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Randy Moss offered unbelievably awful criticism of Jacksonville, Urban Meyer

Randy Moss

Randy Moss offered some unbelievably awful criticism of Urban Meyer, the city of Jacksonville, and Duval County.

Moss was talking on ESPN’s NFL Postseason Countdown show on Sunday and discussed why he thought Meyer would have a tough time adjusting to the NFL. Moss brought up some fair points about challenges Meyer is facing given how the Jaguars have driven away a lot of talent recently, like Jalen Ramsey and Leonard Fournette. But then he drifted off into making some incoherent points.

Moss brought up social justice and the crime in Jacksonville, suggesting those would be challenges for Meyer.

“Social justice, being out in the community, Jacksonville Jaguars and the state of Florida — Duval County is not a good county to be in. So I really think that Urban Meyer, and I’m talking about the violence, not just the people, and the crime in Duval County … so when I look at Urban Meyer coming to this team, he has a lot to be working with, and it’s not just the team. The Black Lives Matter, everything that’s going on in our country right now, with COVID, there’s a lot of concerns going on. I just wish him the best of luck.”

Congratulations to Moss for delivering one of the worst takes I’ve ever seen. What in the world is he talking about? What on earth does the crime in Duval County have to do with anything? How would that be an issue for Urban Meyer? How would that impede Meyer’s ability to build a successful NFL team? The points make no sense and were poorly articulated by Moss.

If a city’s crime were a gauge for likelihood of success of an NFL team, then how would Moss explain the Ravens and Bears making the playoffs this season? The defending Super Bowl champions come from a city ranked in the top five most dangerous in the country, according to one publication.

Moss also failed to articulate what about social justice and COVID would make Meyer any worse of a coach than any other coach who deals with the same things. Though prior to him, Tedy Bruschi said that coaches now connect with players on a deeper level due to social issues, and Meyer missed all of that due to his absence from coaching the last two years.

Between this and his unbelievably bad Jerry Rice opinion, Moss is losing credibility every time he opens his mouth. Does he even prepare before going on air?

Justin Jefferson has special request for Randy Moss after breaking record

Justin Jefferson

It’s not every day that players get to break records set by Randy Moss. Justin Jefferson did it on Sunday, and he wants Moss to help him remember the occasion.

The Minnesota Vikings rookie needed 111 receiving yards in Week 17 to break Moss’ rookie record for receiving yards in a season, which he did in the fourth quarter. Jefferson also broke the Vikings’ franchise record in the same category, which was set by Moss in 1998. Jefferson even wore special cleats paying tribute to Moss while accomplishing the feat.

After the game, Jefferson said it was an “honor” and a “blessing” to break a record held by Moss, and said he wanted the iconic receiver to sign his cleats.

The significance of breaking a Moss franchise record is not lost on Jefferson. It certainly looks like the Vikings have a star for years to come. The organization will hope Jefferson can keep emulating the legend, though maybe with a bit less yelling at his quarterback.

Michael Irvin calls out Randy Moss over his Jerry Rice ranking

Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin called out Randy Moss this week over Moss’ slight of Jerry Rice.

In a podcast interview with Terrell Owens, Moss shared his rankings of the best receivers ever. Moss embarrassingly had Rice “third or fourth” on the list, behind himself and T.O.

Rice later fired back in a deleted social media post. But now we have another Hall of Fame receiver to weigh in.

“Jerry Rice is the greatest of all time,” Irvin said on 95.7 The Game’s “Damon, Ratto and Kolsky” show, via NBC Sports Bay Area. “If anybody says anything other than that, they need to see some kind of doctor to examine his cranium. Period.”

Irvin noted that Moss and Owens had “fabulous careers,” but he says it’s irrelevant when it comes to Rice.

“You gotta pay homage to what this man has done. … This shouldn’t even be a discussion,” Irvin said. “I got Jerry Rice up there with the greatest player ever, period. I don’t wanna hear wide receiver. I’m talking about period, of all time.

“This discussion should not be a discussion.”

“The Playmaker” is among the best receivers ever too, so when he says there’s no discussion, it carries even more weight.

Of course, Moss will always put himself highly because he has tons of self-confidence. But the Rice ranking may have something to do with what Jerry said during Randy’s career.

Jerry Rice fires back at Randy Moss in deleted social media post

Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice appears to have had his say on the topic of Randy Moss’ controversial wide receiver rankings.

In a recent podcast appearance, Moss rated himself as the best wide receiver of all time, putting Rice “third or fourth.” Those comments went down poorly with many given Rice’s longevity and consistency.

Rice knows that, too, and he made the point in a since-deleted Instagram post illustrating his statistical dominance over Moss.

Don’t count on this swaying Moss. For most others, however, it’s more than enough to settle the debate.

Rice likely didn’t think much of Moss’ rankings when you consider what the 49er great has said about Moss in the past, either.

Randy Moss disrespects Jerry Rice with ranking of best receivers ever

Randy Moss

Randy Moss owes Jerry Rice a big fat apology.

Moss was a guest on Terrell Owens’ “Getcha Popcorn Ready Podcast with Terrell Owens and Matthew Hatchette” podcast. The episode was published in two parts.

Moss was asked to give his rankings of the best wide receivers of all time.

“I’ll put myself first, I’ll put T.O. second. Jerry’s probably third or fourth. I’m talking about dominating the game and changing the game of football. I don’t live on statistics because if you live on statistics and live on championships that’s all political. You’ve seen guys released or cut from a team just by a couple words in the media. You’ve seen guys not given contracts just because of the color of their skin. You’ve got to throw politics out of the game of football, and look at the impact of what each individual was able to make in the game of football,” Moss said.

Now that’s a load of rubbish. Absolute rubbish.

I love what Moss did on the field. He was great. I even wrote that Moss got off to a better start to his career Rice. But Moss didn’t do enough after that, while Rice continued to be great for several more years. T.O. was great on the field too, even if he was a terrible locker room presence. But if anybody alive actually thinks either of those guys rank ahead of Rice, they’re crazy.

Rice led the NFL in receptions twice (Moss never did). Rice led the NFL in receiving yards six times (Moss never did). Rice led the league in receiving touchdowns six times (Moss did five times).

Rice has 50 percent more career receiving yards and receptions and a third more touchdowns than Moss. Rice is the best ever. Period. Joe Montana was right when he said this about the two receivers.

But if you’re wondering why Moss may have ranked things this way, it could be because of some negative history between the men.

High school coach upset Randy Moss mocked QB in ESPN segment

Randy Moss

ESPN’s “C’Mon Man!” segment is typically lighthearted in nature and something that fans find entertaining, but one high school football coach is not happy that Randy Moss took aim at his quarterback on Monday night.

For his portion of the “C’Mon Man!” segment, Moss highlighted a major flub from Fayetteville High School in its Arkansas state playoff game against Little Rock Central. Facing 4th-and-32 with a 35-34 lead and just seconds remaining in the game, Fayetteville quarterback Bladen Fike for some reason took a knee deep in his own territory. There were two seconds remaining on the clock, so Little Rock Central took over on downs and kicked a game-winning field goal.

You can see the portion of the segment around the 1:35 mark below:

“Y’all got eliminated from the playoffs because you didn’t understand the game? Man, quarterback Bladen Fike, y’all know what it is, c’mon man!” Moss said.

Fayetteville High School head coach Casey Dick called it “disheartening” that Moss and ESPN would criticize a high school kid on national television. Dick took full responsibility for the kneeldown and praised Fike on Twitter.

“It’s disheartening to see @espn run a segment like this on a kid. I as HIS HEAD COACH take full responsibility. Any criticism needs to be directed towards me. @BladenFike is a tremendous young man with a bright future! Proud to be his coach! #FamilY,” the coach wrote.

Fike also addressed the heartbreaking finish in a tweet and tagged Moss.

“I took my eye off the clock. However, criticizing me off of one play does not define me as a Quarterback. I am much better than that! I love my team and my coaches! Thanks for having my back. #familY #PurpleReign @CdickC @RandyMoss,” Fike wrote.

You can understand why Dick was upset. ESPN is better off highlighting high school games in its “You Got Mossed!” segment rather than criticizing high school students for mistakes. We know how proud Moss is of his own kids, and he has shown that on TV in some great ways. He probably wouldn’t be happy if someone was showing up one of his kids when they were still in high school.

H/T New York Post

Randy Moss identifies Ravens’ biggest issue on offense

Randy Moss

Randy Moss thinks he knows what the biggest problem is for the Baltimore Ravens’ offense.

The Ravens went an NFL-best 14-2 last season before losing in the divisional round of the playoffs. They’re 6-3 this season, have lost two of three, and haven’t scored more than 24 points in their last three games.

So what is there issue? Moss identified it while talking on “Monday Night Countdown.”

“I’ve been critical all season about the Baltimore Ravens. They have no big-play wide receiver on the outside for Lamar Jackson. Mark Andrews is a big factor in that offense, but he only works the middle of the field. Lamar Jackson needs a big-play wide receiver on the outside. Why? Because the defense has to respect that, and that’s going to open up lanes in the running game, that’s going to open up lanes in the passing game,” Moss said.

“Until the Baltimore Ravens get a No. 1 wide receiver with a big catch radius that Lamar Jackson needs, they’re going to remain a running team.”

The Ravens drafted Hollywood Brown in the first round last year to be a big-play threat. He had seven touchdowns last season but only has two this year. He’s averaging 47.9 receiving yards per game, which leads the team. That’s not very much.

The Ravens probably knew that was a weakness, which likely inspired them to add this man. But with the trade deadline already passed, Baltimore’s ability to add a big receiver is limited.

Randy Moss reached out to Michael Thomas to offer advice

Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas is navigating his way through a surprisingly tough season, and Randy Moss is offering the New Orleans Saints star some assistance.

Thomas has not played since Week 1 due to ankle and hamstring injuries, but he is expected to be active for Sunday night’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Moss reached out to Thomas recently to offer advice on how to bounce back strong and navigate the second half of the season.

Moss missed very few games during his career due to injury, so his advice probably had more to do with the disciplinary issues Thomas has had this season. Thomas was set to return for the Saints in Week 5 but was held out following an altercation with a teammate in practice. Not long after that, reports surfaced that New Orleans was considering trading Thomas.

Thomas has missed the last two games with a hamstring injury, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter hinted this week that there are still some lingering issues among Thomas and his teammates because of the practice altercation.

Moss is one of the greatest receivers of all time, but he was also dogged by character concerns for much of his career. He should be able to offer Thomas some valuable tips on how to avoid developing that same type of reputation.

Video: Jerry Jeudy pulls a Randy Moss on his first career touchdown

Jerry Jeudy Pierre Desir

Jerry Jeudy caught his first career NFL touchdown on Thursday night, and he pulled a Randy Moss while doing so.

The Denver Broncos had a 1st-and-10 at the New York Jets’ 48-yard line while trailing 7-3 in the second quarter of Thursday night’s game. Brett Rypien threw deep down the right side of the field for Jeudy.

Jets cornerback Pierre Desir was tracking Jeudy closely and in perfect position to break up the pass, but he botched it. The ball bounced off his facemask and was pulled away by Jeudy, who backpedaled into the end zone with an easy touchdown.

That was Jeudy’s first catch of the game and first NFL touchdown. He probably never thought it would come in “Moss” style.

At least Desire made up for his embarrassing gaffe with an interception on the next Denver possession.

Randy Moss passed on chance to win Super Bowl ring with Seahawks

Randy Moss

Randy Moss is easily among the most talented former NFL players to have never won a Super Bowl. He came painfully close with the New England Patriots, and apparently he had a real shot at capturing a ring long after that as well.

During an appearance on Russell Wilson’s “DangerTalk” podcast, Moss made a surprising revelation about the Seattle Seahawks trying to sign him back in 2013. The Hall of Famer said Seahawks GM John Schneider called him and tried to sign him after Percy Harvin got injured.

“I had an opportunity. Schneider tried to bring me off the rack,” Moss said. “Percy just got hurt. I get a call. I’m working for FOX. I’m working out, but I’m not training. I stopped training three weeks prior because I said, you know what, I’m gonna keep training because if a team would want to pick me up going into the playoffs, I’d at least honor that. He called me and said, ‘Percy got hurt, the guys would be ecstatic if you came into the locker room…'”

Because he was only working out but had stopped formal football training, Moss felt it would be a disservice to the Seahawks to accept the offer. Of course, Wilson disagreed.

“The passion and love that I have for the game and that I have for my teammates, I did not want to come in knowing that I wasn’t ready, no matter what my role would have been,” Moss said. “As much as I would want to have a Super Bowl ring, I wasn’t chasing one.”

That was the season the Seahawks thrashed the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. Their defense was an absolute force, so they probably still would have won it all even with Moss in less-than-perfect shape. You have to admire Moss not wanting to back into a Super Bowl ring that way, though.

Moss is now 43, but that hasn’t stopped one of his favorite former teammates from recruiting him. You can hear Moss’ full comments from Wilson’s podcast below: