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Saturday, February 22, 2020

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Ezekiel Elliott’s father facing 21 charges for illegally keeping exotic cat as pet

Ezekiel Elliott

The father of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is facing 21 charges for illegally keeping an exotic cat as a pet.

Elliott’s father, Stacy Elliott (also known as Stacy El-Muhammad), was charged Tuesday by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Fairfield Area Humane Society and Fairfield County dog warden, the Columbus Dispatch reports.

El-Muhammad is accused of keeping a serval, which is a wild cat from Africa, as a pet. Many of the charges have to do with a failure to notify, register and receive a permit to keep such a pet. El-Muhammad is also charged for lying to authorities about being the pet’s owner.

Authorities learned about the serval because of an Oct. 13 incident when it attacked a neighborhood dog near El-Muhammad’s Violet Township home. A responding deputy from the sheriff’s office shot and killed the animal.

El-Muhammad’s son is in his fourth season with the Cowboys. Several years ago, famous UFC champion Jon Jones bought a serval as a pet, so while uncommon, this is not exactly unheard of.

Ezekiel Elliott’s father gives impassioned defense of Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer

Ohio State fans and alumni held a rally outside Ohio Stadium on Monday to support Urban Meyer, and Ezekiel Elliott’s father was among those who vehemently defended the Buckeyes coach.

Stacy Elliott spoke with members of the media and said he is confident Meyer did an adequate job in handling allegations of domestic abuse against the longest-tenured member of his coaching staff.

“I know Urban Meyer would never condone a woman being abused,” Elliott said. “Those who abuse women need to stop right now, but the truth of the matter based on what we all know is that he handled the situation according to how his job required him to. So to hold him in this situation where he’s got to deal with his emotions — not being with his (players) and representing this university with the utmost integrity — is wrong.”

You may be familiar with Stacy Elliott from when he publicly defended Ezekiel after the Dallas Cowboys star was being investigated for domestic violence a year ago.

Meyer has been placed on paid administrative leave by Ohio State. He initially claimed he had no knowledge of former assistant coach Zach Smith being accused of domestic violence in 2015 and said what was reported about a separate incident from 2009 was inaccurate, but he has since backtracked and said he did report the 2015 allegations. Smith says he never assaulted his ex-wife, though a text message appears to show him admit to strangling her.

Ezekiel Elliott’s father says son’s legal team is ‘ready to fight’

Ezekiel Elliott Ohio

The father of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott looks to be fully supportive of his son’s efforts to fight his six-game suspension.

Stacy Elliott posted on Twitter Monday that his son’s legal team is “ready to fight,” even stating that Elliott was the victim of a “plot” and sharing a portion of an article that raises questions about the accuser’s reliability and truthfulness.

It is now clear that the running back plans to exhaust all of his legal options in fighting a six-game suspension he feels is unjust, and has the backing of the organization and his family. It’s a move that could ultimately backfire, however.