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Friday, December 14, 2018

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Tyrod Taylor ducks questions about potentially asking for trade

Tyrod Taylor

Cleveland Browns quarterback Tyrod Taylor isn’t actively requesting a trade, but he doesn’t sound like he’s particularly interested in trying to stay with the organization either.

On Wednesday, Taylor said all the right things about fulfilling his role as Cleveland’s backup, but when asked if he was thinking of asking for a trade before the Oct. 30 deadline, he didn’t exactly say no.

“Um, that’s my agent,” Taylor said, via Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com. “I’m pretty sure things happen on a day-to-day basis that I’m not necessarily aware of. Like I said, my mindset is to continue to keep helping this team. It’s a new role for me. Continue to keep being the best teammate and the best leader I can be each and every day, while still working on my game and staying ready for the opportunity if it presents itself.”

Baker Mayfield replaced Taylor when the latter was concussed in Week 3, and when Mayfield rallied the team for its first victory since 2016, Taylor’s fate as the starter was sealed. The former Buffalo Bill is only signed through the end of the season, so his days in Cleveland are numbered either way.

Baker Mayfield makes NFL debut as Tyrod Taylor is checked for concussion

Baker Mayfield throat

Baker Mayfield got his first taste of NFL action during Thursday night’s Cleveland Browns-New York Jets game because of a head injury to Tyrod Taylor.

Taylor hit his head on the turf late in the second quarter as the Browns were trailing 14-0. He was taken into the medical tent on the field and was being evaluated for a possible concussion, according to NFL Network. Taylor was later taken into the locker room for further evaluation.

Taylor was struggling in the game at that time, with many fans chanting for Mayfield to enter the game. Taylor was just 4/14 for 19 yards before exiting.

Mayfield, the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, came on in the Browns’ final drive of the half and immediately completed his first three passes. He went 3/4 for 47 yards on the drive, leading the team to a field goal.

Tyrod Taylor has dislocated pinky, bruised hand

Tyrod Taylor hand

Cleveland Browns quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s non-throwing hand is a bit of a mess, but the issue does not sound series.

Coach Hue Jackson confirmed reports Friday that Taylor has a dislocated pinky on his non-throwing hand. That hand is also bruised, but Jackson did not sound particularly concerned about Taylor’s health going forward.

Taylor gave the Browns quite the scare on Thursday when he went down during the team’s preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles and initially looked to be fairly seriously hurt. It’s quite clear that things aren’t as serious as they first appeared, which is good news, considering Taylor’s heir apparent looked rather shaky after replacing him.

Report: Tyrod Taylor suffered dislocated finger

Tyrod Taylor hand

Tyrod Taylor was able to return to Thursday night’s preseason game despite having an injury scare in the first quarter, and it sounds like the injury he suffered was painful even if minor.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Taylor suffered a dislocated pinky finger on his left hand when he landed awkwardly on it.

Taylor immediately clutched his arm after the play, and the the way his hand bent back made it seem like he suffered some sort of wrist injury. However, it was safe to assume the quarterback avoided any ligament damage or worse when the Browns let him return to the game — especially in the preseason.

Between Rapoport’s report and the encouraging update Taylor gave on Friday, Browns fans have nothing to worry about in advance of Week 1.

Tyrod Taylor provides update after preseason injury scare

Tyrod Taylor hand

Tyrod Taylor landed awkwardly on his hand after throwing a pass in Thursday night’s preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles, and there was some concern at first that he may have suffered a significant injury. However, there have been no indications that he is in danger of missing Week 1.

Following the Cleveland Browns’ bizarre 5-0 win, Hue Jackson said X-rays on Taylor’s hand were negative despite the coach being “very concerned” at first. On Friday, Taylor delivered even more good news when he tweeted that he is “doing well.”

Taylor’s left wrist appeared to bend back in a painful manner, but it was a good sign that returned to the game not long after the first-quarter injury. There’s no way the Browns would have risked putting him back into the game in the preseason unless everything looked fine.

Jackson has said throughout the offseason that Taylor is Cleveland’s unquestioned starter, and there’s no reason to think the hand injury will change that.

Tyrod Taylor returns to Browns’ preseason game despite hand injury

Tyrod Taylor hand

An injury to Tyrod Taylor may have opened up an opportunity for Baker Mayfield to become the Cleveland Browns’ starting quarterback.

Taylor left Thursday’s preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles in the first quarter after hurting his arm. Taylor was moving towards his left and put his left hand down as he went to the ground, appearing to land on it awkwardly.

He went into the medical tent and then into the locker room for examination. He was termed questionable to return. He was seen holding his left wrist after landing on his hand.

The good news is Taylor returned to the Browns’ sideline at the start of the second quarter, with his helmet in hand.

Taylor was entering the season as the Browns’ starter, with the plan being for Mayfield to sit behind him and learn despite being the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. If the injury is serious, that could change things.

NFL confused over how to pronounce Tyrod Taylor’s name

Tyrod Taylor

We have a bonafide name controversy brewing in the NFL surrounding Cleveland Browns quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Since his days at Virginia Tech, Taylor’s first name has commonly been pronounced as “Ty-rod”, with the “Y” being prominent. However, we’re coming to find out that that pronunciation may not be correct.

Some observers noticed on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” that Taylor’s name was pronounced as “Tuh-rod” rather than “Ty-rod” by some of his teammates. That led “Good Morning Football” to do an investigation which led them to conclude his name should be pronounced “Tuh-rod.”

With NFL fans everywhere confused, ESPN’s Dianna Russini attempted to get to the bottom of the mystery, but the answer she received from a Browns official only continued the confusion.

Then during the telecast of the game, the broadcast crew pronounced Taylor’s first name as we have been accustomed to hearing it over the years.

So which one is it?

If Taylor had a universally accepted nickname, that would be an alternative. I’ve heard Taylor referred to as “T-Mobile” on a few occasions, based on Taylor’s ability to make plays with his feet. What if we all just decide to call him that?