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Odell Beckham Jr has arrest warrant issued after slapping police officer’s butt in LSU locker room

Odell Beckham Jr Browns

Odell Beckham Jr created a problematic situation for LSU when he handed out cash to Tigers players following Monday night’s win over Clemson in the national championship game, but the star receiver is facing legal trouble for another stunt he pulled after the game.

According to Ramon Antonio Vargas of, police have obtained an arrest warrant for Beckham after a video that circulated on social media showed him slapping a police officer on the backside. The officer appeared to be telling LSU players to put out their victory cigars in the locker room when Beckham came up behind him and delivered the slap.

As you might expect, the officer did not look pleased. Beckham walked away afterword and it appeared the incident might be overlooked, but a police spokesman says a simple battery warrant was issued for Beckham after authorities saw the video. A warrant for a misdemeanor sexual battery charge was initially sought, but a judge declined it.

Between the cash stunt and slapping a police officer on the rear end, Beckham acted like a complete fool after LSU won. You can understand why LSU allowed him to hang around the team as someone who is an NFL superstar and Tiger alum, but it would not be a surprise if he is persona non grata going forward.

LSU initially said the money Beckham handed out was fake, but some comments Joe Burrow made on a podcast indicated otherwise. The school has since announced that it is working with the NCAA and the SEC to rectify the situation.

LSU addresses Odell Beckham Jr. money situation in statement

LSU is stepping up its investigation of what would certainly be a rather bizarre NCAA scandal.

In a new statement, the university has changed its tune and admitted that evidence shows some of the money that former LSU star Odell Beckham Jr. handed out to Tiger players Monday may have been real. The school says it is cooperating with the NCAA and SEC to resolve the situation.

Initially, LSU claimed that Beckham was handing out fake money. This was undermined when quarterback Joe Burrow implied the money he received was real.

It seems unlikely that this will result in any significant consequences for LSU. As the statement notes, the players didn’t seek to be put into an awkward situation, and several of the players seem accepting cash are potentially going pro anyway. Still, it’s the NCAA, so one never can tell. At the very least, it is a significant headache, and the school will really wish Beckham had kept his money to himself.

Joe Burrow says he took money from Odell Beckham Jr

Odell Beckham Jr caused some issues for the LSU football team when he handed out money to players on the field after the national championship game on Monday night, but school officials originally said there was nothing to worry about because the money was fake. Joe Burrow is not exactly corroborating that claim.

In an appearance on the “Pardon My Take” podcast that aired Wednesday morning, Burrow was asked about Beckham handing out wads of cash to players. While the Heisman Trophy winner was not one of the players shown on video, Burrow says he did get some money from Beckham. And it was real.

“Umm, yeah. I’m not a student-athlete anymore, so I can say yeah,” Burrow said when asked if OBJ gave him cash, per Brian Fonseca of

Podcast host Big Cat then said he thought it would have been awesome if Beckham printed fake money to hand out “just as a flex.” Burrow said he was unsure of how much money Beckham gave out.

Players are not permitted to accept monetary gifts, so that would be a violation of NCAA rules. However, Burrow is declaring for the NFL Draft and the two players Beckham was shown handing money to may do the same. Burrow has also graduated and has two degrees, so there’s no reason he should have turned down the money.

LSU associate athletic director Robert Munson initially said on Tuesday that Beckham was handing out fake money as a “joke,” but he later added that the school is investigating to see if players took money.

Whether the money was real or fake, LSU has to be irritated with Beckham for creating an awkward situation.

LSU says money Odell Beckham gave to players was fake

Odell Beckham Jr created somewhat of an awkward situation for LSU after the national championship game on Monday when he handed out wads of money to Tigers players on the field, but apparently no NCAA violation was committed.

An LSU athletic official told Brooks Kubena of The Advocate on Tuesday that the money Beckham handed to junior wide receivers Justin Jefferson and Jontre Kirklin was not real. It looked pretty real in the video, but apparently Beckham was walking around with a stack of counterfeit money in his pocket.

Both Jefferson and Kirklin could declare for the NFL Draft, so there was some speculation that Beckham was giving them cash since that was the last game of their college careers. Beckham may also have been trying to make a statement to the NCAA that players deserve to be paid.

College athletes are not permitted to receive monetary gifts, and Jefferson and Kirklin probably could have just given the money back to OBJ even if it were real. However, we were reminded with Ohio State star Chase Young’s suspension earlier this year how the NCAA reacts when players borrow or are given money.

Whether the money was real or not, everything happened so fast that we doubt the NCAA would hold the LSU players responsible. Then again, this is the NCAA we’re talking about.

Video: Odell Beckham handed out wads of cash to LSU players after win

Few LSU alumni were prouder than Odell Beckham Jr after the Tigers defeated Clemson in the national championship game on Monday night, but the star receiver may have created some issues for the program with one of the ways he acknowledged the big win.

Beckham, who was born and raised in Baton Rouge, celebrated on the field with LSU players and seemed genuinely thrilled with their accomplishment. He also may have been trying to make a statement to the NCAA when he pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket and handed some to junior wide receivers Justin Jefferson and Jontre Kirklin right in front of television cameras.

While we don’t have much context, that seemed like an act that would constitute a clear NCAA violation. Both Jefferson and Kirklin could be entering the NFL Draft, so perhaps Beckham wasn’t worried about impacting their eligibility. Either way, there are going to be questions.

If you saw what Ohio State star Chase Young got in trouble for earlier this season, you know how the NCAA views players borrowing or being handed money. Beckham is smart enough to know that, and it seems like he intentionally handed the LSU players the money for all to see.

UPDATE: LSU claims the money Beckham handed out was fake.

Video: Odell Beckham makes incredible TD catch against Bengals

Odell Beckham Jr has not found the end zone much in his first season with the Cleveland Browns, but the star receiver was able to end the season on a high note in Sunday’s game.

With his team trailing the one-win Cincinnati Bengals by two scores in the fourth quarter, Beckham made one of his vintage acrobatic catches and somehow got both feet down in the end zone. The grab also put him over 1,000 yards receiving for the season.

Beckham entered the game with just three touchdown passes, so he must have been happy to finally add to his total. That is the type of play we expected to see from him and Baker Mayfield all season, but a nagging injury and an underachieving offense kept him from consistency.

While the speculation about the Browns potentially trading Beckham has increased in the wake of his sideline exchange with head coach Freddie Kitchens, he’s still unlikely to be moved this offseason. Cleveland traded a first-round pick for him with visions of him making touchdown grabs like the one he made on Sunday, and he should get plenty more chances to do that in 2020.

Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry shade Marcus Peters after contract extension

Odell Beckham Jr Browns

There’s no love lost between Marcus Peters and a pair of divisional rivals.

After the Baltimore Ravens cornerback agreed to a three-year extension with the team on Saturday, Cleveland Browns receivers Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham responded with some apparent shade on Twitter. In the tweets, the two indicated that they were looking forward Peters staying in their division.

The tweets come after Baltimore’s 31-15 win over Cleveland last weekend. Landry and Beckham may have also been angered by some scathing remarks that Peters seemed to make about them on Instagram Live after the game.

Peters is a player who definitely feeds off trash talk, and Landry and Beckham won’t back down from giving it right back to him these next few years as well.

Odell Beckham, Freddie Kitchens explain their sideline confrontation

Odell Beckham Jr Freddie Kitchens

Another week, another downplayed confrontation on the Cleveland Browns’ sideline.

Wide receiver Odell Beckham and coach Freddie Kitchens both downplayed Sunday’s showdown on the sideline. Since it happened right after a failed two-point conversion, there was speculation that it had to do with Beckham not getting the ball there, but both attributed it to the wide receiver venting frustration over other on-field matters.

“We were just talking,” Beckham said, via Ben Axelrod of WKYC. “The refs making calls. Basically, they were warning me that if I had one more personal foul, then I would be out of the game, which I thought was pretty stupid. I got a personal foul for a celebration I’ve done all year. It’s not like a player was in front of me or anybody was. It was very unintentional. It is what it is.”

Kitchens offered a similar, but slightly different explanation.

“I think it was something dealing with one of their guys. It wasn’t the [2-point conversion] call,” Kitchens said. “I don’t think it was a big deal. There was some frustration on how they were treating him.”

The video doesn’t really dispute anything Kitchens and Beckham are saying, so it may well be that they’re telling the truth. It’s bound to create speculation, however, especially since this is the second week in a row something like it has happened.

Video: Odell Beckham Jr gets heated on sidelines talking to Freddie Kitchens

Odell Beckham Jr Freddie Kitchens

Odell Beckham Jr. got heated on the sidelines while talking to Freddie Kitchens in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Cleveland Browns-Baltimore Ravens game.

The Browns scored on a touchdown pass from Baker Mayfield to Beckham to make it 24-15. Cleveland then went for two, and Ricky Seals-Jones was unable to catch a pass from Mayfield for a failed conversion.

After coming back from a commercial, CBS showed Beckham throwing his helmet near the bench and getting heated. He was talking with Kitchens.

Some will read into this and think that was Beckham getting angry with Kitchens, but without audio, it would be irresponsible to say that. It’s very possible that he was just voicing frustration/venting.

Beckham also seemed to be open on an inside slant on the 2-point conversion, but Mayfield did not look his way.

This has been a frustrating season for Beckham. He’s had a down year statistically, and the team has underperformed at 6-9. There have been rumors that he wants out of Cleveland, and he’s vented during games about not getting the ball.

Watch: Odell Beckham penalized for making gesture at Ravens staffer

Odell Beckham Jr has not had a whole lot to celebrate in his first season with the Cleveland Browns, but he picked up a 15-yard penalty for something he did after making a catch on Sunday.

Beckham picked up 22 yards on a catch early in the first quarter against the Ravens, and he was run out of bounds on the Baltimore sideline. He then made some strange hand gesture at a Ravens staffer, and one of the officials threw a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Beckham was furious over the call, and you can understand why. We’re not even sure what he was doing, but it seemed pretty harmless.

We’ve seen Beckham get himself into trouble with end zone celebrations before in his career, but he’s only scored two touchdowns this season. He didn’t need to score to get himself flagged on Sunday.