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Report: Red Sox won’t play Pablo Sandoval unless he loses weight

Pablo Sandoval fat

The Boston Red Sox have never expressed any concerns publicly about Pablo Sandoval being extremely out of shape, but it sounds the third baseman’s weight has clearly become a major issue.

Sandoval was placed on the 15-day disabled list Wednesday with what has only been called a shoulder strain. Hardly anyone is buying that the injury is legitimate, and Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports reports that the team placed Sandoval on the DL without even bothering to send him for an MRI.

Sandoval was benched to start the season and third baseman Travis Shaw has played well in his place. Sandoval has just six plate appearances in Boston’s first eight games, and sources told Passan that the 29-year-old has no interest in staying with the Red Sox if he is not going to be an everyday player. The Red Sox are reportedly not going to give Sandoval consistent playing time unless he loses some weight.

Can you say ugly? Sandoval has four years and $75 million remaining on his contract. The San Diego Padres were said to be interested in him at one point, but Passan says those talks have “cooled.” There’s no reason to think Sandoval would have any trade value at the moment given his salary, weight and current situation. If the Red Sox want him gone, they will have to eat a ton of money.

The most notable thing Sandoval has done this season is have an incredibly embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during a plate appearance. Unless he spends a good chunk of time on the DL and somehow gets himself into better shape, it is going to be a long season for the 2012 World Series MVP.

Pablo Sandoval belt breaks on swing (Video)

Pablo Sandoval belt

There has been a lot of debate about whether or not Pablo Sandoval came into camp this season overweight. On Saturday, his belt answered the question.

During Sandoval’s first at-bat of the game for the Boston Red Sox against the Toronto Blue Jays, the third baseman’s belt busted open:

Pablo ended up striking out on the at-bat.

So much for that talk over the offseason that Sandoval had lost weight. His belt would argue otherwise.

Report: Padres have had internal talks about Pablo Sandoval

Pablo Sandoval fat

Pablo Sandoval may have worn out his welcome in Boston, but against all odds, he may have a suitor elsewhere.

According to MLB Network’s Jon Heyman, the San Diego Padres have had internal discussions about Sandoval.

Sandoval will be benched to start the regular season, and his agent lent credence to a possible trade by criticizing the Red Sox’ handling of him.

Silly at first, but a fitting comparison: Sandoval and a Ferrari are both expensive, not terribly practical, and won’t perform well if not taken care of.

A trade with the Padres would probably involve the Red Sox kicking in some money or taking on a big contract in return, or even possibly both. James Shields going back the other way would be logical, as the Red Sox are definitely open to adding more pitching and the Padres have reportedly been trying to move him. Still, one wonders what San Diego would want with Sandoval and his big money deal. Perhaps they think he’d be resuscitated if he returns to the NL West, but he hasn’t been an elite hitter in years, completely fell off the cliff in 2015, is not good defensively, has ongoing weight issues, and would be moving to an inferior hitters’ park. All that is before you remember that he’s still owed at least $75 million for four more years while on the verge of 30.

Pablo Sandoval benched to start season

Pablo Sandoval fat

Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell announced on Thursday that Pablo Sandoval will not be in the starting lineup to begin the regular season.

Travis Shaw, a former Kent State star who was called up during the season last year, has been named Boston’s starting third baseman. Farrell says he met with both players Thursday morning to inform them of the decision. Defense was apparently the deciding factor.

Shaw has outperformed Sandoval by a wide margin in spring training, hitting .333 with an OPS of 886 in 61 plate appearances. Sandoval, who earns $18 million per season compared to Shaw’s $500,000, is hitting just .244. He also committed four errors in his first 11 games.

Giants broadcaster says Pablo Sandoval has an eating disorder

Pablo Sandoval fat

Pablo Sandoval arrived early to Red Sox spring training this week, and his weight once again became an immediate topic of conversation. According to Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow, Sandoval has a legitimate problem that needs to be addressed.

In an appearance on KNBR 680 Monday morning, Krukow praised Sandoval for being a fantastic guy to be around.

“It’s unfortunate. We love the guy,” Krukow said, per “He was amazing in our uniform and amazing for our city … there’s no more charismatic guy that I’ve ever met than this guy. You can’t help but love this guy.”

Then came the clinical diagnosis.

“He’s just one of those people that you want to be around. And it’s unfortunate. I mean, he has an eating disorder,” Krukow added. “It’s plain and simple. He can’t control himself.”

The Giants never called Sandoval out publicly about his weight, but Krukow insists it was always an issue behind closed doors.

“When he was the Giants, they fought it every day,” he said. “They challenged him every day. They were in his grill every day. They never let up on him. And when he left San Francisco, he had some ill feelings because of it.

“The sad part about it, is it may cut his career short. And it’s a career that we believed could be an All-Star career.”

Even if Krukow has some inside information from all the time he spent around Sandoval, that is a pretty sensitive piece of information to be sharing with the public.

John Farrell claimed in January that Sandoval had shed about 20 pounds, but it sure doesn’t look like it. You can see a recent photo of Sandoval here.

Sandoval was borderline defiant when asked about his weight, telling reporters he does not weigh himself during the offseason and instead focuses on improving. The Red Sox owe the 29-year-old $18 million per season through 2019. You would have to be incredibly naive to think they don’t want him to start paying attention to a scale.


Pablo Sandoval is not in great shape, didn’t weigh himself all offseason

Pablo Sandoval fat

Pablo Sandoval has always faced questions about his weight. He is a big guy. It hasn’t always hurt him in the past, but the questions really started to come fast and furious in 2015 when he struggled in his first season in Boston. Logically, after a year like that, you’d expect Sandoval to put some sort of emphasis on coming into camp in top shape.


The internet reacted very, very cruelly to this, as you would imagine.

According to ESPN’s Rick Weber, Sandoval refuted reports that anyone from the Red Sox had asked him to lose weight during the offseason, despite the fact that three members of the team’s hierarchy, including general manager Dave Dombrowski and manager John Farrell, are on record as saying he was told to. He also said that he hasn’t weighed himself since October.

“I don’t weigh. I don’t weigh in at all,” Sandoval told reporters when asked how much weight he had lost. “I just do my work, try to do everything I can out there. I don’t weigh at all in the whole offseason. I just try to get better, be in a better position and, like I say, be an athlete.”

In January, Farrell said that Sandoval had dropped 20 pounds during the offseason. That does not appear to be the case – if anything, he looks heavier than he did last season. His former team, the Giants, also had issues with his weight, and he admitted it was a factor in his departure. Perhaps they had a point, Pablo. Have you considered the Barry Bonds training program, by any chance?

Red Sox fan asks Bruce Bochy to take Pablo Sandoval back (Video)

Pablo Sandoval fat

After winning the World Series with the Giants, Pablo Sandoval signed a massive five-year contract with the Red Sox. However, after the first season, atleast one Boston fan wouldn’t mind if San Francisco took Sandoval back.

The Giants held their annual fan fest event this past weekend. Among the attendees was a young man in a Red Sox hat who had a request of manager Bruce Bochy during a question and answer forum.

"As a @RedSox fan, will you please take back Pablo?" BOOOO!!! #SFGFanFest #SFGFest

A video posted by J.Lynn Johnston (@jlynnjohnston) on

I’m sure there are more than a few people around the Boston area who thought the same thing at various parts throughout the 2015 season. Thinking it and saying it at a Giants organized event are two different things, though. That takes stones.

In 126 games last year, Sandoval hit a career-worst .245 with 10 home runs and 47 runs batted in. In the field, Sandoval committed 15 errors, the second highest total for a single-season in his career.

After the additions of David Price and Craig Kimbrel, along with the expected progression of Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts, expectations will be high for the Red Sox this season. A productive Pablo Sandoval would go along way in helping those expectations become reality.

H/T Deadspin

Pablo Sandoval has supposedly lost more than 20 pounds

Pablo Sandoval fat

Pablo Sandoval is reportedly working hard this offseason to show up to spring training looking much slimmer than he has in years past.

On Thursday, Red Sox manager John Farrell told reporters that Sandoval has lost more than 20 pounds since the end of the 2015 season.

A little less than a year ago, Sandoval responded to critics of his weight by telling them to wait and see what he does on the field. His first season in Boston ended up being a major disappointment, with the 2012 World Series MVP hitting just .245 with 10 home runs and 45 RBI in 126 games.

With the Red Sox set to pay him roughly $17 million per year through 2020, the hope is that Sandoval will be much better this season. If you remember, Pablo said that one of the reasons he left the Giants was because he was irritated with them for harping on his weight. Fans in Boston have already started to do the same because of Sandoval’s on-field performance.

Between being overweight and getting benched for a very embarrassing reason, Sandoval’s first season in Boston was very forgettable. Shedding some weight would be a good start to 2016.

Pablo Sandoval benched for using Instagram during game

Pablo Sandoval fat

Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval is out of the lineup for Thursday night’s game against the Atlanta Braves, and that is likely a direct result of his decision to go on social media during Boston’s game the previous night.

In the seventh inning of the Braves-Red Sox game on Wednesday night, Barstool Sports blogger Jared Carrabis noticed that someone had “liked” a couple of photos from Sandoval’s account.

Pablo admitted on Thursday that it was him, confessing that he grabbed his phone during a bathroom break in the seventh inning.

“I know I f— up,” the 28-year-old said, per Gordon Edes of “I made a mistake, I learned from that. I’m a human being, I made a mistake, so I apologize to my teammates, to the team, to the organization, the fans support.

“This is a thing that I pushed the [‘like’] button at the wrong time. I hit a ‘like.’ I was in the bathroom, I pushed it at the wrong time. … I just grabbed my phone, and checked it.”

While we commend Sandoval for owning up to it and not using the popular “my account was hacked” excuse, this is a horrible look for a struggling Red Sox team. Boston has lost eight of its last nine and is nine games out of first in the AL East.

Believe it or not, there have been other professional athletes who were caught going on social media in the middle of games. Apparently these kids need to be watched more closely by their teachers.

Pablo Sandoval was irritated with Giants for harping on his weight

Pablo SandovalPablo Sandoval was an excellent player for the Giants during his seven seasons spent in San Francisco. He made two All-Star teams and helped lead them to three World Series titles. Despite his excellent regular seasons and postseason brilliance, the Giants always seemed to have an issue with Sandoval about his weight.

Sure, Sandoval’s pudginess was cute and resulted in his catchy “Kung Fu Panda” nickname, but there always seemed to be storylines about the team being upset with him for being overweight like he appeared in this spring training photo.

Sandoval chose to sign with the Red Sox as a free agent and said he felt disrespected by San Francisco. Maybe it wasn’t just about the money; maybe Sandoval was bothered by many things about the Giants.

According to USA Today’s Jorge L. Ortiz, Sandoval acknowledged that the Giants’ issues with his weight irritated him.

Sandoval acknowledged he was irritated by what he considered the Giants’ harping on his weight, which tended to increase significantly during the season, hampering his defensive range. He pointed out the Red Sox have hired a nutritionist and he’s trying to pay heed, but conceded the results don’t show so far. He wouldn’t reveal where the scales stop, saying simply he’s comfortable at his current weight.

Sandoval is pleased the Red Sox have not made an issue of his weight, and they smartly refrained from bringing up the topic while pursuing him in the offseason.

We understand why the persistent questions would bother him, but it’s not like the Giants didn’t have legitimate concerns. Sandoval is a professional ballplayer, and staying in shape is an important part of the job. They didn’t want him wearing down late in the season, and they didn’t want his career to decline because of weight problems. The Red Sox probably feel the same way, but since they owe the man $95 million, they probably realize it’s best to stay on his good side. Luckily for them clubhouse leader David Ortiz is trying to sell Sandoval on the benefits of shedding a few pounds.

Sandoval also tried to backtrack on his previous comments about not missing anyone from the Giants by saying Hunter Pence and Bruce Bochy were the guys he missed the most.