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Video: Fire alarm goes off during Peyton, Eli Manning’s broadcast

Peyton Eli Manning broadcast

The “Monday Night Football” broadcast hosted by Peyton and Eli Manning during the Las Vegas Raiders-Baltimore Ravens game was going great, right up until halftime.

With just a few seconds to go before the half, the fire alarm started going off. The noise was audible to TV viewers.

You have to love Peyton’s immediate reaction.

“Eli, what’d you do?” he said, blaming it on his younger brother.

When the game went to halftime, the broadcast cut away to commercial. Let’s hope they were able to resolve the issue over halftime, because the first half broadcast was great.

Jimmy Johnson reveals that Dolphins had chance to trade up for Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning

The Miami Dolphins have been plagued by missing on the opportunity to acquire some franchise quarterbacks over the last several years. We already knew about the big blunder involving Nick Saban’s tenure as Dolphins head coach. Now we also know about a missed opportunity under Jimmy Johnson.

Johnson was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame last weekend. The current FOX NFL analyst won two Super Bowls as head coach of the Cowboys and then left because of issues with team owner Jerry Jones. A few years later, Johnson returned to coaching and joined the Dolphins from 1996-1999.

Dan Marino was Miami’s quarterback for all four seasons Johnson coached the team. But Johnson recently revealed that he had the opportunity to trade up in the 1998 draft to get Peyton Manning. Manning was selected No. 1 overall by Indianapolis that year and went on to have a Hall of Fame career.

“It would have taken my entire draft board, but I could have made a trade to move up to get Peyton Manning,” Johnson revealed on “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz“. “In fact, I talked to Peyton and Archie about it this weekend.”

Johnson was pressed for more information but declined to go further.

“That’s all the details I can give you,” he said. “I probably gave you too much already.”

Considering Marino stayed with Miami through 1999 before retiring, it’s possible that the franchise did not want to have a messy split with its legendary quarterback. Or maybe they felt the price to pay for Manning would have been too much. Or maybe there was another reason they didn’t make the deal.

We do know one thing: Johnson was not afraid to make bold trades. In this case, the Dolphins didn’t pull the trigger. They have been looking for a franchise quarterback ever since.

H/T CBS Sports

Eli Manning cracked funny joke on brother Peyton’s enshrinement day

Eli Manning

Peyton Manning may have gotten all the headlines over the weekend as he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, but his brother Eli continued to prove that he is king of the Mannings when it comes to social media.

Hours before Peyton was enshrined in Canton, Ohio, Eli sent a hilarious tweet about how he and his wife, Abby, won the consolation bracket of their mixed doubles tennis tournament. Eli said their big win made the day “even more special for the Manning family,” though he didn’t want to take anything away from Peyton.

Eli was seen tearing up at numerous points during Peyton’s speech on Sunday night, so it’s safe to conclude he realized the Hall of Fame enshrinement was a bit more important than his and Abby’s tennis match.

While he may not have had quite the NFL career his older brother had, Manning has two Super Bowl rings of his own and seems to have found his niche since retiring. He now works for the New York Giants in community relations, and the recent tweet he sent about the team’s practice brawl was a great example of how entertaining he has become.

There’s simply very little the Mannings can’t do.

Peyton Manning’s Hall of Fame bust did not look like him

Peyton Manning Hall of Fame bust

One of the coolest parts about being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame is getting the bust in Canton. Over the years, these sculptures have gotten better and better, and more and more accurate. The Edgerrin James and Jimmy Johnson busts looked fantastic, to name a few.

But the Peyton Manning one probably looked the least like the player.

Does this look like Peyton to you?

If you had a few guesses and hints, you could probably figure it out. But that didn’t resemble Peyton the way some others’ busts resembled them.

Archie Manning, who presented his son, could not resist patting the bust’s forehead.

Maybe the bust was missing Manning’s famous red mark on the forehead. True to form, Manning even had a joke about his red mark.

Peyton Manning has great Ray Lewis, Tom Brady jokes during Hall of Fame speech

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning delivered a wonderful Hall of Fame speech on Sunday night, as expected. And staying true to form, he opened his speech with a few jokes.

Manning, who is known for his humor, had a zinger for Ray Lewis. He joked that Lewis had only just finished the acceptance speech he began giving in 2018.

Manning also had a joke for Tom Brady as well when poking fun at the length of time allowed for enshrinement speeches.

“By the time (Tom Brady) is inducted in the year 2035, he’ll only have time to post his acceptance speech on his Instagram account.”

Yes, Brady sat in Manning’s section at the Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony.

Once he got past the jokes, Manning made clear his love of football. He shared a play among Hall of Famers that he drew up in his mind. He also shared how important it was for him to carry on the legacy of football and to ensure other Hall of Famers did the same.

Well done, Peyton. Well done.

Bill Belichick has incredibly high praise for Peyton Manning

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick has been around for a while. The New England Patriots coach has over 45 years of NFL coaching experience, and he’s coached big playoff games against the very best opponents. That’s why it’s noteworthy when he offers praise for pretty much anyone.

Belichick commented on Peyton Manning’s upcoming Hall of Fame induction, calling the former Colts and Broncos star the best quarterback he’d ever coached against.

“He is definitely the best quarterback I’ve coached against,” Belichick told Ben Volin of the Boston Globe. “There have been quarterbacks who called their own plays, but it was nowhere near the same as what he did. He basically called every play by adjusting and/or changing the play once he saw what the defense was doing. He excelled at using the cadence and recognizing blitzes, and more than any one single offensive player, he forced us to change and adapt defensive game plans.”

It’s a good summation of what made Manning so good and so difficult to play against. Based on this comment, it’s clear that Tom Brady agrees with his former coach on this one.

Speaking of Brady, don’t be surprised if he uses this quote as motivation for his upcoming matchup with Belichick. The guy can find it anywhere, after all.

Tom Brady sends great tweet about supporting Peyton Manning at Hall of Fame

Tom Brady Bucs

Peyton Manning is set to be enshrined at the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio during a ceremony on Saturday, and Tom Brady is among those who will be there to support his former rival. But don’t worry, Brady says the gesture is self-serving.

Manning said during FOX’s telecast of the Pittsburgh Steelers-Dallas Cowboys game on Thursday night that he is moved by Brady and others traveling to Canton to support him. He also joked that his former Indianapolis Colts teammates might not be thrilled about Brady being there. On Friday, Brady tweeted that he is only attending the ceremony to make sure Manning isn’t considering an NFL comeback.

Brady and Manning were the faces of the NFL and rivals on the field for over a decade. They met regularly during the postseason and prevented one another from reaching the Super Bowl on multiple occasions. Because of that, many have assumed that there is tension between the two, but that has never been the case.

Brady’s decision to attend Manning’s ceremony is another sign of how much mutual respect there is between the two. Some of the friendly trash talk they’ve exchanged recently shows what type of relationship they have. Manning will surely return the favor when Brady gets a spot in Canton someday.

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Peyton Manning moved by Tom Brady’s Hall of Fame gesture

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is among the members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2021. He will be enshrined at the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio during a ceremony on Saturday.

Manning says many people from his football career are going to Canton to be a part of the ceremony and support him as he is inducted. He mentioned one person specifically whose attendance stood out to him: Tom Brady.

Manning was interviewed during FOX’s telecast of the Pittsburgh Steelers-Dallas Cowboys game on Thursday.

“It’s an honor for me to have so many teammates coming back for this ceremony. Coaches, got some old rivals. Tom Brady’s coming in — sitting in my section — I’m not sure how my Colts teammates will handle that,” Manning joked to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. “That means a lot that he’s taking the time. And Bruce Arians, and people who have been a part of my football journey. For them to take the time to fly to Canton to be here for this ceremony really means a lot. I look forward to celebrating with them.”

That’s pretty cool.

Brady and Manning were the faces of the NFL and rivals on the field for a decade and a half. They met regularly during the postseason, preventing one another from reaching the Super Bowl. Brady’s success came at Manning’s expense many times, and vice versa.

To see Brady attend Manning’s enshrinement as a guest in his personal section shows that the rivalry was all in good nature and that the two put football above all. Of course, the friendly trash talk they have exchanged recently seemed to be a sign they were on good terms. This further confirms it.

Peyton Manning has hilarious admission about infamous red mark on forehead

Peyton Manning forehead mark

Peyton Manning was the source of many, many internet jokes during his Hall of Fame career because of a distinguished red mark he seemed to always have on his forehead anytime he removed his helmet. We now have a better idea of who was to blame for that.

Manning was a guest on the “Pardon My Take” podcast this week, and hosts Big Cat and PFT asked all the hard-hitting questions per usual. When the topic of Manning’s forehead arose, he joked that he has “such a big forehead that there’s so much room for the camera to zoom in on it.” He then said the Riddell manufacturers always told him the red forehead meant the helmet fit perfectly.

“They would always tell me, ‘Hey, the red forehead means the helmet fits just right. That means it’s tight, it’s close to your head, it’s gonna prevent injuries. It’s perfect.’ So, I would believe that. I’m like, ‘OK, I’m gonna keep having it tight. It’s tight enough that it leaves the red mark.'”

You can see the clip below, but beware that it contains a curse word:

If Manning was convinced that the red mark was a symbol of safety, you can understand why he put up with all the trolling.

No one does self-deprecation better than Manning, and we have been reminded of that on multiple occasions since he retired.

Peyton and Eli Manning to host ‘Monday Night Football’ megacast for ESPN

Peyton Manning

ESPN has sought to get Peyton Manning as its “Monday Night Football” analyst for years. They’ve succeeded — albeit in a new, non-traditional way.

ESPN announced Monday that Peyton and Eli Manning will headline what the network calls a Monday Night Football “MegaCast” production. The brothers have agreed to do ten games a year for each of the next three seasons, which will air on ESPN2 alongside the traditional “Monday Night Football” broadcast on ESPN.

The network says the telecasts will originate from a remote location with both Manning brothers. They will be joined by a yet-to-be-determined host, as well as guest appearances from celebrities and both current and former athletes. The broadcast promises to be “a mix of in-the-moment analysis, big picture NFL dialogue, knee-jerk reaction, historical perspective, and more.”

Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions will co-produce the broadcasts with ESPN.

ESPN has served as the home of Peyton’s series “Peyton Places” and has sought to get him on game broadcasts for some time, with huge offers said to be on the table. Manning never took those, but he’s clearly comfortable doing this less traditional broadcast with his younger brother. Even though they won’t be occupying more traditional analyst roles, both Manning brothers should have some interesting insights to offer for whatever games they ultimately cover in this format.