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Thursday, September 19, 2019

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Antonio Brown reportedly confronted Mike Mayock, called him ‘cracker’

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown and Oakland Raiders general manager Mike Mayock got into a verbal dispute during practice on Wednesday, and it sounds like Brown was the one who initiated it.

Brown had made it clear that he was upset with the Raiders for fining him over a missed a practice when he ripped the team in his Instagram story before Wednesday’s session, and he was apparently still angry when the team took the field. Sources told ESPN’s Josina Anderson that Brown walked over to Mayock during practice and called him a “cracker” in addition to unloading some curse words at the GM. Mayock is said to have made an effort to prevent the exchange from escalating.

“[Mayock] was like, ‘I’m cool, I understand your displeasure,'” the source told Anderson. “[Mayock] sort of just like … just walked away because he saw it escalate.”

While it has been reported that teammates — including one you might not expect — had to restrain Brown during the confrontation, it never became physical. They were simply trying to separate Brown from Mayock to diffuse the argument.

It’s worth noting that Anderson’s source also praised Brown for being a hard worker who loves football but said it seems like “there is something that is distracting him from his love that [he] can’t control.”

Brown’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, told ESPN’s “Get Up!” on Friday that Brown has a strong relationship with Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, but he would not comment on whether or not the Pro Bowler has gotten along with Mayock.

“Right now I think his relationship with Coach Gruden is good, very good,” Rosenhaus said. “I’m not going to get into his relationship with Mike Mayock, but I will say that we’re hopeful that that will be a good one, as well. It has been in the past; it can be in the future.”

There has already been speculation that the Raiders could explore the possibility of moving on from Brown, but their offense needs him. If the two sides can somehow work things out and the recent remarks Derek Carr made about the situation are accurate, trying to make amends may still be an option.

Raiders GM thinks every prospect lied to him in pre-draft process

Mike Mayock

The Oakland Raiders have an interesting consideration as part of their pre-draft process: they have to ask prospects about potentially playing in Las Vegas, given they will be calling the city home next year.

There are definitely some questions regarding whether players, especially young ones, will find the nightlife and other pitfalls of Las Vegas distracting, and it came up in Oakland’s pre-draft interviews. Every prospect said the right things about it not being an issue, but in the eyes of general manager Mike Mayock, there was some stretching of the truth going on.

This is presumably tongue-in-cheek. Players are going to say they can handle it, and all of them probably think they can. If the NFL feels okay about staging the NFL Draft there next year, Mayock should probably relax.

Mike Mayock’s daughter responds to report that Raiders don’t trust own scouts

Mike Mayock

The Oakland Raiders are reportedly taking every precaution necessary to protect their plans heading into the NFL Draft next week, but general manager Mike Mayock’s daughter wants to make sure no one within the organization takes it personally.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported on Friday that Mayock and Raiders head coach Jon Gruden sent their own scouts home for the weekend and are not expected to let them return to the draft room before the big event. While some took that to mean they don’t trust their own scouting department, Mayock’s daughter Leigh insists that is not the case.

This is the second time Leigh Mayock has shared that same story. Around the time of the NFL Scouting Combine earlier this offseason, she said Mike didn’t even trust her with his draft binder.

Apparently the practice is not as over the top as people think. Former Dallas Cowboys executive Gil Brandt, who now works as an analyst for NFL.com, says he and his co-workers used to take similar precautions around draft time.

There have been a lot of rumors floating around about what the Raiders might do in Mayock’s first draft with the team, and there’s no way to avoid that. However, anyone who is actually inside the draft room would have access to some sensitive information. I guess you can never be too careful, even if it means risking the possibility of peeing on your draft binder.

Drew Rosenhaus praises Mike Mayock’s prowess as a GM

Mike Mayock

The Oakland Raiders went outside the box in hiring NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock as their general manager this offseason, but one prominent NFL agent came away impressed with the new guy’s negotiating ability.

Drew Rosenhaus, who represents new Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown, said Mayock worked like a “veteran NFL GM” and drove a hard bargain in negotiating a new long-term deal with Brown.

While Mayock doesn’t have all the powers of a traditional general manager, he’s still the guy in charge of negotiating and getting things done. Everyone is always in a good mood when a deal like this gets done, but Rosenhaus has been around a long time and dealt with a lot of general managers, so his praise can’t be a bad thing for Mayock’s reputation.

Raiders GM Mike Mayock seemingly commits to Derek Carr as starter

Derek Carr

There has been some speculation that new Oakland Raiders general manager Mike Mayock could work with head coach Jon Gruden to find a replacement for Derek Carr, but it does not sound like that is the plan — at least in the short term.

Mayock was asked about Oakland’s quarterback situation while speaking with reporters at the NFL Scouting Combine on Wednesday, and he had a strong endorsement of Carr.

Carr struggled in his first season under Gruden. He threw for over 4,000 yards, but he had just 19 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions. He didn’t make the types of strides many expected him to with a supposed QB guru taking over the team, but the Raiders have invested a ton of money in the 27-year-old and probably would prefer for him to get another shot in 2019.

While Gruden has been known to say one thing and do another in the past, the way he spoke about Carr late in the 2018 season made it seem like he is not looking for a new starting quarterback. The Raiders have three first-round picks and could potentially use one of them on a QB to groom behind Carr, but it would be a surprise if the veteran is not back under center for the team in Week 1.

New Raiders GM Mike Mayock: Jon Gruden has final say over roster

Mike Mayock

Jon Gruden has been the de facto general manager of the Oakland Raiders since the team hired him as head coach last year, and he will maintain final say over roster decisions even with Mike Mayock now in the mix.

In an interview with ESPN’s Steve Levy at the college football title game Monday night, Mayock spoke about how excited he is to work with Gruden this offseason. When asked what the power dynamic will be like in terms of reporting to team owner Mark Davis, Mayock was surprisingly candid.

“In all honesty, Jon’s got final say, if it ever comes to that, and I’ve got zero problems with that,” he said. “”Now, having said that, I think we’re going to come to a consensus, and I like a little yelling, a little screaming, a little fighting for what players you believe in. But at the end of the day, I guarantee you, Jon Gruden and I are going to know what a Raider looks like and smells like. I don’t think we’re going to have any issues.”

The fact that Mayock has no prior front office experience probably appealed to the Raiders, as he will be less likely to come in and try to push Gruden around. Gruden wanted say over personnel matters when he agreed to return to Oakland, and working with Mayock will clearly give him plenty of that.

Oakland finished 4-12 this season and has three first-round picks to work with, and Mayock has been considered one of the better talent evaluators in the media for several years. He was previously believed to be a candidate for another GM job, but his strong relationship with Gruden definitely played a role in the Raiders hiring him.

Raiders hiring Mike Mayock to be next GM

Mike Mayock

The Oakland Raiders have wasted no time filling their general manager vacancy in advance of the offseason, and the man they’re hiring has no prior front office experience.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Raiders are expected to introduce NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock as their GM as early as Monday.

Schefter notes that Mayock once interviewed for Oakland’s GM job with late owner Al Davis, and he is quite familiar with the Raiders from the time he spent around the team when head coach Jon Gruden returned last summer.

While Mayock has no prior experience as an executive, he is considered one of the better talent evaluators in the media and played safety in the NFL. He also appears to have a solid relationship with Gruden, who has a lot of power within the Raiders organization. A first-time GM will probably have less trouble working with Gruden than an experienced one would.

Mayock was previously believed to be a candidate for another GM job, but nothing ever came of that. With the Raiders having finished 4-12 in Gruden’s first year, Mayock will be called upon to help the team figure out the best way to use three first-round draft picks and restock a depleted roster.