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Sunday, July 21, 2019

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Watch: Steven Adams drilled Damian Lillard with screen

Steven Adams

Damian Lillard and Steven Adams exchanged some words during Tuesday’s Game 2 of the Oklahoma City Thunder-Portland Trail Blazers first round playoff series over a hard screen.

Lillard’s Blazers were up big in the fourth quarter when Adams decided to set a screen on the point guard. Lillard ran right into him and went down as if he hit a brick wall.

Adams then committed a foul defending Al-Farouq Aminu the next time up the court, which led to a response from Lillard. The two had a conversation, seemingly about the plays:

There was nothing illegal about that screen whatsoever. It was completely legitimate. It just rocked Lillard.

There’s no surprise after watching that play that Adams was recognized around the league for his toughness.

Steven Adams has no interest in hanging out with ex-teammate Enes Kanter

Steven Adams

Steven Adams has no time for friendships during the playoffs.

Adams was asked ahead of Tuesday’s Game 2 of the first round series between his Oklahoma City Thunder and the Portland Trail Blazers whether he would be hanging out with ex-teammate Enes Kanter between games. Adams offered a blunt response and said he had no interest in doing so.

It’s unclear whether he was joking or being serious, but his answer seemed to contain a bit of both.

Adams and Kanter were collectively known as the “Stache Bros” when they played on the Thunder before Kanter was traded to the Knicks. Despite their relationship, Adams trolled Kanter when they played against each other in November. Kanter was let go by the Knicks and picked up by Portland, and he had a starring role in Game 1.

Russell Westbrook doesn’t like his guys being friendly with opponents, so it’s no surprise Adams is falling in line with that.

Look: Steve Adams plays with giant tissue after bloody nose

Steven Adams

A little blood wasn’t going to stop Steven Adams on Tuesday.

During the game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Oklahoma City Thunder, Adams sustained a bloody nose. In true Steven Adams form, he packed his nose with loads of tissue and kept playing. Unfortunately, when the tissue started to fill with blood, officials made Adams leave the floor.

Adams is already immensely popular among NBA fans. This surely will add to his legendary status.

Steven Adams savagely trolls ex-teammate Enes Kanter

Steven Adams

Steven Adams savagely trolled his former Stache Brother when they squared off against each other on Wednesday night.

Adams’ Oklahoma City Thunder hosted Enes Kanter’s New York Knicks and got out to be a big lead in the first half. Kanter subbed into the game midway through the first quarter, and it didn’t take long for Adams to trash talk him.

During a stoppage in play, Adams told Knicks coach David Fizdale to sub Kanter out because he can’t play defense.

Adams’ big first half included a monster dunk on Kanter late in the first quarter.

Kanter is in his second season with the Knicks since being traded there as part of the Carmelo Anthony deal. He has maintained love for his old team, and even for Adams. Maybe this type of competition will change his opinion.

Since starting the season 0-4, the Thunder have taken advantage of a weak schedule and gone 8-1, even winning games without Russell Westbrook in the lineup.

Look: Steven Adams has a massive Mexican food order

Steven Adams

Steven Adams is a big man and has a big appetite. And the amount of food he eats still leaves longtime teammate Russell Westbrook surprised.

Westbrook shared a video on social media of Adams’ order during a recent meal at a Mexican restaurant. Adams appeared to have two different kinds of tacos, corn, a tamale, rice and beans, and some sort of flauta type appetizer plate.

Adams had five plates just for himself. But this sort of thing apparently is not new for Adams. The eating stories about him are legendary.

Oklahoma City Thunder reporter Fred Katz shared another one:

When you’re 7-feet tall and weigh around 270 pounds, it takes more food than the average person needs to get full. Much more.

Steven Adams not impressed after being recognized for his toughness

Steven Adams

Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams is not quite as pleased to be recognized as the NBA’s toughest player as one might expect.

In the league’s survey of general managers, Adams was voted the toughest player in the league by a good margin, finishing 20 points ahead of LeBron James. When brought up to him on Wednesday, his response was quite muted.

There is no bonus involved, so what difference does it make? It’s a nice reputation to have, but one earned, not given.

Adams may also win an award for being one of the league’s more quotable players. It’s a rare combination.

Steven Adams throws shade at ex-teammate in new book

Steven Adams

Steven Adams is generally seen as an agreeable fellow, but it turns out that he wasn’t exactly too fond of former teammate Reggie Jackson.

The Oklahoma City Thunder center’s autobiography entitled “Steven Adams: My Life, My Fight” was released this week. One particular passage that went viral saw Adams take some major shots at Jackson, who is now a member of the Detroit Pistons.

In the passage, Adams criticized Jackson for complaining about his role with the Thunder and called him a “fool” for thinking that he should have been starting over Russell Westbrook. Adams also said that he “wasn’t that sad” to see Jackson go when the point guard was traded to Detroit and added that the Thunder “wanted him to leave” and “forgot about him pretty quickly.”

Jackson, now 28, was with the Thunder for the first three seasons of his career before he was dealt to the Pistons at the 2015 trade deadline. Two of those seasons overlapped with Adams, who is three years younger than Jackson.

Many of Jackson’s other ex-Thunder teammates also threw shade at him in the wake of his departure, so it’s clear that Adams is just expressing the general sentiment of those who played with Jackson in OKC.