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Ex-GM explains why having Tim Tebow on roster could crush Jaguars

Tim Tebow

Urban Meyer has decided to give Tim Tebow a chance to revive his NFL career after nearly a decade away from football. Most people agree that Tebow has virtually no chance of contributing as a tight end with the Jacksonville Jaguars. But if Tebow is simply included on the final roster, one former NFL executive thinks Urban Meyer will be making a mammoth mistake.

Former New York Jets and Miami Dolphins general manager and executive VP of football operations Mike Tannenbaum said on ESPN’s “Get Up!” this week that Meyer is going to have a tough time facing players in the locker room if Tebow is on the Week 1 roster.

“If Tim Tebow’s on the opening day roster, it will eviscerate Urban Meyer’s credibility. Houston, Indianapolis and Tennessee are praying that Tim Tebow makes the Jacksonville Jaguars. If that organization is run based on relationships, they have no chance to win,” Tannenbaum said. “This is about Trevor Lawrence and trying to do everything you can to make him successful — not trying to turn a 34-year-old Tim Tebow into a tight end.

“If he makes this team, it’s gonna really hurt Urban’s ability to stand up in front of the team and say, ‘Hey, how you play matters.’ It simply won’t. It’ll be based on a relationship.”

Tannenbaum noted that backup skill position players in the NFL are expected to play on special teams, which probably is not something Meyer would have Tebow do. For reasons like that, the Jaguars could have issues regarding whether Tebow is receiving preferential treatment from his friend and former coach.

Meyer recently tried to explain some of his rationale behind signing Tebow, but the questions remain. It’s going to be very hard for the first-year NFL coach to argue that Tebow, who has never played tight end and has been out of the NFL since 2012, is the best man for the job.

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Urban Meyer shares how Tim Tebow signing came about

Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer shared a story about how the Tim Tebow signing came about.

The Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday agreed to a 1-year deal with Tebow. The signing came despite Tebow not having played in the NFL since 2012.

Meyer, who is entering his first season as head coach of the Jaguars, was a guest on Cris Collinsworth’s podcast. He shared what led to Tebow’s signing.

“(Tebow) was in the best shape of his life, asked to work out with a couple of our coaches. I wasn’t even there,” Meyer said. “And they came back to me and said ‘wow, this guy is in incredible shape.’ Then I went another time and watched them try him out. They said go work on these things, he comes back later, they try him out again. I’m not there. They come back and said ‘wow, this guy’s ball skills … he’s a great athlete. He looks like he’s 18 years old.’ I said, ‘guys, you don’t understand how this guy is the most competitive maniac you’re ever going to talk to, and let’s give it a shot.'”

The Jags ended up deciding to give Tebow a shot. He played quarterback during his first NFL stint and resisted a move to other positions. Now 33, he will try to work as a tight end this time around.

The Jags’ signing of Tebow has been met with resistance from some around the NFL. Even some Jaguars coaches reportedly are in disagreement about the move.

Tebow signing does not mean he will be playing when the season begins. If he is incapable of helping the team, he will be cut.

Report: Jaguars coaches not in agreement over Tim Tebow signing

Tim Tebow

There has been a lot of skepticism expressed across the NFL community over the Jacksonville Jaguars’ decision to sign Tim Tebow, and apparently some of that is shared by members of the team’s coaching staff.

ESPN’s Jeff Darlington said on Tuesday’s edition of “Get Up!” that there is “serious disagreement” within the Jaguars organization about signing Tebow. Some of the members of Urban Meyer’s coaching staff reportedly do not feel bringing in the 33-year-old is a smart move.

“Beyond the emotional side of this and beyond the wonders of why, is just the reality that it’s really not practical,” Darlington said. “It’s really not likely to work. Urban Meyer would say, ‘Hey, I’m gonna add anybody to my team who has the potential to better this organization.’ To which you could look at this and say, ‘How is this going to better the organization?’ There’s really not very much upside at all.”

Most people believe there is little chance Tebow will contribute in Jacksonville — including Jaguars fans. He has not appeared in an NFL game since 2012 and has never played tight end at the pro level. It would make more sense to bring him in as a coach than a player.

One wide receiver who is still hoping to play in the NFL already expressed his feelings about the Tebow news on Twitter. That opinion is widely shared.

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Dez Bryant salty about Tim Tebow getting signed by Jags

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant is salty about Tim Tebow getting signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Bryant tweeted on Monday night to express his surprise about Tebow’s deal. He couldn’t believe that Tebow could get signed nine years after last playing in the NFL and said “you got to be kidding me.”

Bryant spent some time out of the NFL after being cut by the Dallas Cowboys. He missed the entire 2018 season due to an Achilles’ tendon injury and declined to play in 2019. Then he signed with the Baltimore Ravens late last season and played in six games for them.

Bryant is currently a free agent and had aspirations in March of signing, but that hasn’t happened. It likely bothers him that Tebow is getting a shot, while he is not.

Bryant then sent a followup tweet where he turned the situation into a matter of race, which has become common for him. He used the Tebow signing as an example for why black people need to stick together.

Look, there is only one coach, only one scenario, under which Tebow possibly could have ended up back in the NFL. His longtime coach and close buddy Urban Meyer would have had to take over a team in order for Tebow to get another shot. That’s what happened.

But None of this means that Tebow will make the team. There are a limited amount of spots on a roster. If Meyer’s top priority is winning, he will not waste a spot on someone who can’t help his team win. So, either Tebow will be good enough to help the team win, or he will be cut. Keep in mind that Tebow is not being signed as a quarterback, but as a tight end, which is a position many thought he should have switched to a long time ago.

Twitter reacts to Tim Tebow returning to NFL

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow has not played in an NFL game in nearly 10 years, but the Jacksonville Jaguars are giving him an opportunity to change that. As you might expect, the news has sent sports fans into a collective frenzy.

Tebow is reportedly on the verge of signing a one-year deal with the Jaguars. He recently worked out with the team as a tight end and will compete to make the roster at that position.

Twitter is looking forward to it:

As you can see, there was a common theme. Most people are skeptical that Tebow’s second go-around in the NFL will be anymore successful than the first. That’s understandable considering he is 33 and just spent several years playing minor league baseball.

Urban Meyer recently shared his thoughts on potentially signing Tebow, and things appeared to be headed that way from the moment Tebow retired from playing professional baseball. At the very least, the former Florida Gators star should be able to draw plenty of motivation from his doubters.

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Tim Tebow agrees to one-year with Jaguars

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is returning to the NFL.

Tebow and the Jacksonville Jaguars have agreed to a one-year contract, according to Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero of NFL Network. The contract is not done yet, but it could be made official in the next week.

Tebow is 33 and has not played in the NFL since 2012 when he was with the New York Jets. He was also a quarterback then and is trying to transition to tight end, so he will not be guaranteed to make the final roster in Jacksonville.

Tebow announced his retirement from professional baseball back in February, and we immediately noted that the timing did not seem like a coincidence. Tebow played for Urban Meyer at Florida, and the two won two national championships together. They have similar religious values and remain close. A few years ago, Meyer even watched Tebow in one of his baseball games.

After hearing what Jaguars co-owner Tony Khan said about Tebow recently, it would have been a surprise if the team did not sign him.

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Here is why Jaguars are waiting to make Tim Tebow decision

Tim Tebow

The Jacksonville Jaguars seem to be flirting with the idea of signing Tim Tebow, but they are not in a rush to make a final decision.

In his weekly column for NBC Sports, Peter King confirmed that there is a chance the Jaguars could sign Tebow as a backup tight end. However, King believes head coach Urban Meyer will want to wait at least another week before making a determination.

“I hear the Jaguars will wait till after this weekend’s rookie mini-camp to assess their roster and maybe see how much they think they can get in the overall blocking/receiving from fifth-round tight end Luke Farrell of Ohio State. (I think they’ll be pleased with him.) But after declining to keep solid vet Tyler Eifert last week, the Jags have a major need at tight end. Which could give Tebow fan Urban Meyer a pretty good reason to bring in Tebow for a shot to be roster insurance,” King wrote.

It does not sound like the Jags will have any competition to sign Tebow. The 33-year-old has not had any known workouts with other teams, and he probably only wants to play for Meyer if he returns to the NFL. He is also beloved by many fans in Jacksonville because of his Florida roots.

Some comments the co-owner of the Jags made last week indicated Meyer is leaning toward signing Tebow. We should have an answer by the end of the month.

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Jaguars co-owner offers hint about Tim Tebow’s future with team?

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow recently worked out for the Jacksonville Jaguars as a tight end, and it has become clear that the visit was more than just a courtesy meeting with his former coach.

Jaguars executive Tony Kahn, a co-owner of the team and the son of owner Shad Khan, spoke about Tebow’s workout in Jacksonville during an appearance on Bleacher Report’s “Draft Wrap” show. While Khan said he is unable to comment much on the situation, he did admit that Jags head coach Urban Meyer “really thinks (Tebow) can help us.”

“Tim has definitely come in and worked out. Beyond that, I can’t say too much,” Khan said. “Tim has come in and worked out as a tight end. That’s not a position that we’ve seen him play, but it’s a position he’s been practicing at with us.

“Obviously Urban knows Tim really well and Tim has a great history of winning. Urban really believes he can help us.”

Meyer confirmed on Sunday that Tebow worked out with Jacksonville’s tight end unit. The coach called the position a “concern” for the Jaguars but said the team has not made a decision about Tebow yet. You can read Meyer’s full comments here.

At this point, it would be somewhat surprising if the Jaguars don’t sign Tebow. We know he and Meyer have a close relationship, and there has been talk of Tebow playing a very specific role in Jacksonville.

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Urban Meyer weighs in on Tim Tebow possibly joining Jaguars

Tim Tebow

What are the chances of the Jacksonville Jaguars bringing in Tim Tebow as a tight end? Coach Urban Meyer didn’t do anything to downplay the chatter on Sunday.

Reports emerged this week that Tebow worked out for Jaguars officials as a tight end, and the Jaguars have left the door open to signing him. Meyer essentially confirmed that Sunday, though he stressed that no decision has been made — or thought about all that hard.

“We had a conversation,” Meyer said, via Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk. “He worked out with our tight ends coach, I stopped by, did not stay for the whole workout. Then our focus went to the NFL draft. We’re going to revisit here in the near future. That’s how that all happened.”

Meyer did add that he was dissatisfied with the Jaguars’ current crop of tight ends, though the team drafted Ohio State’s Luke Farrell in the fifth round. The coach said the position was “a concern” for the Jaguars, adding that if Tebow could help the team win, Meyer would be in favor of adding his former quarterback at Florida.

“I have one job and that is to win games with the Jacksonville Jaguars. If Tim Tebow or Travis Etienne can help us win, then that’s my job to get them ready to go play,” Meyer added. “That decision is certainly not made yet.”

If the Jaguars did make the move, it’s possible that Tebow would have a unique role similar to another player. Regardless, now that Meyer has left the door open, expect to hear more about it at some point.

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Tim Tebow aiming to be a Taysom Hill for the Jaguars?

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow has not played in the NFL since 2012, but nearly a decade later may be trying to make it back.

A report on Thursday said that Tebow worked out for the Jacksonville Jaguars recently. Tebow, who was a quarterback in college and the NFL, is now switching to tight end.

More specifically, NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport says Tebow may be more than just a tight end and something similar to Taysom Hill.

Hill, 30, was a quarterback in college. He has played for the Saints since 2017, playing on special teams and on offense. He has been a dual-threat QB (mostly serving as a rusher) and has caught passes. It wasn’t until last season that he really threw a lot of passes at quarterback for the Saints. He started four games at quarterback last season.

If Tebow would be willing to play special teams, being a Hill-type player would make sense. There was talk coming out of college and in his NFL career that Tebow would be best-served as a tight end or H-back. Now it seems he is finally ready to try that role.

Tebow last played in the NFL with the New York Jets in 2012. He spent some time in the New York Mets’ minor league system after that but recently ended his pro baseball career.

Photo: Sports Spectrum/Wikimedia via CC-BY-SA 4.0