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Monday, December 16, 2019

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Steph Curry sets record straight on how he handled NBA Finals loss

Stephen Curry

Steph Curry had to issue a correction to a media outlet after they got a quote of his wrong regarding the way he handled the Golden State Warriors’ NBA Finals loss to the Toronto Raptors.

Curry’s Warriors lost in Game 6 of the NBA Finals at home at Oracle Arena. Even though his season had ended in disappointment, he didn’t sulk afterwards. Instead, he and his team of people (e.g. family, agents) gathered at his house. Complex Sports shared a quote about that from an interview they did with Curry and got it confused, saying the Warriors as a team celebrated at Curry’s house.

Steph went on Twitter to set the record straight that it was his personal team, not the Warriors, who celebrated with him.

It really wouldn’t make much sense for the Warriors as a team to be celebrating the loss together. But it does make sense that Curry individually chose to take a big-picture view and celebrate all the Warriors have achieved.

The story actually had been told before by Ramona Shelburne, along with a few additional details. She said Curry and his family ate In-N-Out Burger and played video golf throughout the night. That makes it sound much more like a splurge after something doesn’t go your way, like a comforting sympathy pint of ice cream.

Ayesha Curry admits to sending Steph ‘hundreds’ of spicy photos

Steph Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry admits she sends husband Steph “spicy” photos to keep things fresh while he’s on the road.

Ayesha was on E! News’ “Daily Pop” to talk about her new show “Family Food Fight”. She was asked whether she sends Steph “spicy photos” while he’s on the road and said she sends him “hundreds. Hundreds of them.”

Ayesha was then asked if she was worried about Steph being hacked and the photos going public.

“Absolutely! And he won’t delete them off his phone,” Ayesha said. “And he’s not that secure, this phone. It’s actually one of the scariest things in my life. But that’s why I (only take them) neck down.”

So that’s the strategy: only go neck down that way you cannot be positively identified as being part of the photo. But if Steph’s phone were ever hacked and the pictures came up, people would know who they came from.

Ayesha, who has three children with Steph, recently complained about craving attention that has gone away now that she’s a mother. She even opened up about a botched plastic surgery she endured.

Here’s video of her interview:

Kendrick Perkins has been crushing Steph Curry since NBA Finals

Kendrick Perkins has made it no secret that he is not a Stephen Curry fan, and it is no surprise that he seems to be celebrating the fact that the two-time NBA MVP came up short of winning a third consecutive championship this year.

After the Golden State Warriors lost to the Toronto Raptors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Perkins ranted on the “Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective Show” podcast about how Curry continues to get “pass after pass after pass” for poor performances in big games.

“I feel like it’s unfair because any other superstar in the league don’t get as many passes as Steph Curry,” Perkins said. “Steph Curry gets pass after pass after pass, and he never steps up to the big plate. Think about this, the shots that Klay Thompson hit tonight, they wasn’t just easy shots. He had two or three people on him at times.”

Perkins went on to call Curry an “all-time great” and said he is not trying to take anything away from him, but that seems to be exactly what he is doing. Perk also tweeted during Game 4 that he expected everyone to make excuses for Curry and say Thompson’s return had a negative impact on him.

Whether you want to label it an excuse or not, it does seem that people talk
a lot about nagging injuries every time Curry has a rough game in the postseason. He shot just 29.4 percent from three-point range over the last three games of the NBA Finals and 40.3 percent from the field overall. Curry was battling a finger injury that he admitted was an issue, but almost everyone is playing hurt to some degree in the playoffs.

All that said, it’s impossible for Perkins to convince anyone he is unbiased. His Cleveland Cavaliers teams lost to the Warriors twice in the NBA Finals, and he has a history of bad blood with Curry and some of his teammates. It makes sense that he pounced on the opportunity to bash Curry for a rough postseason.

Watch: Steph Curry got away with a blatant carry in Game 3

Steph Curry surprised meme

Steph Curry got away with a blatant carry in Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday night.

Late in the first quarter of the game between his Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors, Curry completely carried over as he dribbled around Danny Green before taking a shot. The carry could not have been more obvious:

Nothing was called by the officials, which allowed Curry to maintain possession and make a deep 3-pointer.

With Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney out due to injuries, Curry had to carry the team in the first quarter and did so with 17 points. He also got away with one on that play.

Former Raptor upset at Stephen Curry running on court to celebrate during play

One ex-Toronto Raptor was not pleased with Stephen Curry’s antics during Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

In the fourth quarter of the Golden State Warriors’ 109-104 win on Sunday, Curry, who was not in the game at the time, came all the way from the Dubs’ bench to celebrate a Quinn Cook three-pointer while play was still going.

In response, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Patrick Patterson, who formerly played for the Raptors, tweeted his displeasure with the sequence. He also tagged the official NBA and NBA Referees accounts calling for action.

Patterson was with Toronto for four seasons from 2013 to 2017, overlapping with current Raptors players Kyle Lowry, Fred VanVleet, Norman Powell, Serge Ibaka, and Pascal Siakam.

Curry, meanwhile, later got T’d up at a crucial moment in the game, so he probably needs to do a better job of toning down his behavior going forward.

Steph Curry called for technical foul for tossing ball up

Steph Curry was called for a costly technical foul late in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night.

Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard was driving to the hoop with just over a minute to go and was fouled. Curry got a hold of the ball following the foul and threw it into the air. Referee Scott Foster called Curry for a tech for launching the ball. Curry seemed surprised about the result.

Leonard made his technical free throw and then two more for being fouled on his drive to the basket to bring his team back from down eight to make the score 106-101.

Danny Green made a 3-pointer to bring Toronto within two of Golden State. If not for a clutch 3-pointer by Andre Iguodala that made it a two-possession game in the final seconds, things could have gotten really interesting in the final seconds.

Curry, who was said to be playing ill in the game, finished with 23 points on 6-for-17 shooting.

Report: Steph Curry playing sick in Game 2

Steph Curry apparently was not at full strength for the Golden State Warriors in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday against the Toronto Raptors.

Curry got off to a slow start, shooting 0-for-3 to begin the game. Towards the end of the first quarter, ABC reporter Doris Burke spoke about Curry’s status.

“I don’t really get the sense he’s feeling particularly well. He made it known a little bit pregame,” Burke said.

Burke further reported that Curry consumed some energy gels and was being checked on regularly by the team’s trainer. Despite Burke’s report, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr apparently tried to brush things aside by saying Curry was fine.

“I have no idea,” Kerr said in an interview between quarters with Burke when asked about Curry walking off the court with the trainer.

Burke insisted Curry’s status throughout the game was something to watch.

We’ve already seen one star player receive criticism for the way he composed himself while playing sick in the playoffs. The reaction to how Curry’s status is handled will be something to watch.