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Tony Romo to miss Rams-Cardinals due to COVID-19 protocol

Tony Romo

Tony Romo will not be calling Sunday’s game between the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals as scheduled.

CBS announced Saturday that Romo would not be on the broadcast for Sunday’s game, citing COVID-19 protocols. Boomer Esiason will replace him on the telecast. Jim Nantz and Tracy Wolfson have not been impacted and will take on their usual broadcast roles as scheduled.

There was no specific word on whether Romo had tested positive for COVID-19 or had been in contact with someone else who did.

Romo has become one of the most popular TV voices in the NFL since joining the CBS Sports crew. He’s become such a big part of their coverage that the network paid an eye-popping sum to keep him in the fold.

Romo is not the first big-name broadcaster to be kept from working a scheduled game due to COVID protocols this season.

Tony Romo critical of Buccaneers coaches for not helping Tom Brady more

Tony Romo

Tony Romo delivered some criticism of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ coaches while calling Sunday’s game between the Bucs and Kansas City Chiefs.

Tampa Bay got off to a slow start and trailed Kansas City 17-0 in the first quarter. Romo lamented how Tom Brady kept getting knocked down and wasn’t being put into optimal situations.

“Where’s the play action stuff to give him time? Everything’s a dropback. Screen game hasn’t been great. It’s like all this stuff that’s easy for quarterbacks … they don’t have much of it,” Romo said on the broadcast.

Criticism of the Bucs’ coaches has been the theme of the week. The Bucs lost to the Rams on Monday night, and head coach Bruce Arians criticized Brady afterwards.

Brady’s play in his first season under Arians has led some to believe the coach is not using the future Hall of Famer properly. It seems like Romo feels similarly, or at least like the Bucs could be doing a lot more to optimize things for Brady.

Joe Buck appears to crack funny Tony Romo money joke

Joe Buck

Joe Buck cracked a funny joke on Sunday that seemed to be about Tony Romo’s big salary.

Buck was doing the lineup introductions for the Green Bay Packers during the team’s game against the Indianapolis Colts. He mentioned that left tackle David Bakhtiari was now “highly compensated.”

Bakhtiari signed a four-year contract extension last week for $23 million per year.

“He’s making quarterback, he’s making NFL TV analyst kind of money,” Buck joked of Bakhtiari.

So what’s the joke? Buck seemed to be alluding to the amount of money Romo makes from CBS, which is more than most NFL players earn. The joke may also have come because of a story during the week saying CBS play-by-play announcer Jim Nantz was seeking Romo money.

Buck himself and his broadcast partner Troy Aikman are both highly compensated as well, but they’re not making Romo money, nor Bakhtiari money.

Report: Jim Nantz looking for ‘Tony Romo money’ from CBS

Jim Nantz

Tony Romo currently makes nearly three times what his NFL broadcast partner Jim Nantz gets from CBS, and Nantz reportedly wants the numbers on his paycheck to match Romo’s.

Sources told Andrew Marchand of the New York Post that Nance could be headed for a contract showdown with CBS. The 61-year-old is said to be seeking “Tony Romo money,” which at the moment is $17.5 million per year.

Nantz, who has worked for CBS for 30 years, currently makes $6.5 million per year. His contract is set to expire early next summer. If Nantz wants something close to the $17.5 million Romo makes, he would be asking CBS for a nearly 200 percent raise.

While that sounds like a lot, it should not be difficult for Nantz to justify a significant raise. In addition to being one half of the top NFL broadcast team for CBS, he also calls other top sporting events like the Masters.

Marchand notes that CBS views Romo’s contract as an “aberration, not a benchmark.” It seems unlikely that the network will pay both Romo and Nantz nearly $18 million per year, but Nantz is underpaid at the moment. Joe Buck makes more than $10 million per year from FOX and Mike Tirico gets roughly the same amount from NBC.

Romo’s situation is obviously unique in that he received massive offers from almost every rival network. Even if CBS allowed Nantz to test the market, it’s doubtful he would get any offers that are close to Romo’s salary.

Drew Brees injury leads Dez Bryant to recall Tony Romo’s heroics

Tony Romo

Drew Brees’ injury led Dez Bryant to recall some past heroics from Tony Romo.

On Monday, we learned that Brees has multiple fractured ribs and a collapsed lung. Brees played half of New Orleans’ win over San Francisco and exited the game due to injuries sustained from a hard hit.

The injury sounds very similar to what Romo played through in 2011.

Romo sustained a broken rib and punctured lung after taking a huge hit from Ahmad Brooks on the third play of the Cowboys’ Week 2 game against San Francisco in 2011. Romo played through the injury and took a painkilling injection at halftime. He went 12-of-15 passes for 201 yards in the fourth quarter and overtime, connecting with Jesse Holley on a 77-yard completion to set up the winning kick in overtime.

The story of Brees reminded some of Romo’s accomplishment.

Bryant, who was on the Cowboys that year but did not play in the game, tweeted “9” in response to a tweet about the game.

Nine, of course, was Romo’s jersey number.

The crazy thing is Romo played in all 16 games that season, including a win over Washington the following week. That win probably felt extra sweet for Romo after some of the trash talking Washington did.

This is why Tony Romo will not be calling NFL game this week

Tony Romo

Tony Romo is making significantly more money than any NFL analyst in history this season, but he is still getting a week off in the middle of the year.

Romo will not call a game for CBS on Sunday because his partner, Jim Nantz, will be covering the Masters. The Masters is typically in April and doesn’t interfere with the NFL schedule, but it was moved to November this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. As Richard Deitsch of The Athletic notes, CBS has decided to give Romo the week off rather than adding him to a different broadcast team.

Many compared the situation to when legendary play-by-play announcer Pat Summerall used to miss an NFL game to cover U.S. Open tennis years ago. His partner, John Madden, called NFL games alongside Jack Buck when that happened.

Romo is reportedly earning more than $17 million per year with CBS, which is a little less than $1 million per game if you include the playoffs. He’s quickly become one of the most popular broadcast analysts in history. NFL teams can at least be assured they won’t be crushed this weekend the way Romo ripped the Dallas Cowboys over one of their decisions in Sunday’s loss.

Tony Romo crushes Cowboys over field goal decision

Tony Romo

Tony Romo gave the Dallas Cowboys a hard time over the team’s decision to kick a field goal in the third quarter of their game on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Dallas had the ball in Pittsburgh territory on a 3rd-and-9 and handed it off to Ezekiel Elliott, who dove just shy of the first down marker.

The Cowboys were leading 16-9 with 2:28 left in the third quarter and faced a 4th-and-inches. They sent Greg Zuerlein out to make his fourth field goal of the game and give them a 19-9 lead. But Romo disagreed with the decision. He felt an opponent as tough as Pittsburgh requires going for more.

“I’d go for it. I’d go for it. Everyone says kick, go up two scores, but there’s too much time left against a veteran quarterback. It’s not like it’s 4th-and-3. It’s inches! How many 4th-and-inches get stopped in the NFL? Not 4th-and-1s, inches. You could quarterback sneak it. Jump up and dive,” Romo said.

“I just think against Kansas City, Pittsburgh, you gotta score when you have the chance.”

Pittsburgh of course answered with a touchdown to make it a 19-15 game, and then they got an interception. It was a one-score game before you knew it, seemingly supporting Romo’s point.

Al Michaels shares funny Tony Romo girlfriend story

Tony Romo

Al Michaels shared a funny story about Tony Romo during “Sunday Night Football” between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles.

Cowboys quarterback Ben DiNucci was making his first career start during the game. That led NBC to do a package on quarterbacks who made their first career start on “Sunday Night Football.”

Romo was on the list after making his first start in a 2006 Dallas Cowboys win over the Carolina Panthers in Week 8. Michaels was broadcasting with John Madden at the time. The two met with Romo before the game to get some information they could use on the telecast. Michaels says they asked Romo if he had a girlfriend.

According to Michaels, Romo said he had just been dumped.

Michaels was stupefied and asked whether the woman realized Romo was about to be the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Romo apparently responded by saying the woman was going to be a doctor, so she didn’t care.

Michaels asked DiNucci this week whether he had a girlfriend. Unlike Romo, he said he and his girlfriend are still together.

Even though he was dumped back then, Romo eventually had a pretty legendary dating career before getting married to his wife in 2011. The 40-year-old quarterback-turned-broadcaster is now doing quite well for himself.

Tony Romo’s CBS salary pays more than vast majority of NFL players

Tony Romo CBS

CBS executives proved earlier this year that they were willing to do whatever it took to keep Tony Romo, and the result was a record contract extension. With his new deal, Romo will be making significantly more than many of the players he provides commentary for this season.

The extension Romo signed with CBS back in February is worth $17 million per year. As WEEI’s Chris Curtis noted on Sunday, Romo’s salary pays him more than any player on the entire New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins rosters. In terms of average annual value, there are only 50 players in the entire NFL who will make as much as or more than Romo this season.

Romo was an instant hit when he joined CBS as an analyst in 2017. Every major network tried to pry him away from CBS earlier this year, but you can understand why he stuck around. His natural enthusiasm, sense of humor, and incredible analysis has placed him in a class of his own. Romo even stole the show at the AFC Championship two seasons ago.

It may sound like Romo makes an insane amount of money when you compare his salary to what players make, but the market dictated what CBS gave him.

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Tony Romo deals with wrist injury at American Century Championship

Tony Romo CBS

Tony Romo’s time at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Calif. did not go great on Saturday, hurting his chances of winning the event for the third year in a row.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback dealt with a left wrist injury during his round. He sought some medical attention after a shot on the 16th hole and was seen talking to some medical professionals about his wrist.

Romo later got his left wrist taped and resumed playing on the 17th hole. His form for his tee shot was unorthodox, but he got very close to the hole on his first shot. He was likely just trying to do enough to finish the round.

Romo, who serves as an NFL game analyst for CBS, is an accomplished amateur golfer. He won the American Century Championship in 2018 and 2019 and has attempted to qualify for the US Open and EDS Byron Nelson Championship numerous times.

The 40-year-old retired from the NFL after the 2016 season. Romo only played in one game that season due to a back injury and the emergence of Dak Prescott. His recent contract with CBS was for a record amount of money.