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Thursday, July 9, 2020

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NHL teams poke fun at Los Angeles Chargers’ new logo

Fans on social media went ballistic on Thursday when the Los Angeles Chargers unveiled their new logo, mercilessly taunting the team and expressing outrage over the re-branding. Other pro sports franchises took note, too.

Two of the best tweets we saw poking fun at the new Chargers logo came from NHL teams. First, we had the Tampa Bay Lightning alluding to the fact that the logo looks like a cross between theirs and that of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

As if that wasn’t hilarious enough, the Dallas Stars got in on the fun with this creative shot:

Seriously, it’s hard to believe that logo is the best the Chargers could come up with. They obviously hired experts to help them with their re-brand, and they had one of the best logos and uniforms in the NFL last season. They deserve all the Twitter bashing (read some of the best here) that is thrown their way.

Chargers fans dispose of old gear outside team facility San Diego

The Chargers announced on Thursday that they are moving to Los Angeles, and the fans the team is leaving behind in San Diego are demonstrating how they feel about the decision.

After Dean Spanos shared a letter on Twitter making the move official, fans began showing up at Chargers Park, the team’s now-former training facility, and discarding their old Chargers jerseys and gear. Beware that one of the videos below contains explicit language:

One fan set fire to a Chargers flag and security had to put it out:

Others spoke with the media and expressed how heartbroken they are that their team is leaving.

How the Chargers will fare in Los Angeles remains to be seen, but we already know their new logo is not popular. Anytime a team moves from one city to another, fans are going to be upset.

Chargers reportedly announce move to LA on Twitter before informing Rams

Inglewood NFL stadium

The Rams are officially going to be sharing a stadium in Los Angeles with the Chargers in two years, and they apparently found out about it the same way the rest of us did — on Twitter.

According to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, Chargers officials had yet to contact Rams officials at the time Chargers owner Dean Spanos shared a letter to fans on Twitter announcing the move to LA.

With reports having circulated Wednesday night that the Chargers had decided to move, it’s not like the Rams were blindsided. However, it is still comical that the team felt the need to make a formal announcement on social media before informing its roommate.

The Chargers and Rams are set to share a new $2.6 billion stadium in Inglewood starting in the 2019 season. For now, the Chargers should probably worry more about their hideous new logo than anything else.

Los Angeles Chargers blasted after unveiling new logo

The Chargers formally announced on Thursday that they are moving to Los Angeles, and unlike the Rams they are not sticking with their old logo.

Let’s just say the new one could use some work.

Shortly after Chargers owner Dean Spanos shared a letter to fans on Twitter, the team unveiled its new logo across all of its social media platforms. The reaction was not positive:

Some folks even took it a step further by creating photoshops of the new Chargers logo. This one may have been the most ruthless:

Like many others, I prefer the “old” Chargers logo. In fact, the San Diego Chargers had one of the better logos in the league and some of the best uniforms. Apparently they are looking for a total re-brand.

The Chargers are reportedly going to be playing their home games in a very interesting venue for the next two seasons. Maybe they won’t sell much merchandise because of it. We can only hope.

Chargers formally announce move to Los Angeles

The Chargers are officially moving back to Los Angeles.

After reports circulated Wednesday night indicating the team had made its final decision, owner Dean Spanos shared a letter to Chargers fans on a Twitter account that has already been re-branded.

Los Angeles will now have two NFL franchises after going 21 years with none. The Chargers and Rams will share a brand new, $2.6 billion stadium when it opens in 2019. In the meantime, the Rams will continue to play games in the LA Coliseum. The Chargers are reportedly planning to play their home games for the next two seasons in a very surprising venue, though nothing has been made official on that front.

One of the reasons the Chargers were in a hurry to announce their move to Los Angeles was so they can begin competing with the Rams for a market share. Both teams had horrible 2016 seasons, with the Rams having fired head coach Jeff Fisher amid a 4-12 campaign and the Chargers firing coach Mike McCoy for his role in a 5-11 disappointment.

Report: Chargers will play two seasons in 30,000-seat StubHub Center


The San Diego Chargers are expected to announce as early as Thursday that they are heading back to Los Angeles. If and when the team does move, attendance could be incredibly low for a couple of years.

No, not because we’re expecting the team to stink.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that the Chargers will play in the 30,000-seat StubHub Center for two seasons until the new stadium they will share with the Rams opens in 2019. The StubHub Center is currently home to the LA Galaxy of the MLS.

The Rams are playing in the LA Coliseum for the next two seasons, which has a capacity of up to 90,000 for their home games. While the Rams filled less than 90 percent of the Coliseum for most games, they still drew more than double the 30,000 that the StubHub center holds most weeks.

As Florio puts it, playing in a small stadium will give fans a chance to experience something “unique” in an “intimate environment.” Seeing an NFL team play in a stadium that couldn’t accommodate many college teams will certainly be interesting. On the bright side, the Chargers shouldn’t have to deal with any tricky situations like this while they await the completion of their home in Inglewood.

Report: Chargers set to announce move to Los Angeles


After going 21 years without an NFL team, Los Angeles is now set to have two.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the San Diego Chargers are set to announce that they are moving back to Los Angeles, and the announcement could come as early as Thursday. Los Angeles is where the franchise played its inaugural season in 1960, then as a member of the AFL. The Chargers reportedly have notified the league and its team owners of their decision.

The Chargers received approval from the league to move to Los Angeles last season, but opted not to move at the time, instead seeing whether San Diego could build them a new stadium. Voters did not approve such a measure during the election, defeating a potential last hope for the city to retain the professional football team.

Even though Schefter reports that the Chargers are planning to move, he says it’s still not yet a done deal.

From Schefter’s report:

But as one league source cautioned Thursday night, Chargers chairman Dean Spanos has yet to send a formal relocation letter to the NFL, yet to notify public officials in Los Angeles or San Diego of the team’s move, or even tell the members of the San Diego organization about his plans. The source insisted nothing is final.

The Chargers are in somewhat of a hurry to move to Los Angeles because they need to compete with the Rams for market share. The Rams returned to LA after 21 years in St. Louis to great fanfare, though the support quickly fizzled out amid a 4-12 season that saw Jeff Fisher get fired. At 5-11 and also searching for a new coach, the Chargers are not exactly in better shape than the Rams.