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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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Report: Mike Shanahan interested in coaching again

Mike Shanahan

Mike Shanahan could reportedly make a return to the sidelines next season.

According to NFL.com’s Albert Breer, Shanahan wants to coach again, and he may get the chance. He interviewed for the 49ers job last year and was impressive enough to make the Niners consider giving him the job.

There are issues to a potential Shanahan hire. He’s 63 and the staff he’d want would give teams pause. However, Breer notes that, despite his tenure in Washington ending badly, he left a pretty good core of players there and did the same in Denver. Breer notes that Shanahan was fired in Washington was in large part because he wanted to go with Kirk Cousins as his starter, which time has shown to be a completely valid wish.

There’s been a willingness to hire older head coaches in recent years. Just look at how well Bruce Arians is doing in Arizona. Don’t be surprised if Shanahan gets another look.

Brandon Marshall: Mike Shanahan told me to stop helping opponents up

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall says he was a “great guy” when he first came into the NFL, but apparently former Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan told him to cut the crap.

On Tuesday’s edition of “Inside the NFL,” Marshall and the rest of the panel were discussing how nice of a kid Marcus Mariota seems to be. Marshall says he was like that at first until Shanahan scolded him for helping opponents off the turf.

“There’s a lot of great guys out there. I was a great guy when I first got in the league,” he recalled. “I remember helping a guy up and then Coach Shanahan pulling up film in the team meeting room and saying ‘Hey, don’t ever do this again.'”

Personally, I think criticizing a player for helping up opponents is ridiculous. You can still compete at the same level as a guy who refuses to extend a hand to an opponent, even if it looks like you’re being a “nicer” guy on film.

As we know, Buccaneers defensive lineman Gerald McCoy has also had to defend himself for helping opponents off the ground, and he is one of the best in the game at his position. Like Marshall, McCoy had a coach who didn’t want him showing a “softer” side during games.

Should a player help an opponent up during the two-minute drill? Probably not. But does it hurt to do it with 12 minutes remaining in the first quarter? Come on…

Mike Shanahan: Everyone was trying to steal signals

Mike Shanahan Broncos

The New England Patriots may have broken NFL rules by filming opposing coaches on the sidelines during games several years back, but they weren’t the only team that worked diligently in an attempt to steal signals. Mike Shanahan is one of a number of former NFL players and coaches who have confirmed that.

During an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show” Wednesday, Shanahan said teams would go to some extreme measures to steal signs.

“Back then, everybody was trying to steal signals,” the former Broncos and Redskins coach explained. “Some of the best quarterbacks in the league had different cue cards from the sideline, depending what defense or blitz, and tried to do everything they could. They looked at (videotaping) for a lot of years and came up with a final verdict. I could go back and tell you a hundred different stories.”

Shanahan went on to explain that any NFL coach would agree that knowing what a defense is going to do is a huge advantage, though he questioned how much information you could gather from lip-reading and other tactics.

Another interesting point Shanahan made was that NFL teams — his in particular — sweep for listening devices quite often, and not just when they’re playing the Patriots.

“We’d have people sweep the locker room for devices,” he said. “It was with a number of teams, same thing on the sideline.”

In fact, Shanahan even admitted that he falls into that category we discussed on Tuesday of teams that have gone to extreme measures to check for spying devices.

Believe it or not, the Patriots aren’t the only team that bends the rules or tries to steal information from opponents. While that doesn’t excuse cheating, it also doesn’t mean we have to be naive about it. Just ask John Madden:

The biggest difference with the Patriots, so it seems, is that they continued to film signals after teams were warned not to. They also may have employed some other sneaky tactics that sound borderline illegal. But, again, this stuff isn’t 100 percent exclusive to New England.

Mike Shanahan: Kirk Cousins will be a top-10 NFL QB

Kirk Cousins

Mike Shanahan was the coach of the Washington Redskins when the team drafted Kirk Cousins in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft. From the sound of it, Shanahan believes the pick was a steal for his former team.

After Cousins was named Washington’s starting quarterback on Monday, Shanahan has some extremely high praise for the former Michigan State star.

“Kirk Cousins is a franchise quarterback,” Shanahan told Dan Hellie of NFL Network. “He will be a top-10 quarterback in this league, no doubt about it.”

Shanahan is more than a little biased. Though Robert Griffin III found success under Shanahan and Shanahan’s son, former Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, in his rookie season, we have every reason to believe RG3 was ownership’s pick. Teams who draft a “franchise” quarterback in the first round rarely draft another signal-caller three rounds later.

After Griffin’s productive rookie season in 2012, he suffered a torn ACL in a playoff loss and constantly disagreed with Shanahan over his rehab and recovery. There were reports that RG3 bragged during his second season about his influence over Redskins owner Dan Snyder, and Shanahan indicated that those reports were true in this very telling interview earlier this year.

Will Cousins be a top-10 quarterback this year? We highly doubt it. He completed 61 percent of his passes last season and threw 10 touchdowns and nine interceptions. The Redskins weren’t suddenly good when he played, though he seemed to be an improvement over RG3 in Gruden’s system. Calling him a “franchise quarterback” just seems premature.

Mike Shanahan: RG3 confronted me about ‘unacceptable’ plays

Robert Griffin

Mike Shanahan hasn’t coached the Redskins for more than a year, but he still has plenty to say about his former quarterback and team owner.

Shanahan shed some light on what it was like to work with Robert Griffin III under Daniel Snyder during an hour-long interview Wednesday with ESPN Radio in Washington D.C. Among the juiciest of details was a meeting that Griffin requested with Shanahan after his rookie season in 2012. Shanahan said that RG3 wanted certain plays ripped out of the playbook because they were “unacceptable” and exposed him to injury by running the ball too much. You may recall that Griffin tore his ACL and LCL in the team’s playoff loss to Seattle that year.

The word “unacceptable” actually brought a smirk to Shanahan’s face because the words coming out of his quarterback’s mouth sounded eerily familiar.

Here’s what Shanahan told “The Sports Fix” as transcribed by DC Sports Bog.

“He actually [mentioned] what plays were acceptable and unacceptable, and when he started talking about what plays were acceptable and unacceptable, and that he wasn’t a rookie anymore and wanted to voice his opinion, the term unacceptable is used by Dan, the owner, quite often. So [I had] a little bit of a smile when I heard some of these complaints,” Shanahan said of his meeting with RG3.

Shanahan said Griffin wanted to establish himself as a dropback passer in the mold of Aaron Rodgers. Since that sentiment was also shared by Snyder, it was time to go straight to the horse’s mouth.

“When I went over and talked to Dan over at his house after I talked to Robert [after Griffin’s rookie year], I just told Dan, ‘Hey Dan, I just had a conversation with Robert and I think this conversation is coming from you more so than it is Robert,'” Shanahan said. “I said, ‘If that’s the case, there’s no way, unless your owner, your GM, your head coach and your quarterback are all on the same page you win in the National Football League.'”

Also in his hour-long interview, Shanny said he was not a fan of the Donovan McNabb trade and that he believes it was driven by Snyder.

The fact that RG3 felt emboldened to take this stance shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Griffin allegedly bragged to teammates about his influence over Snyder during Shanahan’s final season in Washington.

Griffin’s antics apparently have continued under Jay Gruden, who seemingly called out his quarterback every week during his first year as coach of the Redskins.

Coincidentally, Gruden told reporters at the scouting combine Wednesday that Griffin will enter camp as the team’s starter. The 2015 campaign will be a make-or-break season for Griffin as he enters the final year of his rookie contract. If he doesn’t revert to his rookie form, he’ll be taking food off his own table.

Mike Shanahan could be hired by 49ers as offensive coordinator

Mike Shanahan

Mike Shanahan did not get the 49ers head coaching job, but that does not necessarily mean he won’t end up in San Francisco.

NBC Washington’s Dianna Marie Russini reported Friday that Shanahan is in play as a potential offensive coordinator for the 49ers on Jim Tomsula’s new staff. Tomsula was promoted this week from defensive line coach to head coach.

Russini adds that Mike’s son, Kyle, who recently parted ways with the Browns, turned down an interview with the 49ers for their OC job. Russini believes Kyle did that because he did not want to compete with his father for the position. She also says Kyle Shanahan could be in play for the Broncos offensive coordinator position. The Broncos reportedly are likely to hire Gary Kubiak as head coach.

Mike Shanahan took the year off of coaching after four mostly unsuccessful seasons as the head coach of the Redskins. It would be hard to envision him returning to the NFL as anything less than a head coach, but with many of the vacancies filling up, he would not have much of a choice if he wants to work in the league next season.

Gary Kubiak, Mike Shanahan could be Broncos candidates

Mike Shanahan Broncos

The Denver Broncos and John Fox announced Monday that they are “mutually parting ways,” which came as a shock to most.

Fox won his division all four years as head coach and had pretty strong success in Denver, though the team went 1-and-done in the playoffs two of the four seasons.

Check out the reaction from an NFL GM regarding the news:

In addition to Fox, the Broncos let go of their entire coaching staff. That means offensive coordinator Adam Gase and running backs coach Eric Studesville will not be candidates for the job, despite initial speculation.

If GM John Elway decides to bring in some familiar names, Gary Kubiak and Mike Shanahan could be candidates for the job.


Was head coach of the Houston Texans for eight seasons and went 61-64. Prior to that was a Broncos offensive coach/coordinator from 1995-2005. He was John Elway’s backup quarterback in Denver as a player and has strong ties to Elway. Issued a statement Sunday saying he is not interested in head coaching jobs.


Shanny took the year off from coaching but has been a hot candidate lately, interviewing with multiple teams. Coached the Broncos from 1995-2008 before they parted ways with him to bring in McDaniels. Was instrumental in taking Elway’s game to the next level and helping the Broncos win two Super Bowls. Still lives in Denver and supposedly still has good relationship with Elway.

LB’s Take: Given the way Elway has operated outside of the box throughout his time in Denver (e.g. making big moves to acquire Peyton Manning, Aqib Talib, DeMarcus Ware), I would not be surprised if he went off the board and brought in someone else nobody is thinking of. This guy aims high and delivers home runs. He’s going to do the same here, that’s my guess.