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Trevor Bauer criticizes MLB for midseason crackdown on foreign substances

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer thinks MLB’s crackdown on foreign substances to create a more fair playing field is a good thing. However, he has a problem with the timing of the crackdown.

Bauer tweeted about MLB’s crackdown on Tuesday in response to Tyler Glasnow blaming the change for his arm injury. Bauer agreed with Glasnow’s criticism of the timing of the change.

Bauer says MLB’s biggest error was lying to teams and players by saying no big changes would be made this year, only to change things midseason.

“Actively encouraged players to continue playing how that have in the past, that’s a lie. There’s no integrity in that. So save it with the competitive integrity bulls— @mlb. All you care about is the bottom line of the business, and public perception negatively affecting it,” Bauer wrote, edited for profanity.

Bauer also thinks that enforcing the rules will prove to be difficult for umpires.

Bauer has spoken publicly multiple times about the foreign substances issue facing MLB. The 2020 NL Cy Young Award winner recently challenged the league to enforce its rules.

Trevor Bauer challenges MLB to enforce rules on foreign substances

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer has heard enough talk about enforcing MLB rules on pitchers using foreign substances. Now he wants action.

Bauer, who has long been a critic of MLB’s blind eye to foreign substance use, responded Sunday to the league’s pledge to crack down on the practice in the coming months. Bauer questioned why the rules haven’t been enforced before this, questioned what the rule even was, and told MLB to either enforce whatever rules there are or stop pretending it isn’t happening.

“No one knows what the rules are right now currently including MLB and the commissioner,” Bauer said Sunday, via Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register. “It’d be nice as players to know what rules we’re competing by, and what rules are going to be enforced. As everyone knows now, a rule that’s written down that isn’t ever enforced is not a rule.

“Let everyone be on a fair playing field. So if you’re gonna enforce it, then enforce it. And if you’re not then stop sweeping it under the rug, which is what they’ve done for four years now. I’d just like to see everyone be able to compete on a fair playing field so we can see who the best players are and who the best team is according to the given rules and the given enforcement of the rules.”

We’ve heard some of what the league plans to do to stop foreign substance use. Bauer is right, however, that clarification on what the rule is and what is permissible and not permissible would be a good idea. Players shouldn’t be able to claim ignorance of that going forward.

Bauer’s requests seem reasonable. As someone who is no stranger to calling out the league, you can bet that if he doesn’t like what MLB comes up with, they’ll hear about it from him.

Trevor Bauer responds after Mauricio Dubon uses his sword celebration

Mauricio Dubon sword

Trevor Bauer responded on Twitter Sunday after Mauricio Dubon used his sword celebration during the San Francisco Giants’ 5-4 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Dubon homered in the first off of Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw. As he got to home plate, he did the Bauer sword celebration:

Bauer was messing around with some different moves this season, including the sword. He also got mocked by Fernando Tatis Jr. in April with a one-eye celebration.

Bauer referenced the Tatis and Dubon incidents on Twitter Sunday. He noted how Dubon used the sword celebration after homering off Kershaw rather than him.

Yeah, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense from Dubon. But it does amplify the point that if one team has a player who taunts, it puts heat on the whole team. Maybe that’s a takeaway Bauer should have and learn.

Ex-All Star trolls Trevor Bauer over fan taunting

Trevor Bauer boos

One former MLB All-Star isn’t particularly impressed with Trevor Bauer’s reaction to boos from San Francisco Giants fans.

Bauer played to the boos as he was removed from Friday’s start in San Francisco. While many were entertained by the antics, former Angels pitcher Jered Weaver made clear that he didn’t think Bauer’s victory lap was justified considering how inefficient his pitch count was.

Ultimately, Bauer’s reaction wasn’t really about how well he pitched or not. It had more to do with trying to be entertaining, something Bauer has talked about in the past.

Bauer did strike out 11 and ended up getting the win. It’s not as if he pitched badly. Still, some people with an old-school mentality like Weaver just aren’t going to be on board with this.

Trevor Bauer hilariously plays to boos against Giants

Trevor Bauer boos

Trevor Bauer really is the ultimate heel.

Bauer had another strong start for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He allowed just two hits and four walks while striking out 11 over 6.1 innings against the San Francisco Giants on Friday night.

Bauer exited with a 2-1 lead, and the Dodgers’ bullpen hung on for the victory by the same score. That gave Bauer his fifth win of the season. He also lowered his ERA to 1.98.

But the best part is what Bauer did after being removed from the game. He exited the mound at Oracle Park and played to the boos from Giants fans by cupping his ears and raising his arms.

That was epic.

Bauer has been very vocal about wanting to make MLB more fun and entertaining. This is part of his way of doing so. He takes his craft and his job very seriously, while still aiming to have fun and entertain.

Trevor Bauer angry with Dodgers’ play after latest series loss

Trevor Bauer

A frustrated Trevor Bauer sounded off on the Los Angeles Dodgers’ struggles after their latest loss on Sunday.

The Dodgers suffered a 2-1 loss to the Los Angeles Angels on Sunday, clinching the fifth straight series loss for the reigning World Series winners. Bauer threw six strong innings with nine strikeouts, but took the loss as the Dodgers managed just four hits and failed to provide any run support.

Bauer held nothing back after the loss, saying the team is not playing to its capabilities and issuing a warning that they couldn’t “sleep-walk” to a repeat title.

“You can say it’s early, no need to panic, and [it’s] true, but at the end of the day, we’re not going to roll the bats and balls out there and win baseball games,” Bauer said, via Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times. “We’re not going to sleep-walk our way to another division title and World Series.

“I don’t necessarily want to speak for the team,” Bauer continued. “But I’m p—ed, personally. I don’t like losing. I want to win. That’s why I came here. And we are not playing up to our capabilities right now, so I’m mad.”

The Dodgers were 14-4 at the end of play on April 20. Then they lost three out of four in San Diego and went into a tailspin. They’ve since fallen to 18-17 and have been bypassed in the NL West by both the Giants and Padres.

Bauer was in a laughing mood the last time he took the mound. That’s not the case anymore. There’s definitely growing concern, at least from him, about the team’s play.

Trevor Bauer trolls himself with funny offer after loss to Cubs

Trevor Bauer

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer is making light of his surprisingly homer-prone start to the 2021 season.

Bauer has now allowed eight home runs in 44.1 innings this season after giving up a bomb to Chicago Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward on Tuesday. That comes out to 1.6 home runs per nine innings, which would be a career-worst mark.

Bauer, as he often does, made light of the situation with a hilarious offer for any potential National League Home Run Derby participants.

Bauer is happy to troll his opponents, but he’ll give it to himself when it’s warranted like it is here. In the meantime, he has a couple months before the All-Star Game to get that home run rate down and take himself out of contention for the batting practice pitcher role.

Trevor Bauer takes on MLB in support of ex-teammate

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer is never shy about taking on Major League Baseball, and he’s doing it again — this time in support of a player who isn’t even his teammate anymore.

The Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher announced on Twitter that he is holding a contest to give away a pair of autographed custom cleats that show support for Nick Castellanos, Bauer’s former Cincinnati Reds teammate who was suspended for a confrontation with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Castellanos yelled at Cardinals pitcher Jake Woodford during an April 3 game, which helped spark a bench-clearing incident after he was confronted by Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina. Castellanos was the only one suspended over the incident, which sparked some backlash that Bauer is clearly sympathetic to.

Bauer might have tried to wear these in a game if not for some issues he ran into last season in a similar situation.

Trevor Bauer and Fernando Tatis Jr. take their trolling to Twitter

Fernando Tatis Jr eye Bauer

The apparently friendly rivalry between Trevor Bauer and Fernando Tatis Jr. has shifted to Twitter.

Tatis homered twice off Bauer in Saturday’s game, and he trolled the Los Angeles Dodgers ace each time. That back-and-forth has shifted to Twitter, where Bauer reacted to a clip that claimed Tatis peeked at the catcher’s signs before hitting one of the home runs, suggesting that Tatis knew what was coming.

Tatis wasn’t scared off by this at all, responding with a hilarious picture along with the message “calm, son” in Spanish.

Bauer, naturally, insisted on having the last word.

If you read what Bauer said about Saturday’s back-and-forth, this seems to be in fun. That said, the rivalry between the Dodgers and San Diego Padres definitely has a bit of an edge to it right now, and things like this can only help make it more intense.

Trevor Bauer shares thoughts on being trolled by Fernando Tatis Jr.

Trevor Bauer

Fernando Tatis Jr. belted two home runs off of Trevor Bauer on Saturday night, and the San Diego Padres slugger was not exactly humble about it. As you would expect, Bauer says the antics didn’t bother him one bit.

Tatis led off the game with a home run and covered up one eye as he rounded the bases. He was mocking Bauer, as the Los Angeles Dodgers star pitched an inning with one eye closed against the Padres in spring training. Tatis then hit another homer in the sixth inning and trolled Bauer by doing the wavy-arms strut near home plate. That’s the same celebration Bauer uses sometimes, which is a knockoff of Conor McGregor stealing it from Vince McMahon.

You can see videos of both of Tatis’ home runs here.

Bauer was asked after the game, which the Padres won 5-4, about Tatis taunting him. He said he is “all for it.”

“I like it. Pitchers who have that done to them and react by throwing at people or get upset, hitting people or whatever … I think it’s pretty soft,” Bauer said, via ESPN Radio’s Jorge Sedano. “If you give up a homer, a guy should celebrate it. It’s hard to hit in big leagues.

“I’m all for it and it’s important that the game moves in that direction and we stop throwing at people because they celebrated having some success on the field.”

Bauer loves promoting the game of baseball and has no problem violating so-called “unwritten rules.” He’s openly trolled fans during games with stunts like this, so he knows it would be hypocritical to complain about having it done to him.