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Thursday, February 21, 2019

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Donald, Shelly Sterling call off divorce

Donald Shelly Sterling

Shelly and Donald Sterling just can’t seem to get enough of each other.

Donald filed for a divorce from Shelly last August, but TMZ Sports says Shelly asked the judge to throw out the papers. The two signed off on the request immediately, which stopped the divorce process.

The Sterlings have been married since 1955 but were said to be estranged for several years.

Donald has had relationships outside of Shelly, including the notable one with V. Stiviano that eventually led to him losing the Los Angeles Clippers. Sterling was caught in an audio recording making racist statements. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned Sterling over the recording and forced a sale of the team to new owner Steve Ballmer.

A judge ruled in early 2015 that Stiviano owed Shelly Sterling over $2 million based on the “gold digger” lawsuit she had filed.

Donald Sterling’s wife Shelly seeking alimony

Donald Shelly Sterling

Former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling may end up spending the rest of his life in and out of courtrooms.

According to TMZ, Sterling’s estranged wife Shelley is seeking spousal support in the wake of Donald filing for divorce from her more than a month ago. The amount she is seeking is unclear.

To give you some perspective, the Sterlings are worth about $3 billion as a couple. They sold the Clippers to Steve Ballmer for $2 million after audio of Donald’s racist rant went viral last year, so Shelley seeking alimony could merely be a game.

What’s even more bizarre is that the two have been spotted out together recently, so it does not appear that they hate each other. Perhaps they found common ground last month when Sterling filed lawsuits against former girlfriend V. Stiviano and TMZ over the racist audio link. Shelley was awarded more than $2 million from Stiviano earlier this year with the help of a divorce lawyer.

As we know, Donald loves litigation. His passion for it remains the same as he pushes on into his 80s.

Donald Sterling finally files for divorce from wife Shelly

Donald Shelly Sterling

Donald Sterling has finally filed for divorce from wife Shelly after nearly 60 years of marriage.

TMZ reports that Donald filed the papers in Los Angeles Superior Court recently.

Shelly Sterling hired a divorce attorney last year to help her file the gold digging lawsuit against V. Stiviano. That case paid off for Shelly, as a judge ruled in her favor and said Stiviano owed her money. There was speculation that after hiring the divorce attorney Shelly would hit Donald with an official divorce, but that never happened. Now Donald has finally filed for the proceeding.

Donald and Shelly have been described as “estranged” for years, even though they have been married since 1955. Not only was Donald fooling around with Stiviano for a while, but he also was spotted out with a new gal pal last year.

Maybe now that one of the family’s biggest assets is gone — the Clippers — Donald felt he finally could split with Shelly without losing his entire empire.

Donald was pretty much forced to sell the Clippers after audio of his racist comments went viral last year. Stories about his and his wife’s racist ways began to trickle out from thereafter, though Shelly tried to distance herself from those allegations. Now it looks like she will be completely distanced from him.

Judge rules V. Stiviano owes Shelly Sterling $2.6 million


A judge has ordered V. Stiviano to pay $2.6 million to Shelly Sterling, the wife of former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

The ruling stems from a lawsuit that was filed by Shelly roughly one month before Donald’s explosive racist rant was released to the public. The Associated Press reports that Judge Richard Fruin Jr. awarded Shelly money that was community property that Donald secretly used to shower Stiviano in gifts.

Stiviano’s lawyer contended that Donald had given her the gifts — which included a house, a $240,000 Ferrari, two other luxury cars and several spending sprees — while the former NBA owner and his wife were separated. The judge rejected those arguments, and Stiviano’s attorney said an appeal will be filed.

During the hearing, Donald Sterling testified that he paid for an entire $1.8 million duplex in Beverly Hills for Stiviano. He noted that she didn’t contribute “50 cents” to the property, though Stiviano claimed she contributed an unknown amount of cash that she had saved with the help of family members.

Shelly referred to Stiviano as Donald’s mistress, but Stiviano has denied ever having sexual relations with the 80-year-old. Stiviano seemed to indicate on social media last year that she has a child with Sterling, but she reportedly told a court shortly thereafter that she believes he is gay.

Stiviano admitted to hating Shelly Sterling and referred to her as the “Wicked Witch of the West.” Donald called Stiviano his “ex-friend,” which makes Stiviano’s recent Instagram post seem even more bizarre.

When someone inevitably makes a movie about Sterling’s life, it is going to be amazing.

Shelly Sterling called police over Donald, V Stiviano meeting

Donald Shelly Sterling

Shelly Sterling called the police Wednesday upon learning that V. Stiviano was at her Beverly Hills mansion and tried to get her nemesis arrested, according to a report.

TMZ says when Shelly learned that Stiviano was at the home the former Clippers owner shares with her husband, she believed it was due to a break-in. She tried to get Stiviano arrested, but Beverly Hills police responding to the call found out Stiviano was an invited guest.

Stiviano is believed to be one of Donald’s mistresses, though she has denied the claim. She was the one baiting him when he was caught on an audio recording making racist comments that were leaked to the media, eventually resulting in Donald being forced out as the team owner.

Shelly has a beef with Stiviano that goes back to earlier this year when Shelly sued Stiviano with the “gold-digger” lawsuit that alleged V. “embezzled” around $2 million from the Sterling family. In reality, the luxury cars, gifts and real estate were presents from Donald. The lawsuit set the stage for Stiviano to retaliate with the audio recording.

Keep in mind that Stiviano hinted in the past that she has a child with Donald. That could be one of many reasons why she would be meeting with Donald.

Donald Sterling, his gut, and wife Shelly hang out at Bellagio

Donald Shelly Sterling

Looks like Donald and Shelly Sterling aren’t exactly on the worst of terms despite their intense legal battles over ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Twitter user Tommy Lorenzo of TheVegasParlay.com shared the photo seen above of the Sterlings together at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Check out Donnie boy all decked out in the horizontal striped shirt and sweater around the neck. He’s only a dunce cap away from perfecting the Mr. Smee look. Guess nobody told him it’s 105 degrees in the desert this weekend. And we know he likes spending time out by the pool, too.

Just a reminder that in court, Donnie had this to say about wife Shelly.

“My wife is beautiful but she can’t run anything.”

Good to know that sort of verbal praise had no affect on their relationship.

Shelly Sterling going to court, concerned Steve Ballmer could back out of deal

Shelly-Sterling-Donald-SterlingNow that Donald Sterling seems to have made up his mind that he is going to fight to keep the Los Angeles Clippers, his wife Shelly Sterling has decided she will take Donald to court in an attempt to finalize her control over the Sterling Family Trust.

According to Tami Abdollah of the Associated Press, Shelly is seeking an emergency order for a hearing to try to convince a judge to grant her full authority to sell the Clippers. Shelly has previously stated that she is the sole trustee of the Sterling Family Trust and does not need Donald to sign off on the sale of the team after neurologists determined last month that he suffers from dementia and is “mentally incapacitated.”

Sterling’s lawyer Max Belcher claims Donald is fully capable of handling his own affairs.

“There isn’t the slightest evidence he’s incapable of managing his affairs,” Belcher said.

A separate report from TMZ claims Shelly is growing concerned that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer could back out of his $2 billion agreement to purchase the Clippers. The tentative deal between Shelly and Ballmer reportedly contains an escape clause for Ballmer if it is determined that she does not have clear control over the team.

Should Donald win his case against Shelly and prove he is mentally fit to remain owner of the Clippers, the NBA will revert to its original plan of forcing Sterling out through a vote. David Aldridge of NBA.com reports that the league “initiated termination protocol” against Sterling last month but halted the process when it appeared Sterling was going to agree to give up the team.

The only thing we are certain of as the saga rolls on is that there are a ton of moving parts. That means the entire ordeal is going to take some time to sort out. Whether the legal proceedings are enough to scare Ballmer away remains to be seen.