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Sunday, February 16, 2020

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Patrick Beverley responds to Clippers superstar treatment report: ‘Fake news’

Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley was quick to dismiss Thursday’s report about supposed issues within the LA Clippers organization.

The veteran guard responded to The Athletic’s piece alleging how Clippers players have struggled with the preferential treatment that the team has shown to new stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Beverley called the report “fake fake fake news” in a tweet.

The 31-year-old Beverley was one of the players mentioned in the piece as being somewhat close with Leonard, so he may not necessarily speak for the entire locker room. Still, he obviously feels strongly enough about the picture that the story appeared to paint.

Through it all, the Clippers are 31-14 on the year despite still figuring each other out and having to deal with a lot of injuries. Thus, the more worthwhile storyline may instead be what moves they make ahead of the trade deadline.

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Video: Patrick Beverley blocks LeBron James to seal Clippers’ win

Patrick Beverley delivered a huge play to help seal the LA Clippers’ big win on Christmas Wednesday over the rival Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers were down 109-106 with under 20 seconds left and LeBron James tried a 3-point shot, but Beverley got his hand on the ball and blocked it. There was a review to determine who the ball went off of. Referees ruled the ball went off LeBron James last and gave the ball to the Clippers.

Paul George was fouled on the other end and made two free throws to ice the game and give the Clippers a 111-106 victory, which marked a big comeback. The Clippers were down by as many as 15 before coming back to win it.

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Russell Westbrook trolls Patrick Beverley with wave after ejection

Russell Westbrook wave

Patrick Beverley was ejected towards the end of the LA Clippers’ 122-117 loss to the Houston Rockets on Thursday night, and nobody was happier about that outcome than Russell Westbrook.

Beverley picked up a foul while playing defense late in the game. He was called for a technical foul after complaining about the personal foul call and was ejected because the tech was his second of the game. Westbrook then waved to Beverley after the ejection, and the Rockets guard was called for a tech too.

James Harden had to calm down Westbrook and tell him to be smarter and use his head since the outcome was still in question.

Westbrook celebrating Beverley’s ejection is not surprising considering the negative history between the two.

Beverley caused Westbrook a serious knee injury during the 2013 playoffs with a defensive play on him:

The two continued to exchange trash talk over the years. They did so in the 2017 playoffs when the Thunder and Rockets met. Westbrook also took a shot at Beverley after the Rockets’ win over the Clippers in November.

Westbrook scored 40 points in Houston’s comeback win on Thursday.

Patrick Beverley drops F-bomb during postgame interview

Patrick Beverley dropped the most casual F-bomb during his postgame interview on Tuesday night.

Beverley’s LA Clippers ran the Phoenix Suns out of the gym, winning 120-99. Beverley had nine points and two blocks in the victory and spoke with FOX’s Kristina Pink after the win. Beverley was asked about how they stifled the Suns and said “we ain’t f—ing around. We’re trying to win as many games as possible.”

No, the Clippers most certainly were not messing around on Tuesday night. They got out to a lead early in the first quarter and did not relinquish it. In the fourth quarter they kept widening the gap.

The win came after the Clippers lost the final game of their road trip, a 109-106 defeat to the Bulls on Saturday. Beverley led the way, firing up his team with celebrations after blocks and taking charges. The Clippers are now 21-8.

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Watch: Patrick Beverley flopped against James Harden

Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley received a warning for violating the league’s anti-flopping rule during Wednesday’s game against the Boston Celtics, but apparently he did not learn his lesson.

During a Friday night victory over the Houston Rockets, Beverley was at it once again, channeling Hollywood as he worked hard on his acting — this time against James Harden. And early on in the game, he got the call he was looking for.

But Beverley went to the well one too many times, and his next attempted flop didn’t generate the same result.

Beverley immediately pleaded with officials over the non-call, but seriously, who was he kidding? That sort of flop was so fake and ugly that the writers for Sharknado 76 would demand a re-shoot.

No surprise, the NBA sent a message to Beverley on Saturday in the form of a $5,000 fine for flopping.

Russell Westbrook takes shot at Patrick Beverley

Wednesday night’s Houston Rockets-LA Clippers game proved to be entertaining on many levels.

James Harden scored 47 points in the 102-93 win, while Austin Rivers managed to get his dad Doc a technical foul. On top of that, Patrick Beverley fouled out, leading Russell Westbrook to take a shot at his counterpart after the game.

Westbrook dismissed Beverley’s reputation for being a defensive stopper, saying the guard tricked everyone into thinking he was good on defense.

Beverley was asked about Westbrook’s comments but declined to engage.

Harden went for 47 points and the Clippers lost. There wasn’t much for Beverley to be able to say except, “hey, it’s November. Call me if this happens in the playoffs.”

Plus, maybe he didn’t want to get into it because despite the loss, the numbers showed Beverley actually did shut down Harden when defending him.

Just don’t expect Beverley to make his teammates look bad by pointing that out.

Patrick Beverley fined $25,000 for throwing ball into stands

Patrick Beverley was fined $25,000 by the NBA for throwing a ball into the stands on Tuesday night.

Beverley did an underhand heave of a ball into the stands at Staples Center following the LA Clippers’ 112-102 win over the rival Lakers.

Beverley signed a $40 million deal with the Clippers during the offseason, so he’s probably not as concerned about the fine as he might have been in the past.

Yes, Beverley was just having fun and celebrating, but the league likely deems throwing a ball into the stands like that a safety concern and wants to protect its fans.