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Thursday, February 21, 2019

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Dez Bryant responds criticism from Jerry Jones, Shannon Sharpe

Dez Bryant

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones appeared to take a shot at Dez Bryant on Tuesday, and it didn’t take long for the free agent receiver to come up with a response.

In his weekly radio interview with 105.3 The Fan, Jones said the Cowboys have not had a legitimate No. 1 wideout for “several years,” which would include the time Bryant was with the team. When asked to elaborate, Jones implied that Bryant has never been in the elite category of receivers like DeAndre Hopkins and Julio Jones.

Bryant actually agrees that he was never a No. 1 option with Dallas, but he says that had everything to do with scheming and not his level of talent.

Former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe caught wind of Bryant’s response and felt the free agent was being “thirsty,” and Dez fired back at him too.

It wasn’t that long ago that Bryant was considered one of the most dangerous playmakers in the NFL, so it is surprising that he has yet to sign with a team. He recently received an endorsement from one of the greatest players to ever play the receiver position, yet it’s starting to seem like we won’t see Bryant in 2018. Perhaps Jones’ assessment is one that is shared across the NFL.

Shannon Sharpe throws shade at Antonio Brown with tweet

Antonio Brown

Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe threw some shade at Antonio Brown during the fourth quarter of “Monday Night Football” between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brown and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger failed to connect on third-down pass with under four minutes to go and the Steelers’ 3-point lead looking shaky. Roethlisberger was anticipating Brown would break off his deep route and threw towards the sidelines. Brown kept running straight, not knowing that his quarterback had already thrown a pass that fell incomplete.

Sharpe saw the play and tweeted about it, taking a swipe at Brown in the process.

Sharpe’s comment was a reference to Brown skipping practice on Monday.

Brown said after the game that Big Ben didn’t need to apologize for missing the pass, so it seems maybe that Brown wasn’t to blame. But Sharpe couldn’t resist taking his shot anyway.

Lou Williams sets Shannon Sharpe straight after two girlfriends criticism

Lou Williams

Lou Williams had to set Shannon Sharpe straight after being accused of “snitching” on fellow athletes over their relationship statuses.

Williams was shouted out in 2015 in a Drake song for having two girlfriends. In a great SI profile on him that was published Thursday, Williams was asked about his girlfriend situation and said that players having two girlfriends is more common than you think.

Sharpe, now a host for FOX, took issue with that statement and called out Williams for snitching and creating problems for other athletes who will now have to answer questions. Williams responded via Twitter and told Sharpe to “cut it out.”

Williams is exactly right. The whole difference between having two girlfriends and having two girls (a girlfriend and girl on the side) is that they both know each other in the girlfriend situation and are OK with it. The kind of situation Sharpe is talking about is a cheating situation, which wouldn’t apply to what Williams is describing.

At least Williams’ response to Sharpe was a lot more tame than others we’ve seen in the past.

Shannon Sharpe: Jason Whitlock mocking Colin Kaepernick is ‘unacceptable’

Jason Whitlock Colin Kaepernick

Jason Whitlock sparked some outrage on Tuesday for mocking Colin Kaepernick, and he even drew the ire of one of his co-workers.

Whitlock, a host for FS1, has long been outspoken against Kaepernick, even recently calling the free agent quarterback an “attention whore.”

On Tuesday, Whitlock tweeted an image that shows him with a white person dressed to mock Kaepernick. The person was wearing a Kaepernick jersey, afro wig, black glove and held up his fist like the Black Panther salute.

The image was immediately criticized by many, including Whitlock’s FS1 co-worker, Shannon Sharpe. Sharpe called it “unacceptable.”

Sharpe wasn’t the only one upset with Whitlock seemingly making a mockery of Kaepernick. Many others on Twitter were incensed by Whitlock’s gag.


Shannon Sharpe rips Jim Brown over Colin Kaepernick remarks

Colin Kaepernick Castro

NFL legend Jim Brown recently said he does not agree with Colin Kaepernick or any other player protesting during the national anthem, and one fellow Hall of Famer is no happy with Brown for his take on the subject.

In an interview with TMZ over the weekend, Sharpe was adamant in expressing how much he “wholeheartedly” disagrees with Brown.

“It’s disappointing because I don’t really know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to approach (protesting),” Sharpe said. “There’s a right and wrong way to handle black unarmed men and women in America. I think the thing is, things are different now. I’m sure they told him in 1967 summit (of black athletes) that it wasn’t the right way.”

Brown said he supports Kaepernick but was highly critical of athletes who don’t stand at attention during the national anthem. Sharpe seemed most bothered by Brown’s comments because the Cleveland Browns legend is such an influential African-American athlete.

“It’s disappointing because all it takes is one big-name person of color to really almost throw a wet blanket over the fire that’s being sparked with what Colin Kaepernick and others with the Black Lives Matter movement (are doing) — the positive people who are trying to change and have an impact,” Sharpe said. “You’re talking about Jim Brown, a guy who was a huge part of the 1967 summit, saying that Colin Kaepernick went about this wrong. That gives them all the credibility they need. That hurts the most and it’s so disappointing. I’m so, so disappointed in him. … I wholeheartedly disagree with everything he said.”

Michael Vick also criticized Kaepernick not too long ago, and Kaepernick fired back with a very strong message on social media. We’d guess Sharpe would be just as angry with Vick.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick remains a free agent and appears nowhere close to signing with an NFL team. It’s looking like a legitimate possibility that he won’t play at all during the 2017 season.

Shannon Sharpe rips Johnny Manziel: He doesn’t care about football

Johnny Manziel

NFL Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe has seen nothing since Johnny Manziel was drafted that would indicate the former Texas A&M star cares about the game of football.

In a brief chat with TMZ this week, Sharpe was asked if he believes things would have gone differently for Manziel if the two were roommates.

“I’m pretty sure I never would have been Johnny Manziel’s roommate,” he replied. “I took football seriously. Football is not a game anymore. It’s different. People’s lives and jobs are at risk.”

When asked if he believes Manziel can and will change his ways, Sharpe did not hold back.

“How long are you gonna buy his story that he’s interested (in playing football)?” he asked. “Once he got drafted, football is all about business. There’s no more games. It’s a business. He’s shown no remorse. He’s shown no willingness to change his behavior.”

It’s hard to argue with that. In fact, Manziel released a statement on Tuesday that made it seem like even he isn’t sure if he wants to continue with his playing career. You can read what he said here.

Manziel obviously has a serious drinking problem, and who knows if there is more to it than that. His own father said two months ago that he fears Johnny is going to die if he doesn’t get help, so that should tell you all you need to know.

With Manziel having been dropped by two agents in two months and not showing any signs of straightening out his life, it’s certainly looking like T. Boone Pickens was dead-on with his recent remarks about the former Browns quarterback.

Brandon Browner rips Shannon Sharpe: ‘It’s easy to talk with fake teeth’

Brandon Browner

New Orleans Saints cornerback Brandon Browner had another miserable game on Sunday, and Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe let him hear about it.

Browner racked up three penalties in the first three quarters of his team’s loss to the Carolina Panthers. He also got burned by Devin Funchess on a touchdown and contributed to a busted coverage when Ted Ginn Jr. scored later in the game. Browner’s poor play inspired Sharpe to criticize him on Twitter.

Browner has had a league-leading 21 penalties called against him this season. He has been arguably the worst cornerback in the NFL, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to sit quietly while an analyst calls for him to lose his job.