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Paulina Gretzky broke her dating policy for Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky, daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, long adhered to a very specific set of dating rules. Having grown up around athletes, she refused to date them. She believed they viewed her as little more than a trophy and that any interest they had in her was insincere.

But things changed in 2011. Gretzky broke her own set of rules when she began dating golfer Dustin Johnson.

During an appearance on the “Pillows and Beer” podcast this past Thursday, the 32-year-old Gretzky explained how her anti-athlete wall had been torn down.

“How I looked at it was like, I don’t ever want to date somebody that’s an athlete because, whether or not it was me or not, I felt like it was like a achievement for them. Being with me, dating me, whatever it was, it just didn’t feel authentic,” Gretzky explained. “I truly stayed away from athletes, I really did.”

Then she met Johnson, the world’s No. 3-ranked golfer.

“Dustin was the first person, I won’t talk about the other one before … I didn’t like that, really,” Gretzky said, denying that she was ever a cleat-chaser.

Gretzky and Johnson became engaged in 2013 and have two sons together — Tatum, 6, and River, 4. More than sports and entertainment, family life has become their top priority.

“For me, golf was always the most important thing. And now, it’s Paulina and the kids. And they’ll always be the most important,” Johnson told Golfweek last September. “Obviously, I love the game of golf, competing and playing. But they’re the most important thing.”

By all accounts, Gretzky made the right decision when breaking her own rules. And now, she and Johnson will be wed at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee.

Dustin Johnson, Paulina Gretzky celebrate Halloween with President Trump

Dustin Johnson Paulina Gretzky

Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky celebrated Halloween at the famous Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla., on Sunday, and it looks like the power couple spent some time with the owner. That would be former US president Donald Trump.

Both Johnson and his fiancee shared a photo on social media of them posing with Trump at the Mar-a-Lago club, which Trump owns.

Trump wasn’t in costume, so it’s possible he was just popping in to say hello to some of the party-goers. The 45th US president has been living at Mar-a-Lago since he left office. He also spent a lot of time there during his presidency, making it his “Southern White House.”

Johnson and Gretzky live in Palm Beach. Johnson has golfed with Trump in the past, and the two seem to have a close relationship.

Trump has been quite visible over the past several days. In addition to enjoying Halloween with Johnson and others, he also went viral for his actions at the World Series on Saturday night.

Paulina Gretzky, Dustin Johnson have set wedding date, location

Dustin Johnson Paulina Gretzky

Eight years after getting engaged, Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky finally have a wedding date.

Gretzky recently sent her bridesmaids gift baskets that contained save the date cards. The cards revealed that the couple have a date set for the wedding, as well as a location. The two will be getting married at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee.

Blackberry Farm is a 5-star luxury hotel and resort. They even have a brewery on the property, which covers over 4,200 acres.

Johnson and Paulina met in 2009 but did not begin dating until 2013. They got engaged seven months after dating but have been engaged for years, saying they were not in a hurry to get married. They have two sons together.

Gretzky and Johnson went through a rocky period in their marriage a few years ago after some cheating rumors but appear to have gotten past that.

Johnson won the Masters last year, marking his second career major win. The 37-year-old has 24 career PGA Tour wins.

Paulina Gretzky says Dustin Johnson would not let her do Playboy

Dustin Johnson Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky has been offered a number of modeling gigs in recent years, and Playboy was one of them. Her boyfriend made her turn it down, however.

Gretzky, the daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky, has been dating PGA superstar Dustin Johnson for years. In an appearance on the “Pillows and Beer” podcast with Craig Conover and Austen Kroll recently, Gretzky revealed that Playboy reached out to her in 2013 and asked her to do a shoot. She was excited about the idea, but she had just started dating Johnson at the time. He was strongly opposed to it.

“Playboy asked me to do, you know, Playboy and I was like, ‘Yes this is a great opportunity.’ It had to be right when we started dating in around 2013,” Gretzky called, as transcribed by Matt Chivers of “They gave me an amount and a number and Dustin was like, ‘Absolutely not I’m going to match it, you’re not doing it.’ Even though money wasn’t the thing, I could tell it bothered him so it was fine.”

Gretzky and Johnson went on to have two children together, and they will soon be married. They’ve been engaged for several years now but have yet to announce a wedding date, though Paulina says they now have one.

Johnson and Gretzky had some rocky times a few years ago over cheating rumors, but that has not kept them apart. They seem to be doing as well as ever.

Dustin Johnson, Paulina Gretzky getting closer to a wedding date

Dustin Johnson Paulina Gretzky

Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky have been engaged for more than seven years, but they have still not announced any official plans for a wedding. While no date has been set, it sounds like the couple is getting closer to tying the knot.

Adam Schupak of Golf Digest asked Johnson this week if he and Paulina have set a date to be married. The PGA star said “we do not have one yet,” but he said the decision is getting closer.

Gretzky recently shared some photos of herself dress shopping on social media, so wedding bells could be chiming in the near future.

Gretzky, the daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky spoke about her longtime engagement to Johnson in a podcast appearance earlier this year. She said she and Johnson are “so in love” and explained why they have not gotten around to their wedding just yet.

Paulina was by Johnson’s side when he won the Masters last year. She even wore her own green jacket, which led to this great tweet going viral. Gretzky and Johnson share two sons together, who are 5 and 3. It would not be a surprise if the two are married at some point this year.

Paulina Gretzky opens up about not being married to Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson Paulina Gretzky

PGA superstar Dustin Johnson and his girlfriend Paulina Gretzky have been engaged for more than seven years now, but they still have not announced any plans for a wedding. Apparently, the two are still in no rush to tie the knot.

Gretzky spoke about her engagement to Johnson this week in an appearance on the “Netchicks” podcast, which is co-hosted by her sister-in-law Sara Gretzky. She confirmed that she and Dustin are not married but are “so in love” and are focused more on their two sons, who are 5 and 3.

“I don’t know if people know if me and Dustin are really married or not. We’re not. We’re so in love,” Gretzky said, as transcribed by William Pugh of The Sun. “I feel like everyone is like, ‘What is it? Is he not wanting to or she not wanting to?’ It’s so stupid.

“Being just with kids and being happy, I don’t want anything from Dustin other than I love him.”

Gretzky, who is the daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky, was by Johnson’s side when he won the Masters back in November. She even wore her own green jacket, which led to this great tweet going viral.

Dustin and Paulina appeared to have some rocky times a few years ago as cheating rumors swirled, but that has not kept them apart. They simply aren’t in a rush to get married, and it’s fair to wonder if they ever will.

Colin Cowherd’s Dustin Johnson-Paulina Gretzky tweet went viral

Dustin Johnson Paulina Gretzky

Colin Cowherd sent a tweet on Sunday about Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky that went viral.

After Johnson won the Masters for his second career major, the FS1 host sent a tweet saying congratulations to Johnson “on everything.” Cowherd’s tweet included a photo of the golfer with his left hand on his fiancee’s backside.

Johnson won the Masters by five strokes at 20 under for the event. After he secured his second major, he was greeted by Paulina, who wore her own green jacket.

Johnson and Gretzky have been together since at least early 2013 and were engaged later that summer. They have two children together but have not gotten married. They had some rocky times a few years ago over cheating rumors, but that has not kept them apart.

Dustin Johnson’s girlfriend Paulina Gretzky wore her own green jacket

Dustin Johnson Paulina Gretzky

Dustin Johnson captured his first career green jacket at the Masters on Sunday, and his longtime girlfriend Paulina Gretzky was there to greet him when he capped off the remarkable performance. She, too, was wearing a green jacket.

Johnson and Gretzky embraced after Johnson tapped in for par on the 18th hole to finish at 20 under for the tournament, which was a Masters record. Paulina’s wardrobe selection was a big hit among fans.

Wearing green was a cocky move for Paulina, but she certainly pulled it off.

Johnson dominated all four days of the Masters and secured a spot in the record book with an impressive feat. The win was only fitting for the type of year the world No. 1 has had.

Johnson and Gretzky are engaged and have two children together.

Dustin Johnson’s girlfriend Paulina Gretzky has become far less active on social media

Dustin Johnson sprung to the top of the leaderboard at the Travelers Championship with an incredible round on Saturday, which naturally led many fans to social media with one question in mind — where is Paulina?

Paulina Gretzky, the daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky, has been engaged to Johnson for many years. She used to be very active on social media, which was a great source of happiness for many fans. Those who flocked to her pages as Johnson was leading the Travelers Championship on Sunday did not discover much new content, however.

That said, all indications are that things are still going well with the couple. Johnson and Gretzky have two sons together, and Andrew Holleran of The Spun pointed out that Paulina shared a heartwarming video of her and Dustin after Johnson shot a 9-under 61 on Saturday.

So why hasn’t Paulina posted more content? We’re unsure, but it probably has a lot to do with her being busy raising two young kids. There have been rumors over the years that Gretzky’s relationship with Johnson was on rocky ground, but she’s still in the 2016 U.S. Open champion’s corner.

Wayne Gretzky has learned to ignore daughter Paulina’s sexy Instagram pics

Paulina Gretzky has become a household name in part because she is the daughter of arguably the greatest hockey player to ever live, but also because she’s incredibly attractive. She’s never been shy about showing off her good looks on social media, and that is apparently something “The Great One” has learned to ignore.

According to a recent write-up in Hollywood Life, Wayne used to find it “mortifying” when Paulina would post photos of herself wearing very little on her Instagram account. Now, however, he is unfazed.

“Paulina’s sexy photos don’t really faze him,” the article says. “When she first started getting attention over the pics, he used to find it a bit mortifying, but now he just shrugs it off.

“Paulina is a grown woman, so it’s not like Wayne can tell her what she can and can’t post on social media. Even if he wanted to, it’s not really his business, at the end of the day. Wayne doesn’t look at Paulina’s social accounts, but he is proud of her. She is a smart, beautiful woman and a great mom, so there is a lot to be proud of.”

Paulina, of course, is engaged to PGA golfer Dustin Johnson. There was a time when it seemed like Wayne didn’t approve of the relationship, but that has changed too. The couple now has two kids together.

Even if Wayne doesn’t like the Instagram photos, all indications are that Paulina is successful and doing well in life. What more can a father ask for?