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Tyron Woodley gets Jake Paul tattoo on fitting body part

Tyron Woodley tattoo

Tyron Woodley made good on his agreement to get a Jake Paul tattoo. He put the fresh ink on a very fitting body part.

Woodley shared video on social media Monday of him getting the tattoo done. The tattoo says “I love Jake Paul.” Woodley got it done on his middle finger, likely as an F-you to Paul.

Here’s the video of him getting the tattoo done:

Paul beat Woodley via split decision in a boxing match on Aug. 29. It was the first pro boxing fight for Woodley, who is a former UFC champion.

Paul told Woodley that he needed to get an “I love Jake Paul” tattoo in order to be granted a rematch. However, since Woodley took his time getting the tattoo, Paul started exploring other possible fights.

It’s unclear whether Paul will give Woodley the rematch. But Paul didn’t waste time teasing Woodley about needing the money from a rematch.

Woodley earned $2 million in base pay for his fight with Paul, plus a cut of the pay-per-view sales.

Paul, 24, is 4-0 as a pro boxer and has beaten former MMA stars in consecutive boxing matches.

Fan gets incredible Mike Norvell tattoo to make good on promise

Mike Norvell

A fan who made a pretty wild promise about getting a Mike Norvell tattoo has come through in a big way.

The fan brought a sign pledging to get a tattoo of a young Norvell with cornrows if the Florida State Seminoles upset the heavily-favored North Carolina Tar Heels on Oct. 17. The Seminoles held on for a 31-28 win, and the fan made good on his promise.

Norvell himself reacted to the picture, telling the fan to “wear it proud.”

The picture of Norvell in cornrows from his Central Arkansas playing days first went viral in 2015. It resurfaced last year after Norvell landed the Florida State job. He explained at the time that it was the result of him losing a bet.

We’ve seen fans do similar stuff in the past, such as this great tattoo.

Rockets writer to get Russell Westbrook MVP tattoo after tweet backfires

Russell Westbrook

A Houston Rockets writer is planning to make good on getting a Russell Westbrook tattoo after one of his tweets backfired.

There was talk over the weekend that the Oklahoma City Thunder were open to trading Westbrook after dealing Paul George to the Clippers on Friday night. The Rockets were mentioned at the time as a potential trade partner. That led the Action Network’s Matt Moore to joke about how Rockets fans would have to take back all their negative comments about Westbrook when he won MVP over Harden three seasons ago.

Taylor Pate, a writer at Rockets fan site, thought the suggestion of a trade was so asinine he said he would tattoo Westbrook’s MVP season averages on his face.

Well, the Rockets did indeed trade for Westbrook on Thursday, prompting Moore and others to remind Pate about his promise.

Pate didn’t try to deny it and instead asked for a compromise from folks on Twitter.

Pate then decided he would get the tattoo under his beard.

What will the tattoo have to say? 31.6/10.7/10.4 — the season averages Westbrook put up when he averaged a triple-double and won league MVP over Harden.

Daryl Morey making this trade just to see this happen alone was worth it. And Pate now joins the excellent category of people who have had to get tattoos due to sports promises.

Fan gets funny Floyd Mayweather tattoo after losing bet on McGregor

Floyd Mayweather tattoo bet

Grayson Gregory is not exactly a Floyd Mayweather Jr. fan, but he will be linked — and inked — to the fighter for the rest of his life. That’s because the 31-year-old on Monday got a tattoo on his leg of Mayweather’s face to pay off a lost bet.

Gregory, who runs operations for a social media marketing company, bet a co-worker last month that Conor McGregor would beat Mayweather during their boxing match in Las Vegas on Saturday. The terms of the bet dictated that the loser had to get a tattoo of the victorious fighter.

Here’s the result for Gregory:

That tattoo appears on Gregory’s left shin nearby his other leg tattoo. He now has 7-8 tattoos total, he estimates, including nearly a sleeve on his arm.

So how did the tattoo bet come about?

Gregory says he was sitting around in his office with his business partner 5-6 weeks ago talking about the fight. Gregory is a big MMA fan and was so confident “in Conor’s belief that he could win,” that he was convinced to make the tattoo wager, he told Larry Brown Sports over the phone Monday.

Gregory bought into McGregor’s confidence so much that he took a straight-up wager even though McGregor was viewed as a heavy underdog entering what was his first professional boxing fight.

He doesn’t regret making a straight up bet, though he now cheerfully acknowledges that he was full of “pure bravado” and “just being an idiot with it” when he made the wager.

Gregory admits he was “nervous” before the fight began, knowing what was at stake.

Even as the fight was progressing and McGregor was showing signs of losing, Gregory still opted not to back out. The man with whom he made his wager offered him the chance to buy his way out of the bet for $250, but Gregory declined. By that point, he figured he would “ride or die” with his choice.

McGregor put on a respectable showing but lost via 10th-round TKO to Mayweather.

Less than 48 hours later, Gregory didn’t want to “chicken out” in his words, so he made the call to set up his tattoo appointment. He got the work done by Kenny Herring at Heritage Tattoo in Temecula, Calif. on Monday, with the cost of the tattoo being split evenly by Gregory and the winner of the bet.

Does he regret the bet and going through with the tattoo?

“Not at all,” Gregory told LBS. “I’ve been giggling ever since I did it.”

And even though he says he wears shorts a lot — exposing his Mayweather tattoo and the funny story behind it — Gregory says he will not cover up the ink. He also says he wouldn’t be afraid to put a tattoo on the line in a future bet, acknowledging that this “kind of opened up the floodgates.”

Gregory, who hosts the Prove Me Wrong Podcast, says he felt McGregor did well despite the loss.

“I thought he held himself very well. As a UFC fan, I felt we had a lot riding on in it,” Gregory said. “Granted we wanted him to win, but he wasn’t knocked out. All sides kind of won on it.”

Gregory hopes that McGregor will choose to fight Nate Diaz next in what would be the third fight between the men. For his sake, let’s hope Gregory doesn’t end up with a portrait of Diaz tattooed on his other leg after that one.

Jake Arrieta getting Coastal Carolina tattoo over College World Series bet


Cubs ace Jake Arrieta will be the proud owner of a Coastal Carolina tattoo after they eliminated TCU from the College World Series.

TCU alum Arrieta made a bet with teammate Tommy La Stella, a Coastal Carolina alum, over the outcome of their College World Series showdown. The loser had to get the winning team’s logo tattooed on them, and Coastal Carolina beat TCU twice to make Arrieta the loser.

“So happy for those kids,” La Stella said Sunday, via ESPN’s Jesse Rogers. “When we get back to Chicago we’ll get him [Arrieta] tatted up for life.”

La Stella said that the tattooing will be recorded on one condition.

“If it’s a body part that’s visually acceptable, absolutely,” La Stella said.

With any luck, Arrieta will get this done quickly and somewhere visible so that he can show it off at the Home Run Derby, which he wants to participate in.

Joe Maddon will get a tattoo if Rays reach World Series

Joe Maddon isn’t your typical baseball manager. He thinks differently from many of his managerial compatriots, and he isn’t afraid to try new training methods. He also gets creative when it comes to motivating his players. On Friday, Maddon tweeted that he will get a tattoo if the Rays reach the World Series:

It sounds like Ryan Roberts is the one who came up with the idea. Roberts is famous for having his body covered in tattoos, so it’s no surprise that he was part of this. Roberts was acquired by Tampa Bay from Arizona prior to the trade deadline but he’s played poorly for his new team. He’s gone just 3-for-26 and will have to improve his play to give Tampa Bay a better shot at reaching the postseason.

The Rays are currently 0.5 games behind the Angels for the final wild card spot in the American League. If they reach the playoffs, they’ll have as good of a chance as anyone of making the World Series, and then maybe Maddon can get some sort of old school joker tattoo on his biceps.

Denver Radio Host Mike Evans Gets Tim Tebow Tattoo After Losing Bet (Pictures)

Count Denver radio host Mike Evans as at least the second person to get a Tim Tebow tattoo after losing a bet.

Evans was hosting his show on Sports 104.3 the Fan in Denver when he made a wager with a caller who said the Broncos would win 8 games this season. The team was 2-4 at the time. Sure enough, the Broncos went on a six-game winning streak and finished 8-8.

After promising he would get the tattoo following the new year, Evans went to the tattoo shop to pay it off Thursday.

Earlier in the season, Tim Tebow was asked about the tattoo bet and found it to be pretty humorous.

“I just think you need to think about it, pray about it, [and] come up with something good, because it’s going to be on you for a while,” he said in a video message to Evans.

At least Evans’ tattoo isn’t as bad as the last guy’s.

Pictures via Joel Klatt on Twitter

Fan Gets Bill Belichick Tattoo After Losing Bet (Video)

Broncos fan Brady Wagner was so sure his team would beat the Patriots Sunday, he wagered a tattoo with a childhood friend. If Denver won, Wagner’s friend would have to get a Tim Tebow tattoo. If the Patriots won, Wagner agreed to get a Bill Belichick tattoo.

We all know what happened next. Tebow was no match for Tom Brady, and the Patriots who won 41-23. Wagner lived up to the bet and got a Belichick signature tattooed on his body. Here’s the video:

<a href=';src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='Lose bet, get Belichick tatoo' >Video: Lose bet, get Belichick tatoo</a>

I don’t know about you, but I find this story to be pretty lame. The whole allure of getting a tattoo after losing a sports bet is gone if we’re wagering on regular season games. This is something that has to be done after milestones — like when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup, or when Tebow won five games as a starter. A Week 15 game is something you bet a six-pack of beer on, not a tattoo.

Come on guys, you’re killing the whole tattoo as punishment for losing a bet thing.

Tebow Time Tattoo Was Result of Lost Bet

When we shared the picture of the “Tebow Time” tattoo a man got on Tuesday, we told you that the artist who did the work kept asking the man if the tattoo was the result of a lost bet. The man wouldn’t tell him. Turns out that was the case.

Juan Contreras lost a bet to Josh Lucero, a tattoo artist at the Love n Hate Elite Tattoo Studio in Denver, and had to get that Tebow Time centaur tattoo. Earlier in the season, the men at the shop were talking about the Broncos quarterbacks situation. Contreras and Gabe Lopez, who owns the store, supported Brady Quinn. Lucero thought Tebow deserved a shot. They decided to make a wager.

If Tebow won five games, Contreras would have to get a Tebow Time tattoo. If he didn’t, Lucero would have to get a “Te-(bleep)” tattoo.

Tebow has gone 6-1 as a starter, and Contreras made good on his bet. Now he looks exactly like this fool, who also had to get a feminine-looking horse tattoo.

I’m glad we’ve cleared up any confusion about the matter, but the point still remains: intentional or not, that is one of the most laughable tattoos we’ve ever seen.