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Mo’ne Davis wants Joey Casselberry reinstated

Mone Davis Little League

Mo’ne Davis wants Joey Casselberry, the college baseball player who was dismissed from his team after he called her a “slut” on Twitter, to be reinstated by his school.

Casselberry was kicked off the Bloomsburg University baseball team over the weekend for sending this nasty tweet about Davis. He later apologized. The 13-year-old Davis has reached out to Bloomsburg University president David L. Soltz to request that Casselberry be reinstated.

The team said Casselberry violated the athletic department’s social media policy — and possibly the school’s code of conduct.

While Bloomsburg says they respect Davis’ opinion and praise her for being incredibly mature about the situation — the school will NOT reinstate the baseball player … saying, “Right now we’re standing firm.”

On Monday, Davis confirmed on SportsCenter that she believes Casselberry deserves a second chance.

“Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance. I know he didn’t mean in that type of way,” she said, via Jimmy Traina of FOX Sports. “I know people get tired of seeing me on TV, but you just gotta think about what you’re doing before you actually do it. I know right now he’s really hurt and I know how hard he worked just to get to where he is right now. I was hurt on my part, but he’s hurt even more.”

While it is incredibly mature of Davis to forgive someone that quickly, the school did not simply dismiss Casselberry on her behalf. Cyber bullying has become a major issue over the past few years, and we saw another example of it recently when some repulsive tweets were written about Curt Schilling’s daughter. People need to be held accountable for what they write on social media. That is especially true for college student athletes who make derogatory remarks about 13-year-olds.

College baseball player kicked off team for calling Mo’ne Davis ‘slut’ on Twitter

Mone Davis Little League

A college baseball player was kicked off his team for referring to Mo’ne Davis as a “slut” on Twitter.

Joey Casselberry, who played at Bloomsburg University in Philadelphia, tweeted Friday in response to hearing that Disney was going to be making a movie about Davis’ life. He said “WHAT A JOKE. That slut got rocked by Nevada.”

Joey Casselberry tweet

After his tweet went viral, Casselberry tweeted Saturday to apologize for what he wrote.

“An example that one stupid tweet can ruin someone’s life and I couldn’t be more sorry about my actions last night. I please ask you to forgive me and truly understand that I am in no way shape or form a sexist and I am a huge fan of Mo’ne. She was quite an inspiration,” Casselberry tweeted before deactivating his account.

Casselberry is no longer listed on the school’s baseball roster. The school also issued a statement about the incident.

“Bloomsburg Univ is deeply saddened by what was written about Mo’ne Davis by one of our student-athletes. His words do not represent us.

“We take matter very seriously; addressed the issue with the student-athlete (who has been dismissed from team), coach, and the team.”

Between this, Ashley Judd going after harassers, and what happened when Curt Schilling pursued people who sent nasty tweets to him about his daughter, it’s nice to see that Twitter is no longer a consequence-free world. For some reason people think that just because it’s a faceless forum on social media, societal rules of decorum no longer apply. They do, and there should be consequences for what people say.

Mo’ne Davis puts the basketball moves on Kevin Hart (Video)

Mo’ne Davis became famous through her play at the Little League World Series, but the truth is her real future is basketball. Just look at her moves!

Davis, the star at Williamsport over the summer, participated in the celebrity game at NBA All-Star Weekend Friday and showed off her sweet moves with a sick spin on actor Kevin Hart.

Davis has said her goal is to earn a scholarship with the UConn women’s basketball team. She even got the school in trouble as a result! But with moves like that, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her playing D-I basketball in a handful of years.

Mone Davis Kevin Hart

Mo’ne Davis can be paid for Chevy commercial without losing NCAA eligibility

A Chevy Baseball commercial featuring Mo’ne Davis and directed by filmmaker Spike Lee aired during Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday night, leading many to wonder whether or not Davis would have forfeited her amateur status by accepting payment for the endorsement deal.

The NCAA says that will not be the case.

“Mo’ne Davis may be paid for appearing in the Chevy commercial without impacting her NCAA eligibility,” NCAA spokeswoman Emily James said in a statement.

The NCAA expanded their rules in January to allow more flexibility for eligibility. They say Davis, whose stated goal is to play basketball for UConn’s women’s team, is eligible for all sports, including women’s basketball and baseball.

“This waiver narrowly extends the rules — which allow Davis to accept the payment and still be eligible in any other sport — to include baseball. The NCAA staff also considered the historically limited opportunities for women to participate in professional baseball. In addition, Davis is much younger than when the vast majority of the prospect rules apply. While this situation is unusual, the flexible approach utilized in this decision is not.”

Mo'Ne Davis Taney

There is no word on whether or not Davis accepted money for the commercial, which was a condensed version of 16-minute film put together by Spike. The commercial recaps Mo’ne’s whirlwind summer that saw her become a national celebrity after becoming the first girl to throw a shutout at the Little League World Series. From the low camera angles to Mo’ne’s narration, I loved the spot and Davis’ story.

You can see the extended film below:

School complained Geno Auriemma’s phone call to Mo’ne Davis was recruiting violation

Mone Davis Little League

Did Geno Auriemma’s congratulatory phone call to Little League World Series star Mo’ne Davis constitute a recruiting violation? That’s what one college basketball program believes.

Auriemma was put into contact with Davis during the youngster’s run at Williamsport with her Taney Little League team. Davis has stated that her goal is to play point guard for UConn’s women’s team, so the Philadelphia 76ers thought it would be cool to put her in touch with the Huskies coach.

An intermediary put Auriemma in contact with Little League representatives, who put Davis on the phone with the coach.

“The conversation lasted like two minutes and we hung up,” Auriemma said via the Hartford Courant. “And then I was told a school turned us in for a recruiting violation because we are not allowed contact of July 1 before her junior year of high school. … That’s the world that we live in.”

UConn says Davis is not considered a prospective student athlete until high school. She is currently in eighth grade.

How ridiculous was this whole thing? And how much of a recruiting violation could it be if Davis has already publicly stated her dream is to play for UConn? If anything, a conversation with Auriemma might turn her off from the school. By the way, my money says Muffet McGraw made the call.

Mo’ne Davis and Steve Harvey do ‘Jump On It’ dance (Video)

Mo’ne Davis has been on a press tour since her run at the Little League World Series came to an end last week.

Davis was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, participated in a parade in Philly on Wednesday, and she was in Chicago on Tuesday to record an interview on the “Steve Harvey Show.”

Mo’ne zinged a couple of fastballs on the stage, and then she and Harvey broke it down by doing the “Jump On It” dance together. At first it was Mo’ne going hard on the dance but after a little, Harvey really got into it. He was so into it that Mo’ne even backed off for a moment to let him do his thing.

Mo'ne Davis Steve Harvey

Mo’ne Davis has sick handles in basketball (Video)

Mo’ne Davis gained fame last week as the star pitcher for the Taney Dragons who became the first girl to win a Little League World Series game.

Representing the Mid Atlantic region, Davis went 1-1 with a 2.16 ERA and 14 strikeouts in 8.1 innings for Taney. She also was 1-for-8 with two walks.

Despite her success playing baseball through this point of her life, Davis has stated that her goal is to play point guard for UConn’s women’s basketball team, which is the top program in the country. As the video at the top shows, Davis has some pretty serious dribbling skills.

That video is over four years old, meaning the 13-year-old Davis was probably 9 or 10 when it was recorded. We imagine she’s still embarrassing opponents with her superior skills.

Mo'Ne Davis Taney

H/T Deadspin