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Aaron Rodgers talks being away from Shailene Woodley during season

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers and his fiancee Shailene Woodley were able to spend plenty of time together during the pandemic, which they said is one of the reasons their relationship progressed so quickly. With the 2021 season set to begin, the couple will be apart much more often. Rodgers insists that is not a problem.

In an interview with Haute Living that was published on Thursday, Rodgers said he believes being 2,000 miles away from his future wife will be a “good thing.”

“It’s a busy work time for her, so (me returning to Green Bay) probably came at a good time for both of us to be able to focus on our work,” Rodgers said. “I think it’s going to be a good thing. I mean, her work was shut down for an entire year , and she’s booked a number of projects. She enjoys working and her own routine, which I obviously enjoy, too.”

Woodley and Rodgers have no plans to set a wedding date yet. The actress explained earlier this year how dating during a pandemic led to things moving quickly for her and Rodgers. Now, they will get to experience what a more “normal” relationship is like for an athlete-celebrity couple.

Rodgers made Green Bay Packers fans uneasy when he was living it up in Hawaii with Woodley rather than practicing at OTAs. He ultimately worked out a deal with the team to return. Time will tell if being away from his Los Angeles-based fiancee proves to be tougher than he imagined.

Mother of Shailene Woodley shares what Aaron Rodgers’ issue is

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t talk much with the media or share his feelings on what is going on between him and the Green Bay Packers. That has left others to speak for him in the form of rumors, reports, and now, retweets.

Lori Woodley, the mother of Rodgers’ fiancee Shailene Woodley, gave a strong idea of Rodgers’ issues with Green Bay. She retweeted a video of ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith talking about Rodgers’ situation. In the video, Smith says that the Packers have not treated Rodgers well.

“It’s not about football. It’s not just about the money. This is about the way the Green Bay Packers have treated their star player. They have disregarded him. They have dismissed him. They have minimized him. They have disrespected him. And he said bump y’all, enough is enough,” Smith said.

Woodley added her own comments on top of the video, saying Smith’s words were “spoken truth.”

It looks like Lori Woodley is drinking the Aaron Rodgers Kool-Aid, though that shouldn’t come as a shock.

The Packers were in a tough situation with Rodgers — facing the late part of a career for a star player. Those situations are always tricky. It got ugly when the Packers parted ways with Brett Favre and drafted Rodgers. Then the Packers were preparing for the future by drafting Jordan Love and not wanting to commit tons of money to Rodgers as he aged. What’s so hard about that to understand?

Of course, Rodgers is a “complicated fella” who has a massive chip on his shoulder. He takes offense to slights and does not let them go. The Packers likely underestimated how poorly it would go over when they drafted Love. Either that, or they didn’t count on Rodgers having an MVP season and then telling the team to beat it.

Shailene Woodley hints at why relationship with Aaron Rodgers moved so quickly

Shailene Woodley

Aaron Rodgers stunned the sports and gossip communities earlier this year when he casually revealed he was engaged during his MVP Award acceptance speech. Most people did not know the Green Bay Packers star had been dating someone after he split with Danica Patrick, so it seemed like his latest relationship was moving at warp speed. Now we have a better understanding of why.

Shailene Woodley discussed her relationship with Rodgers during a wide-ranging interview with Shape recently. She said the two began dating at around the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year. Because they were unable to travel back in forth, they decided to move in together.

“Starting a relationship where you immediately move in with someone — because it’s a pandemic and you can’t just get on a plane and go back and forth on weekends — taught us a lot about each other very quickly,” Woodley explained. “We jumped in headfirst and got some of the sticky bits out of the way early.”

Woodley added that she was alone with her dog for the first three months of the pandemic, so she may not have been dating Rodgers at that point. It’s unclear when exactly the two got engaged, but it sounds like it was after less than a year of dating.

The pandemic created some unusual circumstances for the Rodgers-Woodley relationship. Rodgers explained two months ago how it actually helped the two keep things under wraps for a while.

H/T The Spun
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia via CC-BY-SA 3.0

Aaron Rodgers’ fiancee Shailene Woodley criticized for attending Kentucky Derby

Shailene Woodley

Aaron Rodgers and his fiancee Shailene Woodley have made very few public appearances together since they began dating, but they decided to both attend the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. Many athletes and celebrities were at the event, but few faced as much criticism as Woodley.

Woodley prides herself on being an activist. She was arrested in 2016 for protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. She’s also known for doing things like gathering her own water from mountain springs and making her own toothpaste and hygiene products. A lot of people with similar values do not support the Kentucky Derby, as they believe it promotes animal cruelty.

As Outkick’s Joe Kinsey noted, many of those people voiced their opinions on social media after Rodgers posted the following photo of him and Woodley at Churchill Downs:

Here’s a small sampling of the backlash Woodley received on Twitter:

There were many, many more, but a lot of them are too vulgar to feature here.

Woodley is an actor, so she is obviously used to criticism. The difference now is she is also being clocked by sports fans. Rodgers recently revealed what he expects his next big challenge to be now that he is engaged. Perhaps Woodley has found hers.

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia via CC-BY-SA 3.0

Aaron Rodgers says this helped him keep Shailene Woodley engagement a secret

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers shocked the NFL and gossip communities two months ago when he casually revealed he was engaged during his MVP Award acceptance speech. Many people did not even know the Green Bay Packers star had been dating anyone after his split with Danica Patrick, so how did he and Shailene Woodley manage to keep their relationship so quiet?

Apparently the pandemic helped.

Rodgers was asked about keeping his engagement under wraps during a recent interview with USA Today’s Gary Levin. He pointed to the fact that he and Woodley did not travel much and were wearings masks whenever they went out in public.

“Well, COVID was a big help with that, because it just wasn’t the same amount of travel. Wearing a mask all the time gives you just a little bit more anonymity,” Rodgers said. “But we spent a lot of time together during the season, and then she was off doing a movie really shortly after we got engaged.”

You can certainly understand why Rodgers wasn’t in a rush to take things public. It’s even more impossible for athletes and celebrities to find privacy once they’re in a relationship, so he likely wanted to enjoy the peace and quiet as long as he could.

Rodgers has typically tried to keep his personal life under wraps, but his own brother even made that difficult at one point.

Gossip sites will be anxious to see when and where Rodgers and Woodley get married, but the quarterback says the two have not set a date. When they do, we’d be surprised if Rodgers volunteered that information.

H/T Egotastic Sports

Report: Aaron Rodgers struggling with this wedding decision

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is suddenly planning a wedding after his relationship with actress Shailene Woodley progressed at a rapid pace, but there may end up being some major tension surrounding the big day.

Rodgers has had a strained relationship with his immediate family for many years. A source told Us Weekly recently that the Green Bay Packers quarterback has been thinking about which family members to invite to his wedding and that it has been “weighing heavily on him.”

“It’ll for sure be a special day and it would be wrong of him to not invite his family, but everyone is aware of their strained relationship and knows that [those] problems aren’t going to get fixed in one day,” the source said. “Whether they decide to come [is] up to them.”

Rodgers and Woodley are planning to get married in California, which is where the majority of both of their families and friends live. The exact date is not yet known.

Rodgers has had a strained relationship with his family for at least seven years. Going back to 2016, we heard about him having issues with his family. Rodgers’ brother even opened up about the tension a few years back.

When Rodgers made some comments about his Christian upbringing around a year ago, his family was reportedly upset over it.

It would be a surprise if Rodgers didn’t invite his own family to his wedding. That said, it doesn’t sound like the relationship has improved much, if at all.

Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley photographed together publicly for first time since engagement

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley quietly got engaged at some point over the last several months, and now the public is starting to get more of a glimpse of them.

On Monday, they were photographed by the media together in public for the first time since their engagement.

TMZ published photos of the couple taken on a tarmac in Costa Careyes.

The two, and a group of friends, were leaving Mexico, according to TMZ.

Rodgers began dating Woodley after his breakup with Danica Patrick last summer. The Green Bay Packers quarterback revealed during his NFL MVP acceptance speech in February that he was engaged.

The two have recently said they were engaged for some time before Rodgers made the news public in February.

Aaron Rodgers got hilarious Wikipedia update after Shailene Woodley comments

Aaron Rodgers

Actress Shailene Woodley confirmed this week that she and Aaron Rodgers are engaged, and she shared some information about the Green Bay Packers quarterback that may have surprised football fans. Naturally, someone ran straight to Wikipedia with that information.

Woodley joined “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” for an interview that aired on Monday night. She said she doesn’t understand Rodgers’ football talent because she doesn’t know him as a football guy. Rather, Woodley says she knows Rodgers as “the nerd who wants to host ‘Jeopardy!'”

At some point after the interview aired, Rodgers’ Wikipedia page was changed to describe the NFL MVP as “an American football nerd who wants to host Jeopardy.”

Rodgers’ affinity for “Jeopardy!” has long been known, so those who follow him were not shocked to learn he has a nerdy side. It will be interesting to see if we find out anymore about him through his soon-to-be wife.

Shailene Woodley knows Aaron Rodgers as the ‘nerd’

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley sees her fiance Aaron Rodgers in a much different way than the rest of us.

To those who watch football, Rodgers is a savant on the field and one of the best quarterbacks of the last two decades. To Woodley, Rodgers is more of a nerd.

Woodley joined “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” for an interview that aired on Monday night. She was asked about Rodgers’ football talent and said she didn’t “get it.”

That’s probably great for Rodgers. He probably doesn’t want a partner who idolizes him because of who he is as a football player, but rather someone who likes him for who he is outside of football. It sounds like Woodley connects with him in that regard.

Rodgers broke up with Danica Patrick last summer and then began dating Woodley. Then Rodgers dropped the news during his MVP acceptance speech that he was engaged. It didn’t take long for them to realize they were right for one another.

As for Rodgers, his affinity for “Jeopardy!” has long been known. Luckily for him his football career is going well enough to stand in the way of a career hosting the quiz show, for now.

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia via CC-BY-SA 3.0

Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend Shailene Woodley has ’embraced’ Green Bay life

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers’ new fiancee Shailene Woodley was born in California and spends a lot of time there, but it does not sound like the actress has any intention of trying to convince her boyfriend to leave Green Bay.

Rodgers shocked the NFL world when he revealed he is engaged while accepting his NFL MVP Award earlier this month. Some sources close to the Packers quarterback were just as stunned, while others saw it coming. One source told E! News that the two were introduced last summer and “knew early on that it was something special and different from what they had experienced in other relationships.”

Rodgers and Woodley then spent a lot of time together during the pandemic, and the circumstances allowed them to remain out of the public spotlight. One person familiar with the relationship said Woodley has been very supportive of Rodgers’ NFL career and “made herself at home in the Midwest.”

“They have spent the entire fall together and lived together throughout,” the insider told E! News. “She is very supportive of his career and embraced his life in Green Bay. Even though she has her own career and life, she wanted to be there with him.”

That should be comforting for Packers fans. Rodgers seemed uncertain about his future in Green Bay after the season ended, though he later downplayed that. With both he and Woodley being from California and a certain team having explored a trade for Rodgers, fans in Green Bay may have been feeling a bit uneasy.

As of now, there is no indication that Rodgers is going to retire or want to leave the Packers. It would certainly help if his soon-to-be bride enjoys the Green Bay area as well.