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Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Morris Almond really wants to take Lolo Jones’ virginity

Leading up to the London Olympics, Lolo Jones‘ virginity was one of the most widely discussed story lines, because apparently these are the things that matter these days.

While Jones undoubtedly continues to carry the reputation of being “That Virgin Athlete Not Named Tim Tebow,” she still has her share of admirers, particularly the New York Jets on behalf of Tebow. So far as we know, a Tebow-Jones link up has yet to happen.

Meanwhile, Jones, quite the comedienne on Twitter, is still looking for her Mr. Right. But perhaps she should get in touch with NBA free agent Morris Almond, who so romantically tweeted about his attraction to the Olympic hurdler on Friday:

He seems harmless.

Photos: @FreeMoAlmond/Robert Deutsch-USA Today Sports