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Thursday, July 18, 2019

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Peyton Manning has high praise for Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes

It’s fair to say Peyton Manning is a big fan of one of the NFL’s great young quarterbacks.

Manning spoke to NBC Sports’ Peter King for “The Peter King Podcast,” opening up about Kansas City Chiefs sensation Patrick Mahomes. It’s safe to say Manning was impressed, even comparing Mahomes to Denver Broncos great John Elway.

“I think some of the ability to sprint left, throw back right, he’s got a little Elway in him,” Manning said. “Elway was kind of famous for that. The Broncos actually started designing plays to sprint left and throw back right. Mahomes is still improvising.”

It’s kind of funny to see Mahomes getting Elway comparisons when Elway himself is searching for the next great Broncos quarterback in the same division. Regardless, Manning’s assessment reinforces what most already think: Mahomes is a special talent who will be entertaining NFL fans for years to come.

10 NFL players who could regress in 2019

Patrick Mahomes

Every year there are NFL players who progress in their development and sometimes take the league by storm. On the opposite end, there are players who regress.

Regression doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a diminishing talent, but rather, it could be a product of a variety of factors. There could be coaching staff changes, scheme changes, a decreased role or any number of things contributing to regression. Sometimes it’s all of the above, and sometimes it really is just time to call it a career.

Here’s a look at 10 NFL players who could, for one reason or another, regress in 2019.

10. Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks

After a wildly impressive 2018 campaign in which he tossed 35 touchdowns at a rate of 8.2 percent, it would be hard to imagine Wilson falling off a cliff. However, when considering that the aforementioned 8.2 percent touchdown rate was the seventh-highest in NFL history, it’s unlikely Wilson is capable of repeating or improving upon that number. And despite the added presence of rookie second-round pick D.K. Metcalf, the Seahawks don’t exactly boast an impressive cast at wide receiver or tight end, so it stands to reason that Wilson will regress simply because his career-best performance in 2018 is unsustainable.


Patrick Mahomes laughs off Colin Cowherd’s ridiculous jab

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes laughed off some ridiculous criticism from Colin Cowherd.

Mahomes received attention on Friday for throwing a ball out of Arrowhead Stadium.

It was a cool display of physical talent. Of course, Cowherd had to come along and ruin the moment by drawing a Tom Brady comparison.

Cowherd’s jab had no place here, but that’s what he does best. At least Mahomes and his 50-touchdown MVP season didn’t let it bother him.

Cowherd continues to be one of the biggest trolls in sports media. He must enjoy that distinction.

Patrick Mahomes’ no-look pass included in ‘Madden 20’

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes was an easy choice for the cover of the latest installment of the Madden video game series, and the creators have incorporated one of the reigning MVP’s signature moves.

Madden 20 is set to be released next month, and a snippet from the game that was released shows Mahomes pulling off a no-look pass.

Mahomes, of course, somehow completed a no-look pass during a game late last season. The play looked like it came out of a video game, so it’s appropriate that it has made its way into Madden.

Watch: Patrick Mahomes chugs beer at Blues Stanley Cup Final game

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is the latest NFL quarterback to get in on the beer-chugging fun.

Mahomes attended Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final in St. Louis between the Blues and Boston Bruins on Saturday. While at the game, he was shown on the video board at Enterprise Center. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, who was wearing a Blues jersey, chugged his beer can:

The whole beer-chugging thing at a game started when a couple of Packers players chugged at a Milwaukee Bucks playoff game. Aaron Rodgers took crap for failing to chug his. Matthew Stafford immediately showed Rodgers up by chugging beer on Instagram. On Friday, Mitch Trubisky did the same while at a White Sox game.

NFL quarterbacks are always finding ways to compete with each other. It’s hard to beat this MVP quarterback on or off the field.

Ranking the 10 most valuable quarterbacks in 2019

Patrick Mahomes

Who are the most valuable quarterbacks in 2019? To answer that question, I looked at both performance (or projected performance) and the salary commitment for the team. Getting great play out of a quarterback with the highest salary in the league is good. Getting great play out of a quarterback who is paid like many backups is way better. Here are my choices for the best quarterback values based on both contract and performance.

10) Philip Rivers, Chargers

Philip Rivers is getting just over $20 million per year with the Chargers. The four guys just in front of him in annual salary average are Alex Smith, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, and Nick Foles. That list of names is a good illustration of why Rivers makes this list. Even at 37, he’s still among the best eight or so quarterbacks in the league and has consistently been an underrated performer in the league. Last season he passed for 32 touchdowns and just 12 interceptions while leading the Chargers to a 12-4 season.


Tom Brady tells Patrick Mahomes not to worry about ‘Madden curse’

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes was revealed on Thursday to be the cover athlete for the latest installment of the “Madden” video game series, and superstitious fans are naturally freaking out about the potential of the MVP quarterback falling victim to the infamous Madden curse. As someone who got the best of the hex, Tom Brady does not think Mahomes should worry.

Brady graced the cover of Madden 18, which was released in advance of the 2017 NFL season. He threw for 4,577 yards, 32 touchdowns and 18 interceptions that year, and he won the NFL MVP award. The New England Patriots also reached the Super Bowl.

When Barstool Sports said Chiefs fans should be worried about Mahomes getting the Madden cover, Brady reassured them that it’s all good.

The year before Brady was on the Madden cover, his former teammate Rob Gronkowski was given the honor. While Gronk suffered numerous injuries throughout his career, he did appear in only eight games the year he was on the Madden cover. Either way, Brady made it clear when he got the cover that he wasn’t afraid of the curse, and he doesn’t think Mahomes or Chiefs fans should be, either.