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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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Morehead State coach Sean Woods rips into player, nearly makes him cry (Video)

Morehead State coach Sean Woods absolutely lit into one of his players during Wednesday’s 81-70 loss to Kentucky in a horrifying display.

Woods, who played college ball at Kentucky, was so harsh on Devon Atkinson for fouling out of the game, that the senior point guard nearly began crying.

Atkinson fouled out with his team down 69-61 and just under six minutes left in the game. Woods could be seen yelling, “Are you kidding me?” at Atkinson. He then shoved the senior in the back, and got in his face and began yelling.

After being separated from Atkinson by an assistant, Woods stalked the guard to the bench and continued to berate him before finally letting up.

“We’re still learning how to be basketball players,” said Woods after the game.

Woods told the media that his message to Atkinson was “calm down and figure out a way to cheer your teammates on.”

I’m not sure who’s buying that. Woods’ display was reminiscent of a no-nonsense coach like Bobby Knight, who used to berate his players and once slapped one. That sort of behavior is excessive, unprofessional, and completely unnecessary.

“It doesn’t bother us,” said forward Milton Chavis of Woods’ sideline demeanor, per KansasCity.com. “It’s coaching. You have to accept coaching as a player.”

“It doesn’t make us uncomfortable,” Drew Kelly said. “We can handle it and it makes us better.”

Who knows if the players actually believe that. It’s quite possible they’re just speaking out of fear because they believe they don’t have a choice.

Woods is a first-year coach and putting his mark on the program. We’ll see how well he does in recruiting after that display. I know that’s not the kind of style that would attract me as a player.

Morehead State Received 3,000 New Applications Day After Louisville Upset

Unless you plan to play a sport in college, athletics should have a minimal influence on your school choice.  Realistically, we understand that is not the case.  A lot of high schoolers want to go to a school who’s team plays on ESPN.  People aspire to be Cameron Crazies, so they plan their futures accordingly.  I would be lying if I said UConn’s basketball program had zero influence on my decision to head to Storrs for an education.  The Huskies, however, had won more than one big game prior to my applying to UConn.

Sport Biz’s Darren Rovell called our attention to an interesting tidbit about Morehead State and how their huge tournament victory affected the school’s application numbers.  It turns out the Eagles’ upset victory over Louisville on Thursday resulted in an application spike of almost 3,000.

“After the game, there were 3,000 in one day (applying) for admission to our university,” Morehead State coach Donnie Tyndall told the Courier-Journal on Friday, noting that there were only 200 applicants the previous day. “I think that speaks for itself in regard to the publicity and notoriety not just our basketball program has received, but obviously our university has received.”

First of all, it’s one game people.  Secondly, is a win in the NCAA tournament really enough to make 2,800 people decide Morehead State is worth the $60-ish dollar application fee?  If the Eagles make any type of Final Four push, Morehead State could end up with a larger rejection rate than Harvard.

Demonte Harper Three-Pointer Sinks Louisville, Lifts Morehead State

Just like that, the Madness has already been put back into March. The college basketball world hadn’t even begun talking about Matt Howard’s buzzer-beater before the first contender had fallen.  After a shocker on Thursday afternoon, Rick Pitino and his Louisville squad are going home.  The Morehead State Eagles live to play another day.

No. 13 seed Morehead State defeated No. 4 seed Louisville by a score of 62-61 on a last second three-pointer to pull off the first major upset of 2011.  After the game, Eagles coach Donie Tyndall told reporters he knew the ball would be going to senior guard Demonte Harper if his team was within one or two points.

Despite previously going 0-for-5 from beyond the arc, Harper delivered in a huge way.  He banged down what ended up being the game-winning shot to send the Cardinals packing.  Louisville was believed to be an Elite 8 contender at the very least, and a Final Four candidate by many.

The real challenge for Morehead State now will be coming down from their high, as they await the winner of Vanderbilt and Richmond.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Ed Andrieski