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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Articles tagged: Steven Adams

Steven Adams ‘almost fainted’ from crowd noise during Game 4


Oklahoma City Thunder fans were so loud during their team’s Game 4 win over the San Antonio Spurs Sunday night that one player almost passed out.

Facing what was basically a must-win, the Thunder found themselves trailing by four heading into the fourth quarter. A loss would have meant allowing the Spurs to take a 3-1 series lead back to San Antonio with a chance to close things out. OKC rose to the occasion by outscoring the Spurs 34-16 in the fourth quarter.

How loud were the fans at Chesapeake Energy Arena? Steven Adams tried to describe it.

Kevin Durant, who scored a game-high 41 points, was equally impressed.

After they were blown out in Game 1, the Thunder have played much better basketball and look like they actually have a chance to knock off the heavily-favored Spurs. If you have heard the rumors about Durant’s future, you know how important this series is for OKC. The fans would be wise to continue to impress him with the noise level when the team returns home for Game 6, even if it means Adams could faint.

Steven Adams drops legendary quote about waved-off game-winner


Oklahoma City center Steven Adams is truly a Tongan treasure.

Adams and the Thunder lost at home in devastating fashion to the Dallas Mavericks in Game 2 on Monday night, after the mustached maestro had a game-winner waved off after review, giving the Mavs a narrow one-point win.

You can see video of the play here.

When asked about the buzzer-beater that wasn’t after practice on Tuesday, Adams responded with this gem, per Royce Young of ESPN:

As if the playoff-themed mustache wax endorsement wasn’t enough, here’s further proof that Adams might be the coolest dude in the NBA.

With an illustrious list of talents that already includes “menacing interior defender,” “persistent rebound muncher,” and “suave facial hair spokesperson,” Adams can now add “clever one-liner virtuoso” (which he actually already has quite the reputation as) and “charming relationship expert” to his resumé. True legend.

H/T NBA Reddit

Steven Adams basket waved off as Thunder lose (Video)

Steven Adams basket

The Oklahoma City Thunder lost Game 2 of their playoff series with the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night 85-84 after a Steven Adams basket was waved off because it came just after time expired.

The Thunder had the ball with 7.1 seconds left down by one after a Raymond Felton missed free throw, and they pushed the ball ahead. OKC missed a layup and a putback, but Adams attempted a second putback that went in:

Unfortunately for OKC, the buzzer had already gone off and time expired. He missed by less than half a second.

So after an embarrassing performance in Game 1, the Mavericks made up for it by stealing Game 2 in OKC thanks to a few tenths of a second.

Steven Adams partners with grooming company to develop mustache wax


The heck with you peasants and your petty shoe endorsement deals. Steven Adams scoffs in your general direction.

The Thunder center announced on Friday (per Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post) a partnership with grooming products company Handmade La Conner to develop a special limited edition mustache wax aptly dubbed “Steven Adams’ Gentlemen’s Mustache Styling Wax.”

With the Thunder set to begin the postseason against the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday night, the product is a clever play on the “playoff beard” tradition seen across many professional sports. For Adams, who of course rocks the most majestic mustache on this side of the Mississippi, the wax is sure to keep his facial hair masterpiece in pristine condition throughout the heated battles of the postseason and encourage OKC fans to sprout their own upper lip vegetation in solidarity with him.

I, for one, am excited to find out what the “signature scent” of Adams’ mustache wax will be. Could it be a hint of kiwi reminiscent of the plains of New Zealand? Or perhaps the blood of Adams’ opponents after he clips them with a dirty screen? Only time will tell.

H/T NBA Reddit

Steven Adams gives funny answer to Boban Marjanovic question

Boban Marjanovic dunk

Steven Adams gave a humorous answer to a question he received about Boban Marjanovic.

Adams’ Oklahoma City Thunder defeated Marjanovic’s San Antonio Spurs 111-92 on Saturday, with Adams going for nine points and six rebounds in 27 minutes. Marjanovic had 13 points and six rebounds also in 27 minutes, and he was quite the load for Adams to defend. After the game, the New Zealand native talked about how tough it is to bang with Marjanovic all game:

Marjanovic is listed at 7-foot-3 and 290 pounds, while Adams goes 7-feet tall and 255 pounds. Adams certainly is no shrimp, but Marjanovic is more than a couple of handfuls for anyone this side of Yao Ming. This should be a good reminder for players to get their squats in before facing Marjanovic.

Steven Adams on Dwight Howard Stickum: ‘Maybe that’s why he misses free throws’ (Video)


Oklahoma City Thunder enforcer Steven Adams has a theory as to why Dwight Howard is so poor at the free throw line: it’s the Stickum.

Howard was caught using Stickum during Saturday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks, and when asked about it Monday, Adams couldn’t help himself.

“Maybe that’s why he misses free throws, mate,” Adam said thoughtfully, before appearing to try to make a serious point. “I find it really hard to shoot – really grippy stuff, it just sticks to your hands. And I suck, really.

“I don’t know. I might try it out.”

What if Adams really is onto something? By his own admission, Howard has been using Stickum for about five years. That would mean somewhere around 2011. Howard wasn’t a good free throw shooter ever, but after consistently shooting around 59 percent every year through the 2010-11 season, his percentage dropped noticeably to 49 percent in 2011-12 and has never recovered, a marked difference. Maybe Adams – and the NBA coach who was being snarky as quoted here – is onto something…or maybe it’s just a silly coincidence. Hey, we can pretend.

Steven Adams, DeMarcus Cousins get tangled up and Boogie nearly unloaded (Video)

DeMarcus Cousins Steven Adams

Steven Adams is known for being a pest, and he nearly bought himself more than he bargained for on Monday.

During the second half of the Thunder-Kings game, Adams was on the ground and used his legs to lock up DeMarcus Cousins. Boogie is quite the powder keg so it’s no surprise he nearly exploded.

Watch as he pulls his arm back before restraining himself from throwing a massive punch at the Kiwi:

You know what we call that motion of restraint for Cousins? Progress.