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CBS picked awkward fan to pan to during Bengals-Bills game

A Bills fan wearing a No. 32 jersey

With the benefit of hindsight, CBS would probably want a do-over.

During the third quarter of Sunday’s divisional playoff game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills, CBS panned to a fan in the Buffalo crowd wearing a No. 32 Bills jersey. While that might not have seemed like much to casual fans, NFL enthusiasts are well aware that jersey belongs to the notorious OJ Simpson, who played for the Bills from 1969 to 1977 (including his MVP campaign in 1973).

The fan’s jersey choice did not escape the watchful eye of Twitter. Check out a sampling of the reaction.

Interestingly enough, Simpson himself posted a video message in support of the Bills on Sunday. He was also wearing a No. 32 jersey but a custom-made one with “YoursTruly” written on the back. It (predictably) appears that the NFL is no longer selling any No. 32 Simpson jerseys.

In the end, neither the fan’s jersey nor Simpson’s video message proved to be good luck for the Bills. They lost handily to the Bengals by a 27-10 final, ending their season in the divisional round for the second straight season. But at least that Buffalo fan’s choice of attire was not quite as controversial as the one that we saw in the College Football Playoff this year.

Jeanie Buss shares incredible story about OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson at a parole hearing

July 20, 2017: Former NFL football star O.J. Simpson appears via video for his parole hearing at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nev. Photo Credit: Jason Bean / USA TODAY NETWORK

Jeanie Buss has seen a lot during her many decades with the Los Angeles Lakers franchise. But none of it can top a time that The Juice was loose.

The Lakers owner Buss appeared this week on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” During the interview, guest host Desus Nice asked Buss what the weirdest thing was to ever happen at a Lakers game she had been to. Buss replied that it had to do with infamous former NFL star OJ Simpson.

“The weirdest thing was right after OJ Simpson was acquitted, he was coming to a [Lakers] game,” said Buss. “I had to talk to the staff and say, ‘You know what, he’s like anybody else who has a ticket. We have to show him respect and make sure he’s treated like any other paying guest.’

“So he came to a game, but he illegally parked at The [Great Western] Forum,” Buss continued about Simpson. “So his car was towed. So you know, you just can’t get away with everything, right?”

Simpson, now 75, was acquitted in Oct. 1995 of the double murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman after what was dubbed “The Trial of the Century.” The Lakers played at The Forum until 1999 before moving to Staples Center (now known as Arena).

After serving jail time for a separate armed robbery case in 2007, Simpson was paroled in 2017 and became a completely free man late last year. Thus, he may still be able to attend some Laker games in the future. Interestingly enough however, this is not the first time that we have heard a crazy story about Simpson in an NBA context.

OJ Simpson rips Antonio Brown over meltdown

OJ Simpson at a parole hearing

You know that you screwed up when even OJ Simpson is piling on you.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown threw an all-time tantrum on Sunday. With his team trailing the New York Jets by two touchdowns in the third quarter, Brown ripped off his jersey and stormed off to the locker room shirtless, never to return to the field (video here).

Simpson, the infamous former NFL star, ripped Brown for the meltdown in a video posted to Twitter.

“For what Tom Brady has done for Antonio Brown, for him to pull what he pulled today is completely inexcusable,” said Simpson. “Playoffs are coming up, and you pull this crap on a guy who really went out on a limb for you. It’s totally BS. Inexcusable.”

Brown’s career in Tampa is now done after less than two full seasons with the Bucs. Interestingly enough, Brady, who had long been a vocal supporter of Brown, actually sounded pretty understanding after Brown’s outburst.

As for Simpson, he has not been afraid to give his opinions on the NFL since joining Twitter in June 2019. In fact, he once even gave advice to Brown when Brown was still with the Raiders.


OJ Simpson is now ‘a completely free man’

OJ Simpson at a parole hearing

OJ Simpson was released from prison on Oct. 1, 2017, but it wasn’t until two weeks ago that the Hall of Fame running back officially became a free man.

Nevada State Police spokeswoman Kim Yoko Smith told Ken Ritter of The Associated Press on Tuesday that Simpson was discharged from parole on Dec. 1. The 74-year-old was originally supposed to be on parole until Sept. 29, 2022, but he was discharged several months early due to good behavior.

“Mr. Simpson is a completely free man now,” Malcolm LaVergne, Simpson’s Las Vegas attorney, said.

Simpson has been living in a gated community in Las Vegas since his release from prison. He served nine years for armed robbery and kidnapping stemming from a confrontation with two sports collectibles dealers at a Vegas casino hotel in 2007. Simpson argued that he only wanted to retrieve memorabilia that was stolen from him years ago after he was acquitted in the double murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Simpson has made some public appearances at sporting events since he was released in 2017. He has also been very vocal in sharing his sports takes on social media.

Despite all the legal trouble he has had, the former Buffalo Bills star still has plenty of money coming his way.


OJ Simpson goes viral for ‘MAGA’ hat in Christmas photo

OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson wished his Twitter followers a Merry Christmas to celebrate the holiday on Friday, but there was one aspect of his photo that drew attention.

In the background of The Juice’s photo were a few items on a shelf. One of the items was a “MAGA” hat, which is the hat for President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign.

Trump is both beloved and despised by millions, so the hat is a symbol of great polarization. Needless to say, it produced some extreme reactions, especially when you consider Simpson is an alleged double-murderer.

This is the kind of craziness you get on Twitter.

On a related note, if you’re actually following Simpson on Twitter, you have problems, unless you’re hoping for more tweets like this.

OJ Simpson has some advice for Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown has hijacked the sports world on the eve of the first full slate of NFL regular season games, and even OJ Simpson has seen enough.

On Saturday morning, a seemingly reluctant Simpson took to Twitter to address the ongoing mess between Brown and the Oakland Raiders. He cautioned the star wide receiver that no team is going to want to sign him with the way he has carried himself and suggested he should head to the Bahamas to help with the relief from Hurricane Dorian.

“It seems to me and just about everybody I know that the Raiders have gone so far out of their way to support you and be with you. Do you honestly think there’s another NFL team that wants to to, or would go through all of this?” Simpson asked.

Simpson’s opinion may be a bit biased, as he has already expressed frustration with Brown for killing his fantasy team.

Brown and the Raiders appear to be headed for a messy divorce after the team fined Brown for his confrontation with GM Mike Mayock and then voided the guarantees in his contract. Brown has said there is no way he will play in Oakland given the current circumstances, and there’s a scenario where he could leave the team without making a single dime.

USC recognizing OJ Simpson’s Heisman jersey but not Reggie Bush’s

USC is recognizing its Heisman Trophy winners with a display of jerseys for Saturday’s season opener against Fresno State. Reggie Bush did not make the cut, but OJ Simpson did.

Technically, Bush is no longer a Heisman Trophy winner. He chose to forfeit the award in 2010 just before the Heisman Trust was scheduled to meet to discuss whether or not it would be taken away. However, some are surprised that USC is willing to associate itself with Simpson, an alleged murderer, and not Bush, who received improper benefits while in school.

If Bush were included, USC would be tied with Ohio State, Oklahoma and Notre Dame for the most ever Heisman Trophy winners at seven. Here’s a breakdown of which players the numbers represent:

20 is Mike Garrett from 1965
32 is OJ Simpson from 1968
12 is Charles White from 1979
33 is Marcus Allen from 1981
3 is Carson Palmer from 2002
11 is Matt Leinart from 2004

The NCAA hit USC with heavy sanctions after an investigation determined that Bush received money from two California-based marketing agents. The sanctions included having to vacate numerous victories, including the Trojans’ 2004 national championship. USC was also ordered by the NCAA to permanently dissociate from Bush, which may be the biggest factor in why they chose not to display Bush’s No. 5 jersey for their upcoming game.

We learned recently that USC has been trying to welcome Bush back into the Trojan family, but the NCAA keeps blocking it. Perhaps that is why USC is choosing not to display Bush’s No. 5 jersey. You can’t help but feel like the NCAA’s priorities are slightly out of whack if an alleged murderer is allowed to be honored, but a product of a broken, hypocritical college athletic system is not.

OJ Simpson joins Twitter, says ‘I killed her’ after seeming to get hacked

OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson officially joined Twitter on Friday night and has already made headlines for some of his messages.

Simpson’s first tweet contained a video message he recorded for his followers. In his video, he said he had some “getting even to do.”

His second tweet is what caught everyone’s attention. He tweeted “I killed her.”

His other tweets that followed included him using the N-word and asking where the b—– at. It looked as if he had been hacked.

Simpson seemingly launching his Twitter account comes the week of the 25th anniversary of the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman.

The Juice has been out of prison since his release on Oct. 1, 2017 due to parole. He was imprisoned for nine years due to felony kidnapping and armed robbery. He was acquitted in 1994 for the murders of Brown Simpson and Goldman in a highly-publicized court case

OJ Simpson criticizes Colin Kaepernick over national anthem protest

Colin Kaepernick Castro

Jim Brown is not the only legendary NFL running back who disagrees with national anthem protests as a form of political demonstration.

In a wide-ranging interview with Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, O.J. Simpson said he does not feel that kneeling during the national anthem is an effective way of protesting racial inequality.

“I think Colin made a mistake,” Simpson said. “I really appreciate what he was trying to say. I thought he made a bad choice in attacking the flag.

“I grew up at a time when deacons were in the KKK. I don’t disrespect the Bible because of those guys. The flag shouldn’t be disrespected because of what cops do. The flag represents what we want America to be.”

Simpson said he believes Kaepernick’s biggest mistake was continuing to kneel after he sparked such a polarizing debate.

“When he did it the first time, I thought, ‘Well, you took a gamble, and I give you credit.’ But it was him continuing to do it where he made the biggest mistake,” he added. “I’m a firm believer of doing what you think is right, but I would always stand for the flag.”

As we mentioned, Brown took a very strong stance against national anthem protests but later backed down a bit. Simpson chose his words more carefully, but the overall message was very similar.

OJ Simpson admitted he had accomplice in murders of Nicole Brown, Ron Goldman?

OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson infamously wrote a hypothetical book explaining how he would have killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, and a television show related to the book will be airing later this month. While filming that special, Simpson apparently indicated he had an accomplice while committing the murders.

Sources familiar with the program told TMZ that Simpson spoke mostly in the third person as he discussed how the murders may have been committed, but he switched to the first person at one point during the interview. When he did that, Simpson reportedly began talking about how he had an accomplice the night he allegedly visited Brown’s house and all hell broke loose.

TMZ describes the chilling exchange, which should be featured on the FOX special:

We’re told it sounded like a first-person account of the murders and, although it’s not a clear confession, it’s in that arena.

We’re told Simpson flat-out talks about an accomplice who was with him at Nicole’s home. He did not name the accomplice.

Simpson’s scenario goes like this … he went to her house the evening of June 12, 1994, to “scare the s*** out of her.” He took the Bronco to her home with his friend, brought a knife and put a hat and gloves on for dramatic effect.

Simpson then says he looked in Nicole’s window … saw burning candles and believed she was expecting a man to show up. Just then Ron, a waiter from the restaurant where she had just dined, appeared with a pair of sunglasses Nicole’s mom had forgotten at the restaurant. Simpson started screaming in rage, Nicole came running out … and at that point he says he “blacked out” and came to covered in blood.

Simpson was recently released from Prison, where he had been serving a sentence stemming from a memorabilia heist. He has since been spotted hanging out with fans and made numerous public appearances.