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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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Stephen A. Smith catches heat for creepy Clemson cheerleaders photo caption

ESPN’s “College GameDay” is visiting Clemson this week for the Tigers’ game against Florida State, and Stephen A. Smith seemed to enjoy his time mingling with the college students while on the show’s set Friday. At one point, he may have been enjoying it a bit too much.

Smith (or his social media manager) posted a photo of himself with some Clemson cheerleaders on his Facebook and Instagram pages, and he was immediately criticized for the uncomfortable — to put it kindly — caption he used. It read “Stevie-A lives (sic) the kids. He sure does,” along with a smiley face emoji.

Either Smith took note of the reactions or was told to nix the caption, but it was later changed to “Thanks Clemson for having us.”

While the original caption Smith or his social media manager used wasn’t exactly appalling, it definitely gave off a weird vibe. It’s one thing for Smith to open himself up for criticism with some of the flubs he makes on live TV, but that was an entirely new type of embarrassment.

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Watch: Stephen A. Smith hilariously confuses Luke Falk with Yankees slugger

Stephen A Smith

Stephen A. Smith has had his NFL knowledge challenged on numerous occasions because of some embarrassing flubs he has had on live television, and the ESPN personality made yet another one on Tuesday.

Smith was discussing Baker Mayfield’s struggles on “First Take” when he noted that the only quarterbacks who have attempted passes this season that have a worse quarterback rating than the Cleveland Browns star are Cam Newton and Luke Voit. Yes, as in New York Yankees first baseman Luke Voit.

Smith obviously meant Luke Falk, who has been starting for the New York Jets with both Sam Darnold and Trevor Siemian out. It’s possible saying “Voit” was a mere slip of the tongue, though Smith did say it twice. Plus, he hasn’t exactly earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to NFL analysis.

Remember, this is the same Stephen A. who totally embarrassed himself with his take on Dwayne Haskins prior to the NFL Draft. He has also had some cringeworthy goofs when discussing baseball, so it would not be a surprise if he thought Luke Voit was an NFL quarterback.

Watch: Michael Irvin and Stephen A. Smith brought the energy on ‘First Take’

Michael Irvin was a guest host across from Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s “First Take” Monday morning, and oh boy, did he bring the energy.

The former Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver was all kinds of hyped when debating Smith on the program. When they started talking about the Cleveland Browns, Irvin said he thought the Odell Beckham Jr.-Jarvis Landry partnership would work — comparing their friendship to how friends LeBron James and Dwyane Wade flourished together in Miami. There was so much electricity in the room it almost looked like your TV screen would combust:

Is there any wonder how Irvin developed his reputation as “The Playmaker”? He is magnetic.

Irvin says he is headed next to Dallas Cowboys camp in Oxnard, Calif.

Maybe while there he can show Jerry Jones how to really answer a question.

Media winners and losers from Kawhi Leonard free agency reporting

Adrian Wojnarowski

Kawhi Leonard’s free agency was the biggest sports story of the summer. For a story of that magnitude, there was surprisingly little information about the subject. Leonard is notoriously private, and his team reportedly told the franchises that were in contention to sign him that they didn’t want any leaks. The combination of the two factors resulted in a dearth of information, leading to several unsatisfactory sources trying to step in and fill that void. In the end, some people proved to be ahead of the game with their information and reporting, while others were completely embarrassed by their ill-informed predictions and “inside scoops.”

Here is a look at the media winners and losers from the Kawhi Leonard free agency reporting.


Watch: Stephen A. Smith melts down over Knicks’ failures

New York Knicks fans were in bad shape on Sunday after Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving — the duo they were dreaming about — chose the Brooklyn Nets instead, and Stephen A. Smith was at the forefront of that misery.

The ESPN personality shared this video on Twitter that showed his reaction to the Knicks’ day of disappointment. He claimed he had “just finished crying” before filming this video:

Smith later went on ESPN’s Sunday edition of “The Jump” to similarly express his disappointment.

This, my friends, is why Stephen A. makes the big bucks!

Stephen A. Smith backpedals after being called out by Andy Ruiz Jr.

Stephen A. Smith had to backpedal after being called out by Andy Ruiz Jr. for his disrespect.

Ruiz Jr. defeated Anthony Joshua on Saturday night at MSG in a stunning result, knocking the heavyweight champ down four times and securing a 7th-round TKO win.

After the fight, Smith tweeted that he was “disgusted” over the superfight fans craved between Joshua and Deontay Wilder now being ruined. In the process, he referred to Ruiz as “Butter Bean” and called him “some dude.” He was so unimpressed by Ruiz, he called the outcome “a damn disgrace.”

Ruiz Jr. tweeted back at Smith, encouraging him to study up on the sport so Smith would be more knowledgeable and realize Ruiz Jr. was more than just “some dude.”

Smith then responded by saying he wasn’t insulting Ruiz’s career and turned things around by saying he thought Ruiz was “pretty damn good.”

Hmm, Smith seems to be glossing over that he called Ruiz “Butter Bean” and “some dude.” That showed a lack of respect for Ruiz. Smith then went on to try and spin the argument to focus on how he was talking about being upset the Wilder-Joshua fight fans wanted had been ruined. While that is no doubt the case, Smith refuses to admit he insulted Ruiz from the start. He was completely wrong about Ruiz and won’t admit it or apologize for it. All he can do is retreat and try to spin the conversation as he backpedals. It’s a bad look, one that can easily be remedied by saying he was wrong.

Stephen A. Smith goes off defending Magic Johnson against ESPN story

Stephen A. Smith is one of the highest-paid on-air personalities at ESPN, and he is not afraid to criticize the network that pays him millions each year. He proved that once again on Tuesday with another an epic rant in defense of Magic Johnson.

Smith’s colleague, ESPN senior writer Baxter Holmes, published a bombshell feature on Tuesday that included commentary from current and former Los Angeles Lakers employees about what working for Johnson was like. The overall theme was that Magic used “intimidation and bullying as a way of showing authority,” with two staffers saying they had panic attacks and needed anti-anxiety medication because of the pressures Johnson heaped on them.

Smith, who is close with Johnson, went off about the story. He mocked the idea that Magic is a “fear monger” and ridiculed anyone who faults him for demanding excellence.

As Smith mentioned, the story was published the same day Johnson is scheduled to appear on “SportsCenter” for an NBA Finals coverage special alongside Smith, Mike Wilbon and Doc Rivers.

Johnson obviously has a very different account of the way things went in his brief time with the Lakers, and he had no problem pointing the finger with the remarks he made about GM Rob Pelinka. While you can understand Smith defending Johnson over putting pressure on his employees, the leadership style clearly didn’t work. Whether you agree with it or not, Johnson was unable to create an environment that allowed those under him to assemble a winning team.