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Is Tony Romo a Hall of Famer? Ex-teammate thinks so

Tony Romo

Is Tony Romo a Hall of Famer? He was a popular quarterback during his playing days, and he’s become even more popular now as a broadcaster. He also had some really good stats, though he wasn’t a top postseason performer.

So he is Canton-quality? His longtime former teammate DeMarcus Ware thinks so.

Ware was a guest on “K&C Masterpiece” on 105.3 The Fan for an interview ahead of the Super Bowl. He was asked about Romo’s Hall of Fame credentials and gave his answer.

“From his resume, yes. If it’s going off championships, no,” Ware said. “If it’s one of those things where you’re looking at a Hall of Fame quarterback according to how many titles they won, he won’t make it. But, from the way he played and the stats that he put up, all of that? Yes. He’ll make it for sure. Especially with his image now in the media, being a big-time guy on television. So, he is the perfect candidate for it. To also promote the Hall of Fame classes and stuff, so it makes sense. … I don’t know exactly what the criteria is, but going off those two sets of parameters, yes and no.”

Ware himself has a stronger case than Romo. He was a 9-time Pro Bowler, two-time NFL sack leader, four-time All-Pro, and member of the Hall of Fame’s All-2000s team. He played for the Cowboys from 2005-2013.

Romo played for the Cowboys from 2004-2016, though his run as a starter mostly spanned 2006-2014. Romo was a four-time Pro Bowler and ranks pretty favorably on our list of greatest NFC East quarterbacks ever. He went 78-49 as a starter and passed for 34,183 yards (34th all-time) and 248 touchdowns (24th all-time).

As likable as Romo is, I don’t quite see him as a Hall of Famer. Sorry, DeMarcus.

H/T The Spun

Jay Gruden is not impressed with Tony Romo’s prognostication skills

Jay Gruden

Tony Romo has won plaudits from NFL fans for his ability to decipher playcalls and predict plays before the ball is snapped. Jay Gruden, however, isn’t terribly impressed.

The former Washington Football Team coach is unemployed after a one year stint as offensive coordinator of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and is considering options for staying in the game. One thing he’s eyeing is a media career, and he thinks he could out-predict Romo any day.

Gruden told Ben Standig of The Athletic that Romo wasn’t actually right that often, and when he is, it’s usually because it was obvious.

“I could do it every time,” Gruden said. “He’s only right like 30 percent of the time. Those are usually pretty obvious, I mean (laughs). Nobody talks about the times when he’s wrong, but when he’s right, holy cow, he’s a genius. Oh, come on, man. Sure, it’s a run. Nope, it’s a pass. Sorry, I was wrong.”

If Gruden is as good as he thinks he’d be, he should probably get a TV gig, because he’d make a lot of money doing it. After all, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback is making big money at CBS.

Gruden has been quite candid lately about his experiences within the game. If he’s willing to share those stories, he could be an intriguing commentator, even if his predictions don’t turn out as perfect as he thinks they would.

Tony Romo has bold comment about Super Bowl LV matchup

Tony Romo

Tony Romo offered an extremely bold comment about the Super Bowl LV matchup and what it will mean for Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs are looking to win the big game for the second consecutive year, but they must beat Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Romo’s bold comment has to do with the value he placed on the game to Mahomes’ career. Romo thinks this is the most important game of Mahomes’ career and explained why.

“This is the biggest game Patrick Mahomes will ever play in for the rest of his career. It’s the only way to catch Tom Brady. He has to win this game. If he loses this game, he cannot catch Tom Brady, in my opinion,” Romo said Thursday.

Romo is the TV analyst for the game, which will air on CBS, so he has a vested interest in hyping up the game. But that doesn’t necessarily mean his seemingly hyperbolic comment is wrong.

Mahomes is 25 and has several years in front of him. He already has one Super Bowl, and he can make it two. Two Super Bowls at 25 would put him within striking range of Brady’s six. But if the Bucs win the game, which would give Brady seven, while taking a year of Mahomes’ prime away, it would likely put Brady out of reach.

It’s hard to all a game the most important of Mahomes’ career when the guy is only 25, but Romo’s logic in this instance makes sense. Given how right Romo was about his November prediction, his comment about Mahomes should not be dismissed.

Tony Romo has prediction Patriots fans will enjoy

Tony Romo

Tony Romo has developed a reputation for being able to predict the future since he began working as an analyst for CBS, and New England Patriots fans are hoping their team’s offseason will play out the way Romo envisions.

After the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, Romo said he believes the AFC is going to be “loaded” in 2021. He mentioned all the salary cap space the Patriots have and predicted that Bill Belichick will find a way to build a contending team.

“[The Bills] will be back next year. The AFC is going to be loaded. New England is going to get back in this thing,” Romo said, per ESPN’s Mike Reiss. “I have a feeling, Belichick, with that much salary cap, they’ll find a way to come back in this thing.”

The Patriots have about $60 million in salary cap space heading into the offseason. For reference, Baltimore Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta said Monday that he feels his team is in a good spot with roughly $15-20 million to spend. As many as half of the teams in the NFL are currently over the cap, meaning they will have to make significant roster moves just to free up money.

Of course, a lot of those teams have a solidified starting quarterback. The Patriots desperately need an answer at the QB position, which will undoubtedly be the theme of their offseason. There has been speculation that they could trade for a Pro Bowl quarterback, but Belichick might be unwilling to give up the draft capital needed to make a move like that.

Belichick certainly has the freedom and money to reshape his roster. New England still finished 7-9 this season even with Cam Newton playing horribly. It’s easy to see why Romo has faith in Belichick given the situation.

Tony Romo nailed Chiefs-Buccaneers Super Bowl prediction in November

Tony Romo

The prospect of a Super Bowl matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers looked somewhat unlikely when the Buccaneers were 7-5 at the end of November, but Tony Romo saw it coming.

Romo was on the call when the Chiefs beat the Buccaneers 27-24 in Week 12 on Nov. 29. The Chiefs had jumped out to a 17-0 first quarter lead in that game, but the Buccaneers battled back in the second half to get within a field goal. That was enough to convince Romo that the Buccaneer offense was figuring things out, and said on the CBS broadcast at the end of the game that he felt there was a “better than good chance” that he’d just seen a Super Bowl LV preview.

While the Buccaneers were still expected to grab a wild card spot at that time, they did not really look like Super Bowl contenders. After that loss, they had a bye week, and then have not lost since.

We’ve seen Romo show off his predictive powers before, but this is pretty impressive. Sure, on paper, putting Brady in the Super Bowl against the defending champions isn’t a huge stretch, but the Bucs had lost three of four when Romo made this call. It was far from a slam dunk.

Sunday was actually a pretty good day for bold predictions coming true.

Andy Reid even fooled Tony Romo on Chiefs’ big 4th down play

Andy Reid fools Tony Romo

One of the reasons Tony Romo is so good at his job is that he always seems to know which play is coming, but even he was fooled when the Kansas City Chiefs sealed their win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

With Chad Henne in at quarterback for an injured Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid decided to go for it on 4th-and-inches rather than giving the ball back to the Browns. Romo and many others thought Kansas City was just going to try to get Cleveland to jump, call timeout and punt. Before the ball was snapped, Romo said he could tell by the body language of Chiefs players that there was not going to be a play.

“You’re trying to draw them offsides, take a timeout, let the clock tick. Try to draw them offsides. Try to draw them offsides,” Romo said, via Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk. “No play, everybody. There’s no play. Just look at the body language.”

Romo was wrong. As you can see in the video below, the Chiefs snapped it and Henne completed a pass to Tyreek Hill.

Romo was glad he was fooled. He went absolutely bananas over the playcall.

Reid’s gutsy call was the right one, even with Patrick Mahomes in the locker room because a scary injury he suffered.

The fact that Reid fooled Romo is pretty impressive. Romo has made a living of correctly predicting plays (here is an example), so he’s not caught off-guard very often.

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Tony Romo drops ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ reference after Patrick Mahomes TD

Patrick Mahomes wasted no time finding the end zone in the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, and the way he celebrated paved the way for Tony Romo to deliver an outstanding pop culture reference.

Mahomes heaved the ball into the stands at Arrowhead Stadium after he rushed for a 1-yard touchdown to give the Chiefs an early 6-0 lead. Jim Nantz noted on the CBS broadcast that the ball landed somewhere near the last row of the upper deck. Romo chimed in that Mahomes could “throw it over those mountains over there” if he wanted to.

Those who have seen “Napoleon Dynamite” immediately got the reference. Romo was doing his best Uncle Rico impression.

Add that to the growing list of reasons we love Romo. Between that and his hilarious sexual innuendo last week, Romo has been on fire during the playoffs.

Video: Tony Romo cracks ‘tip’ joke after Drew Brees goal-line play

Drew Brees tip

Tony Romo was all about the sexual innuendo after a goal-line play by Drew Brees on Sunday.

Brees tried for a quarterback sneak with the ball at 1 late in the New Orleans Saints’ win over the Chicago Bears in their NFC Wild Card game. Brees leaped and extended the ball before quickly pulling and tucking the ball to protect against a fumble.

Replays showed that Brees actually pulled the ball back too quickly and it never broke the plane of the end zone.

Romo enjoyed pointing out that “just the tip” had to get over.

The tip did not, because Brees pulled it out too quickly.

The Bears got the ball after the turnover on downs. They ended up scoring a touchdown on the final play of the game but lost 21-9.

Tony Romo will reportedly call Bears-Saints playoff game from home

Tony Romo

CBS will have to get creative this weekend when broadcasting the playoff game between the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints.

Tony Romo will be unable to travel to New Orleans to call the game in person due to COVID-19 protocols. Subsequently, according to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Romo will call the game remotely from Dallas while Jim Nantz broadcasts from New Orleans. This possibility was floated earlier in the week as well.

Essentially, CBS is emulating what ESPN did when Kirk Herbstreit tested positive for COVID-19. That broadcast went out without a hitch, and if you didn’t actually see the image of Herbstreit broadcasting from home, you likely wouldn’t have known it.

Romo is one of the most popular broadcasters in sports. After missing Week 17’s broadcast due to COVID-19 protocols, there was no way he was going to miss out on calling a playoff game.

Tony Romo could call Saints-Bears playoff game remotely

Tony Romo

Tony Romo was unable to call Sunday’s game between the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals due to COVID-19 protocols, and it’s possible he still won’t be cleared when the postseason kicks off this weekend. That does not mean he will miss another broadcast, however.

Romo could call Sunday’s CBS playoff game between the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints remotely, Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports. If Romo is not cleared, CBS would likely set up a studio at his home in Dallas so he can still work the game with partner Jim Nantz.

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit called Saturday’s College Football Playoff semifinal between Ohio State and Clemson from his home after he tested positive for COVID-19. Play-by-play announcer Chris Fowler was on site for the game in New Orleans.

A spokesperson for CBS told the New York Post that the network will announce its official plans for Sunday’s Bears-Saints broadcast later in the week.

CBS did not say whether Romo tested positive for COVID-19. As long as he is feeling well, it would be a surprise if the network did not find a way to accommodate having Romo call Sunday’s game. You don’t pay as much as CBS is paying Romo to have him sit on the sidelines for a playoff game.