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#pounditWednesday, August 17, 2022

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Tim Tebow Invites LeBron James, Dwight Howard to Play for Broncos

Twitter nearly exploded late Monday when superstars Tim Tebow, LeBron James, and Dwight Howard all became part of the same conversation. When it comes to polarizing athletes in the world, it doesn’t get much bigger than Tebow or LeBron. Dwight’s not as controversial, but he has a strong presence on Twitter with 2.3 million followers.

Things started when Dwight, who is an active tweeter/social media guy, took a picture of himself Tebowing:

He accompanied the picture by saying “This [is] for Tebow lol. Good game boy.”

Tebow, who tweets infrequently, responded “lol appreciate the love Superman!”

Dwight upped the ante after that, telling Tebow “Keep up the good work. Despite all the haters you work hard you got heart and you got Jesus. You can’t lose.”

Tebow responded “thank you brother, will do! Jesus is above all else!”

It was after that when Tebow invited Dwight and LeBron to play for the Broncos.


Stephen Tulloch Tebows on Tim Tebow After Sack (Picture)

That didn’t take long.  Anything that has to do with Tim Tebow is guaranteed to pick up serious steam, but Tebowing has taken that to a new level.  Everyone with the exception of D.J. Williams is in on the fun.  Tebow’s teammate Von Miller seemed to think getting his Tebow on was a good time, but it was only a matter of time before an opponent used it as a taunting tool.  Check out this picture of Stephon Tulloch Tebowing on Tim Tebow after a sack late in the first quarter on Sunday.  You can see video of the play at here.

Don’t be surprised if people start crying about that and saying he’s being disrespectful for making fun of Tebow’s praying, but what did you expect?  Mocking or not, it’s just another way for Timmy to spread his faith.

Broncos LB D.J. Williams Does Not Think Tebowing Is Cool

Perhaps all that time Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams spent in a hyperbaric chamber recently has taken away from his sense of humor.  As you all must know by now, a new sensation is sweeping the nation: Tebowing.  Fans across the country have been dropping down to one knee and praying in the most random situations just to get their Tebow on.  Denver’s Von Miller even got in on the fun, but it sounds like we won’t see Williams joining the fad any time soon.  Here is D.J. on Twitter raining on a Broncos fan’s parade for Tebowing.


Colorado Rapids Soccer Player Omar Cummings Tebowed After Scoring (Picture)

Colorado Rapids forward Omar Cummings became the second professional athlete we know of to publicly Tebow. Cummings scored the first goal of the Rapids-Columbus Crew MLS game Thursday night and he went down in prayer.

If the Rapids have Tebow on their side, I don’t like Columbus’ chances.

And let’s hope this is not a sign of things to come in sports. If everyone starts Tebowing, it will get played out really quickly.

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Pic via Colorado Rapids

Von Miller Goes Tebowing, Tim Tebow Loves it (Picture)

Von Miller became the first athlete to officially support the “Tebowing” movement when he tweeted a picture of himself praying on one knee at the Broncos facility Thursday.

Tebow joked back that the jersey was too big for Miller (guess he’s a smedium guy?).

Tim also posted the word “Tebowing” along with its description, before adding “love it.”

Now that Timmy has officially endorsed Tebowing, prepare for the movement to explode more than it already has. If he manages to beat Detroit Sunday, the networks better hurry to get him on national TV. Few players can match Tebow’s popularity.

Tebowing Founder Created Idea Sunday, Website Monday

Early Thursday we introduced you to the new internet phenomenon known as “Tebowing.” The concept is similar to planking, owling, and some of their other social media crazes that go viral, but in Tebowing, you just drop down on one knee in a prayer position.

So how did “Tebowing” come about? The site’s founder, Jared Kleinstein, explained it to The Denver Post.

Kleinstein says he and his friends were watching the Broncos game Sunday and that he noticed Tim Tebow drop down in prayer after the comeback win. He decided to take a picture outside the bar with his entire group of friends (seen above). They all dropped to one knee in prayer, striking the “Tebowing” pose.

Kleinstein uploaded the picture to his Facebook account, got tons of “likes” for it, and realized he had something special. He created the Tebowing Tumblr blog on Monday. On Tuesday, he registered through GoDaddy.

He says his web traffic has exploded — they had 785 visits Monday, 9,000 visitors Wednesday, and over 175,000 Thursday.

Never underestimate the power of the Tebow.

First There Was Planking, Then There Was Owling, Now There’s Tebowing (Pictures)

Tim Tebow has only made one start this season, but Tebowmania is raging ahead at full speed.  If he keeps pulling off comeback victories and turns a disastrous Broncos season into something respectable, the frenzy could become worse than it was at Florida.  How do we know this?  Well for one we showed you the Tim Tebow song a.k.a. “Super Fans” yesterday, which is either the most obnoxious music video you’ve ever seen or solid gold if you’re a Timmy fan.  Prior to that work of art, we had custom Tebow jerseys that made him out to be the Lord himself.  Now — brace yourselves — we have “Tebowing.”  What is Tebowing you ask?  According to the website, this is Tebowing.