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Rex Ryan calls Bills’ ground and pound offensive style ‘boring’


Rex Ryan knows that his Buffalo Bills don’t run the most eye-catching offense in the world. He also doesn’t really care.

The Bills ran the ball 44 times in their 45-16 win over San Francisco on Sunday, relying on the ground to be augmented by a conservative passing game and a smothering defense. It’s the reason the team has won four straight after an 0-2 start.

“I know it’s boring football, but we just want to win, whether that means we’re going to put it up 30 or 40 times a game or just run the football,” Ryan said, via Jerry Sullivan of the Buffalo News. “Obviously, I’d prefer to run. There’s no question about that. Maybe that’s the old school in me, but I still think you run the ball to win games.

“We know we need to do a better job of passing it and I thought we did today. The main thing is being efficient.”

It’s not the world’s most complex offense, that much is for certain, but that’s probably by design. Perhaps this move, which was derided at the time, was actually something of a stroke of genius.

Rex, Rob Ryan took step back on defense after Bills’ 0-2 start

Rex Rob Ryan Bills

The Buffalo Bills have won three in a row since their 0-2 start, including a shutout of the New England Patriots in Week 4. Apparently a more hands-off approach from the Ryan brothers on defense has helped the team.

According to veteran NFL reporter Mike Silver, the Ryans took a step back following the 0-2 start and allowed defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman to handle play calls.

The Bills are fifth in the league in scoring defense and 15th in yards allowed, with a large part of those totals coming in a 37-31 defeat to the Jets in Week 2. Since then, they’ve been much stronger, allowing 18, 0 and 19 points.

Such a change could lead some to question how good of coaches the Ryans really are, but sometimes the difference for a leader is in knowing when to get out of the way and let others around you do what they do best. Rex certainly deserves credit for that. And now we know they stand together in more things than just weight gain.

Rex Ryan claims he knew who Patriots QB would be, says Bills ‘expected to win’


Rex Ryan beat the New England Patriots 16-0 on the road on Sunday, which always puts him in a bullish mood.

In fact, Ryan, after opening his press conference with a monotone “on to L.A., I guess,” even implied he had a mole in the Patriots organization telling him who’d play quarterback, and that he expected to win the game.

“My sources inside the New England Patriot building said that Jacoby Brissett would be the quarterback,” Ryan said Sunday, via Mike Rodak of ESPN. “How about that? I’ll stir some stuff up. ‘Who was it?’ Who was it? I don’t know who it was.”

“It’s satisfying, but let’s face it, they had a player out,” Ryan added, making obvious reference to the suspended Tom Brady. “They had a player out, and we had our team, so we expected to win.”

This was a big game. Ryan is always loud when it comes to the Patriots, and the two teams had a moment during the pregame. For the Bills, you can imagine why Ryan is so boastful, although he might want to watch himself.

Rex Ryan poses as reporter to ask Julian Edelman about playing quarterback (Video)


Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan isn’t sure which quarterback he’ll be facing against the New England Patriots, so he decided to go straight to the source.

Posing as Walt Patulski from the Buffalo News, Ryan hopped into Julian Edelman’s media conference call and asked him if he was playing quarterback.

To his credit, Edelman gave the very diplomatic do whatever the team asks me to do answer to the question. It’s not entirely clear whether he knew he was talking to Rex Ryan or, well, Walt Patulski.

The Buffalo News was happy to issue a quick clarification via Twitter.

Of course, Rex says he doesn’t even care who plays the position for New England. Doesn’t mean he can’t be curious, though.

Rex Ryan says he does not care who plays quarterback for Patriots (Video)


Rex Ryan is ready for another showdown with the New England Patriots, and he doesn’t care who they have under center.

With questions remaining over the Patriots’ quarterback situation, Ryan was bullish: we’re coming after you, no matter who you are.

“Look, I can sit back and say I don’t care who plays quarterback because I know Brady ain’t,” Ryan said. “I don’t care who plays quarterback. Steve Grogan can play quarterback. If Belichick’s playing quarterback, we’re coming after him. I promise you that.”

Oh, Rex. He’s feeling pretty bullish after a win, and he just can’t help himself when it comes to the Patriots. Even though he’s dealt with some serious issues in-house, he’s feeling good and optimistic. We’ll see if his team can match his bravado.

Rex Ryan in ‘full support’ of owners meeting with players behind his back


Buffalo Bills owners Kim and Terry Pegula reportedly met with players to get their opinions before offensive coordinator Greg Roman was fired, and Rex Ryan says he has no problem with that.

Despite not being present for the meetings, Ryan told reporters he feels it is a “real positive thing” for owners to have an open dialogue with players.

“In regard to the reports about how players were seeing ownership, that happens all the time,” Ryan said, per Jay Skurski of The Buffalo news. “I feel fortunate that our owners, I mean they talk to our players, they talk to everybody.

“I can tell you this: I’m in full support of our owners. And at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter, does it? They own the football team, they don’t have to get permission to talk to anybody, myself included, but I have no problem with it whatsoever. In fact, I think it’s a real positive thing for us.”

The way the report was worded made it seem like the Pegulas intentionally left Ryan in the dark while discussing Roman’s future with the team. That would be interesting when you consider the comments Ryan made after Roman was let go.

No matter how you look at it, Ryan is on the hot seat. With his team off to an 0-2 start after a disappointing season last year, it can’t be a good feeling knowing ownership is speaking to players about the coaching staff. Ryan knows he’ll be next if the Bills don’t start winning games.

H/T Pro Football Talk

Greg Roman denies report that he privately called Rex Ryan a ‘buffoon’


Former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Greg Roman is denying that the divorce between himself and Rex Ryan was a long time coming.

On Friday, Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News reported that Roman had privately told at least one person that he thought the coach was a “buffoon” and had already planned to leave the Bills at the end of the season. Roman also purportedly felt that coaching under Ryan would hurt his career.

Roman strongly denied the report when speaking to Alex Marvez of the Sporting News on Sunday, calling the statements “damnable lies.”

“I have nothing but respect for coach Ryan and I thought we had a great working relationship,” Roman said. “We met and he informed me of his decision. I thought it was handled very professionally. We then discussed how we could best make this work for everybody moving forward.”

There are a lot of rumblings that the Roman-Ryan split hasn’t exactly been handled well. Even if Roman denies this story, it won’t quiet those rumblings one bit.

Bills owners reportedly met with players behind Rex Ryan’s back

Rex Ryan Bills

Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan said publicly that it was his decision to fire offensive coordinator Greg Roman after Thursday night’s loss to the New York Jets. But is that what happened privately?

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula met with several key offensive players on Friday to get an idea of how they felt about Roman and the direction of the offense. Ryan was not present for any of the meetings, and he was reportedly “not pleased” when he learned the nature of them.

Ryan claims he made the decision to fire Roman and then informed the Pegulas about it. One source told Rapoport the Pegulas met with players, including quarterback Tyrod Taylor, to confirm that Ryan was considering firing Roman after Buffalo’s Week 1 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Another source claimed the owners brought the idea to Ryan after the meetings.

What does it all mean? At the very least, the supposed lack of communication between Ryan and the Pegulas could indicate that there is trouble in paradise. It’s well known that Ryan is on the hot seat, and he can’t be feeling like he has much support from his bosses if they’re holding secret meetings with the players.

For the time being, Roman was merely a scapegoat. The Bills are off to an 0-2 start, and one of the team’s most beloved legends indicated before the season that Ryan could be on the chopping block. If Buffalo misses the playoffs, Ryan is almost certain to be fired. If the losing streak continues, the move could come sooner rather than later.

Rex Ryan takes responsibility for Greg Roman firing

Rex Ryan Bills

The Buffalo Bills’ decision to part ways with offensive coordinator Greg Roman raised eyebrows on Friday, and coach Rex Ryan is taking full responsibility for the move.

On Friday, Ryan told reporters that the decision to fire Roman and promote assistant Anthony Lynn to offensive coordinator was his and his alone.

“This is my move, without question,” Ryan said via ESPN’s Mike Rodak, while also confirming that he met with team owners Terry and Kim Pegula to confirm the move.

“I think we need a change,” Ryan said. “I think we have a lot of talent on offense. I believe that. I believe we’re going to do what we can to put the ball in our playmakers’ hands. I think Anthony will do that.”

One of the things Ryan appears to be targeting is an increased focus on keeping quarterback Tyrod Taylor in the pocket and throwing the football.

“I believe [Taylor’s] ability as a drop-back quarterback, as a quarterback that’s athletic, we can do things with,” Ryan said. “I think he’s a rare talent. We have to do things that I think will showcase those abilities a little bit. He has some unique abilities.”

Ryan also defended himself against charges that it was the defense, not the offense, that was the real scapegoat, at least in the team’s Week 2 loss to the Jets.

“I understand [the question],” Ryan said. “Certainly the defense has to improve. There’s no doubt about that. But this, I think if it was appropriate to do something else, then I would have. To me, I thought this was the move that I felt that we needed to make to help our team moving forward.”

Roman was pretty obviously scapegoated with the Bills fearing an 0-4 start. We’ll see if it works, because if it doesn’t, Ryan himself is probably the next one on the chopping block.

Rex Ryan gave impassioned, f-bomb laden speech to Bills at start of camp

Rex Rob Ryan Bills

Rex Ryan knows this is something of a make-or-break season for him in Buffalo, and he started the season by approaching things accordingly.

At the start of training camp, Ryan was filmed by the team for a documentary, which finally aired in the Buffalo market on Saturday. In it, well, Ryan’s aggressive streak is showing, as well as his penchant for expletives.

“Everything’s questioned,” Ryan told his team, via Mike Rodak of ESPN. “I forgot to how to f—ing coach. ‘The players don’t respond to Rex, he don’t know what the f— he’s doing anymore.'”

Ryan proceeded to quote Muhammad Ali and tell his team that the best way to get revenge was through achieving “massive success.”

“That’s where I’m at,” Ryan went on to say. “It ain’t about being No. 1 in defense, No. 1 in offense, whatever. No, it’s about us in this room, holding this damn trophy saying we won the whole m—-f—–,” he said. “That’s where I’m at. Don’t be afraid of it. I don’t give a s— who knows it. Here we are. Here the f— we are. That’s who the f— I am.

“I’m going to tell you we’re the f—ing best because I believe it. Let me f—ing say it. And if it doesn’t work, I’ll be the first m—–f—– that goes. And everyone one of you, I f—ing know you’ve got my back. All I want is every f—ing thing you got. I’ll take every f—ing bullet known to man.”

Ryan is likely well aware that the pressure is on. It’s on even more after a flat performance to open the regular season. Does Rex have another tirade in his bag with his former team, the Jets, looming on Thursday?