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Bud Light raising money for NFL Draft by urging fans to boo Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell

There was some worry that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would not be subjected to his usual booing since there will be no crowd at the NFL Draft this year. Luckily, Bud Light appears to have that covered.

Bud Light urged fans to record video of themselves booing, tag them in a tweet, and use the hashtag #BooTheCommish. For each tweet, the brand promised to donate $1 to the NFL’s draft-a-thon up to $500,000.

Bud Light also promised to “deliver the boos” to the draft itself, so perhaps the tradition will continue after all.

Will the NFL go along with the fun? We don’t know. It certainly didn’t seem like they were last year. At least the tradition will continue in some form.

Roger Goodell will conduct NFL Draft from his basement

Roger Goodell

It’s official: Roger Goodell will conduct the 2020 NFL Draft from his home.

According to Peter King of NBC Sports, the NFL commissioner plans to announce draft picks from his basement as part of the virtual draft.

This is going to be strange to say the very least. Originally it sounded like there might be limited use of a TV studio, but with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, even that isn’t feasible. It means we’ll have Goodell working from home and running one of the NFL’s biggest annual events from the comfort of his basement.

This is going to be par for the course for teams, too, though there is some unhappiness about it. Goodell has no concerns, though, and is pressing on with the show.

Report: Team personnel ‘angry’ with Roger Goodell over NFL Draft

Roger Goodell

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of the NFL Draft has become a source of controversy within the NFL.

Goodell is pushing ahead with a virtual draft on the scheduled dates of April 23-25. This comes despite many teams wanting to see the event postponed. Perhaps worse, Goodell has threatened disciplinary action against anyone who publicly criticizes his decision not to postpone the draft.

That last act has particularly infuriated team personnel, according to Peter King in his “Football Morning in America” column. King says personnel are “angry” with Goodell for both the decision to go ahead with the draft, as well as his public censorship of dissent.

“Why on earth would you ever threaten an opinion?” one prominent NFL individual texted King.

Teams have voiced their opinion privately about the status of the draft. There is frustration that teams cannot scout and interview prospects due to travel restrictions. Those restrictions are in place for a good reason, but that may be more reason to just postpone the event. That won’t be happening, and there isn’t anything these personnel can do about it.

Roger Goodell threatens discipline for those questioning NFL Draft timing

Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is laying down the law.

Goodell sent a memo to NFL teams on Thursday informing them that the date of the league’s draft would remain the same: April 23-25. Goodell also said in the memo that teams would have to conduct draft operations at a location away from the team’s facility, which may help level the playing field for teams located in states/cities where there are harsher coronavirus-related lockdown rules.

Also in the memo, Goodell threatened discipline for those who question the timing of the draft.

Some general managers and front offices have wanted the draft postponed because they have not been able to properly prepare for the potentially franchise-altering event as usual.

The way some clubs draft, maybe not overthinking these decisions would actually help them.

Rob Gronkowski had hilarious phone exchange with Roger Goodell over ‘NFL 100’ list

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski received a big honor from the NFL late last season when he was named to the “NFL 100 All-Time Team” in celebration of the league’s 100th anniversary, and the way the former tight end received the news may be the best part of the story.

During an appearance on the “Pardon My Take” podcast on Monday, Gronk revealed that he actually thought he was being messed with when he got the call from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell informing him he made the NFL 100 list. Gronkowski said he debated answering the call, which was from an unknown number in New York, before picking up on the second attempt. The person on the other line introduced himself as Goodell, but Gronk thought he was pranked and decided to return the favor.

We’ll let him explain the rest.

As if Gronk messing with Goodell wasn’t entertaining enough, the former Patriots star says the commissioner never even mentioned the awkward exchange when Gronkowski called him back. It’s possible Goodell thought someone other than Gronk had answered the phone, or perhaps the initial call went exactly how the commissioner expected it to given the antics we have grown used to seeing from Gronkowski.

As Big Cat said, there could not be a more appropriate way for Gronk to be informed he has received a fantastic honor.

Roger Goodell says NFL will look at Rooney Rule changes

Roger Goodell

After another cycle that saw no black head coach hirings in the NFL, commissioner Roger Goodell admitted that the league needs to take a look at the Rooney Rule.

While the rule has largely been followed by NFL teams, ensuring that minority coaches have access to the interview process, those coaches continue to not be hired. The only minority to find a job this offseason is Ron Rivera, who had an established resume and vast experience as a head coach already.

Goodell admitted Wednesday in his annual state of the league press conference that the league will take a look at the rule.

“Clearly, we are not where we want to be on this level,” Goodell said, via Nick Shook of “We have a lot of work that’s gone into not only the Rooney Rule but our policies overall. It’s clear we need to change and do something different.

“There’s no reason to expect we’re going to have a different outcome next year without those kinds of changes and we’ve already begun engaging in those changes. Not just with our diversity committee, not just with the Fritz Pollard Alliance, but others. And trying to figure out what steps we could take next that would lead to better outcomes. It’s clear we’re all committed to doing that, and we have to make those changes. We will have a series of meetings which we’ve already scheduled over the next month to get that kind of dialogue going, to continue the dialogue to try to determine what are the solutions so we can have those better outcomes.”

Goodell’s statements come as the frustration of black assistants at the perceived lack of opportunity really arrive at the forefront. It’s growing increasingly clear that something needs to change, as black coaches getting in on the interview process is not really leading to increased hires. That’s not a favorable look for the league, and partners like the Fritz Pollard Alliance who are pushing for diversity in the NFL are understandably unhappy.

Roger Goodell gives his take on Colin Kaepernick workout

Roger Goodell

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell weighed in on the league-sponsored workout for Colin Kaepernick that ultimately didn’t take place.

In a Wednesday press conference, Goodell said that he understood Kaepernick’s decision not to take part in the workout, adding that the purpose of the workout was to give Kaepernick a “credible opportunity” to get back into the league. He concluded by stating that the league has moved on.

Of course Goodell isn’t going to speak negatively about Kaepernick, especially since the league could still theoretically face legal exposure. The commissioner was reportedly heavily involved in the planning of the workout, and he would not have liked to see the PR fiasco that it turned into. It’s a diplomatic answer from Goodell, and probably the only one that he could have given — but it doesn’t sound like they’ll be granting Kaepernick any more help in the future.

Roger Goodell weighs in on how league will judge Myles Garrett

Roger Goodell

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made his first public comments on Myles Garrett’s actions and suspension recently, and gave a glimpse of what it will take for the defensive lineman to be reinstated.

Goodell appeared on “Pre-Flight Playbook with Gary Myers” after Garrett’s indefinite suspension was announced, and said the league would be looking at how remorseful Garrett is when it comes time to consider his reinstatement.

“There’s no place for that in the game,” Goodell said, via Mary Kay Cabot of “He will not play the rest of the season. He will probably meet with us some time in the offseason, and I think we’ll make a judgment on does he have remorse?

“Does he understand why it’s not acceptable? Do we understand what he’s going to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again? Those are the things that are going to be very important for us.”

Garrett assaulted Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph with a helmet last Thursday. In addition to being violent and way over the line, it was a bad look for the NFL, which will always concern Goodell. The commissioner made these remarks before Garrett revealed he would appeal, and his defense is more procedural than anything else. It’s not something that sounds like it would move Goodell, but it’s also not his call.

Report: NFL owners willing to make concessions on disciplinary power, marijuana

Roger Goodell

NFL owners are willing to make significant concessions to players on two key issues after their annual fall meeting.

According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, owners are said to be strongly willing to take some disciplinary power away from commissioner Roger Goodell and put it in the hands of an independent arbitrator. There is also a willingness to loosen the league’s marijuana policy.

Both of these items have been named as priorities the players want addressed as part of a new labor deal, which the league would like to accomplish by March. It’s not clear if this could lead to player concessions, such as agreeing to a 17-game season that owners want to implement.

Goodell’s role as disciplinarian has long been an issue with players. His disciplinary power is enormous, and he essentially has the only say on how players are punished for off-field indiscretions. It’s not clear how big a priority this is for players, but the issue has been lingering for some time, and they would not mind seeing it addressed.

Roger Goodell issues statement on Josh Gordon reinstatement

Roger Goodell

The NFL has issued a statement confirming Josh Gordon’s immediate reinstatement to the NFL effective Sunday.

The statement confirmed that Gordon has been reinstated “on a conditional basis” which will be subject to “appropriate progress on clinical care and other arrangements.” The statement also noted that Gordon would not play in the Patriots’ Aug. 22 preseason game due to insufficient time to get up to speed with his conditioning.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said in the statement that he and the rest of the league were “rooting” for Gordon to succeed, but warned that “ultimately his success is up to him.”

Gordon has a spot waiting for him with the Patriots, and will almost certainly factor into their thinking once the regular season starts. It remains to be seen to what extent.