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Tim Duncan reportedly hired private investigator to tail wife Amy

Tim Duncan family

Tim Duncan and his wife of nearly 12 years are getting a divorce, and it seems like the San Antonio Spurs star had concerns that Amy was cheating on him.

According to San Antonio Express-News columnist Buck Harvey, Duncan had concerns about his wife last fall and hired a private investigator to follow her. Harvey also says Amy moved out of the couple’s home about a month ago.

Harvey says Duncan was not surprised about the divorce and that he was planning to file for one after the two worked out a settlement. He reportedly was surprised at the timing of Amy’s decision to file.

As we noted in a previous post, Duncan requested to have the legal discovery portion of the case delayed until after the playoffs ended. The Spurs have reached the NBA Finals and their season won’t end for another few weeks.

Tim and Amy met at Wake Forest where he played basketball and she was a cheerleader. They married on July 21, 2001, and they have two children together.

H/T Black Sports Online

Tim Duncan appears to be getting a divorce

Tim-Duncan-SpursTim Duncan has been dominant in the 2013 postseason thus far and is one of the main reasons the San Antonio Spurs are poised to challenge for another NBA championship. He is averaging 16.2 points and 9.1 rebounds in 12 playoff games against the Lakers, Warriors and Grizzlies. And it appears this may all be happening while dealing with some off-court distractions.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, Duncan and his wife Amy may have recently filed for divorce. A divorce case was filed in a San Antonio court two months ago that includes only the initials A.S.D and T.T.D. Duncan’s middle name is Theodore. To make matters even more curious, a request was reportedly filed last week asking that a legal discovery be postponed until after the Spurs last playoff game.

Either the nation’s biggest Spurs fans have filed for divorce, or Duncan and his wife are splitting. The Express-News also pointed out that the paperwork says the couple married around July 21, 2001, which was when Tim and Amy’s wedding took place. It also says they have two children together, whose birthdays coincide with the dates listed on the divorce filing.

T.T.D., who we assume is Duncan, has asked the court to honor a prenuptial agreement and confirm that he owns property that is separate from the marital estate. A.S.D.’s petition states that the two will “enter into a written agreement for the division of their estate.”

Divorce can be a major distraction, which is why it is even more surprising that Duncan has been able to focus and put the Spurs in a position where they are two wins away from punching a ticket to the NBA Finals. Hopefully Timmy can keep his head on straight for a few more weeks.

Manu Ginobli: Photo of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker aiming gun at Joey Crawford just a joke

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker decided to have a little too much fun at a Halloween party this year, and now they are hearing about it from all angles. As you can see from the photo above that was posted on Reddit and quickly made the internet rounds, Parker and Duncan dressed up as characters from “The Avengers” and held fake guns to the head of a person dressed as NBA officiating veteran Joey Crawford.

Many people thought the bit was violent and in poor taste. Parker and Duncan were not made available for comment on Monday, but teammate Manu Ginobili didn’t think the costumes were a big deal.


Tim Duncan offended Stephen Jackson wouldn’t let him rap on his new album

Stephen Jackson takes his music as seriously as his NBA career. In fact, if the highly-entertaining interview he gave recently is any indication he probably cares about rapping more than playing basketball. That’s why he had no problem flat-out denying Tim Duncan when Duncan asked if he could rap on his new album.

“I asked him if I could rap a little on his album, and he told me no, straight out,” Duncan said according to Spurs Nation. “I was very offended. He’s never even heard me rap. He doesn’t know what I could do.”

Jackson and Duncan are teammates now, yet Jackson allowed Kevin Durant of the Western Conference rival Thunder to appear on a track. Clearly this is simply about music, and S-Jax is not willing to find out if Duncan has what it takes to earn respect in the rap game.

I’m not going to lie, I can’t imagine Timmy would be a good rapper either. That being said, wouldn’t you at least make an exception for a teammate? Apparently Jackson swears off jump shots in the offseason for a reason. There are no teammates in the rap game.

H/T Black Sports Online

Tim Duncan after Game 6: Thunder ‘got every whistle possible’

Following the Spurs’ regrettable season-ending loss to the Thunder in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals on Wednesday, Tim Duncan suggested the Thunder benefited from plenty of whistles going their way.

“I thought our effort was there, our execution was there, they just made shots for a stretch there and really got back into it,” Duncan told reporters after the game. “Down the stretch, for a period there, it seemed like they got every whistle possible. That really changed the tides. We were playing tough defense, we were trying to make stops and push it back, and the whistle kept blowing. They kept going to the line and getting free points there. That’s them being aggressive, that’s them continuing to attack, and credit to them.”

The Thunder clawed its way to victory after trailing by 18 in the first half and by 15 at intermission. But were Duncan’s comments his own passive-aggressive way of blaming the officials for letting the Spurs’ lead evaporate?


Tim Duncan reportedly hates Kevin Garnett

Any casual NBA can tell you that Kevin Garnett is not one of the most well-liked players in the league. His teammates love him, Celtics fans love him, and a few Timberwolves fans might still feel a connection to him. Otherwise, most of what we hear about The Big Ticket as a person is negative.

On the court, he and Tim Duncan have always been compared. Duncan and K.G. are the two most dominant power forwards of the current era. Duncan has averaged 20.3 points and 11.3 rebounds throughout his career, while Garnett has averaged 19.3 and 10.6.

Duncan gives off the nice guy vibe, whereas Garnett is often called one of the dirtiest players in the NBA. In a recent profile of Duncan that is a must-read for all Timmy fans, Sports Illustrated’s Chris Ballard touched on the feelings Duncan has toward K.G. As you might expect, they aren’t great.


Box score says Tim Duncan did not play because he’s old (Picture)

That’s messed up. Doesn’t a four-time NBA champions and three-time Finals MVP get any respect around here? As you can see from the box score above that Hardwood Paroxysm shared with us, Tim Duncan did not dress for the Spurs game against the Sixers on Sunday. With an aging roster that is looking to make another Finals run, Gregg Popovich has to be careful about keeping his stars fresh for the playoffs. If that means giving someone like Duncan a night off, Pop has no problem doing that. Since Duncan does not have an actual injury, the folks over at decided to list him as a “DND – Old” for a while after the game had ended. The box score has since been changed to just “DND” next to Duncan’s name.

Why was Duncan wearing a suit on the sidelines and not a uniform on Sunday? Because he’s old. No need to blow his cover.

Tim Duncan Really Likes His Wendy’s

Free agency in the NBA is heating up with July 1st marking the beginning of the period. The biggest name in this year’s class is of course LeBron James. Rather than take a trip to each city he’s considering, The King will remain in Ohio and allow the jesters to come to him. That’s not normally how it works; generally the highly sought after free agents are recruited by interested teams. With that in mind, I read this great story by current Magic VP Pat Williams in the latest edition of Sporting News Magazine. Williams, who was the team’s president at the time, gave this hilarious account of his attempt to sign Tim Duncan and how they screwed up the food order:

With Tim … we had a good read on him, and we knew he would have been highly offended if we had a ticker-tape parade through town or put him on a float and rolled him through Disney World with Mickey and Minnie. We wanted to have a situation that was more low-key, more suited to his personality.

We tried to take care of every detail. Hotel room, car service, all first-class. We had cold cuts out, for lunch. We had a buffet, and Tim didn’t like what we had. He really wanted Wendy’s. So we hustled to get someone out there for some Wendy’s. All the studying we did, we did not know he liked Wendy’s. You really have to know your target, I guess.

Whether or not the Wendy’s snafu played a part in it we can’t be sure, but we do know that David Robinson hustled back from a Hawaiian vacation to convince Duncan to remain in San Antonio. Duncan of course re-signed with the Spurs and went on to win three more NBA titles. The Magic got Grant Hill, their second choice in free agency, and Tracy McGrady, their third choice, and never got out of the first-round of the playoffs. Who knew Dave Thomas’ favorite girl would have such an impact on the NBA?

Will Tim Duncan Get Suspended?

I’m a little late getting in on this video, as it’s been floating around since yesterday, thanks to The Big Lead posting it over at FanHouse. But check out the shot of Tim Duncan leaving the bench early in Game 4 against Phoenix.

Rules are rules, and while the situation wasn’t as grave as the Phoenix players scurrying to defend Nash, Duncan clearly stepped on the court to try and defend his fallen soldier. I dunno, hairy stuff, and I’m not so sure I give Tim the benefit of the doubt. And kudos to the Suns’ coaching and video staff for catching that. Man, those guys are right on point. So you make the call, should Duncan be suspended?