll hear more about this story come out but there’s no doubt that Cabrera has let the team down the past two games.

Which SS/3B Tandem Is the Best?

Typically the trivia questions they ask at the ballpark are lame. As are the questions they pose on TV while you’re watching a ballgame. Except for in this case. My buddy, frequent commenter here at LBS, and occasional site contributor, Alan Hull, notified me that one of the questions posed during a Dodgers/Marlins game (I think) was the following: which SS/3B tandem would you rather have? The choices were excellent — making the decision about as tough as any. So I will pose it to you, along with another tandem that is somewhat noteworthy for you to choose from (age in parenthesis):

  1. Marlins:
    3B Miguel Cabrera (24) – 348 BA, 8 HR, career OPS .925, 112 career HRs
    SS Hanley Ramirez (23) – 336 BA, 31 runs, 10 SBs, .951 OPS, NL ROY
  2. Yankees:
    3B Alex Rodriguez (31) – 15HR, 39 RBI, 1.212 OPS, 2 MVPs, 40/40, 2 GG
    SS Derek Jeter (32) – 362 BA, 23 runs, ROY, 3 GG, WS MVP, .317 career BA
  3. Mets:
    3B David Wright (24) – 254, 3 SBs, 69 career HRs, .301 career BA
    SS Jose Reyes (23) – 352 BA, 982 OPS, 31 runs, 19 SBs, 3x NL SB king
  4. Atlanta Braves
    3B Chipper Jones (35) – 10 home runs, 23 RBI, 1.042 OPS, 1999 NL MVP
    SS Edgar Renteria (31) – .338 BA, 906 OPS, 5 time All-Star, 2 Gold Gloves

On the surface, you might just say the Yankees without hesitation. That’s not a bad answer, and probably the tandem I’d want for the next 3-5 years. But can you so easily deny the youth of the Marlins and Mets? The Braves was the tandem I added to the discussion because, well, I feel like an argument can be made for them. If it were just for this season, I’d go with the Yankees tandem. If it were to start a franchise, I dunno, tough call between the Mets and Marlins. If you’re talking about the best 3B/SS bargain financially, no question — it’s the Marlins. You pretty much can’t go wrong with any of the three. But how lucky are the Marlins and Mets to have what they do for now, especially at those prices?