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Oops! TV viewers get Spanish version of Steelers-Seahawks game on NBC

NBC Sunday Night Football in Spanish

Some viewers of NBC’s broadcast of “Sunday Night Football” this week got a bit of a surprise.

During the first half of the Pittsburgh Steelers-Seattle Seahawks showdown, many watching on television tweeted that they were receiving the audio for the game in Spanish.

While it is unclear how widespread the issue was, some viewers reported that they were receiving the Spanish feed in New Orleans. Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand also shared a video of a message running across the broadcast in the affected area acknowledging and apologizing for the error.

Cox Customer Care tweeted that they were working to resolve the issue.

Interestingly enough, some viewers during last week’s broadcast of “Sunday Night Football” also reported having a very similar issue, apparently in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These viewers tweeted that Spanish audio could be heard in the background of the main broadcast.

The issue appears to have gotten worse during this week’s broadcast, as the Spanish audio had replaced the actual game audio entirely instead of just being audible in the background. This is just the latest in what has already been an error-filled season for NBC and “Sunday Night Football.”

FOX gets crushed for funny graphical error during ALDS

Fox graphic screw up

Twitter had a field day after a FOX Sports graphical error went viral during Game 2 of the ALDS on Friday.

Like most baseball broadcasts these days, FOX displays the projected distance and exit velocity when a player rounds the bases after hitting a home run. It was no different when Boston’s Kiké Hernandez hit a game-tying shot in the top of the fifth.

There was just one problem: instead of filling in Hernandez’s name, FOX accidentally popped the numbers up with some placeholder text.

Naturally, most viewers noticed such a glaringly obvious graphical error, and there were jokes.

FOX did introduce a new scorebug for the playoffs, but this is just an accident that has nothing to do with the display. This will happen from time to time. On the bright side, it’s nowhere near as bad as this screwed-up graphic, so it absolutely could be worse.

Video: Twins’ Rob Refsnyder smashed into outfield wall while tracking home run

Rob Refsnyder wall

Playing center field in the major leagues is hard. If you need evidence of that, just check out Minnesota Twins emergency center fielder Rob Refsnyder.

Refsnyder, an infielder by trade, has been playing center for the Twins in place of the injured Byron Buxton. Refsnyder came into Monday hitting .348, so the Twins were willing to make some defensive sacrifices to keep his hot bat in the lineup.

With that in mind, Refsnyder isn’t really familiar with the ins and outs of playing center, especially in visiting ballparks. That explains why he completely ate it tracking this home run ball off the bat of Orioles first baseman Ryan Mountcastle at Camden Yards in Baltimore.

Refsnyder appeared fine and stayed in the game, so it’s okay to chuckle a little. That said, this is what the warning track is for. It’s also why you often see outfielders keep an arm out as they’re chasing a fly ball so they can know how close they are to the wall before they run into it like this. Refsnyder is totally new to the position, as Monday marked just his 14th MLB appearance in center, with all of them coming in 2021. These things don’t come quite as naturally to him as they probably should.

Plenty of natural outfielders have crashed into walls and come away from it worse than Refsnyder did. Plus, it’s not as if the play cost Minnesota a run or anything — or at least not one that wouldn’t have scored otherwise. Hopefully he can have a sense of humor about it.

Rich Eisen pokes fun at himself for mixing up Jameis Winston and Deshaun Watson

Rich Eisen got the excellent assignment of calling Saturday’s game between the Houston Texans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers on NFL Network. Unfortunately, the matchup of quarterbacks presented a bit of a problem for him.

Eisen kept mixing up the names of Jameis Winston and Deshaun Watson, repeatedly calling Winston “Watson” and Watson “Winston.” He did it at least six times in the first half. Take a listen:

After mixing them up for at least the sixth time, Eisen poked fun at himself, joking that if someone were playing a drinking game surrounding his screw-ups, they would be pretty wasted.

Eisen said on Twitter that his wife texted him to suggest the idea of the drinking game.

That’s what makes Eisen enjoyable. Even when he’s making mistakes, he at least finds a way to make it humorous and get in on the joke.

But Winston/Watson? They’re so different, that seems hard to screw up. Maybe Eisen just had a mental block about it. He also has plenty of company when it comes to funny broadcasting mistakes.

Watch: Auburn DT Derrick Brown trips to deny himself epic scoop and score

There are few things better than a defensive lineman scoring a touchdown. There are few things more heartbreaking than a defensive lineman being denied a touchdown on account of the turfmonster.

Auburn defensive tackle Derrick Brown, officially listed at 318 pounds, was well on his way to six points against the Florida Gators, having scooped up a Kyle Trask fumble deep in his own territory. With nothing but green ahead of him, though, Brown tripped over his own feet at the Florida 35-yard line, denying himself an epic touchdown.

Oh, it’s a tragedy. That would have gone down as one of the great big guy touchdowns of all time. To make matters worse, the trip cost the Tigers dearly, as they threw a drive-killing interception two plays later.

It’s better than losing a touchdown this way, as it wasn’t really the result of negligence of arrogance. Due to the rarity of what could have been, though, it may hurt even more.

Redskins misspell London Fletcher’s name for Ring of Honor ceremony

London Fletcher was inducted into the Washington Redskins’ Ring of Honor during a ceremony on Monday night, and the team somehow managed to botch it.

The video board at FedExField had Fletcher’s last name misspelled as “Flecther” for the ceremony.

Fletcher played seven seasons for Washington from 2007-2013. He made four straight Pro Bowls from 2009-2012, led the league in tackles in 2011, and had a career-high five interceptions at age 37 in 2012. He earned the honor from Washington. Too bad the stadium botched the spelling of his name.

Look: Robin Lehner’s NHL award has a pretty terrible mix-up

Islanders logo

Goaltender Robin Lehner was awarded the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy at the end of the 2018-19 season, honoring him for perseverance and sportsmanship after he battled back from alcoholism and bipolar disorder to backstop the team to the playoffs. However, there was one little problem with the trophy.

Lehner won the award as a member of the New York Islanders, but the trophy listed him as a member of the New York Rangers in a pretty big error.

One would assume the NHL will supply him with a new nameplate. It’s the least they can do, especially after Lehner formed such a quality bond with Islanders fans over the course of the season.

Look: This ESPN Baseball Hall of Fame graphic is a total disaster

For the vast majority of baseball fans, Sunday’s Baseball Hall of Fame inductees are household names. ESPN’s graphics department, however, did not get the memo.

During Sunday night’s Baseball Tonight telecast, ESPN’s analysts discussed the 2019 Hall of Fame class in front of a large backdrop with each inductee’s name and picture on it. There was a big problem, however: the graphic misspelled Roy Halladay’s name and completely butchered Mike Mussina’s.

This isn’t the first time ESPN has made a pretty big mistake graphically during a baseball telecast, but this one is particularly egregious. They’re Hall of Famers, and Halladay and Mussina both played fairly recently. How do you mess that one up so badly? It’s so bad, in fact, that it’s reminiscent of this iconic nightmare from several years back.

76ers hilariously screw up Jimmy Butler farewell image

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler officially left the Philadelphia 76ers for the Miami Heat on Saturday, and the Sixers sent him packing with a rather hilarious flub.

As has become customary for departing superstars, the Sixers’ official Twitter account posted an image wishing Butler farewell in his new home. There was only one problem: they messed up his last name.

Amazingly, the tweet stayed up for roughly a half hour amid a lot of derision before the team finally deleted it.

First the Sixers wouldn’t give Butler a max deal, now this. In seriousness, it’s a simple mistake to make, and typos happen to everyone. This was just a bad time for one to happen, and one would think that someone would have spotted it before it went up for everyone else to spot instead.

ESPN shows picture of Aaron Hicks during CC Sabathia montage


ESPN made a pretty glaring graphical error when reviewing the career of CC Sabathia on Sunday Night Baseball.

During the Sunday night telecast, the broadcast ran a montage of some of Sabathia’s most notable career numbers, combined with various pictures of the Yankee left-hander. The one problem: one of the pictures used was not of Sabathia, but rather of outfielder Aaron Hicks.

It’s not tough to tell immediately that something is wrong here, and Yankee fans watching the game pointed it out right away. These things do happen sometimes, but you’d really think someone would have caught this one before it made it to air.