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Von Miller Tebows after sacking Ben Roethlisberger

Von Miller got two sacks on Ben Roethlisberger in the Steelers’ final possession on Sunday night, and he received plenty of attention for the way he celebrated each of them.

As seen in the images above, the second-year linebacker dropped down on one knee and “Tebowed” after recording his second sack of Denver’s 31-19 win. Miller Tebowing was likely a nod to his former teammate, Tim Tebow, who’s currently with the Jets. Miller was one of the earliest supporters of the Tebowing fad when it first began last season.

Miller also had a sack on first down when he blew past Mike Adams to wrap up Big Ben. How did he celebrate that sack? By doing the Billy “White Shoes” Johnson dance:


Lindsey Vonn Tebows at ESPYs after presenting Tim Tebow with award (Picture)

Lindsey Vonn was up to her old tricks on Wednesday night at the ESPY Awards. By old tricks we don’t mean dominating the skiing world. So what do we mean? Tebowing, of course. Lindsey is a Tebowing veteran, having done so over the winter when she won a World Cup race. She and Tim Tebow have been linked together by dating rumors for months, and they seemed to have a little fun with it at the ESPYs in Los Angeles. Vonn took the stage with Robert Griffin III to present the award for Best Moment, and Tebow ended up being the recipient for his 80-yard hookup with Demaryius Thomas in the playoffs against Pittsburgh.

As you can see from the photos above, Vonn Tebowed on stage before embracing the Jets quarterback and congratulating him on winning the award. As far as we know, they are still nothing more than friends. Lolo Jones is still free to take her shot whenever she sees fit.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga tebows after winning match at Wimbledon (Video)

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga advanced to the Wimbledon semifinals on Wednesday after he defeated Philipp Kohlschreiber. In his second semifinal in two years, Tsonga is set to face Andy Murray with the winner taking on either Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic. As expected, Tsonga was very excited and overwhelmed after beating Murray. It’s no surprise that during a moment like that his first instinct was to Tebow.

Tebowing isn’t nearly as much of a worldwide phenomenon as it once was, but Tsonga proved to us on Wednesday that it is still alive and kicking. We have seen basketball players, hockey players, politicians and even Playboy Playmates feel the rush in the past. Tsonga Tebowing at a high-profile event like Wimbledon keeps the trend in the game.

Student’s diploma withheld after he Tebowed on stage during graduation

A high school senior’s diploma was withheld after he Tebowed on stage during his graduation ceremony last weekend.

17-year-old Chuck Shriner played football for Fort Myers Catholic school and thought Tebowing after crossing the stage would make his ceremony “fun” and “memorable.” While his move elicited plenty of laughs, it didn’t go over well with the school’s administration. Shriner’s diploma was withheld at the behest of his mother, who is also a teacher at the school.

“They said what I did would give underclassmen inspiration to do something else, that it might lead to something else,” Shriner said about the administration’s reaction, according to the Naples Daily News. “So they were trying to set an example.”

Shriner actually had to clean the school’s gym as punishment, and his diploma was turned over to his mother who held it to discipline her son. Chuck unsurprisingly had no regrets.

“Moment in my life I’ll never forget, getting my diploma taken away for doing the Tebow on stage in front of (Principal John) Cavell. So worth it,” Shriner posted on his Facebook page.

Shriner shouldn’t be surprised about his punishment. Had he followed the news, he would have learned that a few students were suspended for Tebowing last December.

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Madden NFL 13 will reportedly feature Tebowing

The concept of Tebowing may have fizzled out quickly over the past several months, but those who were sitting around waiting for it to come back are in luck. If there is any platform with the power to rescue what was once the most popular fad in sports, it’s the Madden NFL video game series. According to Madden NFL creative director Michael Young, Madden 13 will honor Tim Tebow with his signature move.

“Tebowing is in for #madden13,” Young wrote on his Twitter account Friday.

As of last month, Tebow’s lawyers were battling with the website over trademark issues. My guess is the creators of Madden have permission to use it or will refrain from calling it “Tebowing” in the game, but you never know. Since the EA Sports people always seem to take authenticity very seriously, they have no choice. Tebow is obviously going to be featured in the game and you can’t show a full game of Tebow without him dropping to a knee on the sidelines before a game or in a prayer circle after it. Real is real.

Photo credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Paul Pierce Tebows during Hawks game (Video)

Just when you thought “Tebowing” was dead, Paul Pierce went ahead and revived it. The Celtics forward dropped down on one knee on the Atlanta Hawks logo after knocking down a free throw with 1:15 left in Game 2 on Tuesday night. Pierce had a monster game, going for 36 points, 14 rebounds, and 4 assists in his team’s 87-80 win in Atlanta.

“You like to thank God for putting you in these positions,” Pierce explained after the game. “It wasn’t pre-scripted, it just came to me,” he said of his Tebowing.

Doc Rivers didn’t see his All-Star forward drop down and pray, but he liked it when told about it.

“I missed it,” Rivers told the media. “If he did it, that’s terrific. I’m a Florida native so I’ll take that. I wish he hadn’t had done it, but I hadn’t seen it.”

Pierce may be 34 years old, but he can still get it done. Though, as he reminded everyone after the game, his efforts are not without repercussion:

Tim Tebow battling website founders over ‘Tebowing’ trademark

Tim Tebow is battling two website creators over the trademark rights to the term “Tebowing,” and it looks like he will be successful.

Shortly after Tebow became the starting quarterback for the Broncos and led the team to a comeback win in Miami, the “Tebowing” trend began. The savvy fan who began the “Tebowing” movement decided to create a website after realizing how popular the trend was, and he named it

That fan, Jared Kleinstein, filed filed paperwork with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the rights to Tebowing four days after creating the site. He and another website operator who sells Tebowing merchandise were turned down on their attempt to trademark “Tebowing” because of a “false connection” to a living individual, Newsday reports. Tebow’s lawyer had protested each of their applications and got the ruling in his client’s favor. Both Kleinstein and the other creator have a chance to respond to their trademark request by August 22.

Kleinstein works in real estate and began the site as a side venture. He told Newsday he won’t lose sleep over the trademark issue. Even though he filed to trademark Tebowing two months before Tebow did, that means little based on the law.

We saw a similar issue when arise Jeremy Lin’s lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to marijuana shops that were selling a strain of the drug named “Linsanity.” As we learned in that case, both Tebowing websites could even have to disgorge profits.

H/T The Postgame

Rex Ryan gets Tebowed during Jets fans photo moment (Video)

Now that the Jets have overcome a snag and completed a trade for Tim Tebow, it’s only a matter of time before the first picture of Rex Ryan Tebowing surfaces. Until then, we’ll have to settle for videos like the one above of Rex getting Tebow bombed. According to the YouTube user, the video was shot at an LSU bar in Baton Rouge. As you can see, a couple of fans made it look like they were simply trying to get a picture with the Jets coach, and at the last second they dropped down to know knee and started Tebowing. Good thing Rex loves attention and Mark Sanchez and Tebow are acting like buddies, because now that Timmy’s in town there is plenty more of this stuff on its way.

Thanks to Barstool Sports for passing the video along

Giant snowman Tebowing could be best Tebowing picture ever

Just when we think Tebowing has saturated the entire planet five times over, a piece of pure brilliance comes along.  Players Tebowing is all but old news at this point.  You make a nice play against the Broncos, you Tebow.  Big deal. There’s even a race horse named “Tebowing,” but do you really care? What about trying a Tebowing pretzel? A group of Playboy Playmates decided to Tebow last month. Alright, we cared about that a little. The point is if you’re going to do something that has to do with Tebowing at this point, you better put some effort into it. Consider it done. Check out this Tebowing snowman that the Redskins’ Reed Doughty tweeted out:

Building a regular snowman of that stature would be impressive, let alone sculpting it out like that. They even put the shoulder pads on him and everything. Imagine how long this must have taken? Whether you love Tebow or hate him, you have to give that artist some credit.

H/T Richard Deitsch

Carey Price Tebows During Skills Competition, Lets John Tavares Score (Video)

Tim Tebow may be done playing until next season, but Tebowing is still going strong. Carey Price gave up a free goal during the All-Star breakaway challenge on Saturday night, all in the name of the Tebow.  Islanders forward John Tavares gave the crowd a treat with a fancy goal during the event, and as you can see Price had no intention of standing in the way.  He saw it as an opportunity to get his Tebow on, and that’s exactly what he did.

Tebowing has hardly slowed down since the Broncos suffered an embarrassing loss to the Patriots in the second round of the playoffs. In the month of January alone, we have seen Tebowing from the Mayor of Pittsburgh, the CBS NFL crew, and — who could forget — a collection of Playboy Playmates.  We were also introduced to Tebowing pretzels earlier this month.  Carey Price was just trying to fit in.

H/T to NESN for the video