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Trevor Bauer welcomes Joe Burrow to Cincinnati

Trevor Bauer

Joe Burrow received a warm welcome to Cincinnati from one of the city’s other top athletes.

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer predicted “big things” for the city’s sports teams in the years to come as he welcomed Burrow in a tweet Thursday.

Bauer is a free agent at the end of the 2020 season. This probably isn’t a hint that he’s planning to stick around in Cincinnati, but it’s interesting all the same.

As for Burrow, big things are expected of the Ohio native. He’ll probably appreciate this welcome from Bauer more than the greeting he got from one of his future rivals.

5 MLB players in need of a bounceback season in 2020

Trevor Bauer

There is still hope of playing the 2020 MLB season. While players definitely want to get back to action, there are some who may feel they have more to prove than others. Those players had bad seasons in 2019 by their standards, and would love nothing more than to make things right in 2020.

Here are five players who are looking for bounceback seasons after underwhelming 2019 campaigns.

5. Eric Hosmer, 1B, Padres

The second year of Hosmer’s eight-year deal with the Padres wasn’t much better than the first, which is worrisome from San Diego’s perspective. The veteran first baseman hit .265 with 22 home runs, but his .310 OBP simply isn’t good enough, especially for someone making $21 million annually. Hosmer is only 30, and he is still sound defensively, but he doesn’t look like the guy who was once an All-Star for the Kansas City Royals. The Padres need that to change.

4. Edwin Diaz, RP, Mets

Prior to the 2019 season, the Mets gave up a huge sum to get Diaz and Robinson Cano — most notably top prospect Jarred Kelenic. Diaz was a bust. After posting a 1.96 ERA in his final season with the Mariners, Diaz’s ERA ballooned to 5.59 in New York, and he blew seven saves. Whatever the reason for Diaz’s issues — one ex-teammate thought the city was a bad fit for him — the Mets need him to be a lot better to justify the hefty price they paid for him.

3. Miguel Cabrera, DH/1B, Tigers

Cabrera mostly stayed healthy last season, which is an improvement from a lost 2018 season. However, his tally of 12 home runs is unfathomably low for a player who was once one of the most feared sluggers in the game. It may be that age and injury have sapped Cabrera of his power, as his numbers have cratered since the 2016 season. The Tigers have him on the books through 2023, and while he may never be an MVP again, they’d desperately like to get some production out of him.

2. Joey Votto, 1B, Reds

Votto is one of the most intelligent and cerebral hitters in the league, so to see him post his worst season as an MLB player in 2019 is really alarming. Votto hit just .261, with only 15 home runs and 47 RBIs. Those are remarkably bad numbers from one of the most reliable hitters of his generation. Votto turned 36 last September, so this is another instance where age may be catching up to him. The Reds, who have been very aggressive in the offseason, are hoping that is not the case. They need Votto to be himself in order to contend. Based on some of his recent comments, we expect a turnaround.

1. Trevor Bauer, P, Reds

Bauer had a 2.21 ERA in 2018 and looked to be establishing himself as one of the game’s best pitchers. He wasn’t quite as good for the start of 2019, and then his numbers cratered after he was dealt to Cincinnati. Bauer won just twice in 10 starts for the Reds, posting a 6.39 ERA, though he said he was playing through injury. Bauer was acquired to lead the staff, and he’s entering a contract year. For those reasons, he should be motivated to be at his best in 2020. The Reds, who will likely anchor their rotation around him, desperately need that to be the case.

Top 5 MLB free agents for 2021

Mookie Betts

Uncertainly still surrounds the 2020 MLB season, but the business of baseball will inevitably march on no matter what. Numerous top players will be entering the final season of their contracts in 2020, and most of them should get significant contracts once the season ends as long as they perform to their capabilities.

Here are the top five free agents set to hit the market after the 2020 season.

5. Marcus Stroman, P, Mets

Stroman’s youth will work heavily in his favor as he heads to free agency. The pitcher will be 29 when he hits free agency, and he could get a lot of money if he has a strong year with the Mets. Stroman’s 3.76 career ERA is good, but could get even better in the NL at a favorable pitcher’s park. If that happens, Stroman will be in very high demand as a quality pitcher who is still fairly young and should have a lot of mileage left on his arm.

4. Marcus Semien, SS, Athletics

The 30-year-old shortstop cut his errors almost in half from 2018 to 2019 and became an even better hitter, resulting in a top three MVP finish last season. If Semien can repeat anything close to that, he’s in line for a lot of money at age 30. Semien hit 30 home runs last year with a .285 average. A dropoff would hurt him, but his improvement across the board is encouraging. Teams will be watching him closely in 2020.

3. Trevor Bauer, P, Reds

Bauer’s stock fell in 2019, as he posted an ERA over six after being traded to the Cincinnati Reds, but did so pitching while hurt. It’s worth remembering, however, that he had a 2.21 ERA with Cleveland the year before. The real Bauer might be between those two extremes, but at age 30, teams will be very intrigued by him with the stuff he’s flashed in the past. A good 2020 could lead to a huge contract for him if he wants it, though he’s indicated in the past his preference for one-year deals. Also working in his favor is his durability; he’s pitched at least 175 innings in each of the last five seasons.

2. J.T. Realmuto, C, Phillies

Arguably baseball’s best all-around catcher, Realmuto is going to be in huge demand if he hits the open market. He won’t turn 30 until next March, is fresh off a Gold Glove campaign, and posted an OPS over .800 for the second consecutive season. It’s rare to have a catcher that well-rounded, as it’s a position where defense is usually prioritized. Realmuto can do it all, and that could mean a $100 million deal is in his future.

1. Mookie Betts, OF, Dodgers

Betts’ 2019 was a down year compared to his 2018 MVP campaign, and he still hit .295 with 29 home runs. The new Dodger outfielder is a star on both offense and defense and is one of the game’s most dynamic players. He’s reportedly asked for a contract in the same neighborhood as the biggest in the game, and he just might get it. He’ll be a 28-year-old former MVP on the open market who is one of the game’s best five-tool players. If he hits the market, he’ll be the best free agent available, without question.

Trevor Bauer wants to set up sandlot game during MLB hiatus

Trevor Bauer

Major League Baseball won’t be playing for quite a while after the start of its season was postponed, but one player is trying to set something up in the meantime.

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer is inviting all MLB and minor league players to a mic’d up sandlot game in Arizona.

It’s a little fun, at least, and maybe a way to stay in shape. It may not ever come to pass, but Bauer is an ambitious guy who may see this one through. Some sports fans will take any entertainment they can get at this point, too, which works in his favor.

Trevor Bauer shockingly pays MLB commissioner Rob Manfred a compliment

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer is one of the most outspoken players in Major League Baseball, and he has been extremely critical of commissioner Rob Manfred this offseason. However, Bauer finally came up with something nice to say about Manfred after the two sat down for a meeting.

Bauer revealed on Wednesday that he met with Manfred, and the Cincinnati Reds pitcher complimented Manfred for being a “man of his word” and taking the time to listen to the concerns players have.

Bauer and Manfred likely discussed the Houston Astros cheating scandal as well as the changes MLB is mulling for its playoff format. Bauer has not been shy in blasting the Astros over their sign-stealing scheme, and many players felt Manfred handled the situation poorly and should have disciplined players.

Earlier this month, Bauer publicly insulted Manfred over the proposed MLB playoff changes. Those changes include expanding the playoff field to seven teams in each league; giving the top team in each league a bye into the divisional round; having a TV show where teams pick their opponents; and a 3-game series in the first round, where the higher-seeded team hosts all three games.

Meeting with Bauer sounds like it was a good move for Manfred. The commissioner probably helped Bauer see the other side of things, which is something the right-hander may overlook when he breaks into his tirades.

Video: Trevor Bauer intentionally tips his pitches in shot at Astros

Trevor Bauer

No MLB player has been more outspoken about the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal than Trevor Bauer, and the Cincinnati Reds pitcher had his own way of bringing it up again on Monday.

Bauer was visibly giving the signs to Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Matt Beaty during a fourth inning at-bat Monday. Beaty was right on them, but ultimately flew out to center.

Bauer’s teammate Derek Dietrich confirmed that Bauer was tipping his pitches in a shot at the Astros, sarcastically saying it was a way to make things fair for hitters.

It’s safe to say Bauer hates what the Astros did and is not going to let it go. This is certainly one way to make a point about what they were up to in 2017, and it’s unlikely to be the last we hear, either.

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Trevor Bauer crushes Astros in 10-minute diatribe

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer had been publicly suspicious of the Houston Astros for years prior to MLB’s investigation into the team’s sign-stealing operation. Now Bauer knows he was very much onto something, and isn’t afraid to talk about it.

The Cincinnati Reds pitcher was asked about the Astros on Friday and offered a nearly 10-minute answer, with numerous highlights. He was particularly aggrieved that Astros players, notably Alex Bregman, ripped into Bauer for insinuating that Houston was somehow cheating.

“I try not to interfere or interject myself into anyone else’s affairs, but if you come at me, I feel like I have every right to defend myself,” Bauer said, via C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic. “Now they’ve chosen to make it about me and attack my character, I’m not going to let them forget the fact that they are hypocrites, they are cheaters, they’ve stolen from a lot of other people and the game itself was completely unfair. They’ve negatively affected the fans, they’ve negatively affected players, they’ve negatively affected kids and the future of baseball – which is what I’m most upset about. Now all the things they do really well as an organization are going to get completely washed away and forgotten about so the next generation of kids gets set back five or 10 years on the analytics, training and health and all the different stuff they do really well.

“Whit Merrifield was not an All-Star because Jose Altuve was. Aaron Judge did not win the MVP because Jose Altuve did and things like this. So now Whit Merrifield, when he goes to sign his long-term extension, doesn’t have ‘All-Star’ next to his name. ‘All-Star’ probably makes him a lot more valuable in arbitration which perhaps makes him not sign that deal or maybe sign the deal for that many more million dollars. Aaron Judge doesn’t have MVP next to his name. What is he worth in his first year of arbitration? That’s millions of dollars.”

Bauer did much more. He called out Justin Verlander and A.J. Hinch for hypocrisy, ripped Astros players for consistently lying about their involvement, said he had been told by three sources that the Astros were involved in more than has been reported, and reaffirmed his belief that commissioner Rob Manfred is “a joke” for various reasons. The comments are well worth a read in their entirety.

However, Bauer saved some of his harshest words for Astros owner Jim Crane, who said Thursday that he did not think the team’s sign-stealing impacted the game.

“‘We don’t think it affected the game.’ You’re either lying or you’re a f—ing idiot. And you don’t become a billionaire owner of a team by being a f—ing idiot. So, you’re lying,” Bauer said. “I don’t know. How can you not think that affected the game when you know what pitches, that’s just so ridiculous. That take, that quote, then basically the entire thing was like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry we got caught.’ Not like, ‘Hey, we did this.'”

You should read the entire thing if you haven’t yet.

Bauer has been vocally suspicious of the Astros since some suspicious activity during the 2018 ALDS, and he has never really let up since. It turns out he was right — and is right to be mad as well.

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Trevor Bauer rips ‘joke’ Rob Manfred over proposed MLB playoff changes

Trevor Bauer

MLB is considering some radical changes to its playoff format, and Trevor Bauer is no fan of the proposal.

The Cincinnati Reds pitcher tweeted on Monday night that the proposal was “absurd” for numerous reasons. Bauer directed his ire at Rob Manfred, calling the commissioner a “joke.”

The proposal would include expanding the playoff field to seven teams in each league; giving the top team in each league a bye into the divisional round; having a TV show where teams pick their opponents; and a 3-game series in the first round, where the higher-seeded team hosts all three games.

The good news is MLB is thinking of ways to modify its current system, which needs serious improvement. The problem is the proposal includes some bad ideas, such as a 3-game series (which is too short) where only one team hosts all three (which is unfair).

Bauer needs to share his extended thoughts on the subject, and his suggestion for how to be better. Bauer probably already has issues with Manfred over the way the Astros situation was handled, considering the pitcher has long taken issue with Houston’s methods.

Trevor Bauer thinks meltdown on mound may have played role in Indians trade

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer was the subject of trade rumors leading up to the deadline last year long before he threw a fit over being removed from a game, but the star pitcher thinks that incident may have helped solidify the Cleveland Indians’ decision to move on from him.

Bauer was a guest on the “Pardon My Take” podcast this week, and he was asked if he believes angrily heaving a ball over the center field wall two days before he was traded factored into the way the Indians viewed his future with the team.

“Honestly, yeah, it might have,” Bauer said, as transcribed by WKYC’s Ben Axelrod. “Obviously any information you have going into the deadline plays a part in decisions that are being made and emotions that are had.”

In that infamous game, Bauer had allowed nine hits and seven earned runs in 4 1/3 innings against the Kansas City Royals when Indians manager Terry Francona came out to the mound to pull the right-hander. Bauer, who was frustrated with himself, turned toward the outfield and heaved the ball over the wall. He joked with the “Pardon My Take” crew that he could have thrown it further.

Francona admitted after the trade that he “had concerns” about how Bauer’s meltdown might impact Cleveland’s team chemistry. However, all indications were the Indians had decided well before the incident that they did not want to pay Bauer. Bauer’s relationship with the team also may have been strained during the arbitration process.

If nothing else, the meltdown probably made it easier for the Indians to trade Bauer to the Cincinnati Reds.

Trevor Bauer trolls Astros with bandage T-shirt

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer has long been one of the most outspoken critics of the Houston Astros. Back in the 2018 season, he accused their pitchers of using substances to increase their spin rate and therefore improve their performance. He has long suggested the Astros were up to no good, and the findings of MLB this week have somewhat validated his criticisms. That’s why it was no surprise to see what Bauer is doing now.

The Cincinnati Reds pitcher is selling shirts on his shop mocking the Astros over the electronic buzzer allegations.

The item description for the product is funny: “BUZZ. BUZZ. you already know what’s coming.”

Jose Altuve was accused on Thursday of wearing one of these buzzer devices and denied it, but few are buying his explanation.

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