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Bucs GM clears up misconception about Tom Brady’s influence over team

Tom Brady Bucs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht wants everyone to know that Tom Brady is not actually running the organization.

Since Brady joined the Buccaneers, there has been a perception that Brady has an outsize influence over the team’s personnel decisions. This was fueled in part by the additions of Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown, two players Brady is known to like playing with. The Brown signing in particular raised speculation considering coach Bruce Arians had apparently indicated he didn’t want the wide receiver.

Licht praised Brady’s conduct since joining the organization and admitted that Brady has involvement in personnel talks, but characterized that involvement as “overblown.”

It’s more or less what you’d expect. Brady isn’t actually pulling the strings behind the scenes, but the Buccaneers are likely willing to take things into account if he has suggestions.

It may mean chatter about an addition like this may be overblown. That said, if Brady wants a move badly enough, the Buccaneers might be best served trying to make it happen.

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Tom Brady, Bucs working toward contract extension?

Tom Brady Bucs

Tom Brady is entering the second year of a two-year contract he signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last offseason, and we know he is planning to play at least one more season. It would not shock anyone if Brady played beyond his current deal, which is why the Bucs may be working toward extending it.

During an appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show” on Tuesday, Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht was asked if the team has discussed a potential contract extension with Brady. He said he prefers to “keep that under wraps for right now” but admitted it is a possibility.

Brady is set to count more than $28 million against the salary cap in 2021. An extension would allow the Bucs to spread some of that money out and make it easier to re-sign core players like Chris Godwin and LaVonte David. But if Tampa Bay does extend Brady, it sounds like it would have more to do with his desire to keep playing than lowering his cap number.

“I know it appears he certainly had a good time this year winning the Super Bowl and likes our organization, likes our coaches, our head coach, ownership,” Licht said. “And we certainly love him, so usually when you have those two things going for each other it’s a match made in heaven. We’d like to keep this going.”

Even at age 43, Brady threw for 4,633 yards, 40 touchdowns and 12 interceptions this past season. His skills could decline in the next year or two and he would still be better than most quarterbacks in the NFL, especially with his otherworldly postseason experience and success.

Brady proved with an awesome video he shared on social media recently that he is still motivated to win. The New England Patriots may not have wanted to keep him in the twilight years of his Hall of Fame career, but he can probably remain in Tampa Bay as long as he’d like.

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Tom Brady has funny take on his Lombardi Trophy toss

Tom Brady Bucs

Tom Brady garnered a lot of attention for tossing the Lombardi Trophy from one boat to another during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ victory parade. Brady knows it, and he had a pretty funny take on the moment.

Brady posted an 8-bit depiction of the trophy toss — from aboard the “SS Goat,” no less — and referred to it as the “riskiest pass I threw all season.”

Brady’s probably not wrong, but it all worked out. Plus, it provided a genuinely viral moment from the parade.

One thing is for sure. Based on this, it doesn’t sound like the Lombardi Trophy sculptor’s daughter is going to get that apology she was looking for.

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Driver Alexander Rossi shoots his shot with Tom Brady

Tom Brady Bucs

Tom Brady made it clear over the weekend that he is already bored now that football season has ended, and IndyCar driver Alexander Rossi has offered one way to help the seven-time Super Bowl champion pass the time.

Brady sent a tweet on Sunday sarcastically asking his nearly 2 million Twitter followers what he is supposed to do with himself for the next five months. Rossi, who is apparently a huge fan of No. 12, called Brady’s attention to the IndyCar race that will be held in St. Petersburg, Fla., on April 25. Rossi even offered to let Brady stay with him.

Rossi’s racing team, Andretti Autosport, then tweeted at Brady telling him how much Rossi loves the quarterback. Rossi had a great response.

There are worse ways to spend your time, Tom.

Brady has fans all across the realm of sports, and many of them are fellow professionals. We saw a great example of that when Red Sox slugger JD Martinez showed up to spring training on Sunday in this hilarious Brady T-shirt.

If Brady is free at the end of April, he now has at least one offer on the table.

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JD Martinez shows up to spring training in hilarious Tom Brady shirt

Tom Brady drunk

Tom Brady stole the show at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ victory parade earlier this month, and Boston Red Sox slugger JD Martinez reminded us on Sunday that the seven-time Super Bowl champion may never live it down.

Martinez showed up to spring training wearing a T-shirt with a hilarious shirt featuring a photo of Brady. The shot was taken when Brady got off his boat and appeared to be quite intoxicated.

The Red Sox shared the photo of a smiling Martinez:

The Florida sun appeared to get the best of Brady during the Bucs’ boat parade. You can see the awesome video of him here.

Of course, Brady is a five-time Super Bowl MVP and deserves to have a good time. He had a hilarious tweet about his inebriation, and we’re guessing he’ll love Martinez’s shirt.

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LeSean McCoy raves about Tom Brady: He could play another five years

LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy has no shortage of praise for Tom Brady.

McCoy has been in the NFL since 2009 and has been around numerous coaches, franchises, and players. No player has struck him in the same way that Brady has.

McCoy signed with Tampa Bay in August. Though he only had 10 carries for 31 yards and 15 receptions for 101 yards, McCoy got to experience Brady for the first time.

“He’s the only player that I’ve ever been around that, when he speaks, when he talks, I believe him,” McCoy said on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Wednesday. “He could tell me, ‘Shady, go walk on that water. You won’t drown.’ I’m going to be like, ‘OK.’ He has that type of thing about him. And the way he works. When I was younger, I wish I worked as hard as he does. We just won a Super Bowl and he’s back training, doing little things.”

McCoy shared how Brady elevated his level of focus and leadership in the week of the Super Bowl.

“We have about eight, nine, maybe ten players in a group chat. All the skill guys,” McCoy explained. “All the guys that were active to play. And he’s going into details about every player we’re going against. He’s like, a voice over. It’s a video playing and it’s only him. He’s got the candles lit. He’s like, ‘This DB, he likes to press. He likes to hold. He doesn’t have good speed.’ With everybody. I’m like, this guy is so dialed in. He’s 43! He’s dialed in.

McCoy also said he feels Brady could play another five years, which would take the 7-time Super Bowl winner to age 48.

“He can play another five years. Just because, not only just the talent or the big arm and all that. It’s just like, he gets it. He gets it,” said McCoy.

McCoy played in the AFC East with the Buffalo Bills from 2015-2018 and saw Brady those years. He also addressed the debate about the impacts Brady and Bill Belichick had on the New England Patriots.

“I played in Buffalo and I would play this dude every year, twice a year. I’d say, ‘When Brady leaves, the Patriots, they will not be as good.’ Everybody talks about this (Bill) Belichick — and I respect Belichick, he’s a great coach — but c’mon, let’s stop that,” McCoy said. “When (Brady) leaves that team, they will not be the same. The guy is different. You feed off of him. His energy.

“The regular season, he was so serious. And then the playoffs, it was like the ‘Terminator.’ He was even more serious. And then the championship week he was even more serious. Like, even the coaches have to be on their A-game because the dude demands so much respect. When he’s there, it’s like the championship habits pick up. The championship DNA picks up. And I think when you have a guy like that, you have a chance to win. And I love Belichick, but they’re not the same team without (No.) 12 over there.”

There’s no doubt about how much New England missed Brady. They went 7-9 last season and struggled to pass the ball with Cam Newton at quarterback. As for Brady, he won the Super Bowl in his first season with his new team. And the stories about his incredible leadership are becoming legendary at this point.

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Mike Evans shares what an impact Tom Brady had as a leader

Tom Brady Bucs

Tom Brady has a reputation for being arguably the hardest-working player in sports history, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got a first-hand look at that in his first season with the team. Brady is an intense competitor, and Mike Evans explained this week how the 43-year-old took that intensity to another level in the postseason.

During a recent appearance on “The Michael Irvin Podcast,” Evans shared some examples of how Brady helped Bucs players prepare for games in the playoffs. The star receiver said Brady repeatedly sent his teammates clips and film to show them what to expect in certain situations.

“He was texting us a lot of clips, lots and lots of film on what to expect on certain down and distances,” Evans explained, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “And he does that all the time, but just in the playoffs and especially (the Super Bowl), he went above and beyond.”

Evans said some of the messages would come very late at night and early in the morning.

“Like 12:00 at night, 6:00 in the morning. People aren’t even up, and he’s telling us this won’t work against this guy. You’ve got to run it like this,” Evans recalled. “This is the detail that went into this and the extra meetings and all the hard work. It all paid off and Tom is a great leader.”

Leonard Fournette shared similar stories about Brady after the Bucs defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. The running back said Brady texted his teammates late at night in the days leading up to the big game assuring them that a victory was coming.

Brady has never been one of the most athletic players in the NFL. That is why he was overlooked coming out of college. You hear a lot about “intangibles” with a player, and there are few in sports history who excel in that area the way Brady does.

If the recent video he shared on social media is any indication, Brady is as hungry as ever heading into next season.

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Tom Brady hits back at doubters in awesome video

Tom Brady Bucs

Tom Brady has accomplished everything and more during his legendary career, but he continues to play at such a high level because he has seemingly endless sources of motivation. The seven-time Super Bowl champion reminded us of that once again on Wednesday.

Brady shared a compilation video on Twitter that featured media members, opponents and fans who have openly doubted him over the past year and beyond. He captioned it “I love talk radio…”

Brady has had a chip on his shoulder since he came into the NFL, and it has somehow remained there even as most people have crowned him the greatest football player to ever live. ESPN’s Max Kellerman, whom you heard in the video above, said in 2016 that Brady was going to “fall off a cliff.” Brady has been to four Super Bowls since and won three of them. He has trolled Kellerman over the remarks on numerous occasions.

The “I’m still here” mentality has kept Brady going for the last several years of his career, and we can expect that to continue next season. Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are now reaping the benefits.

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Great tweet on Tom Brady, Devonta Smith goes viral

DeVonta Smith

Devonta Smith recently became the first wide receiver to win the Heisman Trophy in nearly 30 years, and those who have seen him without pads on would likely be surprised at the extent to which he is capable of dominating opposing defenses. In that sense, the Alabama star is kind of like Tom Brady.

To help illustrate that, Twitter account NFL Memes shared a hilarious side-by-side of Brady and Smith. The photo of Brady is the infamous one from the 2000 NFL Combine, while Smith is shown standing on the sideline looking a bit lanky.

Smith is listed 6-foot-1, 174 pounds. Top NFL wide receivers like Julio Jones, Davante Adams and DeAndre Hopkins weigh in at somewhere around 210-220 pounds. LSU star Ja’Marr Chase, whom many expect to be drafted before Smith, is listed at 207 pounds.

While Smith could probably afford to gain some weight, it’s hard to make a valid argument against his 117 catches, 1,856 yards and 23 touchdowns last season. He’s not quite scrawny enough for his teammates to create T-shirts about his physique like the Bucs did with Brady, but Smith certainly isn’t the best physical wide receiver prospect NFL teams have ever seen.

Kirk Cousins improbably joins Tom Brady on this exclusive list

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins doesn’t seem like he should be mentioned in the same conversation as Tom Brady for almost any reason, but he improbably has made it onto a very exclusive list with the 7-time Super Bowl champion.

The NFL on CBS tweeted a very interesting nugget on Tuesday. They shared that only two NFL quarterbacks have had 25,000 passing yards and a passer rating of at least 100 since 2015. The quarterbacks and Brady and Cousins.

That seems totally crazy, right? Cousins seems like he doesn’t belong on a list with Brady.

But let’s think about it. Some of the best young quarterbacks haven’t been around long enough to be on there, so that takes care of Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield and Deshaun Watson. But what about all the other quarterbacks who aren’t on there? It’s Russell Wilson, Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Ben Roethlisberger. Most of those guys just barely came up short in the yardage department, and it’s because they missed some games. Brady missed four games due to the deflategate suspension and still made it.

While nobody would put Cousins in the same conversation as Brady, there is something to be said for the consistent stats the Vikings quarterback has put up since 2015. Nobody would have pegged him for being on this list. This also shows us that you can use stats to say almost anything you want them to, because few people would rank Cousins higher than the aforementioned quarterbacks.

Let’s also not forget what this says about Brady. Look at all the good quarterbacks who didn’t reach 25,000 yards in that timeframe. Not only is Brady playing at a high level at his age, he’s also not missing games due to injury, which is incredible for someone at his age.

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