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Patrick Peterson has very high praise for Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen

Patrick Peterson has been one of the best cornerbacks in football for the past several years, and he has gone up against plenty of great quarterbacks during that span. So when he goes out of his way to heap praise on a rookie, it must mean something.

Peterson was asked about Arizona Cardinals first-round pick Josh Rosen during an appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show” Monday, and he had extremely high praise for the former UCLA star.

“I’m very impressed,” Peterson said, as transcribed by Jeremy Bergman of “To see [Rosen] make checks and get guys in line early, I was like, ‘Has this guy been here before?’ I was very, very impressed of his spring camp, minicamp, OTAs. He’s just been extremely sharp.”

We have already heard similar remarks from Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks, and the observations are especially noteworthy since Arizona brought in Sam Bradford to serve as a bridge QB. That gives the Cardinals an opportunity to have Rosen take a red shirt year, but that may not end up happening.

“Honestly since he’s been with us, he’s been the total opposite of what you hear from the media or you hear from outside people,” Peterson added. “The way he’s able to grasp the offense and get guys in line right now, I’ve been very, very impressed with that. As far as his throwing motion and his quarterback IQ and his pocket presence and all that stuff, it’s off the charts. I’ve never seen a rookie come on a team and do some of the things he’s doing.”

If you want to know how confident Rosen is in his abilities, look no further than the incredibly cocky quote he had after he was the fourth QB taken in the draft. Perhaps so many teams passing on him was all the motivation Rosen needed.

Patrick Peterson will be used differently under new Cardinals coach

Patrick Peterson

The Arizona Cardinals will use Patrick Peterson differently this season.

In the past, Peterson was used by the Cardinals to shadow the opposing team’s best receiver. That was a good way for the team to neutralize opposing offenses. But under new head coach Steve Wilks, he won’t exclusively be tasked with that assignment.

“The way I play is going to change a little bit,” Peterson said on Thursday, via the Arizona Republic’s Kent Somers. “I’m playing off the ball a little bit more. Now, I have to play with my eyes, play with vision.”

Wilks was previously a defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers. He likes to be aggressive with blitzes and he tends to have his defense run zones.

By using Peterson differently, Wilks is hoping the 7-time Pro Bowler will be able to make more plays and interceptions similar to Richard Sherman, who covered the left side of the field for the Seahawks rather than shadow opponents.

Peterson had seven interceptions in his second season but has not topped three in a year since then. He only had one last season.

Patrick Peterson, Josh Norman are feuding over their Madden ratings

Josh Norman

Who’s the best cornerback in the NFL? If the Madden 17 ratings are to be believed, it’s Josh Norman. According to Patrick Peterson, that’s nonsense.

Last Friday, Peterson replied to a video of Norman in camp with Washington being torched by Pierre Garcon and used it as an opportunity to pick at the defensive back’s Madden rating.

On Sunday, Norman shot back.

Peterson seemed content to let Norman have the last word from that, but when asked about it Wednesday, the Washington cornerback had one last thing to say.

“Oh, that guy,” Norman told Erin Hawksworth of ABC7. “Wow. Well, I haven’t gotten scored on by DeSean [Jackson] in a game, so that’s pretty much all I’ll say about that.”

Norman will probably just use this as more fuel. He’s already had to deal with questions about him being a product of his previous defense. He’ll probably get past someone criticizing his Madden rating.

H/T theScore

Bruce Arians compares Patrick Peterson to Deion Sanders

Patrick PetersonPatrick Peterson has been having an outstanding season this year. In 2014, the four-time Pro Bowler did not look like the great cover cornerback we had grown used to seeing in previous years.

But 2015 has been a rejuvenation of sorts for Peterson. Does that mean he deserves to be compared to arguably the greatest shutdown cornerback of all time? Cardinals coach Bruce Arians thinks so.

It should be noted that Peterson hasn’t exactly faced elite competition in recent weeks. Aside from A.J. Green in Week 11, Arizona has gone up against teams without top-flight receiving options like the Browns, Seahawks and 49ers. That said, Peterson is playing great football.

Is he playing Prime Time football? I wouldn’t go that far, but he is certainly one of the reasons the Cardinals are 9-2 and in contention for a first-round playoff bye. For now, we can safely put Peterson somewhere between Deion Sanders and the way Richard Sherman views the Arizona corner.

Patrick Peterson on Antonio Cromartie: ‘All he talks about is freaking New York’


The Arizona Cardinals have already lost defensive coordinator Todd Bowles this offseason. Now, Patrick Peterson is trying to keep fellow cornerback Antonio Cromartie from leaving the desert.

Cromartie joined the Cardinals last season on a one-year deal after spending the previous four seasons with the Jets, who just happen to be the team that hired Bowles as its head coach. Could the four-time Pro Bowler follow Bowles back to New York? He may already may have his bags packed.

“That’s all he talks about is freaking New York,” Peterson told’s Josh Weinfuss. “I’m definitely trying to get him to stay and we’ll see what happens.”

The Jets, who had one of the worst secondaries in the league last season, may want Cromartie back. If so, it sounds like the feeling would be mutual.

“It’s attractive,” Cromartie said. “My house is there, so it’s attractive. But if that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.

“At the end of the day, I got to make sure that my options are open and making sure that whatever decision I make, that it’s related to my family and making sure we’re making the right decision not only for me but also for them. It not only affects me, it affects them also with changing schools and for my kids and everything.”

Peterson may be facing a very tough sell. After all, Cromartie has an awful lot of kids he might have to uproot and move to another city.

Cromartie, who will turn 31 in April, made his fourth Pro Bowl appearance this year after notching four interceptions with the Cardinals. He’ll surely be looking for more than the $3.5 million he earned.

Richard Sherman: Patrick Peterson would be benched on Seahawks

Richard Sherman Erin Andrews

Richard Sherman continued his trash talking war with Patrick Peterson ahead of the Sunday night game between the Seahawks and Cardinals.

In the latest edition of the trash talk between the two, Sherman said the Arizona star cornerback’s performance this season would likely have him benched in Seattle.

Sherman spoke with NBC’s Bob Costas ahead of the game and was asked whether he would be watching Peterson.

“Not really,” Sherman told Costas via Pro Football Talk. “I really don’t care what happens in his game. I’m concerned about what we’re doing, the win-loss category, and what the scoreboard looks like. I think at the end of the day, the tape will speak for itself. I don’t know if everybody’s compared on an even scale, and I don’t know if he should be mentioned with [the great cornerbacks in the league]. You give up eight touchdowns in a year, it’s hard to put you in that discussion.”

Sherman then said that giving up eight touchdowns in a season would get you benched in Seattle.

“At any point, if I gave up that many touchdowns, I think I would be benched on our team,” Sherman said. “We have a level of accountability and that’s what we strive for. You can’t give up big plays like that and still play.”


The two have been trading words since the offseason. It all started when Peterson, who was vying for a new contract, said he was more valuable than Sherman. Peterson’s argument was that he follows the opponent’s top receiver all game, whereas Sherman just plays one side. That’s why Peterson said Sherman would not last in Arizona’s system. What’s funny is this is Sherman essentially hitting back on the same point, saying Peterson wouldn’t last in Seattle.

Sherman has always responded to Peterson with some telling statistics. Between the eight touchdowns this year and what Sherman argued with his stats last year, it’s hard to say anything other than the numbers don’t lie.

Jerry Rice: Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman couldn’t cover me


NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice played in an era where cornerbacks could grab, shove and disrupt without being penalized. That didn’t stop him from setting NFL records for most receptions, receiving yards and touchdown receptions in a career. What if he played now?

Earlier this week, Rice was asked if there are any cornerbacks who play today that could put up a fight against him on the field.

“Richard Sherman, Revis Island, Patrick Peterson — they can’t handle me, though,” Rice told Bleacher Report on Wednesday. “They don’t have a chance.

“I really respect those guys and their talent, but my job is to be elusive off the line of scrimmage. I was always good against bump and run and being able to double-move, triple-move, get off the line of scrimmage. You don’t see a lot of that happening today, with guys being able to get a free release on the line of scrimmage.”

Rice is probably the best receiver to ever play the game. That said, it’s nearly impossible to compare players from different generations. Guys like Sherman and Revis do are able to shut down receivers even with today’s emphasis on illegal contact and pass interference, so it stands to reason that they would have been even better in Rice’s generation.

Does that mean they could have shut down Rice? Probably not. No one really could. He was just that good.

Patrick Peterson on Richard Sherman trash talk: I don’t know if he’s having fun with it

Patrick PetersonThe trash talk between Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman continued after Peterson announced on Twitter Tuesday that he signed a new big-money deal with the Arizona Cardinals.

The whole thing between the two cornerbacks started in May when Peterson said he felt he was worth more than Sherman, who had just signed a new deal to become the highest-paid corner in the league. Peterson took it a step further by saying Sherman has it easier because of his system. Sherman responded by playing the numbers game — he shared stats that showed he was the top cornerback in the league last season.

The zingers continued Tuesday after Sherman retweeted something that could be considered a shot at Peterson, and Peterson responded. Now Peterson says there is no beef between them and they’re just playing around.

“I don’t know how he feels about but I think it’s just fun, healthy competition,” Peterson said in an interview with ESPN Wednesday. “I’m having fun with it. Sometimes it seems like he’s a little salty about it. But it is what it is. I don’t have any problems with Richard. I don’t have any beef with him. I’m having fun. I don’t know if he’s having fun.”

Not only is Peterson having fun with things, but he also thinks the competition will make him better.

“I think it’s just going to make me take my game to the next level,” Peterson said. “Obviously, we had our exchanges over the last month or so — obviously he’s still exchanging words this morning. But like I said, it is what it is. “I have no harsh feelings toward Richard, I wish him the best of luck throughout his career, throughout his season. I guess it’ll be much-watch TV when we play Seattle.”

Oh, I’ve got news for you, Patrick, I’m positive Richard is having fun with the trash talk. What would Sherman’s life be if he weren’t getting into it with someone? That’s what he’s all about.

Richard Sherman takes jab at Patrick Peterson after Peterson’s extension

Patrick PetersonPatrick Peterson announced on Tuesday night that he has signed a five-year, $70 million contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals. This next piece of information may shock you — Richard Sherman did not congratulate him.

Peterson’s deal, which he says includes $48 million guaranteed, is one year longer than the four-year, $56 million extension Sherman signed and includes $8 million more in guaranteed money at the same average annual value. After Peterson’s deal was announced, Sherman had a pretty timely retweet.


Peterson then tweeted something that was clearly directed toward Sherman, and Sherman responded the only way he knows how.

We’re not surprised Sherman threw shade at Peterson, as Peterson tried to increase his leverage with the Cardinals by saying he is a better cornerback than Sherman and criticizing Sherman’s game. In reality, both are tremendous players who deserve to be paid at or near the top of their position. Just don’t expect either to admit that about his counterpart.

H/T Jimmy Traina’s Big Buzz

Richard Sherman tosses more stats at Patrick Peterson

Richard-Sherman-interviewPatrick Peterson is looking for a contract extension from the Arizona Cardinals, and he has been trying to use Richard Sherman as a pawn. By downplaying what Sherman has accomplished with the Seattle Seahawks, Peterson is hoping to prove that he is just as good a player — if not better — and parlay that into a fat contract. Sherman isn’t having it.

As we know all too well, Sherman is never one to sit quietly while a fellow player criticizes his game. After Peterson said on Thursday that he is asked to do much more than Sherman with the Cardinals, Sherman fired back with some stats.

Of course, this is still an endless argument. Sherman can pump out all the stats he wants, but the argument against him is that he only plays one side of the field and is not asked to shadow his opponent’s best receiver. People like Peterson argue that his stats would not be as great if he stepped outside the Seahawks’ system.

Sherman has gotten into Twitter wars over his abilities with several players already. He loves every second of it and uses it as motivation on the field. Seahawks fans should pray he never stops getting called out.