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#pounditSaturday, February 4, 2023

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Tulane upsets USC on overturned touchdown call

Tulane upset USC 46-45 in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic on Monday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas thanks to an overturned call on replay.

Tulane had a 3rd-and-goal at the USC 6 with 12 seconds left. Green Wave quarterback Michael Pratt found Alex Bauman in the end zone for what looked like a touchdown, but it was ruled incomplete.

However, the officials reviewed the play and called it a touchdown.

That touchdown tied the game at 45, and the extra point gave Tulane the lead and effectively the win.

Tulane also converted on a 4th-and-10 on their final possession. Running back Tyjae Spears had a big game with 17 carries for 205 yards and 4 touchdowns. He effectively kept pace with USC’s passing game, which got 5 touchdown passes from Caleb Williams.

The Green Wave pulled off the upset to finish the season at 12-2, while USC dropped to 11-3.

Tulane pokes fun at Aaron Judge with uniform reveal

Jul 15, 2019; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge (99) goes to the dugout between innings against the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Tulane Green Wave had a pretty hilarious way of revealing their uniforms for this week’s game.

Tulane poked fun at the recent coverage of Aaron Judge’s chase for the American League home run record in a video posted to social media Wednesday. ESPN has spent the last two weekends interrupting college football telecasts whenever Judge stepped to the plate, and Tulane had some fun with that.

At least Tulane used footage of Judge’s 62nd home run in their video. The New York Yankees star did not do nearly as well during the actual cut-ins in each of the last two Saturdays.

ESPN’s decision to show Judge’s plate appearances at the expense of its college football telecasts was met with widespread derision, and some of the network’s own talent seemed displeased with it. Fortunately, Judge hit his milestone home run on Tuesday, and the regular season ends Wednesday anyway, so college games should air without interruption on Saturday.

Tulsa beats Tulane in ridiculous fashion on Hail Mary, pick-six

Tulsa beat Tulane 30-24 in two overtimes on Thursday night in absolutely ridiculous fashion.

The Golden Hurricane were down to third-string quarterback Davis Brin, who passed for 266 yards and two touchdowns. The second touchdown came on a Hail Mary to end regulation and help send the game to overtime. Take a look:

What a crazy play.

Both teams kicked field goals in the first overtime.

In the second overtime, Tulane had the ball at the 3-yard line. Quarterback Michael Pratt was intercepted by Zaven Collins, who returned the ball 96 yards for a touchdown to end the game.

As if the Hail Mary weren’t already crazy enough, seeing a game end on a pick-six like that in overtime is wild.

Tulsa is now 5-1 and undefeated in conference play.

Video: Tulane player draws unsportsmanlike conduct flag with epic flop

We have our early candidate for flop of the year, and it will take some real effort for the rest of 2020 to outdo it.

Tulane and Southern Miss contested the Armed Forces Bowl on Saturday afternoon, but the highlight came late in the third quarter. With Tulane up 16-13, the Green Wave intercepted a Southern Miss pass and returned it to the USM 5-yard line, setting them up nicely to score.

At the end of the play, an unidentified Tulane player was shoved by Southern Miss player Trivenskey Mosley and executed the flop of all flops.

It basically turns into a trust fall at the end. It’s fantastic.

Tulane may have scored anyway, but the penalty moved the ball to the 2-yard line. An ensuing touchdown made it 23-13, and Southern Miss never recovered, ultimately losing 30-13.

Clearly that player took notes from this guy. Hey, if it works, it works.

Tulane beats Houston with incredible fake kneeldown play in final minute

Tulane beat Houston 38-31 on Thursday night thanks to one of the most creative playcalls you will see.

The Houston Cougars had kicked a field goal with 21 seconds left to tie the game and thought for sure they were going to overtime and that their job was done. Not so fast.

Tulane returned the ensuing kickoff to their 29, and just when you thought they would kneel out the clock and go to OT, the Green Wave pulled off the greatest fake ever. Take a look at this gorgeous play:

The Annexation of Puerto Rico run to perfection!

Tulane gained 18 yards to the 47 and had three seconds left. Then they did this:


Houston has to be kicking itself over the collapse. Meanwhile, Tulane just made our list of favorite trick plays ever. Well done, fellas.

Tulane coach makes players hold hands as punishment for fight

When Tulane offensive tackle Sean Donnelly and defensive tackle Tanzel Smart got into a scuffle at practice on Wednesday morning, they probably knew head coach Curtis Johnson was not going to be pleased with them. Typically an angry coach at practice leads to extra sprints or laps around the field, but Johnson decided to handle this particular fight a bit differently.

He made the two 300-pounders hold hands.

“Yeah, we had a little bit of an altercation and they kind of wasted some of my practice time so I took a different approach in disciplining them,” Johnson told Tammy Nunez of The Times-Picayune. “If they want to act like kindergarten kids, then I just want to treat them like kindergarten kids.”

Johnson’s explanation for where he came up with the idea was even better.

“Well, I’ve done it with my daughters,” he said. “But it was pretty effective. (They walked) actually until the coaches needed them so it was about 20 minutes. … I pointed it out to the rest of the team. If they as grown men want to hold hands, that’s fine, that’s what you are going to do if you fight.”

Curtis Johnson for president.

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Photo: Twitter/Tammy Nunez