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Monday, April 6, 2020

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Matt Murray’s girlfriend Christina Sirignano addresses face she made after kiss

Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Matt Murray already has two Stanley Cup championships under his belt as a starter, and he just recently turned 23. His longtime girlfriend is understandably thrilled, but that doesn’t mean she is immune to funky playoff beard sweat.

During the postgame celebration after Pittsburgh’s win over the Nashville Predators Sunday night, Murray’s girlfriend Christina Sirignano came onto the ice to delivery a victory kiss. Her reaction immediately after went viral.

A decent lipreader might tell you Sirignano said “he’s so wet,” and it turns out that’s what the issue was. After seeing the clip, Sirignano took to Instagram and joked about how sweaty Murray’s beard was.

My back-to-back Stanley Cup Champion PSA: he tasted fine but his beard was so sweaty it was like I was kissing Beckham

A post shared by Christina Sirignano (@chrissirignano) on

“PSA: he tasted fine but his beard was so sweaty it was like I was kissing Beckham,” she wrote.

Murray and Sirignano have been dating for years (you can see more photos of her here), so this probably isn’t the first time she was grossed out by his sweaty beard. And if Sirignano could do it all over again next year, we’re sure she would.

We know a certain someone is getting a lot of the credit for the Penguins winning another Cup, but Murray is technically still a rookie and has two titles of his own. The goalie’s career couldn’t be off to a better start.

Sidney Crosby deflects legacy talk after latest Stanley Cup win

Sidney Crosby Stanley Cup

Sidney Crosby remained humble after capturing the third Stanley Cup of his career.

The Pittsburgh Penguins captain is only 29 yet he has proven himself as a winner in every setting of his career. The Penguins beat the Predators 2-0 in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final on Sunday, giving Crosby his third Cup. He also won the Conn Smythe Trophy for the second year in a row.

Asked about his legacy after Game 6, Crosby didn’t exactly toot his own horn.

“I don’t think of that a whole lot,” Crosby told NBC. “I think just to be able to share this with this group of guys — a good chunk we’re returning — it’s pretty special. Even for the new guys, just to be able to share that with this group, that was our goal at the start of the year. We knew it hadn’t been done in a long time. To be able to accomplish it is a great feeling.”

The Penguins became the first team to win back-to-back cups since the Detroit Red Wings in ’97-’98. In addition to his three Stanley Cups, Crosby has won two gold medals at the Olympics and captained Canada to gold at the World Cup of Hockey. He is moving up the charts when it comes to ranking the greatest hockey players of all time.

Patric Hornqvist breaks scoreless tie with Game 6 goal (Video)

Patric Hornqvist

Patric Hornqvist sneaked one past Pekka Rinne with 1:35 left in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final on Sunday night to break a scoreless tie and essentially give the Pittsburgh Penguins the Stanley Cup.

Hornqvist was behind the net and slapped a rebound towards the goal that bounced off Rinne and went into the net for the first goal of the game:

Down 1-0 and with little time left in the game, Nashville pulled its goalie and went empty net for the man advantage. The move did not pay off as Carl Hagelin scored an empty-netter to make it 2-0 and give the Penguins the Cup for the second year in a row.

Chris Boswell got ejected from Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 for banging on glass

Chris Boswell onside kick

Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Chris Boswell was the one getting kicked (out) of PPG Paints Arena on Thursday night.

Boswell, who was cheering on the local Pittsburgh Penguins along with some fellow Steelers at Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals, tweeted that he was ejected from the game for banging on the glass.

Television cameras caught the Steelers in the stands prior to Boswell’s tweet.

On the bright side, the Penguins went on to defeat the Nashville Predators by the final of 6-0 in a game that was already out of reach by the second period. They now hold a 3-2 lead in the series, putting them just one win away from their second consecutive Stanley Cup.

As for Boswell, he can settle for putting to rest the idea that kickers have no heart. Perhaps Marcus Mariota can learn a thing or two from him.

Sidney Crosby involved in water bottle incident during Game 5

Sidney Crosby water bottle

Sidney Crosby was involved in a water bottle incident during the second period of Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Thursday.

Crosby’s Penguins were up big on the Nashville Predators in Game 5, leading 4-0 when the incident occurred. Seemingly upset about no penalty being called on Mattias Ekholm for a slash, Crosby and the rest of the Penguins’ bench got up to protest. Crosby waved his arms and let go of the water bottle:

It’s unclear whether Crosby intended to throw the bottle or whether it slipped. He could be seen on NBC’s replay telling the official that the bottle slipped.

Either way, a penalty usually is called for after such a thing. The league may choose to review the play and see whether any discipline is due.

PK Subban limping after Game 4 following puck to ankle

PK Subban

PK Subban was limping after the Nashville Predators’ Game 4 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals on Monday after taking a shot to the leg.

Subban blocked a shot in the third period by dropping and using his leg. The puck hit him around the ankle, leading him to leave the game:

After the game, The Tennesseean’s Joe Rexrode says Subban had a limp:

Game 5 of the series will not be until Thursday, so Subban and every other injured player will have two full days off between games. The series is now tied 2-2.

Carrie Underwood sends funny tweet during Stanley Cup Finals

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is a passionate hockey wife, and she knows that has the potential to get her in trouble.

Underwood often tweets during Nashville Predators games as she watches her husband, Mike Fisher, play. But her intensity has been kicked up a few levels now that Fisher’s Predators are in the Stanley Cup Finals.

During Game 2 of the series on Wednesday, Underwood complained about a few calls.

That’s when the self-aware Underwood realized it might be time to tone it down for her own good, and she sent a funny tweet:

The Predators ended up losing the game 4-1 and have gone down 2-0 in the series. Underwood didn’t have anything to do with the defeat, but she did stop herself before getting into more trouble like another famous sports wife did on Twitter.