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Thursday, July 9, 2020

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Sam Darnold reportedly undergoes thumb surgery

Sam Darnold

New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold’s lingering thumb issue was reportedly significant enough to require surgery.

According to Brian Costello of the New York Post, Darnold underwent surgery to repair a ligament in his left thumb. He’s not expected to miss any of the team’s offseason program, and the surgery was simple enough that the Jets’ team doctors performed it.

Darnold played hurt since late October. It didn’t really seem to show in his numbers, with Darnold throwing for 14 touchdowns and five interceptions after suffering the injury, with the Jets going 6-3 over that nine-game span.

Those numbers will give Darnold hope going into 2020. He didn’t have the season he wanted from a health or success perspective, but he proved he can play well and win. Now healthy, that will be the primary goal for 2020.

Adam Gase, Sam Darnold explain tense sideline exchange

Adam Gase and Sam Darnold had what appeared to be a disagreement on the sideline during the New York Jets’ disappointing loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night, but both the coach and quarterback insist that is not what happened.

After one of several drives stalled without points, Gase and Darnold had an exchange that looked like it got a bit heated. The reaction of backup quarterback David Fales also made it seem like the conversation was an uncomfortable one, at the very least.

Gase and Darnold both downplayed the exchange while speaking with reporters on Friday. Gase claimed he and the quarterback were actually venting about another player who didn’t do his job.

Darnold had a similar explanation, noting that he was frustrated by the situation but was not having any type of disagreement with Gase. He also commented on the look Fales gave.

There’s no way of knowing if Gase and Darnold are telling the truth, and it would not be a surprise if the discussion was a bit more tense than they are willing to admit. Gase has seemed frustrated with some of his players recently, and the Jets fell to 5-9 with Thursday’s loss. When expectations aren’t met, tempers flare.

Sam Darnold: ‘Seeing ghosts’ mic’d up comment got ‘blown out of proportion’

Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold thinks his “seeing ghosts” comment that went viral during a “Monday Night Football” game earlier this season against the New England Patriots was blown out of proportion.

Back in October, Darnold was playing his second game since returning from mono. He went 11/32 for 86 yards and four interceptions as his New York Jets lost 33-0. Darnold was wearing a microphone for the game, and ESPN shared a clip of the quarterback admitting on the sidelines he was “seeing ghosts.”

Darnold addressed the comment during an interview with FOX’s Kristina Pink prior to the Thursday night game between his Jets and the Baltimore Ravens.

“At the moment, I wasn’t even thinking ‘I’m mic’d up, if I say this, these are going to be the repercussions for it.’ After the game, one of my buddies sent it to me on Instagram to be funny. I was like, ‘bro, we just got whooped, that’s not funny.’

“It got blown out of proportion, but it was definitely something that I learned from.”

Darnold’s remark became both a catchphrase and controversy. Jets head coach Adam Gase was upset with ESPN for airing the comments, while some with the Patriots were pleased about it, feeling it was an endorsement of their defense. And just like Darnold said he has learned from it, Gase says the young quarterback has grown since then too.

10 biggest disappointments of NFL Week 13

Bill Belichick

There are only four weeks to go in the NFL regular season, which means we’ll be watching a lot of huge games in the weeks to come. With bye weeks finished and everybody in action the rest of the way, every game is big in some way, even if the outcomes only affect draft position. Sunday was no different, effectively kicking off the stretch run of the season.

Here are 10 big disappointments from Week 13.

New England Patriots

The Patriots entered Sunday night with the best record in the league at 10-1 and the No. 1 defense. But they looked nothing like the best team in the league during their loss at Houston. The offense struggled to get anything going for most of the game, with Tom Brady taking sacks and complaining about his receivers’ inability to get open. The defense allowed four touchdowns in what was their worst performance since the Baltimore loss. Even kicker Kai Forbath missed an extra point. The Pats are 2-2 in their last four and their 22 points (mostly in garbage time Sunday night) was their high mark during that span. Brady seems to have seen this coming.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles looked like a disaster, particularly on defense, against the lowly Miami Dolphins. They were victimized by one of the better trick plays we’ve seen, sure, but Miami also put up 409 yards of total offense on them and totally deserved to win the game. Add in lingering concerns about how good Carson Wentz really is, and the Eagles have a lot to think about. Losses like this tend to cause a reckoning in Philadelphia.


Adam Gase impressed by Sam Darnold’s growth since ‘ghost’ comments

Sam Darnold

A month ago, New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold’s mentality was under fire after being caught talking about “seeing ghosts” against the New England Patriots’ defense. Things have changed since then.

After following up a dreadful showing against the Patriots with a three-interception performance against Jacksonville, Darnold turned his season around. In his last three games, he has thrown seven touchdowns and just one pick in three Jet wins.

Count coach Adam Gase as one of those impressed by Darnold’s mental fortitude amid the adversity.

“This is the first time I’ve been through a rough spell like that with a really young quarterback,” Gase said Wednesday, via Rich Cimini of ESPN. “I thought he handled it really well, considering that was one of those games you want to burn the tape. You want that thing eliminated from your resume.

“The fact that he handled it as well as he did, I’m sure it wasn’t easy. He never said anything to me. He did a good job of putting his head down, but I’m sure that wasn’t an easy thing for him to do.”

It certainly would have been easy for Darnold to react badly to the trolling that came with that two-game stretch and see his performance slip as he put pressure on himself. He hasn’t done that, and it bodes quite well for the Jets’ future.

How dare he! NY Post reports Sam Darnold got drunk and hooked up with girl after win

Sam Darnold

You won’t believe it. You really won’t. What if I told you a young NFL player went out and got drunk and hooked up with a girl after winning a game earlier in the day? You’d call me crazy, right? That sort of thing never happens!

But yes, it’s true.

The New York Post’s Page Six reported Monday night that Sam Darnold went out with his New York Jets teammates after Sunday’s 34-3 win over the Oakland Raiders to celebrate. Darnold was said to have gotten wasted and hooked up with a girl.

You’re shocked, no doubt. What kind of young athlete would actually go drink and get with a girl after a win? That’s just awful behavior from a franchise leader. You really think a Joe Namath would have done such a thing? Never.

Believe it or not, the Jets have actually won three in a row, and Darnold has accounted for nine touchdowns during that streak. He’s trying to make good on his confident declaration of two weeks ago.

Sam Darnold thinks 2-7 Jets still have shot at making playoffs

Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold was feeling confident after leading his team to their second win of the season.

The New York Jets quarterback threw for 230 yards and collected two scores (one passing touchdown and one rushing) in Sunday’s 34-27 victory over the New York Giants. After the game, Darnold said that the team still had a shot at the playoffs if they win out, per Brian Costello of the New York Post.

Of course, the Jets are still 2-7, even with the win, and have looked like one of the worst teams in the league all year, making this a pretty absurd statement. But they do have a fairly easy remaining schedule (facing three teams that are actually lousier than they are in Washington, Miami, and Cincinnati), so you can’t blame Darnold for keeping the faith.

At least this isn’t the worst thing that the 22-year-old has said this season.