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Saturday, September 21, 2019

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Jets coach Adam Gase promises team will be in playoff contention

Adam Gase eyes

Adam Gase is the man who has been tasked with turning things around for a New York Jets team that has not won more than five games in a season since 2015, and he seems quite confident that is going to happen in his first year on the job.

With veterans reporting to training camp on Wednesday, Gase was asked by reporters about his expectations for the 2019 season. While he stopped just short of a playoff guarantee, he did essentially promise the team will be in contention late in the year.

The Jets have been more likely to tank in November over the past few years than be fighting for a playoff spot, so that would be a pretty rapid change. That can probably only happen if quarterback Sam Darnold makes a big second-year leap, and Gase must be happy with what he has seen from the former USC star.

Gase may not be thrilled with the way the Jets spent some of their money this offseason, but there’s no question the team has better pieces in place now than it did a year ago with additions like Le’Veon Bell and CJ Mosley. A lot will have to go right for New York to go from 4-12 to playoff contention, but we see it every year in the NFL. There’s no reason the Jets can’t be next.

ESPN’s Todd McShay being considered for job with Jets

Another NFL team may look to the ranks of television to fill their front office.

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay confirmed to ESPN’s Rich Cimini on Saturday that new New York Jets GM Joe Douglas is considering him for a role in the front office. McShay and Douglas played together in college at the University of Richmond and have known each other for nearly 25 years.

McShay obviously has experience with player evaluation, albeit in the comparatively low-stakes environment of a TV network. That would likely be a role he could fulfill as part of an organization.

Amazingly, this is not the first TV analyst the Jets have been linked to hiring this offseason, though nothing seems to have come from the last one.

Report: Eagles executive likely to be next Jets’ GM

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The New York Jets may be zeroing in on their new general manager.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the expectation is that Philadelphia Eagles vice president of player personnel Joe Douglas will ultimately land the Jets’ job, and the two sides have entered into negotiations.

Douglas has been considered the leading candidate during much of the search process, so this outcome would not be a huge surprise.

It’s certainly not the perfect job for several reasons, but there are only 32 GM jobs available, and they don’t come open that often. The Jets will be relying on Douglas to turn the franchise around and form a good working relationship with head coach Adam Gase.

How Le’Veon Bell will be more valuable to Jets than Adam Gase thinks

Le'Veon Bell

When Mike Maccagnan was fired as general manager of the New York Jets, there were reports head coach Adam Gase had disagreements with Maccagnan over some transactions, including how much was paid to acquire Le’Veon Bell. Running back has recently been viewed as a position not as valuable in today’s NFL than it once was, but the Jets still gave Bell a four-year, $52.5 million deal.

Gase recently tried to address the perception that he was behind Maccagnan’s firing, and also spoke about Bell’s contract.

Gase’s comments, despite the denial, suggest that he is not happy about the contract, though as Chase Stuart points out, the Jets are not actually out of line with their cap expenditure at the position. The Jets are sixth, while two of the teams ahead of them in cap charges at running back are the two teams that met in last year’s Super Bowl.

Though Gase may feel like the Jets overspent on Bell, the running back could prove more valuable to the team than he thinks or realizes.

In fact, Le’Veon Bell is likely to provide a big impact … on Sam Darnold’s passing efficiency numbers.


Peyton Manning says he was never contacted about Jets’ GM job

Peyton Manning

Despite a lot of conjecture, it does not appear Peyton Manning was ever in the frame for the New York Jets’ general manager job.

Manning himself told the New York Post on Wednesday that no one ever contacted him about the position — and he had doubts about his qualifications anyway.

This is in line with what was reported after an initial round of rumors linking Manning to the job. That mostly seemed to come out of uninformed speculation simply because Manning and Jets head coach Adam Gase have a good relationship.

We’ll leave it to everyone else to judge Manning’s qualifications. The job isn’t going to be his whether he wants it or not — and he’d probably prefer a healthier, more stable situation for his first executive position anyway.

Report: Candidates have concerns about taking Jets’ GM job

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The New York Jets are in the process of searching for a new general manager, but they may have trouble attracting qualified candidates given all that has gone on with the team’s front office this offseason.

ESPN’s Josina Anderson was told by an NFL source that executives are not interested in the Jets’ general manager job unless the team is willing to make a long-term commitment. The belief is that the current staff in place is not equipped to handle personnel decisions, but there’s concern over how much control the new GM is going to be given.

A lot of that probably refers to head coach Adam Gase, as he appears to have won out in a power struggle with former Jets GM Mike Maccagnan. Gase reportedly disagreed with some of the decisions Maccagnan made in free agency, and he then removed himself entirely from the draft process when Maccagnan was not allowing him to have enough input.

Gase hasn’t even coached a game with the Jets, but it seems like there are already people who are skeptical of the way he is trying to manage the team. He tried to put some of that talk to rest with his comments about Le’Veon Bell this week, but you have to wonder if his presence is making the GM job less appealing.

Adam Gase addresses report that he did not want Jets to sign Le’Veon Bell

Adam Gase eyes

New York Jets head coach Adam Gase says he was not against the team giving Le’Veon Bell a massive contract in free agency.

After the Jets fired former general manager Mike Maccagnan, there were reports that Gase wanted him out and disagreed with a number of moves Maccagnan made, one of them being the decision to sign Bell. On Thursday, Gase tried to put some of that talk to rest.

Gase also addressed the speculation that the Jets could try to trade Bell now that Maccagnan is gone.

The Jets have already paid Bell a signing bonus and a bunch of guaranteed money, so trading him was never really an option. That doesn’t mean Gase agreed with signing him to a huge contract.

If what was reported about the way Gase acted during the draft was accurate, the issues between him and Maccagnan had to do with a lot more than just the Bell signing. Even if Gase thinks the money would have been better spent elsewhere, he might as well get the most out of Bell while he has him.