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Rex Ryan takes shot at Aaron Rodgers amid latest rumor

Rex Ryan talks on ESPN

Rex Ryan cannot help but hop aboard The Aaron Rodgers Hate Train.

Speaking this week on ESPN’s “Organized Chaos” podcast, the former NFL coach Ryan reacted to his co-host Bart Scott’s prediction that Rodgers will end up with Denver Broncos this offseason.

“If he goes to Denver, he’s the third-best quarterback in that division,” said Ryan. “You’re going to put him with Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes? I’m not. I won’t. I’m gonna tell you why I won’t do that. Aaron Rodgers is phenomenal. But ten years ago, I’d put him in there. But not now. He’s much older.

“Let’s look at the numbers,” Ryan continued about Rodgers. “When his line protects him, in other words, they win every one of their matchups, Aaron Rodgers is by far and away the No. 1 quarterback in the league. He threw 31 touchdown passes and one interception when his offensive line won their matchups. When they did not win their matchups, he is 26th in the league. So if one guy misses, he is 26th in the league.”

Ryan, who is known for outlandish takes, is obviously being a bit ridiculous here. Despite being 38 years old, Rodgers is likely about to win his second consecutive MVP award. That would bring Rodgers’ MVP total to four, three of which came in his 30s. At 26 years old, Mahomes can compete with that, having won MVP in 2018 as well as one Super Bowl ring to match Rodgers’ one Super Bowl ring. But the 23-year-old Herbert, who has yet to even make the playoffs in his career, certainly cannot compete with that.

As for the Broncos rumors that got the entire discussion started here, they definitely appear to have some legs. Even oddsmakers think it is a very real possibility that Rodgers could end up with Denver this offseason.

Rex Ryan unloads on Brandon Staley for failing Chargers

Rex Ryan as an analyst for ESPN

Brandon Staley on Sunday night may have cost the Los Angeles Chargers a trip to the playoffs with one of the most baffling coaching decisions of the season, and he has faced a great deal of criticism. Rex Ryan was more than happy to pile on.

Staley for some reason called a timeout in overtime when the Las Vegas Raiders were facing 3rd-and-4 with the clock winding down. There were 38 seconds left with the ball at the Chargers 39. A tie would have sent both teams to the playoffs, and the Raiders seemed content to let it happen. Instead, the timeout gave Las Vegas time to talk things over. They then came out and ripped off a 10-yard run, which led to a game-winning field goal.

On ESPN’s “Get Up!” Monday, Ryan absolutely unloaded on Staley.

“This guy coaches like he’s a Division-III coach that nobody cares about. It’s hard not to make the playoffs with a franchise quarterback, but congratulations, you did it,” Ryan said. “How he faces his football team after this one is incredible to me.

“The Raiders were content. They were gonna take the tie. They were absolutely gonna take the tie. But homeboy’s sitting there (and takes a) timeout. What? You’ve got a way better football team than you got beat by, and you lost. … You were born on third base thinking you hit a triple — that’s this cat right here.”

Ryan praised Justin Herbert and the Chargers’ roster and said Staley has done nothing but hold them back. He questioned what makes Staley qualified to be a head coach in the NFL.

“What makes him brilliant? He was a defensive coach that has a horrendous defense that can’t stop the run when you know they’re gonna run. Does that make you brilliant?” Ryan asked. “No, it makes you a coach that’s supposed to be a defensive guru, but you never really earned your stripes.”

As usual, people will point out that Ryan’s tenure as a head coach in the NFL was hardly successful. He went 61-66 with the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, though he did have a 4-2 record in the postseason.

Ryan is a TV analyst now, so his job is to deliver hot takes. In this case, the harsh commentary is warranted. Those who don’t think Staley blew the game for the Chargers might want to see what Raiders coach Ruch Bisaccia said after his team’s win.

Video: Rex Ryan hilariously trolls himself over foot fetish

Rex Ryan cracks a foot joke

Rex Ryan loves feet, and he has never been afraid to show it. The former New York Jets coach has heard plenty of foot fetish jokes over the years, but he proved again on Monday that he is the author of some of the best ones.

Ryan and his ESPN colleagues discussed Aaron Rodgers’ foot injury on Monday morning’s edition of “Get Up!” Before sharing his thoughts, Ryan zinged himself with a hilarious foot joke.

The joke was so unexpected that Ryan Clark had to get up and leave the desk.

Ryan has always had a great sense of humor, and he clearly subscribes to the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” theory. That’s not the first time he has taken a shot at himself with a foot joke while live on the air.

For those of you who don’t get the reference, Ryan was the subject of foot fetish talk a few years back when him and his wife were supposedly featured in some bizarre YouTube videos. Rex has since been mocked by his own twin brother over his love of feet, and he has done a great job of owning it. We hope he never changes.

Rex Ryan backpedals like crazy on Robert Saleh criticism

Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan had some harsh criticism for New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh earlier this week, but the former Jets coach has already changed his tune.

Ryan, who coached the Jets from 2009 to 2014, ripped Saleh during an appearance on ESPN’s “DiPietro and Rothenberg” show. He said he takes it personally that people have compared Saleh to him and said Saleh is “a lot like (Ryan) without the bad part.” Ryan feels — or felt — that Saleh does not deserve to be mentioned in the same conversation as him.

Apparently Ryan’s opinion changed after he had a conversation with Saleh. Ryan said on ESPN Sunday that he spoke with Saleh this week and is “blown away” by him.

“I thought he was super smart and just has a direction for this football team,” Ryan said. “I’m telling you, Jets fans — the more I talked to him the more impressed I was with Robert Saleh. I became a fan of his.”

Ryan’s original frustration probably stemmed more from people ragging on him than it did with being compared to Saleh. It’s completely unfair to judge a first-year head coach based on one season with a rookie quarterback. Saleh may have reminded Ryan of that in their conversation, which is why Rex tried to totally change the narrative on Sunday.

This isn’t the first time Ryan has publicly trashed a head coach. That’s part of his job, but you can understand why Saleh wasn’t happy about it.

Photo: Aug 26, 2017; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Former NFL head coach Rex Ryan during a NFL football game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Saleh fires back at Rex Ryan over criticism

Robert Saleh on the sidelines

The current coach of the New York Jets is returning fire at a former one.

Rex Ryan, who coached the Jets from 2009 to 2014, appeared this week on ESPN’s “DiPietro and Rothenberg” and made some critical comments about Robert Saleh, who currently coaches the team.

“This guy’s supposed to be a defensive guru,” said Ryan. “I heard everything. And I take it personal on this one. Everything I heard about was, ‘Well this guy’s a lot like myself but without the bad part.’ Yeah? Well some of the bad part you need. This team doesn’t play with any damn heart. That’s the thing that’s disappointing to me.

“Don’t ever compare this guy to me, this Robert Saleh to me,” Ryan added. “Statistically, one time, they were, like, a top defense. Here’s one thing they are gonna be familiar with. Four out of five years, the [San Francisco] 49ers were dead last in their division. So he’s gonna be dead last again. So he’s used to that. So to me, I’m a little pissed off about it when I hear, ‘This guy, his background is a lot like yours.’ No, it isn’t. No, it isn’t.”

Unsurprisingly, Saleh was not pleased to hear what Ryan had to say.

“Obviously, if it’s that personal for him, he knows where to find me,” said Saleh on “The Michael Kay Show,” per ESPN’s Rich Cimini.

“I’m not surprised by him,” Saleh added. “He’s always got something to say.”

Saleh also said that does not know Ryan and has never met him.

The Jets are now 2-7 in Saleh’s first season as coach after a blowout loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Their defense has been especially awful as well. Saleh was known as a defensive guru during his previous stops at Seattle, Jacksonville, and, most recently, San Francisco.

As for Ryan, he was also a former defensive coordinator known for his chops on that side of the ball. Ryan presided over elite defenses during his first few seasons in New York. But many will argue that then-Jets DC Mike Pettine deserved the credit, as Ryan did not actually call the defensive plays.

Since Ryan last coached in 2016, he has been more than happy to trash today’s head coaches. But Saleh is one who will not take it sitting down.

Photo: Feb 2, 2020; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh during Super Bowl LIV against the Kansas City Chiefs at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan offers rare praise for Patriots

Rex Ryan

The New England Patriots are to Rex Ryan as Newman is to Jerry Seinfeld. That makes what Ryan said about them on Sunday all the more surprising.

Ryan, the former New York Jets coach, offered some rare praise for the Patriots before they played the Carolina Panthers in Week 9.

“I was all out on these guys,” he said on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown.” “Uh-oh, this team is coming together. And my goodness, I don’t wanna say it. I don’t wanna say it, but they’re dangerous.”

The Patriots would go on to wallop the Panthers by the final of 24-6 to improve to 5-4 on the season.

Ryan, who coached the Jets from 2009 to 2014, famously hates the Patriots. He never won a single division title in New York because New England won the AFC East every year that he was there. The same was also true after Ryan went across the division to coach the Buffalo Bills. He relished in taking public shots at the Patriots while he was still coaching.

Last season, Ryan was even dancing on New England’s grave given their struggles. But the Patriots now look somewhat formidable again, forcing him to begrudgingly change his tune.

Photo: Aug 26, 2017; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Former NFL head coach Rex Ryan during a NFL football game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan has extremely flattering comparison for Joe Burrow

Rex Ryan

Joe Burrow has made great strides in his second NFL season, and the Cincinnati Bengals are a legitimate playoff contender because of it. There are some people who believe the Bengals being 5-2 and atop the AFC is a fluke, but Rex Ryan certainly is not one of them.

Ryan said on ESPN’s “Get Up!” Monday morning that he has been blown away by Burrow’s development. The former coach enthusiastically compared Burrow to Tom Brady.

“I would absolutely love him if he was on my team. He reminds me so dang much of Tom Brady it’s sick,” Ryan said. “In every single way — the way he looks, the way he can throw the football, the way he conducts himself. Everything about him reminds me of Tom Brady.”

The Brady comparison is one of the most overused in sports, namely because there will never be another Brady. Ryan, who coached against Brady several times, knows that. What he was trying to express was how poised and polished Burrow looks for a quarterback who is only 24 and has played in just 17 NFL games.

Burrow threw for more than 400 yards and had three touchdowns in Sunday’s blowout road win over the Baltimore Ravens. He now has 1,956 yards and 17 touchdowns on the season. Keep in mind he is doing all this after suffering a devastating knee injury less than a year ago.

Burrow is not the only young quarterback who has been compared to Brady this season. We highly doubt he’ll win seven Super Bowls and play until he’s 44, but there’s no question the Bengals are finally back on the map because of him.

Rex Ryan has very harsh criticism for Mac Jones

Rex Ryan

Former New York Jets coach Rex Ryan is very clearly not a believer in Mac Jones.

Ryan delivered a scathing critique of the New England Patriots rookie, dismissing Jones as a “peashooter” and comparing him unfavorably to Danny Wuerffel.

Patriots critics certainly got a lot of ammo Sunday as the team struggled and needed a late comeback to defeat the Houston Texans. How much of that actually falls on Jones is debatable. He went 23-for-30 with a touchdown, but also threw an interception and tallied a modest 231 passing yards.

Ryan is certainly one of those critics. His former position as Jets coach meant he had a regular rivalry with the Patriots, and it’s pretty clear he still doesn’t think too highly of them. It was just last year, after all, that he happily made a bold prediction about the team’s future. Maybe that’s coloring his opinion here, though to be fair, Ryan has not shied away from delivering very harsh critiques to other players.

Deion Sanders’ Jackson State program gets visit from Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan

Deion Sanders has been making noise at Jackson State ever since taking over the program. His Tigers are 2-0 so far this spring season, which is Sanders’ first as a head coach. The program also received a visit from a former NFL head coach this week.

Rex Ryan was at JSU on Monday and Tuesday, according to The Clarion Ledger. Two of Jackson State’s defensive coaches, defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman and defensive line coach Jeff Weeks, were coaches on Ryan’s staff previously.

Ryan and Sanders also have a good relationship from when Deion played for the Ravens when Rex was their defensive coordinator.

“It’s just a friend visiting a friend that’s all,” Sanders said, via The Clarion Ledger. “He coached me when I was in Baltimore, and I loved him. He was so candid, honest and straightforward. He’s a darn Ryan. What do you think you’re going to get from Rex?”

Sanders showed his support for Rex last year when he said the Falcons should hire Ryan as their head coach. Atlanta ended up hiring Arthur Smith as their head coach.

In addition to Ryan, Sanders is getting some support from other well-known NFL figures.

Rex Ryan has stern warning for Urban Meyer about jump to NFL

Rex Ryan

Count Rex Ryan among those skeptical that Urban Meyer will find success in the NFL.

Ryan had a stern warning for the new Jacksonville Jaguars coach, even alluding to Bobby Petrino as evidence of how things can go awry for successful college coaches at the NFL level.

“Welcome to the men’s league. You’re gonna find out real quick there’s a huge difference,” Ryan said, via Brad Crawford of 247Sports. “Look, there’s no doubt this man can flat-out coach. But it is night-and-day difference. Why do coaches come into the league and quit after a year, don’t even make it a full year? I can give you two examples of that, Lou Holtz and the dude who quit on the Falcons (Bobby Petrino), whatever his name is. It’s a different league, it’s a different mindset. There’s no gimmes in here, you can’t schedule a victory, hey I’m gonna drop down a level, ain’t no I-AA’s in this league.”

Ryan added that Meyer will have to build through the draft and cannot simply recruit all the top talent at the NFL level. He also suggested that Meyer should add Raheem Morris to his staff to add some NFL experience. That’s something Meyer is reportedly looking into.

Ryan obviously isn’t the first person to voice concerns about Meyer’s adaptation to the NFL level. That said, his college players have found plenty of success at the NFL level. Meyer certainly has a chance to do so as well, though plenty of things do need to go right.