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Geoff Schwartz pokes fun at Ndamukong Suh’s ‘numb feet’ excuse


The numb extremities excuse seems to have worked for Ndamukong Suh, so New York Giants offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz is planning to try it during a game next season.

In case you missed it, Suh was initially suspended one game for stepping on Aaron Rodgers’ leg. The suspension was later reduced to a $70,000 fine after Suh argued in his appeal that he stepped on Rodgers accidentally because his feet were so cold he couldn’t feel them. Take it away, Geoff.

Worth a shot, right? If Suh couldn’t tell the difference between a leg and the ground, maybe a lineman can’t even feel when he has a hand full of jersey.

As you can see, Suh’s co-workers believe his excuse about as much as we do.

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Ndamukong Suh on Aaron Rodgers incident: My feet were numb from the cold

Ndamukong Suh Aaron Rodgers

How did Ndamukong Suh manage to win his appeal and have his one-game suspension reduced to a $70,000 fine? It’s simple, really — the Detroit Lions star went with the old “I couldn’t feel my feet” excuse.

We’re not joking. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Suh insisted he accidentally stepped on Rodgers’ leg because of the cold weather.

You can watch the video of Suh stepping on Rodgers with his “numb” foot here.

If you initially believed that Suh unintentionally stepped on Rodgers, this should convince you otherwise.

That has to be the most ridiculous excuse I have ever heard, but apparently appeals officer Ted Cottrell bought it. We would have rather seen the NFL just come out and say, “We don’t want one of the league’s most dynamic players to be on the sideline for a postseason game.”

Temperatures were in the 20’s during the Packers-Lions game at Lambeau Field on Sunday. Is that cold? Yes. Is it cold enough that your feet go completely numb while you’re running around playing football? Probably not.

Let me guess, that time Suh stomped on a Packers opponent in Detroit must have had to do with heat exhaustion. They really need to learn to control the temperature more efficiently at Ford Field.

Ed Reed: Ndamukong Suh should have gotten multi-game suspension

Ndamukong Suh Aaron Rodgers

Former NFL safety Ed Reed does not approve of Ndamukong Suh being able to play against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. In fact, Reed feels that Suh shouldn’t even be playing in the divisional round of the playoffs if the Detroit Lions happen to beat Dallas.

On the latest edition of Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” Reed said the NFL should have suspended Suh for more than one game.

“When you have stuff like this in the game, that shouldn’t be tolerated,” Reed said, per Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. “He probably should have [been suspended more than one game] because of the things that he’s been doing up to this point – kicking guys and really disrespecting the game of football and the brotherhood that we have. Some things you just don’t do.”

This is not the first time Reed has been critical of the NFL for being careless with player safety.

Plenty of people share Reed’s opinion. Suh, who had his suspension reduced to a fine on Tuesday, has a long history of taking cheap shots at opponents.

In all likelihood, appeals officer Ted Cottrell reduced the penalty because it was hard to prove intent. Suh didn’t look at Rodgers before stepping on him. He didn’t look back after doing it, either, which led some to believe he knew exactly what he was doing.

In any event, the Lions dodged a major bullet. If they want to be able to stop the Cowboys’ offense, they’ll need all hands on deck.

Ndamukong Suh has suspension reduced to a fine

Ndamukong Suh Aaron Rodgers

Detroit Lions fans breathed a massive sigh of relief on Tuesday as Ndamukong Suh won his appeal and had his one-game suspension reduced to a fine.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, appeals officer Ted Cottrell ruled to reduce Suh’s punishment from a suspension to a $70,000 fine.

While I strongly believe that Suh stepped on Aaron Rodgers’ leg intentionally, I was surprised to see the NFL suspend him for a game. Suh has a long history of throwing cheap shots at opponents, but it’s tough to prove intent when he wasn’t even looking at Rodgers when he stepped on him.

Again, I’m not saying it wasn’t intentional. Suh knew Rodgers was laying on the ground behind him and stepped back anyway. Like many have said, the fact that he didn’t even look back after stepping on Rodgers certainly made it seem like Suh knew exactly what he was doing.

In any event, the Lions will not have to take on the Dallas Cowboys without their best interior defender. Matthew Stafford’s girlfriend will be extremely happy to hear that.

Kelly Hall: Matthew Stafford got stepped on and no one cared


Kelly Hall, the girlfriend of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, came to the defense of Ndamukong Suh with an Instagram post on Tuesday.

Hall posted an article from The Detroit News that included a quote from FOX Sports rules analyst Mike Pereira, in which Pereira said he does not believe a one-game suspension would have been issued if Suh wasn’t the one doing the stepping and Aaron Rodgers wasn’t the one getting stepped on. Hall posted the snippet alongside a photo that shows Stafford’s sock was ripped during Sunday’s game.

“Thank you. Pretty sure Matthew’s leg looks a lot damn worse right now from when he got stepped on/cleated in the same game,” she wrote. “But it wasn’t Suh. And he’s not Aaron Rodgers, so no one would think twice about it. #nflbias #givemeabreak #DETROITvsEVERYBODY.”

Miss KB Hall may be best known for “drunk modeling” in Costa Rica and making it rain on the basketball court, but she’s not afraid to offer some hot sports takes.

Suh is appealing his suspension. If the ban is upheld, the Lions will have the odds stacked against them even higher against the Dallas Cowboys.

Nadmukong Suh suspended for stepping on Aaron Rodgers

Ndamukong Suh Aaron Rodgers

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has been suspended for his team’s wild-card playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys this weekend.

Suh, who has a reputation for being one of the dirtiest players in the league, stepped on Aaron Rodgers during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers. Many felt that Suh cleated Rodgers intentionally. You can watch the play here.

While it is difficult to prove intent given that Suh wasn’t looking at Rodgers when he stepped on him, his history of similar behavior undoubtedly factored into the league’s decision to suspend Suh for the most important game of the year. The 27-year-old has thrown cheap shots at opponents on numerous occasions. Some teammates have even said he does it during practice.

Rodgers was also playing with a calf injury on Sunday, which made Suh’s actions seem even more intentional.

Suh will appeal the suspension. If he loses the appeal, a team that has had one of the top defensive units all season will be without arguably its best player.

Ndamukong Suh steps on Aaron Rodgers (Video)

Ndamukong Suh stepped on Aaron Rodgers during the fourth quarter of the Detroit Lions game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, raising questions about whether or not his move was intentional.

Suh seemed to step on Rodgers accidentally the first time, but when he moved back it was like he knew the Packers quarterback was on the ground behind him and he did it on purpose.

Suh has a reputation for being one of the dirtiest players in the league for repeatedly doing things like this. He is so bad that teammates have said he even does it in practice. Add to the equation that Rodgers is playing with a calf injury that was bad enough to force him to leave the game earlier, and you really have to figure Suh did it intentionally.

Here is another angle:

It’s the second step from Suh that made it look really bad:

Ndamukong Suh Aaron Rodgers

This wasn’t as blatant as Suh’s stomp on Evan Dietrich-Smith on Thanksgiving three years ago, but it still seemed intentional. And he wonders why he has a reputation for being a dirty player

Darrelle Revis, Ndamukong Suh separated after game (Video)

Darrelle Revis Ndamukong SuhA referee and coaches had to separate Ndamukong Suh and Darrelle Revis after the Patriots’ 34-9 win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Video aired by CBS showed Revis, Devin McCourty and newly-acquired LeGarrette Blount smiling in Suh’s direction and appearing to trade some trash talk with the Lions defensive lineman during the handshakes portion of the contest.

It’s possible that Suh was upset with the Patriots for scoring a touchdown with two minutes left in the game instead of taking a knee. That led to Dominic Raiola diving at the knees of the Pats on the final play. Alternatively, Suh may have been upset with Revis for another reason; someone on Twitter said to us that Revis went at Golden Tate’s knees on an interception.

McCourty had 7 tackles, Revis broke up four passes and Blount scored a touchdown in New England’s big win. Suh had four tackles including three for a loss.

Ndamukong Suh likely to leave Lions in free agency

Ndamukong SuhNdamukong Suh is likely to leave the Detroit Lions in free agency, according to a report.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Sunday that the Lions are preparing to lose Suh, who is one of the top defensive linemen in the league, after the season, and that Suh is prepared to move on from the team.

Suh signed a five-year contract prior to the 2010 season, but the 2015 year is a voidable one for him. This report is not all that surprising as everything over the summer indicated the Lions were unlikely to reach a long-term deal with their former No. 2 overall pick.

Another interesting aspect of the report is that Schefter says Suh has expressed interest in the past in playing in New York. The Giants or Jets would probably love to have him, provided they decide they can afford him. Schefter mentions the Bears and Packers from the NFC North as other teams who might have interest.

The Lions not having interest in paying Suh big money as a free agent tells you a lot about what you need to know about him as a player. You saw how much the Texans gave a disruptive lineman like JJ Watt. Why wouldn’t Detroit do the same? He’s probably too much of a pain.

Cam Newton trying to stay away from Donkey Kong Suh (Video)

Cam Newton decided to have a little fun at his press conference on Wednesday ahead of the Carolina Panthers’ game against the Detroit Lions.

Newton went semi-Arian Foster and repeated the same response (or a similar variation of it) to many of the questions he received.

“My main focus is on the Detroit Lions. I got my hands full trying to stay protected from Donkey Kong Suh and my former Auburn teammate, Nick Fairley,” Newton said in response to five of the 27 questions he was asked.

You may recall that Foster gave an interview in July where he answered each question the same say, saying he was just trying to be a good teammate. Of course, the originator of this style is Rasheed Wallace.

Oh, and I’m sure you could already figure it out, but “Donkey Kong Suh” is a version of Ndamukong Suh’s name mashed up with the famous video game, “Donkey Kong.” The nickname has been used for years.

Donkey Kong Suh

Video via Bro Bible
Photo: Twitter/Jesse Zakshesky