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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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Ranking the best NFC East quarterbacks of all-time

Tony Romo Cowboys

Who are the top NFC East quarterbacks of all-time? The NFC East came into existence with the AFL-NFL merger and contains some of the oldest and most famous franchises in the league. To honor the 50th season for the division, I am going to identify the top signal callers to play in the division.

These rankings only consider quarterbacks during times they played in the NFC East (1970 to present). It does include players from the former St. Louis/Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals who also played in the division. Because it only includes the NFC East period, though, it excludes some Hall of Fame quarterbacks like Sonny Jurgensen and the Giants’ version of Fran Tarkenton, and all quarterbacks who preceded them.

To help compile the list, I looked at both rushing and passing stats, league-adjusted for era, and ranked the top 150 regular seasons and top 50 postseasons by NFC quarterbacks. So the list includes both regular season performance and postseason fame and accomplishment.

15. Nick Foles, Eagles

Nick Foles? Well, consider that the NFC East has had three different quarterbacks win a Super Bowl title (for three different franchises) who did not become starters until late in the season. Compared to Doug Williams and Jeff Hostetler, though, Foles also has played more games in the NFC East (14 career regular season starts for Williams, 25 for Hostetler), has better league-adjusted stats, and had a better season (2013, with a 27 TD to 2 INT year) than either of them had outside of the Super Bowl runs.

If you can divorce Foles from his career outside Philadelphia, he makes this list on his excellent season in 2013, two times coming off the bench to appear in the playoffs, and postseason accomplishments. Carson Wentz or Dak Prescott would likely occupy this spot in the near future but for now, it’s Foles.

Key Stats: 32 GS (21-11), 7.5 YPA, led league in YPA in 2013, 4-2 record in playoffs with Eagles


Randy Moss shares awesome photo of group of NFL legends

Randy Moss

Randy Moss got together with a group of current and future NFL Hall of Famers this week, and the legendary wide receiver asked the question that was on everyone’s mind.

How many touchdowns can you fit into one photo?

The photo has to be one of the most star-studded in NFL history. Along with Moss were Tom Brady, Roger Staubach, Brett Favre, Jerry Rice and Larry Fitzgerald. The caption Moss used was awesome.

The answer, including playoff scores, is 1,904. If you want some more stats, the group has also combined for 12 championships and 21 First Team All-Pro selections.

Not bad, I guess.

Roger Staubach: Cowboys should stick with Dak Prescott if they’re winning

Tony Romo Cowboys

If the Dallas Cowboys continue to win games with Dak Prescott under center, one of the best quarterbacks in franchise history believes the rookie should keep his starting job.

Roger Staubach, a Hall of Famer who knows first-hand what it’s like to lose your job after suffering an injury, feels the Cowboys need to stick with what’s working if Prescott continues to succeed.

“We won the Super Bowl in 1971 and I separated my shoulder in the exhibition season of ’72, and Craig Morton was the quarterback and took over and when I came back healthy probably eight or nine games later – that was a 14-game schedule – Craig was winning,” Staubach said Friday morning, via Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News. “We were winning as a team. I understood it. The momentum was there and you don’t want to mess around with the quarterback position and Craig was playing very well. I didn’t really play very much until the playoff game against the 49ers that year and I understood it.”

Staubach has always been a big supporter of Tony Romo, and he said he believes Romo is still a “fantastic football player.” The two-time Super Bowl champion simply believes you should never mess with momentum.

“Tony is going to heal,” Staubach said. “He’s going to be ready to play if they need him if something happens to Dak. I think Tony wants to win and he’ll do what it takes to win and if they keep Dak in there to keep the momentum going I think he’ll understand that. They don’t want to change that if it’s really good and I’m sure it’s really good now because they’re 4-1. You just don’t mess around with that. You try to keep it really good and keep the momentum going.”

Romo is hoping to return after the Cowboys’ bye in Week 7, which means the team has to make a decision very soon. While Jerry Jones said previously that Romo is still the No. 1 quarterback, his more recent responses could wind up telling the story.

H/T Pro Football Talk

Roger Staubach voted Navy QB Keenan Reynolds first for Heisman Trophy

Keenan Reynolds Navy

Roger Staubach has a little bit of homerism in him.

The former Navy quarterback who won the Heisman Trophy in 1963 says he voted for the current Navy QB for the 2015 Heisman Trophy.

The Associated Press’ Dan Gelston found out about Staubach’s ballot:

Keenan Reynolds threw for 113 yards and a touchdown and ran for 136 yards and two touchdowns in Navy’s 21-17 win over rival Army on Saturday. He has led the Midshipmen to a 10-2 record and top-25 ranking this season, while rushing for 21 scores.

Reynolds certainly deserved consideration for the award, but not ahead of some of the other players who were invited to the ceremony like Derrick Henry, Deshaun Watson and Christian McCaffrey. Sorry, Roger.

Roger Staubach says he wouldn’t want Greg Hardy on his team

Greg Hardy

Legendary Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach has been speaking out against Greg Hardy in several interviews, saying that he would not want the controversial lineman on his team.

Staubach told USA Today on Tuesday that while he still roots for the Cowboys, he does not root for Hardy.

“I’m still rooting for the Cowboys,” he said. “I’m not a Hardy fan.”

Staubach also felt the Hardy isn’t taking the necessary steps to deal with his issues, specifically citing his sideline scuffle with Cowboys coaches.

“I just feel that the reaction that he had on the field, losing his cool with the coach,” Staubach said. “I’m a big Jason Garrett fan, so maybe there’s more that I don’t know about. But what was seen there was not, as a player, you don’t do that. Therefore, it seems like his temper is not under control yet.”

On Wednesday, Staubach appeared on NFL Network’s NFLHQ, and he doubled down on his criticisms of Hardy.

“I don’t know him, and I haven’t dealt with him. As I far as how I feel about it, I wouldn’t particularly want someone on my team that had the issues that he has,” Staubach said when asked if he’d want Hardy on his team.

Staubach is one of the most respected former Cowboys, so this applies more pressure to the franchise with regards to their handling of Hardy. Staubach’s voice joins a rising chorus against Hardy, with other NFL players feeling he got off lightly.

H/T Fox Sports

Roger Staubach is the highest paid retired NFL player

Roger-StaubachOf all the legendary players who have come and gone in the NFL and are still living, you might be surprised to hear who the highest paid retired NFL player currently is. The man who makes the most coin in retirement, at least according to Forbes’ list of highest paid retired athletes, is former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach.

Staubach, who retired in 1979, reportedly earns $13 million a year. Most people would be inclined to think that the faces we see most often — like that of Steve Young, Troy Aikman and Michael Strahan — are the top earners, but Staubach is apparently a savvy businessman.

The two-time Super Bowl champion started a real estate company in 1977 while he was nearing the end of his career with the Cowboys. He sold the business to Jones Lang Lasalle in 2008 for $648 million. He owned 12% of the company at the time and put half of his share in a trust for his children. The last payout from the sale of the company was last year. The figure includes the $4 million annually that is directed toward Staubach’s kids.

The rest of the list is hardly as surprising, with Michael Jordan on top and still earning around $90 million a year. The majority of the list is made up of retired golfers (Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Gary Player). David Beckham and Shaquille O’Neal also made the cut, as they earn $37 million and $20 million per year respectively.

Moral of the story? Remaining successful in retirement after a pro sports career is not always about plastering your pretty face on major TV networks and billboards. A smart business venture can go a long way.

H/T Shutdown Corner