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Giants address embarrassing merchandise gaffe at Oracle Park

The outside of Oracle Park

Jul 21, 2020; San Francisco, California, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers fans Ulises Lima and three year old child Yasiel Lima outside of Oracle Park before the game between the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco Giants fans probably felt like they were getting Punk’d with a merch stand that they encountered over the weekend.

A viral photo from Oracle Park on Saturday caused many to do a double-take. The photo showed a stand inside Oracle, the Giants’ home park, that was selling Los Angeles Dodgers gear exclusively. Check out the photo here.

The Dodgers, the Giants’ most hated rivals, were in town for a three-game weekend series. The viral photo showed fans in Dodgers gear lining up to buy merchandise from the stand, but all Giants fans were surely appalled.

The Giants addressed the gaffe on Sunday via their team spokesperson. The spokesperson said that it was the result of “a mix-up with a third-party vendor.” Additionally, the spokesperson stressed that the Giants are assuring no rival merchandise will be sold in Oracle Park again.

The vendor in the viral photo is subcontractor of Bon Appetit, the Giants’ official concessionaire, the team added. You can read more about how exactly the screw-up happened in an article by The Mercury News.

The Dodgers, who officially clinched the NL West division earlier in the week, came into town and swept the Giants in their three-game set. That only added insult to injury for a fanbase that has suffered greatly at the hands of the Dodgers in recent years.

Hall of Famer Torry Holt calls out ESPN for major error

Torry Holt on a stage

Oct 21, 2017; London, United Kingdom; St. Louis Rams former receiver Torry Holt on stage during NFL UK Live at The Mermaid London. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Hall of Famer Torry Holt gave ESPN a well-earned roasting for a graphical error during a college football telecast Saturday.

During ESPN’s broadcast of Saturday’s game between NC State and East Carolina, the network showed a graphic of the Wolfpack all-time touchdown reception leaders to highlight Thayer Thomas’ chances of breaking the record. That record is currently held by Holt, who caught 31 touchdowns while at NC State between 1995 and 1998.

There was just one problem: the graphic completely butchered Holt’s first name, changing it from Torry to Terry.

The mistake did not go unnoticed by Holt, who courteously sent ESPN a correction.

Screwing up the graphic was bad enough, but the public correction just makes it even more embarrassing. It can’t even be written off as a simple typo that escaped detection, because the letters aren’t all that close to each other on a standard keyboard.

Not only was Holt an accomplished receiver at NC State, but he was a seven-time Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl champion in the NFL. He’s not exactly obscure. Nobody should be getting this one wrong.

Unfortunately for ESPN, graphical screw-ups and mistakes are not exactly unprecedented.

Twins broadcast airs hilariously unfortunate image

Dan Gladden in his Twins uniform

The universe has one wicked sense of humor, as the Minnesota Twins broadcast learned the hard way over the weekend.

Bally Sports North, the Twins’ TV network, aired a video package in honor of retired former Minnesota star Dan Gladden, who was officially inducted to the Twins Hall of Fame on Sunday. Unfortunately, the video glitched at an extremely inopportune time while playing a highlight of Gladden from the 1991 World Series against the Atlanta Braves. The timing of the glitch made it look like Gladden was doing, well, something rather inappropriate.

Take a gander.

Here is the full video tribute (where the glitch can be seen at the 1:52 mark)

Of course, it was just a network error and not an accurate representation of what Gladden was doing at the time (fortunately). But that will not serve as much solace for Bally Sports North, who already got roasted over another on-air misfire earlier in the week.

Cardinals analyst makes incredible ‘Ron Jeremy’ on-air flub

Al Hrabosky mistake

St. Louis Cardinals television analyst Al Hrabosky made quite the faux pas on Sunday’s postgame show.

Hrabosky and studio host Alexa Datt were discussing the outfit worn by Cardinals pitcher Miles Mikolas during the pitcher’s postgame interview following Sunday’s 6-3 loss to the Cincinnati Reds. Mikolas wore sunglasses and a cowboy hat. Paired with the pitcher’s mustache, Mikolas looked strikingly similar to the Ron Burgundy character played by Will Ferrell in “Anchorman.”

Both Datt and Hrabosky made the connection and briefly discussed it. Unfortunately, Hrabosky wound up confusing Burgundy with disgraced porn star Ron Jeremy.

Hrabosky managed to correct himself, but it was far too late by that point.

To be fair, this is a forgivable mistake, and Hrabosky is hardly the first person to make it. Still, it’s something he’s unlikely to live down anytime soon.

Video: Cameraman causes incident on track during steeplechase

Cameraman stands in front of the field

A cameraman capturing the 3000m steeplechase at the World Championships at Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore. on Monday got a little too involved in the action.

Early in the race, the competitors were coming down the track and encountered a cameraman standing with his back to the runners. The cameraman was standing in between lanes 1 and 2, causing competitors to pick which way they would run to avoid the man.

Luckily there were no collisions or injuries as a result of the rogue cameraman.

You’re probably asking how this could happen. Well, there are often multiple events going on at the same time during track meets. In this case, the cameraman was capturing the women’s triple jump nearby.

Here are a few photos of the incident:

Morocco’s Soufiane El Bakkali won the event with a time of 8:25.13.

Suns player calls out Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe over embarrassing goof

Skip Bayless hosting

One NBA player thinks that the “Undisputed” hosts need to get their facts straight (or more specifically, their Bridges).

Phoenix Suns forward Mikal Bridges called out Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe over an embarrassing error they made on an episode of their FOX Sports show this week. While discussing a possible trade package Phoenix would be able to put together for Kevin Durant, Bayless and Sharpe both confused Mikal for Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges. Take a look.

Bridges responded in a tweet, writing simply, “I play for Phoenix fellas.”

Mikal’s basketball resume is already pretty extensive. He won two national titles in college at Villanova, was a top-ten pick in the NBA Draft, started on a Suns team that made the Finals in 2021, and was recently named an All-Defensive First Teamer for the 2021-22 season. But even so, Bayless and Sharpe still could not differentiate him from Miles Bridges.

In fairness, it is easy to confuse Mikal and Miles since they both play the same position and were both part of the same 2018 draft class. However, there is one major reason why Mikal might not want to be mistaken for Miles right about now.

Look: ESPN had embarrassing mix-up during Cardinals-Braves game

ESPN identifying Kyle Wright as Max Fried

ESPN suffered a classic case of mistaken identity during Wednesday night’s St. Louis Cardinals-Atlanta Braves game.

In the seventh inning of the showdown between the two NL teams, ESPN cut to a shot of Braves pitcher Kyle Wright in the dugout. Unfortunately, Wright was only shown because the network thought he was actually teammate Max Fried, as evidenced by their graphic. Take a look.

That is a pretty embarrassing screw-up for ESPN, especially since Fried had just gotten significant airtime over the last couple of hours. Fried was the starter for the Braves and threw six shutout innings before exiting.

Wright did not pitch for Atlanta on Wednesday, having started in Monday’s series opener against St. Louis. For reference, here is what Fried, a left-hander as opposed to the righty Wright, actually looks like.

Fried ended up with the win after the Braves closed out the game by a 3-0 final score, so he is probably OK with being misidentified this one time. As for ESPN, at least their mix-up was not nearly as as mortifying as the one that this rival network once made.

Justin Thomas had funny reaction to weird name screwup

Justin Thomas face

Justin Thomas has a pretty straightforward name to announce, but the first-tee announcer somehow managed to get it wrong Saturday at the US Open.

Thomas was stepping up to tee off when he was inexplicably announced as “Justin Thompson.” Thomas’ reaction was hilarious as the announcer hastily corrected himself.

No wonder Thomas was so confused. It’s a pretty tough name to mispronounce or misidentify, and he just won the PGA Championship last month.

On the other hand, Thomas should be understanding here. He’s certainly not immune to a slip of the tongue himself. At least it provided a moment of levity ahead of what could be a make-or-break third round for many players.

Nationals run themselves into ridiculous ‘double play’

Nationals double play

The Washington Nationals made a remarkable series of baserunning blunders in Thursday’s game that led to one of the more ridiculous pseudo-double plays anyone will see.

The Nationals had a runner at second base with nobody out Thursday against the New York Mets, a seemingly safe situation to avoid two outs on one play. Josh Bell hit a routine ground ball to third, but Juan Soto tried to advance from second on the play. This ill-advised decision led to him getting tagged out. While Soto got himself in a rundown, Bell tried to take second, and seemed to have it when Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor threw the ball into right field.

Then Bell got greedy, trying to take third on the bad throw. He was promptly thrown out as the Mets recovered quickly.

Note that this is not technically a double play, since there was a lot of action between the two outs. That doesn’t make it any less embarrassing or ugly from Washington’s perspective.

The Nationals are 11-22 and heading for a lost season, and plays like this are why. This was arguably even worse than this ugly effort from the American League earlier in the season.

ESPN had big graphics screw-up with Warriors-Grizzlies series

The set of ESPN's 'NBA Today' show

Either ESPN screwed up on Wednesday or we may just have stumbled upon another frozen envelope situation with the NBA.

During their coverage of the Golden State Warriors vs. Memphis Grizzlies playoff series on the show “NBA Today,” ESPN aired a graphic stating that the Warriors were up in the series 3-2. Take a look.

But the reality is that the Warriors currently have a 3-1 lead in the series, as Game 5 between the two squads did not tip off until several hours after the ESPN graphic aired. If the Grizzlies do indeed win Game 5, which is taking place in Memphis, expect the tin foil hats to show up in full force.

There is, however, another more plausible explanation that does not take a trip down conspiracy lane. That explanation is that ESPN has historically been prone to these kinds of goofs.